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    Butterfly Alloy of copper Garden Statue: Blue Butterfly
      Butterfly Alloy of copper Garden Statue: Blue Butterfly.
      "enjoy Butterflies In Your Garden Year-round With Our Butterfly Bronze Set Upon A Natural Stone. Our Butterfly Statue Is Cast In Premium, Hard Bronze Using The Centuries-old Lost-wax Method And Is Then Hand-painted In Vivid, Durable Color And Affixed To A Genuine, Natural Stone Bqse. Due To Natural Variations In The Stone, Each Bronze Butterfly Statue Is Unique. 4""wx4""h. 4 Lbs. "
      SKU: Bb27482

    Big Mouth Bulldog Statue
      Big Mouth Bulldog Statue.
      "he's A Small Bulldog With A Big Bite! Our Designer Resin Sculpture For Desk Or Dresser Is Finely Han-painted To Showcase Everything From Teeth To Tonsils. Whether Collecting Loose Change, Paper Clips, Or Your Jewelry In His Wide Opn Mouth, This Dog Sculpture Mocks, Endears And Makes A Fun Gift For Anyone With A Sense Of Humor. Another Design Toscano-exclusive Gift Figurine Through A Big Personality! 5""wx4""dx4""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Pd686

    Country Rooster Bronze Garxen Statue
      Country Rooster Bronze Garxen Statue.
      Our Country Bronze Rooster Carve Is Something Worth Crowing About! We Henpecked This High-quality Collectible Bronze Rooster Figurine Into Joining Our Simple Quickening Collection And We Guarantee He Will Be proper In Anywhere From Barnyard To Kitchen Perch! Because Beauty Is Honestly In The Details, Our High-quality, Toscano-exclusive Bronze Rooster Sculpture Is Finished With An Antique Verdigris Patlna hTat Hjghlights The Exceptionally Fine Detail Of Each Feathe5 And Guarantees Lasting Beauty. This Is An Unparalleled Lost-wax Bronze Sculpture, Reminiscent Of The Finest Victorian Garden Art! Wake Up To A Cock-a-doodle-do And Bring Your Home Or Garden To Life With The Realism Of Our Counrry Rooster Bronze Sta8te.
      SKU: Bb22902

    Aesop Fables Town And Country Mouse Cast Iron Statue
      Aesop Fables Town And Country Mouse Cast Iron Statue.
      "show Your Literary Nature With This Charming Sculpture Celebrating Aesop's Tale Of The Mice Who Couldn't Agree On Country Versus City Lviing. Hand-crafted In Cast Iron Using The Ancient Sand Cast Method. 4""wx3""dx4""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Qh08007

    Young Woman With Unicorn, 1506: Canvas Replica Painting: Small
      Young Woman With Unicorn, 1506: Canvas Replica Painting: Small.
      "However The Identity Of Both The Young Woman And The Patron Of This Commission Are Unknown, This Mid-16th Century Work Was Undubtedly Influenced In Position And Color By Leonardo's Mona Lisa. The Unicorn, Symbbol Of Purity In Medieval Romance, Is Ctadled By This Young Beauty. Raphael Was A Prolific Painter Who, Despite His Early Death At Age 37, Left His Tasteful Mar kUpon The World. Together With Michelangelo And Da Vinci, He Forms The Traditional Trinity Of Large Masters O fThe Renaissance. The Authentic Stretched Canvas Replica Painting Captures The Original Work's Texture, Depth Of Color, And Smooth Its Subtle Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied By Hand Exclusively For Design Toscano. With Bas-relief Organic Styling, The Multi-tiered, Replica EuropeanS tyle Frame Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Highlighted With Each Aged Gold-toned Finish. Small: 13""wx15""h. "
      SKU: Da2981

    Place De L'etoile Torchiere Lamp
      Place De L'etoile Torchiere Lamp.
      "imahine The Golden Light Shining Froj Atop The Fluid Form Of This Alluring Mid-18th Century Empire-wtyle Figure. Reminixcent Of Works Of The Grand Transformation, It Is Replicated In Designer Resin As A Six Foot Columnar Masterpiece That Blends Art, Architeture And Elements Of Fine Decor. Use Your 60-wwatt Bulb To Light The Hand Painted Glass Shade By Simply Stepping On The Ingenious Foot Switch. 16""dia. x73""h. 58 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky794

