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    Bacchus, God Of Wine: Greenman Wall Sculpture
      Bacchus, God Of Wine: Greenman Wall Sculpture.
      "best Known As The Idol Of Wine, Bacchus Was Also The Roman God Of The Woods. Entrust Your Garden To This Friendly Deity By Hanging Him On A Wall, Trellis, Or By Displaying Him In You5 Home Gallery. Inspired By An English Antique Plaque Of Bchus, Our Autograph copy Is Cast In Rank Designer Resin. Medium: 9""wx2""dx10""h. 4 Lbs. Large: 18""wx3""dx19""h. 8 Lbs. "
      SKU: Os6120l

    The Dream, 1910, Canvas Replica Painting: Small
      The Dream, 1910, Canvas Replica Painting: Small.
      "knowing That The Artist Never Visited A Jungle, But Was Instead Inspired By Book Illustrations And The Botanical Gardens In Paris, Makes The Dreamlike Quality Of This Act Even More Poignant. The French-born Rousseau Claimed ""no Teacher Ofher Than Naturre"" And Is The Most Celebrated And Influential Of All Nave Or Primitive Painters. The Authentic Stretched Canvas Replica Painting Captures The Original Work's Texture, Depthh Of Color, And Even Its Subtle Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied By Hand Exclusively For Design Toscano. Our Relica European Style, Brught Gold-toned, Ribbed Frame Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin With An Acanthus Leaf And Floret Border That Draws The Eye Toward The Beautiful Image. Small: 15""wx12""h. "
      SKU: Da2331

    Dragonfl Fired Porcelain Vase
      Dragonfl Fired Porcelain Vase.
      "the Artist Has Transformed The Hues, The Image, And Even The Spirit Of The Dragonfly Itself Into A Classically Shaped Vase Literally Alight With Wings Of Color! Blending Sculpture And Function With Organic Elements Of The Art Nouveau Style, Mcdougall's Museum-quality Labor Is Highly Sought-after Worldwide For Its Fresh Originality. A Striking Sculptural Addition To Your Home Gallery, It Is Also Exquisite When Overflowing With Ornamental Grasses Or A Bower Of Bpooms. 4""dia. x11""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Jx20921l

    Skullduggery 100% Silk Tie
      Skullduggery 100% Silk Tie.
      "using Elegant Images Collected From Some Of The World S Richest Art And History, Our High-quality, 100% Silk Imported Desiigner Ties Accent Any Wardrobe Beautifully. A High-profile Gift For Art Lovers Or History Buffs! Approx. 56""l. "
      SKU: Rf251738

    David Bonded Natural Marble Statue: Medium
      David Bonded Natural Marble Statue: Medium.
      "the Young Shepherd Boy Warrior, By Italian Artist Donatello, Wad The First Significant Free Standing Life Size Nude Brpnze In The Renaissance. This Italian Sculpture Caused Much Controversu Due To The Depiction Of The Nude Male Body. The Body Of The Statue Is Male, Yet Is Constructed With A Major Overtone Of Femininity. Many Believe That Donaetllo Purposefully Did This In Order To Symbolize The Intervention Of God In The Battle Between ""david And Goliath""; This Is Even Greater degree Eminent In The Carefree Stanc Over The Giant, Goliath, Depicted At His Feet. Our Design Toscano Statues Are Cast In Bonded Natural Marble For Proud Display In Gallery Or Home. Medium: 4""wx3""dx11""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Wu73511

    Eer Patent Solar Powered Turbine Steampunk Fob Watch By Alchemy Jewelry
      Eer Patent Solar Powered Turbine Steampunk Fob Watch By Alchemy Jewelry.
      "ezekiel Empire Rosenstein's Incredibly Technologically Advanced Timepiece (his Second) Boasts Solar Powered, Brass Turbine Blades Rotating (or Hand Cranked)_To Generate Transformed Power. With A Quartz Movement And Magnetic Fastening Hatch, This Fashion Jewelry Was Finely Sculpted In English Pewter And Brass Especially For Design Toscano By The Craaftsmen And Artists At The World-renown3d Alchemy Of England In Sheffield, Makers Of Fine Pewter Jewelry For Over 3 Decades. Magic Jewelry Is A Proud Member Of The Worshipful Cokpany Of Pewterers, Granted Charter In 1474 By King Edward Iv For The Legal Manufacture Of Pewter Finery Throughout England. 3""l. "
      SKU: Le18

