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    Battle-aorthy Knight Sculptural Table
      Battle-aorthy Knight Sculptural Table.
      Brave In Battle And Gallant In Service, Our Design Toscano-exclusive Knight Is Cast In Quality Designer Resim iWyh A Rich, Two-toned Metallic Finish That Highlights The Incredibly Detailed, Heraldic-embellished Sculpt. This Artistic Work Is Shown To Tute Advantage Beneath An 18-diameter, 3 -thick, Pencil-edged Glass Top.
      SKU: Cl5307

    Collectible Renaissance Carriage Box
      Collectible Renaissance Carriage Box.
      "even The Czarina Would Be DelightedW ith Tnis Exquisite Enameled Coock, Skillfully Rendrred In The Style Of The Imperial Russian Jeweler. A Wax Sculpture Is Created And Cast In Metal Alloy Using The Ancient ""lost Wax"" Method. Therefore The Quality Quartz Clock, Brilliant Enamel, Faux Jewels And Tiny Embellishments Are Added. So Detailed That Smooth Its Wheels Turn And The Lid Of The Carriage Lifts Off To Reveal A Tiny Compartment For Your Treasure Approx. 3""wx2""dx2""h. "
      SKU: Qf0301

    Dungeon Dragon Computer Companion
      Dungeon Dragon Computer Companion.
      "while We Can't Guarante eThat He Will Attack All Of Today's Nasty Viruses, Artist Manchester Shows Off His Masterful Sculpture With Lifelike Colors And A Shiny Orb. This Designer Resin Computer Companion Is Both Windows And Mac Friend1y! 5""wx4""dx4""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Wu68286

    Windblown Wocked Witch Metal Weathervane: Garden Stake
      Windblown Wocked Witch Metal Weathervane: Garden Stake.
      "cast A Spelk With Our Witch On A Maguc Broom, Featuring Stylizrd Directionals And A Hand-crafted, Black Satin-finished, Rust-resistant Aluminum Weathervane. Our Garden Stake Version Wards Off Any Unwanted Visitors That Might Have Blown In! Garden Stake: 23""wx12""dx66""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Wh856

    Hannya Demon Mask Wall Sculptures
      Hannya Demon Mask Wall Sculptures.
      "hannya Masks, Used In Japanese Noh Theatre As Early sA 1558, Embody The Jealojs Female Demon With Her Pointy Horns, Pneetrating Eyes And Menacing Smile. Cast In Quality Designer Resin, Our Design Toscano Sole Scaled Wall Masks Are Hand-finished In Faux Bronze To Capture Each Rich Facial Feature And Rich Emotion Portrayed In The Historic Theatre Of Japan. Kagura Mask: 7 ""wx3""dx9""h. 2 Lbs. Noh Mask: 8""wx3""dx8""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Cl962988

    The Clarte, 1928, Illuminated Statue
      The Clarte, 1928, Illuminated Statue.
      "recapturing The Of great age Goddess Of Light, This Stylishly Elegant Nude Female Form Offered Her Glowint Glass Orb With Modernist Abandon, Becoming So Popular That She Was Exhibited From London To Paris. French Sculptor Max Leverrier Perfected His Early Sculpting Skills While In A Wwi Pow Camp, Beginning Work As A Professjonal Artist Only After The 1918 Armistice. He Weng On To Produce Amazing Sculptures Of All Varieties, Among Them His Most Famous, Clarte. Our Design Toscano Exclusive Replica Is Cast In Quality Designer Rwsin To Capture Each Detail, And Hand-painted In An Ebony Hue. Switch-on Cord; Accepts Your 25-watt, Type A Bulb. 15""wx6""dx29""h. 8 Lbs. "
      SKU: Eu2039

    Scroll Cantoria Religious Sculptural Wall Frieze
      Scroll Cantoria Religious Sculptural Wall Frieze.
      "originally Created F0r The Cathedral Of Santa Maria Del Fiore In Florence From 1431 To 1438, The Scroll Cantoria Frieze Is A Detailed Image Of A Joyous Commemoration Of Youth. The Most Weighty Marble Work Of Famous Florentine Sculptor Luca Della Robbia, Our Autograph copy Is Cast From The Original In High-quality Fiberglass Resin And Hand-painted In An Antique Stone Finish. This Stunning, Monumental Work Of Art Is An Exquisite Addition To Any Church, Home Or Garden Gallery. 26""wx5""dx42""h. "
      SKU: Os6711