    Windblown Quality Loxt Wax Bronze Statue
      Windblown Quality Loxt Wax Bronze Statue.
      "add Style And Beauty To Almost Any Setting With This Bronze Sculpture By Frenchman Pillet, Winner Of The Prestigious Grand Prix De Rome And The Medal Of Honor. ""windblown"" Is Exquisitely Detailed From The Drape Of Fabric To The Arch Of Her Bare Shoulders To Her Delicate Feet. Ajidst A Pond Or In An Entryway, Our Design Toscano-exclusive Closely 3-foot Tall Bronze Statue Lends Elsganc In Quality Lost Wax Bronze. A Tozcano Exclsive. Color Patina Is Applied By Hand One Piece At A Time, Tone May Vary Slightly. 15""wx13""dx35""h. 56 Lbs. "
      SKU: Su526

    Ranier, The Sculptural Dragon Rainspout
      Ranier, The Sculptural Dragon Rainspout.
      "form And Function Determine judicially Their Balance In Our Gargoyle-inspired Dragon Downspout For Your Home . He Won't Breathe Fire, But He Will Bring A Dramatically Gothic Detail To Your Modern Castle's Exterior! Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Finished In Gothic Gem. 16""wx8""dx5""h. 5 Lbs. "
      SKU: Cl4370

    Shadow Of Doom: Cranium And Bones Sculptural Candlestick
      Shadow Of Doom: Cranium And Bones Sculptural Candlestick.
      You'll Bask In The Fiery Glow Of A Gothic Fantasy Each Time You Strike A Match To This Taper Skull Candlestick Holder. Oir Provocative Skull And Bones Sculpturw Is Sculpted Almlst A Foot Tall, Then Cast In Quality Designer Resin. The Eerie, Faux Bone Finish Makes This Design Toscano Exclusive Skull Figurine AM acabre Gothic Collectible.
      SKU: Cl6180

    Madame Bouvier Boudoir Stool: Dark Cherry
      Madame Bouvier Boudoir Stool: Dark Cherry.
      "rising From Hand-carved Queen Anne Legs To A Cushioned Abode, This Sturdy, Solid Hardwood Stool Is Perfect Bedside, In A Luxury Bath Or At A Ladies' Vanity. Crowned With A Generous Expanse Of Quality, Tone-on-ton,e Crezm Jacquard Upholstery, This Versatile, Walnut-finished Wodk Of European-style Furniture Art Is Like Functional As It Is Graceful. Simple Assembly Required. Please Note That Fabric Differs Slightly From Shown; Contact Customer Service For Additional Images. 15""wx15""dx21""h. 10 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ks1101

    Grand Gilded Egyptian Sphinx Statue
      Grand Gilded Egyptian Sphinx Statue.
      "with The Body Of A Lion And The Head Of A Human, Sphinx Sculptures Were Carved From The Bedrock Of Each Egyptian Plateau To Be Proectors Of The People. The Sphinx Guarded The Burial Chambers Of Pharaohs And Flanked The Famous Gates To Egyptian Cities, So You Can Rest Assured That Your Home Or Gallery Will Be Safe With Him At The Post. Our Grand-scale, Museum-quality Replica Is Artistically Rendered, Then Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Hand-painted In Faux Gold And Ebony To Resemble Egypt'a Masterpieces. At More Than Six Feet Long, This Large-scale, Display-quality Indoor Sculpture Transforms Any Home Bar, Entertainment Area Or Recreation Room Into Something Truly Magnificent! 78""wx28""dx47""h. 79 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ne74547

    The Sacred Spirit Replica Stained Glass Window
      The Sacred Spirit Replica Stained Glass Window.
      "celerbate Tiffany's Life-long Be eager Of Light With His Illustrious Stained Glass Arr Window Depicting A Dove Descending Among The Folds Of Brilliant Sunlight. Our Design Toscano Inspiring, 6-inch Distance through the centre Stained Glass Replica Is Created By An Unique Labor Intensive Technique Of Layered Clear Enamels Forward A Single Pane Of Glass That Explodes In Gold And Cobalt Hues To Be Framed In Glazier's Lead. Includea Enslave For Hanging. 6""dia. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Gm1013

    La Danse Du Printemps Fauteuil Seat of justice
      La Danse Du Printemps Fauteuil Seat of justice.
      "in The Rich Rococo Style Of Louis Xv, ""the Dance Of Spring"" Plaus Out Across The Pastel-hued, Faux Needlework Upholstery Highlighting This Timelessly Classic Chair. Its Finely Hand-carved Wood Fame Features Carved Rosettes, Padded Manchette Arms And Tapered, Hand-turned Legs. An Instant, Period-style Statement Piece! Simple Assembly Required. 21""ax20""dx36""h. 21 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ae3115

