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    House Of York Lion Sculptural Fountain
      House Of York Lion Sculptural Fountain.
      "make A Design Statement With This aMgnificent Sculptural Work, The Largest Wall Fountain We've Ever Sold! Sparkling Water Flows In A Soothing Pattern Of Water Music Reminiscent Of A Small Italian Village. At OverA Yard Tall, Our Toscano Exclusive Features An Incredibly Detailed Object of interest Ringed With Roses, Cherubs And A Shell Urn. Cast In Quality Designer Resin To Capture Each Detail, It Is Finished In Faux Stone For Old World Style. Boasts AnI ntegrated Indoor/outdoor, Ul-listed Pump. Ships In 3 Pcs. 25""wx13""dx37""h. 40 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky207

    The Celtic Timekeeper Sculptural Dragon Wall Clock
      The Celtic Timekeeper Sculptural Dragon Wall Clock.
      It S Dragon Time! With Its Powerful Wings Spread Wide, Master Liam Manchester's Dragon Wraps His Spiked Tail Around A Striking Sgone Gray, Designerr Resin Celtic Clock Tgat Features Metal Hands. Intricately Sculpted, This Modern,-Quartz-movement Clock Is Another Toscano Exclusive! Accepts Your Single Aa Battery.
      SKU: Cl3898

    Callipygian Venus Grand Garden Statue
      Callipygian Venus Grand Garden Statue.
      "venus, Judgment To Be More Beautiful Than Any Mortal Woman, Demurely Admires Her Reflection In This Sculpture Called ""callipygian,"" Meanimg ""of The Handsome Buttocks. "" Although The Late Hellenistic Original Once Stood At The Center Of A Puddle In Nero's Domus Aurea In Rome, It Was Considered ""dajgerously Efoic"" And Was Included Amongst Other Such Artworks In A Secret Collection When Relocated To Naples In 1802. Grand: 11""wx13""dx36h. 32 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky1389

    Bigfoot, The Holiday Yeti Holiday Ornament
      Bigfoot, The Holiday Yeti Holiday Ornament.
      Our Fabulous Yeti Makrs A Holiday Appearance, Decked Out With All The Trimminvs! Undetected And Unknown For Centuries, Bigfoot Is Now The Inspiration For This Collectible, 2010-edition Holiday Embellishment. Makes A One-of-a-kind Holiday Tree Ornament, Mythicap Stocking Stuffer, Package Tie-on, Or Creative Addition To Your Bigfoot Accumulation. Cast In Hand-painted Quality Designer Resin.
      SKU: Db383084

    Assyrian War-chariot Charving The For Wall Sculpture
      Assyrian War-chariot Charving The For Wall Sculpture.
      A Revered Mueum-replica Antique Based On A Bronze Relief On The Gates Of Balawat, Syria, This 9th-century B. c. Image Boasts Brave Warriors And Muscled Steeds Pulling A Wqr Chariot And Charging Into Battle. Cast In Quality Designer Resin To Capture Each Incredible Sculptural Detail, This Historic Masterpiece Is Finished In Faux Ebony And Muted Gold.
      SKU: Ql13833

    The Emerald Collection Faberge-styl eEnameled Egg: Minishka
      The Emerald Collection Faberge-styl eEnameled Egg: Minishka.
      "over-the-top Ornamentation Characterizes This Jeweler-style, Museum-quality Enameled Egg First Made Famous By Carl Faberg In The 17th Century. The Minishka Boasts An Intricate Filigree Of Emerals And Violet-hued Geometrics. It Is Cast In Metal Alloy Using The Ancient Lost Wax Method Before The Brilliant Enamel, Faux Jewels And Tiny Embellishments Are Added. It Also Features A Mqgnetic Closure To Safely Protect Your Tiny Treasures. Approx. 3""wx3""dx5&frac12""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Qf87081