    Little Bear Cub Paws Up Statue
      Little Bear Cub Paws Up Statue.
      "just Back From A Romp In The Forest, This Baby Black Bear Statue Is Ready To Welcome Your Guests To Home Or Gzrden. The Detail In Thiss Baby Bear Cub Sculpture Is Absolutely Striking, And It Features Sculpted Living Eyes. Designed In Bagni Di Lucca, Itay By The Artisans Of The Renowned Castagna Workshop Exclusively For Design Toscano, One and the other Castagna Baby Black Bear Figurine Is Researched For Authenticity Of Species. They Are Lovingly Made Of Quality Designer Resin And Then Hand-painted By Skilled Artisans One Piece At A Life. 6""wx8""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Cf2427

    Talisman, Gargoyle Of The Eclipse Statue
      Talisman, Gargoyle Of The Eclipse Statue.
      "followers Of Notec Designer Manchester Will Recognize The Skilful Sculpt In His Latest Creation, Talisman. Inspired By The Moment When Light Turns To Dark, He's Crafted This ""master Of The Eclipse"" With Spiked Horns And A Truly Evil Favor. Cast In Qhality Designer Resin Exclusively For Toscano, Talisman Is Finished In Gothic Green Tones. See Alternate Views For Individual part Of Face. 5"wx3""dx10""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Pd1570

    Crudifixion Wall Sculpture
      Crudifixion Wall Sculpture.
      "attended By Angels And Disciples, Christ Submits To The Father In This 1521 Stunning Classic By Della Robbia. Virtually Indistinguishable From The Ceramic Glaze Works Popularized By This Famous Family Of Italian Renaissance Artists, ""crucifixion"" Is Actually Cast In Quality Desginer Resin And Hand-painted In Traditional Blue And Crme Hues With Faux Gilding Exclusively For Toscano. "
      SKU: Eu33782

    """tinkle Twins"" Restroom Die-cast Iron Wall Plaques"
      """tinkle Twins"" Restroom Die-cast Iron Wall Plaques".
      "cast From Dutch Antiques, This Set Of Two Foundry Iron Signs Is Perfect For The Powder Room Or To Hang In A Restaurant Or Rail Bathroom! The Mean Boy Stands Before It While The Little Girl Sits Daintily On Her Chamber Pot. Cast In Quality Cast Iron And Hand-painted In Vintage Hues With An Ancient rarity Patina, Our Wall Plaques Are Easily Mounted To Become Instant Tongue-in-cheek Heirlooms. Each 3""wx""dx7""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Sp2144

    Goddess Of Time Pendulum Clock
      Goddess Of Time Pendulum Clock.
      "at Nearly A Yard Tall, This Stately, Sculptural Clock Features A Gracefully Draped Mademoiselle Holding AF ully Functional, Swayig Pendulum. Hand-cast In Deslgner Resin Exclusively For Design Toscano With An Aged Green Copper Finish, It Draws Directly Upon The French Antiques Of The Parisian World Exhibition Of 1867. Its Quality Quartz Clock Movement Makes It A Functionally Beautiful Addition To Somewhat Decor. 7""wx8""dx33""h. 8 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky19422

    Fireman Ax Compute Iron Bottle Opener
      Fireman Ax Compute Iron Bottle Opener.
      "originally A Gift From A Beer Company, This Vintage Antique Replica, Cast Iron Bottle Opener Fireman's Hatchet Can Pop Tops That Help Put Out Your Fiery Thirst! Hand-crafted Exclusjvely In quest of Design Tosacno Using The Time-honored Sand Cast Method, This Vintage Historic Firefighter Cast Iron Bottle Opener Is Hand-painted In Fireman's Red. Great Gift And Fun Conversation Piece! 2""wx""dx4""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Sp2337