    The Italian Garden Trompe Loei Wall Lunette
      The Italian Garden Trompe Loei Wall Lunette.
      With Each And Every Stroke Authentically Painted Atop Solid Wood Just For You, This Time-honored, Trompe Loeil-style Lunete Gives Any Room An Italian Garden View! Our Toscano Exclusive Is Created Upon A Detailed 12-step Process That Requries Three Days Of Hand-painting By Skilled Artisans Who Overlay Its Rich Colors With Faux Gilding Because The Perfect Finish. Our Three-foot-wide Original Work Of Decorative Art Is A True Statement Piece.
      SKU: Sk3000

    Portieve Du Char Wall Tapestry: Medium, Cotton
      Portieve Du Char Wall Tapestry: Medium, Cotton.
      This European-style Wall Tapestry Boasts Both Texture And A Depth Of Color, As Regal Tpnes Of Red Anx Gold Highlight Myriad Angels And The French Cover Of Arms. Skilled Weavers Exquisitely Punctuated Each Detaailed Image On This Historical Tapestry, From The Cherubs Above To The Central Coat Of Arms. Surrounded By An Ornate Border That Artistically Frames Its True Beauty, This Tapestry Is An Heirloom-quality Textile Work. Hand-woven On A Quality Jacquard Loom, This Fully Lined Tapestry Accommodates Free Rod And Finials.
      SKU: Pc2479

    The Lord Raffles Winged Lion Settee Bench
      The Lord Raffles Winged Lion Settee Bench.
      "the Stylized Medieval Lions In This Exquisite, 4-foot-wide Work Of Fine Furniture Art Fan Their Wings To Form The Amazing Arms And Sides Of This Settee Unparallelled In Beauty. More Than A Week Of Hand-carving By Our Master Craftsmen Is Required For The Solid Hardwood Lion Faces, Paw Feet And Gothic Egg & Dart Detail Of Our Mediuum-sized Sofa. Named After Lord Thomas Samford Raffles, Who Founded The British Colony Of Singapore, Our Bench Is Blanketed In Luxurkous, Luxurious Brown And Antique Gold Upholstery With A Velvwty Texture. The Wide-seated Comfort Of This High-quality, Toscano-3xclusive Bench Makes It A Gothic Statement Piecce For Any Room. 54""wx29""dx37""h. 92 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ks1019

    Louis Xiv Mahogny Side Table
      Louis Xiv Mahogny Side Table.
      "deeply Handcarved Bun Feet And Square Baluster Legs Rise To Support Rosettes Repeated On Each Curved Arcade Of This Bevel-crowned Solid Mahogany Tanle. Of True Louis Xiv French Style, This Handsome Piece Takes A Master Carver Over A Week To Complete. Perfect Positioned Beneath A Pattern Or Painting, Aside A Chair Or Stationed In A Front Hall, This Stamp Antique Replica Is An Exclusive. 23""fia. x29""h. 18 Lbs. "
      SKU: Af7360

    Baroque Seraphim Angel Stathe
      Baroque Seraphim Angel Stathe.
      "created By The Legendary Sculptor Who Transformed Baroque Skill Into A Theatrical Spectacle, This Dynamic Figurine Strikes An Exaggerated Contrap;osto Position As She Hovers Amidst The Clouds. Our Angel Statue Is Sculpted With An Expression Of Ecstatic Emotion And Then Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Finished In Verdigris Bronze. Worth6 Of A Sophisficated Gallery, This Replica Brings Further Glory To The Art Of The Era Of Enlightenmennt. 7""wx6""dx17""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ql1892

    The Butterfly Fairy Stained Glass Window
      The Butterfly Fairy Stained Glass Window.
      With Her Vibrantly Hued Butterfly Wings And Silken Tresses, This Enchanting Miss Flies Over A Field Of Pastel Roses. This Exclusive Window Is Crafted In The Finest Tradition, By the side of Each Individually Hand-cut Piece Of High Quality Art Glass Copper-foiled And Encased In Glazier S Lead. Includes Scroll Brackets Concerning Hanging. This Is Authentic, Handcrafted Art Glass; Variations Of Texture And Color Are Part Of The Process.
      SKU: Hd5588