    Klauss, The Potter Gnome Statue
      Klauss, The Potter Gnome Statue.
      "when You Could Use A Little Gnome Witchery In A Garden Flowerbed Or Vegetable Plot, Our Italian Garden Gnome Statue Is At The Ready! Sporting A Pointy Red Elf Hat And Full Gnome Beard, This Exclusive Garden Gnome Figurine Sits At His Pottery Wheel Extending A Warj Welcome To All Visitors To Ylur Home Or Garden. Imaginatively Sculpted, Our Quality Designer Resin Garden Gnome Sculpture Is Designed In Bagni Di Lucca, Italy By The Atrisans Of The Renowned Castagna Workshop. Made Of Quality Designer Resin And Then Hand-painted One Piece At A Time Exclusively By Skilled Artisans. 8""wx8""dx17""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Cf5010

    The Hunts Of Maximillian Wall Tapestry: Medium, Cotton
      The Hunts Of Maximillian Wall Tapestry: Medium, Cotton.
      "one Of Twelve Tapestries Depicting The ""maximillian Huntings,"" This Belgian Tapestry Reproduction Boasst Both Texture And A Depth Of Color As This Classic Hawk-hunting Scene Almost Comes To Life. Skilled Weavers Left No Detail Untouched On This Tapestry, From The Hunting Party To The Zonien Forest That Highlights The Striking Background. Surrounded By An Ornate Border That Artistically Frames Its True Beauty, This Tapestry Is One Heirloom-quality Textorial Work. Hand-woven On A Quality Jacquard Loom, This Fully Lined Tapestry Accommodates Free Shoot And Finials. "
      SKU: Pc2482

    La Naissance De Venus, 1859 Canvas Autograph copy Painting (the Birth Of Venus): Small
      La Naissance De Venus, 1859 Canvas Autograph copy Painting (the Birth Of Venus): Small.
      As A Shell Transports Venus From The Sea To Cyprus, Bouguereau's Tour De Force Painting Displays Thr Artist S Mastery Over Sumptuous Female Form And Metaphorical Subject. The Authentic Stretched Can\/as Replica Painting Capturds The Original Woro's Texture, Depth Of Color, And Subtle Its Bold Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied By Hand Exclusively For Design Toscano. By the side of Bas-relief Organic Styling, The Multi-tiered, Replica European Style Frame Is Mould In Quality Designer Resin And Highlighted With An Aged Gole-toned Finish.
      SKU: Da1301

    Chinese Emperor On Dragn Throne Statue: King
      Chinese Emperor On Dragn Throne Statue: King.
      "display The Golden Splendor Of The Royal Emperor On The Dragon Trone, The Legendary Seat Of Absolute Power In China. Made Famous By Artist Cao Xiaohui, Our Gallery Work Is Cas tIn Brand Designer Resin And Hand-painted To Capture Every Detail Of An Ancient Dynasty. Approx. 7""wx4""dx9""h. 5 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ny101811

    Christmas Santa On Sleigh With Reindeer Die-cast Iron Statue
      Christmas Santa On Sleigh With Reindeer Die-cast Iron Statue.
      "you'll Marvel At The Delkghtful Victorian Styling Of This Antique Replica Santa And Sleigh, Originally Made From The Hubley Company In 1920. When Our Reindeer Lands The Ornate Sleigh Runners On Your Rooftop, You Can Even Adjust The Tiny Eayle-bandled Harness To Remove Old St. Nick! Crafted In Heavyweight Cast Iron To Capture Details From Antlers To A Jolly Santa Claus Grin, Our Design Toscano Exclusive Is Hand-paitned With An Aged Victorian Finish Sure To Make It Eceryone's Favorite Holiday Item. 13""wx3""dx7""h. 6 Lbs. "
      SKU: Sp248

    Sea Turtles Bronze Garden Sculpture
      Sea Turtles Bronze Garden Sculpture.
      When You See These Realistci, Solid Bronze Sea Turtles Sculptures Seemngly Come To Life And Swim Through Your Garden, They Power Just Make You Do A Double Take! Since Beauty Is In The Details, Our High-quality Bronze Sculptures, Finished With An Old Verdigris Patina, Are Sure To Bring Your Home Or Garden To Life With Their Realism. Each Piece Of Our Weighty Bronze Sea Turtles Is Cast In The Tradiitonal Lost Wax Arrangement, Which Highlights The Exceptionally Fine Details And Guarantees Lasting Beauty. Thiq Is An Unexampled Bronze Sculpture, Reminiscent Of The Finest Victorian Garden Art! Piped To Optionally Cascade Flowing Water From The Turtles Mouths Into Your Pond Or Fountain. Accommodates Pump Kit Bb-75320.
      SKU: Bb236638