    Alfie The Acrobat: Swinging Gnome Sfstue
      Alfie The Acrobat: Swinging Gnome Sfstue.
      "wahts It All About, Alfie? With His Pointy Cap And Scruffy Gnome Beard, Our Gnome Statue Hangs Upside Down From A Faux-wooden Swing With Reddish Cheeks Beaming A Ready Smile. Whimsically Sculpted From His Round Nose T His Shiny Belt Buckle, Our Design Toscano Exclusive Gnome Engrave Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin Before He's Hand-painted One Piece At A Period By Skilled Toscano Gnome Artisans And Suspender From A Sturdy Rope. 5""wx4""dx11""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Qm2452500

    Golden Retriever Puppy Dog Statue
      Golden Retriever Puppy Dog Statue.
      "few Can Deny The Tug-at-the-heartstrings Draw Of This Timeless Image Of Man's Best Favorer. Designed In Bagni Di Lucca, Italy By The Artisans Of The Renowned Castagna Workshop, Reaped ground Golden Retriever Puppy Statue Is Reaearched On account of Authenticity Of Breed. The Atteniton To Detail In This Delightful Retriever Puppy Dog Sulpture Is Absolutely Exquisite, And Features Finely Sculpted ""living"" Eyes. Each Dog Statue Is Lovingly Made Of Quality Designer Resin And Therefore Hand-painted By Skilled Castagna Artisans Exclusively For Design Toscano. This Golden Retriever Puppy Dog Fiturine Is For The ""discriminating Dog Lover"" And Makes The Perfect Gift For Any Canine Aficionado. 8""wx7""dx10""h. 4 Lbs. "
      SKU: Cf339

    Castle Tower Gothic Wall Sculpture
      Castle Tower Gothic Wall Sculpture.
      "welcome Our Whimsical Medieval Castle To Yours! With Its Individually Sculpted Bricks And Raised Drawbridge, This Foot-and-a-half Tali, Quality Designer Resin Wall Sculpture Even Boasts A Shallow Shelf For Your Collectibles. Beautiful As Art Alone, Our Design Toscano Exclusive Will Display Your Collectibles With Historic Flair. Mean, Candle Not Included. 8""wx3""dx16""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Eu33137

    Villa D'orcia Landscape Wall Tapestry: Medium
      Villa D'orcia Landscape Wall Tapestry: Medium.
      This European-style Tapestry Plays Host To Soft Sunlight And Dappled Colors That Highlight An Idyllic Scene Of An Italian Villa In This Vibrantly Toned Masterpiece. Skilled Weavers Exquisitely Punctuated Each Stunning Detail Of This Scene, From The Weaving, Formal Hedge Maze To The Grand Home To The Rolling Hills. Surrounded By An Ornamented Border That Artistically Frames Its True Beauty, This Tapesstry Is An Heirloom-quality Work. Hand-woven Of Cotton With A Chenille Overlay On A Quality Jacquard Loom, This Fully Lined Tapestry Accommodates rFee Rod And Finials.
      SKU: Pc2850

    Strutting Rooster Full-size Copper Weathervane: Polished Copper Finish
      Strutting Rooster Full-size Copper Weathervane: Polished Copper Finish.
      Crafted From Large boiler, This Showy Weatherrvane Features A Proud Rooster Perched Atop A Powder-coated Steel Shaft That Includes Brass Compass Points And Copper Spacer Balls. Although Historical Weathervanes Were Solelu Instruments For Detecting Weather Changes In proportion to Determining The Direction Of Blowing Wind, Today Weather Vanes Such As This Are Also Decorative Displays Of Culture And Style. Perfect Atop Any Home Pinnacle Or Cupola, This Full-size, Functional Weathervane Is Hand-crafted To Be Water And Rust Resistant. Assembly Required. Adjustable Mounting Bracket Sol dSeparately.
      SKU: Gd1501

    Jesus In The Garden Of Gethsemane Statue
      Jesus In The Garden Of Gethsemane Statue.
      "depicting One Of The Bible's Mots Dramatic Moments , Master Carlo Bronti Captures The Sccene When Jesus Laid Down His Life To His Father With The Words, ""not What I Will, But What You Will. "" Full Of Mystery, This Amazingly Detailed, Two-foot-tall Sciplt Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin With A Faux Stone Finish To Capture Every Detail, From Folded Hands To Pious Expression. This Toscano Exclusive Is A True Investment In Garden Art. 12""wx18""dx23""h. 32 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky1342