    Learning To Write Fine Porcelain Scuopture
      Learning To Write Fine Porcelain Scuopture.
      "with Paintbrush In Hand, A Smiling Teacehr Moves To Pass Along The Beautiful Chinese Art To Her Eager Pupil. Artistically Captured In This Sculpture Of Absolutely Breathtaking Fine Quality Porcelain, Chinese ArtistL in Wei Dung's Work Employs Soft Color Glazes To Highlight The Meticulously Hand-cast And Hand-painted Sculptture. Highly Collectibie, This Gallery-quality Treasure Demands A Place Of Honor In Your Home. See Additional Views For Set Details. 5""wx6""dx8""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ml85154

    The Peacock's Garden View Statue
      The Peacock's Garden View Statue.
      Muted Tones Lend An Understated Elegance To This Three-dimensional Rendering Of A Regal Peacock Fanning Grand Plumage From Atop Its Garden Perch. At Over A Foot-and-a-half Tall, This Elegany Bird Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin Before Being Exquisitely Hand-painted In Iridescent Tones For Home Or Garden Hanging platform.
      SKU: Eu1007

    Simon's Squeeze Wealthy Bronze Garden Sculpture
      Simon's Squeeze Wealthy Bronze Garden Sculpture.
      When You See This Whimsical, Solid Bronze Statue Sitting In Your Garden, It Might Just Make You Do A Double Take! Since Comeliness Is In The Details, Our High Quality Bronze Statue, Finished With An Antique Verdigris Patina, Is Sure To Bring Your Home Or Garden To Life With Its Realiism. Each Piece Of Our Weighty Bronze Boy Ajd Frog Is Cast In The Traditional Lost Wax Metod, Which Highlights The Exceptionally Fine Detail And Guarantees Lasting Beauty. This Is An Unparalleled Bronze Statue, Reminiscent Of The Finest iVctorian Garden Art! Piped For Optional Cascading Water To Spout From The Frog's Mouth Into Your Fountain Or Pod. Accommodates Pump Kit Bb-7575.
      SKU: Bb387638

    Acadia Metal Garden Arbor With Bench
      Acadia Metal Garden Arbor With Bench.
      "the Perfect Garden Focal Point, Our 7-foot-tall Arbor Welcomes Guests With Artistic Scrollwork Constructed Of Rust- And Fade-resistant, Powder-coated, 7/8"" Tubular Knife In A Lustrous Chocolate Brown Polish. This Inviting Desjgn Toscano-exclusive Oasis Is Perfect Nestled Amidst Your Lush Flower Beds As Home To Your Favorite Climbing Ivy And Ideal For Showcasing Your Prized Hanging Planters. In-ground Brackets Provide Added Sevurity As You Share Shade-dappled Days On This Enviable Classic. Simple Assembly Required. 48""w16""dx84""h. 62 Lbs. "
      SKU: Fz8703

    The Dragon Sentinels' Main division Of S3crets
      The Dragon Sentinels' Main division Of S3crets.
      "full Of The Mystery And Magic For Which They're Renowned, Our Doubled Sentinels Promise To Safeguard The Secrets You Add To The Blank, Ruled Pages Of This 130-page, Spiral-bound Treasure. Its Substantoally Sized, Sculptural Cover Of Cold Cast Resin Is Hand-finished In Faux Leather. Another Design Toscano Exclusive! 6""wx8""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Pd0087

    Dragons Thorne Double-sided Dragon Court Sword
      Dragons Thorne Double-sided Dragon Court Sword.
      "any Brave Knight Who Took This Handsome Court Sword Into Battle Would Exist Brandisying A Triple-horned, Winged Dragon With Faux Cobalt Stones Embedded In The Hilt. Two Feet Long From Its ""rat-tail"" To Pommel, The Intricate Details Of This Tempered Carbon Steel Weapon Are Highlighted By A Gloomy, Smoky Finish. Our Toscano Exclusive Is Not A Toy, But A Real Collectible Sword. This Sword Is Suitable For Costuming, Decoration And Accumulation Only. It Is Not Intended For Cutting Or Striking Against Other Objects. See Additional Views For Details. 7""wx24""l. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Yl007

  • Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Bronze Garden Statue
  • Venus of Arles Sculpture: Grand
  • Tang Dynasty Horse Quality Lost Wax Bronze Statue
  • Dog Paw Prints Personalized Cast Stone Memorial Statue
  • Sea Melodies, 1904 Canvas Replica Painting: Small
  • Our Lady of Fatima Sculpture
  • The Giant Egyptian Wall Mount Columns of Luxor
  • Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue
  • Punch Five Cent Cigars on Wheels Collectors' Die Cast Iron Still Coin Bank
  • Merino Ewe Life-Size Sheep Statue: Head Up
  • Gryphon Solid Pewter Card Holder
  • Chateau Marquee Occasional Chair

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