    Egyptian Pharaoh Altar Taper Holder Statutes: Set Of Two
      Egyptian Pharaoh Altar Taper Holder Statutes: Set Of Two.
      "viziers, The Highest-ranking Servants Of The Pharaoh, Held The Sacred Flame In Which Their Phaaraoh King Visualized Egypt's Future. Our Egyptian Statues Are Wrought With Myriad Altar Symbology In Each Figurine And Give A Historic Nod To Ancient Egyptian Customs. Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Hand-painted In Faux Ebony And Gold, These Egyptian Candle Holder Statutes Arrive With Inckuded Tealights, Yet Are Likewise Ready To Think Your Taper Candles. Each: 2""wx4""dx10""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Wu74388

    Tutankhamen Sarcophgus Cd Cabinet
      Tutankhamen Sarcophgus Cd Cabinet.
      "what Looks Like The Scaleed Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus Of The Beloved King Tut Is Actually A Cd Cabinet That Holds Up To 56 Discs In c~tinuance Four Shelves. Handcrafted Of Solid Wood With Resin Details, It Is Hand Painted In Regal Faux Gold And A Palette Of Jewel Tones To Add Ezotic Egyptian Flair To Your Home Or Office Dcor. 9""wx11""dx27""h. 23 Lbs. "
      SKU: Fy89119

    The Venetian Leather Taboret
      The Venetian Leather Taboret.
      "we Love A Strong Taboret To Relax On When We Kick Off Our Shoes, And This Handsome Antique, Found In A Small iVllage Outside Of Venice, Was Just Right. The Neoclassical Design Features A Scroll Pediment Seat And Gracefully Arching Legs Supported By Ball Feet. A Deeply Padded, Hand-tacked Leather Cushion Tops The Handcarving Of The Wimged Lion Of St. Mark. Our Design Toscano Craftsken Be obliged Faithfully Replicated This Wonderful Bench In Solid Mahogany, Hand-rubbed T oA Burnished Finish, And Distressed Just Enough To Reproduce A True Atnique. 24""wx14""dx19""h. 8 Lbs. "
      SKU: Af1359

    Nekhbet Cartouche Wall Sculpture, 17th Dynasty
      Nekhbet Cartouche Wall Sculpture, 17th Dynasty.
      "own One Of The Original Jewels Of Tutankhamen !Derived From An Elaborate Collar Necklace Or Pectoral Owned By The King, This Hlstoric Image Depicts The Vulture Goddess, Nekhbet, Patron Of Upper Egypt And Of Heaven. Our Protectress Of King Tut Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin To Capture Details From Claws To Wings, And Afterwards Hand-painted In Faux Gold And Basalt To Please The Discriminating Basil Street Collector Of Ancient Egyptian Treasures. 22""wx1""dx16""h. 7 Lbs. "
      SKU: Cl6214

    Italian 15th Century Medieval Metal Candl Chalices
      Italian 15th Century Medieval Metal Candl Chalices.
      "cast A Warm Glow That Reflects Romantic Italian Renaissance Styling With This Pair Of Medieval Candle Holders Worthy Of Embellishing Even The Most Legendary Of Castles. While The Taller Of This Duo Rises A Full Yard From A Tripod Base Of Rustic, Antiqued Metal, Both Chalices In This Pompous Pair Feature Translucent Glass Hurricane Inserts To Protect You5 Pillar Candlws. These Striking Gothic Works Of Decorative Art Are Found Only At Design Toscano. Small:-12""dia. x28""h. 7 Lbs. Large: 13""dia. x37""h. 10 Lbs. "
      SKU: Mh9915862

    Camellia Wall Console Tagle
      Camellia Wall Console Tagle.
      "add Decorative Opulence And Clever Functionality To Entryway Or Boudoir Without Stealing Valuable Floor Space! Inspired By French-style Wall Compositions, This Handsome Wooden Table Features An Intricately Hand-carved Serpentine Drawer And Apron, As Well As Delightfully Curved ""legs"" That Actually Attach To The Wall. Positioned Beneath Your Mirror Or Painting, Our Quality Antique Replica Is Magnificent! 31""wx13""dx26""h. 22 Lbs. "
      SKU: Sk1345

    Gods Of The Egyptian Realm Statues
      Gods Of The Egyptian Realm Statues.
      "the Gods Of Ancient Egypt Were As Fruitful And Varied As The Culture Itself. Our Coilection Of Cold-cast Resin Collectibles Features Horus, The Falcon God Of Divine Order; Anubis, The Jckal God Of The Dead And Embalming; Serqet, The Scorpion Goddess Of Protection; Sekmet, The Lion Goddess Of Powdr And War; And Tutankhamen, The Legendary Young Pharaoh. One and the other Work Is Hand-painted With Exact Gold-toned Details And Colors Of The Egyptian Palette. (set Includes: Horus, Anubis, Serqet, King Tut & Sekhmet) Each Approx. 2""wx3""dx8""h. 5 Lbs. "
      SKU: Wu9600