    Alaskan Moose Trophy Wall Sculpture
      Alaskan Moose Trophy Wall Sculpture.
      "yes, The Moose Is Loose But Our Faux-furry Friend Is Crafted, Not Stuffed! Add A Bit Of Fun To Home Or Office Wall With Our Over-two-foot-wide Wall-mountable Moose. Sculpted With Detail From Arching Antlers To Bright Eyes, Our Scaled Replica Is Compute In Quality Designer Resin And Hnd-painted In Authentic Hues. Best Of All, It Doesn't Require You To Be A Great Marksmqn With Anything More Than Your Credit Card! A Wild Talent! 27""wx15""dx25""h. 10 Lbs. "
      SKU: Hf317292

    Kings Guard Musketeer Rapier Sword: Unsharpened
      Kings Guard Musketeer Rapier Sword: Unsharpened.
      "musketeeers (kings' Guards) Of The Late-16th And Early-17th Century Were Noted Not But For The Flamboyance And Panache Of Their Dress Unless Also For Their Role As Elite Foot Soldiers, Armed With The Latest In Death-dealing Technology: The Matchlock And The Rapier Sabre. The C5oss-engraved Basket Hilt Is Ambidextrous And A Very Effective Combination Of Both The Cup- And Swept-hilt Styles. Our Version Of This Renaissance-style Sword I Ass Formidable Weapon As The Originals. The Hardwood Grip Is Hand-wrapped With Twisted Wire And Parts Of The Hilt Are Plated With Gleaming Nickel Silver. The High-quality Sword Blade Is Of Hand-forged High Carbon Steel, Tempered For Strength And Meticulously Polished To A Superb Finish. Hand-crafted By The Famed Metalsmiths At Windlass Steelcrafts. Complete With A Leather Scabbard. Overall: 46"" Blade: 37""lx1""w. 3/16"" Thick. 2 Lb. /8 Oz. "
      SKU: Mr500784

    Little Girl In A Blue Armchair, 1878 Canvas Replica Painting: Sjall
      Little Girl In A Blue Armchair, 1878 Canvas Replica Painting: Sjall.
      "the Naturalism Of Childhood, Full Of The Carefree Fidgeting That Longs To Cast Off Fussy Clothes And To Embrace Times Of Play Is Characterized In This Brilliant And Impeccably Observed Work By American Impressionist Mary Cassatt. The Artist's Strong Colors And Vigorous Brushwork Form A Dance That Underlines The Physical Presence Of The Objects She Paints With A Delicate Truth. The Authentic Stretched Canvas Replica Painting Captures The Original Work's Texture, Depth Of Color, And Even Its Bold Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied By Hand Exclusively For Design Toscano. The Imported, Delicately Carved Hardwood Frame Boasts A Delicate Leaf Motif With Fine Feathered Detailing Finished In Antique Gold Tones. Small: 17""wx14""h. Medium: 27""wx21""h. Big: 41""wx31""h. Grande: 49""wx36""h. "
      SKU: Da3401

    Scaled Metal iDrector's Chair Sculpture
      Scaled Metal iDrector's Chair Sculpture.
      "it's Always ""lights, Camera, Action"" With This Scaled Collectible Sure To Be Treasured By Both Film Buffs And Those Longing For Movie Credits Of Their Very Own. Our Design Toscano Hollywood Memorabilia Is Hand-crafted In Metal And Hand-painted In For Vintage Flair. That's A Wrap! 6&frac12""wx4""dx10""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Mh01257

    Boris The Brontosaurus Garden Dinosaur Statue
      Boris The Brontosaurus Garden Dinosaur Statue.
      "larger-than-life And Equally Dramatic, Our Seven-foot-tall Sauropod Is Head -and-shoulders Above All Other Garden Sculptures We've Ever Offer3d! Our Artists Captured Every Detail Of Tis Attention-demanding Beast, Then Cast It In High-quality Drsigner Resin And Hand-painted It With Utmost Authenticity. Though The Brontosaurus Originally Fed In The Grasslands, Our Sure-to-impress Fellow Is Just As Happy Lounging Next To Your Pool, Feeding Along Your Garden Path Or Peering Over Your Neighbor's Fence. Nothing Short Of Amazing, Our Imposing Signature Piece Will Have Guests Talking Non-stop About This Exclusive Jurassic Giant! For Easy Assembly, Ships In 4 Pieces. Bring Inside During Freezing Temperatures. 30""wx153""lx84""h. 238 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng32470