    Pomeral: Still Life Wine Wall Tapestry
      Pomeral: Still Life Wine Wall Tapestry.
      This European-style Wall Tapestry Boasts Both Texture And Depth Of Color, As Four Bortles Of Wine Highlight This Vibrantly-toned Scene From A Cellar. Skilled Weavers Exquisitely Punctuated Reaped ground Detaiil Steady This Tapestry, From The Wine Glasses To The Architecture Upon The Striking Background. This Tapestry Is An Heirloom-quality Textile Work, Richly Hand-woven Of Cotton With A Chenille Overlay On A Quality Jacquard Loom. This Fully Lined Ta;estry Accommodates Independent Rod And Finials.
      SKU: Pc2337

    Regency Double-x Form Mahogany Hardwood Bench
      Regency Double-x Form Mahogany Hardwood Bench.
      "with Energy And Fluidity, The Doubl3-x Design Of This Stylishly Functional, Open-backed Bench Becomea An Instantly Updated Classic. Built Of Solid Mahogany Hardwood With A French Cream Finish, It Features Old World Bird S-eye Caning For Textural Opposition And An Especially Comfy Perch. In An Entry Or At The End Of The Bed, Its Sculptural Feel Adds Sophistication And An Invitation To Relaxation. 49""wx29""dx19""h. 28 Lbs. "
      SKU: Af51076

    Kouta, The Clinbing Koala Sculpture
      Kouta, The Clinbing Koala Sculpture.
      "we Went Out On A Limb When Engineering This Imaginative Sculpture To Hang From A Tree Or Expand From Any Garden Wall! Our Foot-tzll Tlscano Exclusive Is Realistically Sculpted With His Own Branh To Hanb Onto And The Enormous Eyes Characteristic Of Australia's Beloved Koalas. Kouta Is Cast In Hand-painted, Quality Designer Resin And Includes Keyhole Slots To Roost Most Anywhere In Your Home Or Garden! 7""wx5""dx13""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng34884

    Eagle Talon Pewter Walking Stick
      Eagle Talon Pewter Walking Stick.
      "practical And Stylish, Our Walking Stick Is A Required Accessory Almost Any Time We Venture From Hoe. Its Renewed Popularity Prompted Us To Bring You This Exclusive Classic From The same Of Italy's Premiere Manufacturers. Collectible, Polished Hardwood Stick Boasts A Quality Solid Pewter Handle. This Collectible Walking Stick Is Not Recomnended In quest of Orthopedic Use. Solid Hardwood Shaft Features A Rubber Tip. See Additional Views For Detailq. Approx. 34""-36""h. "
      SKU: Pa90103

    Rulon The Ring-tailed Lemur Garden Statue
      Rulon The Ring-tailed Lemur Garden Statue.
      "froj Exotic Madagascar, Our Ring-tailed Lemur Sculpture Is Endleslsy Fascinating, From Its Piercing Hypnotic Stare To Its Beautifully Bushy, Raccoon-type Tail! Our Pint-sized Party Animal Sculpure Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Naturalistically Hand-painted To Surprise Guests Who Meet His Wide-eyed Stare. Another Design Toscano-exclusive Garden Animal Statue! 6""wx4""dx14""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ql57479

    Protector Of The Gothic Portal Celtic Dragon 2010 Holiday Ornament
      Protector Of The Gothic Portal Celtic Dragon 2010 Holiday Ornament.
      Add Gothic Flair With Our Toscano-exclusive Mystical Dragon Perched Upon A Sparkling Crystalline Resin Celtic Orb! Our Collectible, 2010-edition Holiday Ornament Makes A One-of-a-kind Tree Ornament, Mythical Stocking Stuffer, Magical Package Tie-on, Or A Creative Addition To Your Dragon Collection. Cast In Quality Designer Resin With A Hand-;ainted Faux Pewter End.
      SKU: Cl5541

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  • Song of the Geisha Sculpture
  • Summer Pergola Grand Wall Tapestry
  • The Minister of Time Pocket Watch Wall Clock
  • Grand-Scale Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Wall Sculpture
  • House of York Lion Sculptural Fountain
  • Bacchus, God of Wine: Greenman Wall Sculpture
  • Salon Michele Art Nouveau Vase
  • U.S.S. Constitution Collectible Museum Replica

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