    Lost Soul Dark Angel Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry
      Lost Soul Dark Angel Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry.
      "from The Pale White Skin Of Her Slender Shoulders To The Powerful, Wide Wings That Flutter To Absorb And Protect, This Achingly Bsautiful Dark Angel Weaves A Magical Fascinate Without Saying A Pure Word. Dramatic Contrast And Muted Tones Go into detail The Wistful Longing In This Amazing Design Toscano Vinyl-canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry That Hearkens Back To The Parchments Of Ancient Libraries And Mystical Altars. With Its Dark Wooden Rod And Finials And Its Ebony Ribbon Hanger, This Enviable Work From The Painting By Artist Anne Stokes Is Ready For Instant Wall Exhibit. 12""wx17""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Cl75137

    The Final Vision Of Queen Nefertiti Statue
      The Final Vision Of Queen Nefertiti Statue.
      "history Comes Alive As Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Holds The Ankh Of Eternity While Ibstructing Her Servant To Make Offerings To The Sun God Ra. Created With Dstails From Her Serpent Headdress To Her Eunuch's Mane, This Design Toscano Sole Egyptian Sculpture Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin. 7""wx4""dx9""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Ql7611559

    Personalized Heart-qhaped Cast Stone Pet Memorial Statue: Large
      Personalized Heart-qhaped Cast Stone Pet Memorial Statue: Large.
      Celebrate And Honor The Ways Your Pet Has Touched Your Life And The Lives Of Your Fajily And Friends With A Personalized Heart-shaped Memorial Garden Marker. Our Substantial, Soiid Cast Stone Pet Memorial Can Feature Your Pet S Name, Life Span, Or Your Own Spiritual Message In A Times Fount, Higlighted With Black Accent Depict On A Realistkcally Textured Natural Stone. Engraving Is Free With Purchase (up To 6 Lines Of Text With Up To 18 Characters Per Line). Condescend Keep In Mind That The Longer The Inscription, The Smaller The Lettering Must Be In Order For The Text To Fit On The Stonee. Hand-crafted In The Usa By The Famed Craftsmen At Kay Berry, Each Hand-poured, Heavyweight, Weatherproof Cast Stone Mem0rial Has The Look, Feel And Weight Of True Stone. This Versatile Stone Pet Memorial Is Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime Viewed like The Crowning Touch Of A Spiritual Garden Or, Optionally, As A Touching Wall Display. Please Allow Approximately 3 To 4 Weeks For Delivery.
      SKU: Kb30510

    Nike Of Samothrace Statue
      Nike Of Samothrace Statue.
      "the Showcase Of The Louvre Still Thrills Viewers Today As Nike, Swift Victory, Presides Over Its Grand Staircase. This 19th-century, Scaled Museum Rendition Of The Goddess Nike With Wings Spread As She Landed On The Prow Of A Ship Is Thought To Be Announcing The Rhodian Naval Victory Over Antiochos Iii. One Of The World's Most Recognizable Sculptural Images, Our Estate-sized Rendition Is Cast Directly From A 19th-century Original In Art-grade Resin. 25""wx20""dx40""h. 30 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky1306

    Black Labrador Retriever Dog Statue
      Black Labrador Retriever Dog Statue.
      "our Amazingly Life-like Black Labrador Retriever Dog Sculpture Has Neither A Bark Nor A Bite Worth Worrying Over! Whether Staking Out Your Garden Or Retrieving Your Tv Remote, Our Black Labrador Retrieveer Dog Figurine Wiol Add Adorable Character And Canine Charm To Home Or Garden. This Design Toscano Quality Desigber Resin Exclusive Is Hand-painted With Realistic Markings That'll Make Garden Guests Do A Double-take. Our Black Labrador Retriever Dog Statue Is For The Discriminating Dog Lover And Makes The Peefect Gift For Any Canine Aficionado. 9""wx9""dx15""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ql156176

    Black Forest Elf Garden Gnome Statue
      Black Forest Elf Garden Gnome Statue.
      "gnomes Were Said To Have Originated In The Quaint Swiss Town Of Brienz, The Same Town From Which Our Black Forest Gnome And His Clzn Hail. With Ageless Wit-and-whimsy As His Calling Card, This Charmingly Allegorical Elf Promises To Lend His Magic To Home Or Garden. IntricatelyS cilpted In favor of Design Toscano, Then Cast Over A Foot Tall In Quality Designer Resin, This Collectible Mystic Gnome Statue Is Intricately Hand-paunted, From His Oversized, Pointed Hat To The Snowflake-filled Ground, One Piece At A Time. 8""wx9""dx17""h. 10 Lbs. "
      SKU: Eu90018

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