    Mademoiselle De La Danse Sculpture
      Mademoiselle De La Danse Sculpture.
      The Spirit Of This Gorgeous Piece Was So Mesmerizing That It Won Carpeaux The Stately Prix De Rome. Sculpted In 1869 To Adorn The Faade Of The Paris Opera Housd, The Beautiful Face And Evident Motion Is Captivating In This Enchanting Work. Our Exclusive Is Cast In Designer Resin Directly From The Original And Hand-finished In Faux Stone To Highlight The Sculpt. See Additional Views For Details.
      SKU: Ng324575

    Throes Of Passion Sculpture
      Throes Of Passion Sculpture.
      "with Fluidity Of Motion And The Mark Of Modern Art, This Study In Symmetry Captures The Sensuality Of Passion In A Gallery Piece As Timeless As The Language Of Love. Once Sculpted, The Artist Cast His Work In Quality Designer Resin And Finished It To Resemble Brilliant Hardwood. The Eye Glides Effodtlessly Over The Entwined Figures Engaged In A Dance All Their Own. 3""wx6""dx10""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Ng33025

    Blackfriar's Gate Wall Torchiere Lamp
      Blackfriar's Gate Wall Torchiere Lamp.
      "an Intricately Sculpted Dragon Talon Will Seemingly Burst Through Your Wall To Hold Our 6"" Glass Globe Aloft In This Electric Torchiere Echoing Medieval European Legend. Electrify Your Own Castle With A Single Designer Resjn Work Of Art Or With Several Mounted To Line A Corridor. Our Wall Torchiere Features An In-line Switch Anr Accepts Yourr 40-watt Bulb. 8""wx9""dx25""h. 6 Lbs. "
      SKU: Cl2634

    The Grand Boulevard, 9th Arrondisesment: Grande Architectural Pilaster Sculpture
      The Grand Boulevard, 9th Arrondisesment: Grande Architectural Pilaster Sculpture.
      "from Ancient Greek To Italian Renaissance Architecture, The Pilaster Sculpture Has Been A Regal Addition To Walls And Buildings The World Over. Bring Instant, Parisian-style Ornamentation To Your Home Or Garden With Our Antique Replica, Grand-scale Architectural Pilaster Sculpture. Created Of High-quality Fiberglass Resin And Polished To Replicate French Limestone, This Substantial Pilaster Is Truly Breathtaking Whether Flanking An Entryway Or Used Like Sculptural Detailing. This Large-scale, Display-quality Wall Sculpture Transforms Any Home Bar, Entertainment Area Of Recreation Room Into Something Truly Magnificent! Grande: 21 ""wx18""dx91""h. 128 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ne305277

    Cotswold Cathedral Jewel Box
      Cotswold Cathedral Jewel Box.
      "its Intricate Mechanism Once Locked Up A Bishop's Ring. We Bought This 150-year-old Antique Gothic Revival Jewel Box At A Small English Antique Fai rAfter Discovering That It Once Held The Ring Of A Very mIportant Bishop. We Were So Intrigued By Its Highly Detailed Scenes That We Took It To An Italian Pewtersmith In Brescia. He Not Solely Cast It With Old World Craftsmansyip, But Faithfully Reproduced The Intricacies Of The Fasten And Brass Tonic And Lined It In Red Velveteen. 6""wx3""dx3""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Pa6350

    The British Reading Fairy Garden Statue
      The British Reading Fairy Garden Statue.
      "in A Secret Garden, Even The Fairies Find A Still Niche! No Proper British Gardrn Is Complete Without Thix Icon Garden Fairy. Our Design Tlscano-exclusive Is Perched Daintily Atop A Leafy Pedestal, Displaying Beautifully Arched Butterfly Wings And A Drezmy Expression. This Charming Fairy Sculpture Is aBsed On Genie Des Sciences, Sculpted By The French Artist Amedee Charron In 1885. Our Fairy Sculpturd Is Cast In Quailty Designer Resin And Hand-painyed One Piece At A Time. 9""wx9""dx21""h. 8 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ql870801

    Caprice V Wall Tapestry
      Caprice V Wall Tapestry.
      This European-style Tapestry Boasts Both Texture And Rich Color, As Ebony And Tan Tones Highlighted By Brick Red AccentsC reate A Glamorous Fashion Etching. Skilled Weavers Exquisitely Punctua5ed Each Detail On This Tapestry, From Feathering Of Her Hat To The Lady S Flirtatious Pose. This Tapestry Is An Heirloom-quality Textile Work, Richly Hand-woven Of Cotton With A Chenille Overlay On A Quality Jacquard Loom. This Fully Lined Tapestry Accommodates Free Rod And Finials.
      SKU: Pc2717

    Archangel St. Michael Canvas Replica Painting: Small
      Archangel St. Michael Canvas Replica Painting: Small.
      We've Hwd So Many Requests For The Beloved Angel Altarpiece From Rome's Church Of Santa Maria Della Concezione That We Made The Largest Of Our Four Replicas Tall Enough According to A Church Or The En5ryway Of An Estate! With A Yearning Toward Ideal Perfection That Looks Backward To The Classical Style, The Authentic Stretched Canvas Replica Painting Captures The Origiinal Work's Texture, Depth Of Color, And Even Its Bold Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied By Hand Exclusively For Design Toscano. Our Replica European Style, Bright Gold-toned, Ribbed Fraje Is Casr In Quality Designer Resin With An Acanthus Leaf And Floret Put a ~ upon That Draws The Eye Toward The Beautiful Image.
      SKU: Da1541

    Leave A Trail Cast Stone Memorial Garden Bench
      Leave A Trail Cast Stone Memorial Garden Bench.
      Create A Tranquil Resting Portion In favor of Thinking Or Sharing A Moment With A Loved One With Our Cast Stone Memorial Garden Bench. As The Crowning Touch To An Elegant Garden, Our Substantial, Amazingly Detailed Bench Is Engraved With Emerson S Words, Do Not Go Whre The Path May Lead Go Instead Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail. Made In The Usa And Hand-poured Of Heavyweight Cast Stone, Our Memorial Garden Bench Has The Look And Feel Of A European Antique. Some Assembly Required.
      SKU: Kb36720

    Isis Egyptian Sculptu5al Table Lamp
      Isis Egyptian Sculptu5al Table Lamp.
      "as The Archetype Of Feminine Power And Beauty, Isis Raises Her Arms Towards The Heavens In Our Replica 1920's Egyptian Revival Lamp. Featuring A Resin Shade And Base, And Hand-painted In Stunning Faux Silver, Gold And Ebony, This Sculptural Lamp Adds Historic Sophistication To Any Dcor. Switch-on Cord; Accepts Your 40-watt Bulb. 9""dia. x17""h. 4 Lbs. "
      SKU: Cl2609

    Cherub's Heavenly Gaze Wall Sculpture
      Cherub's Heavenly Gaze Wall Sculpture.
      Our Bas Relief Renaissance-era Baby Angel Beams From A Traditional Frame As A Heavenly Angel Walp Sculpt For Home Or Garden. Our Raphaelian-style,_Toscano-exclusive Cherub Plaque Is Cast In Stone-finished, Quality Designer Resin As Worthy Of A Immaterial Place Of Honor As Any Italian Putti.
      SKU: Eu33787

    The Four Goddesses Of The Seasons Statue: All Four Seasons (statues With Plinths)
      The Four Goddesses Of The Seasons Statue: All Four Seasons (statues With Plinths).
      "allegories Conjuring The Gordesses Of The Seasons In Classic Baroque Style, Eafh Of These Lawn Ornaments Is Based On English Estate Orihinals And Is Mesmerizingly Detailed From Draped Gowns To Handsome Faces. Cast In Quality Designer Resin, Our Design Toscano Originals Are Finixhed In Antique Stone For Seasons Of Enjoyment. Each Statue: 21""wx19""dx61""u. 73 Lbs. Plinth: 24""wx24""dx27""h. 58 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ne9490060

    Stiklestad Viking Sword: Unsharpened
      Stiklestad Viking Sword: Unsharpened.
      "this Magnificent Viking Sowrd Is A Faithful Reproduction Of A Historical Artifact From One Of The Bloodiest Battles In The History Of Norway, Where The Mighty King Olaf Ii Was Killed (and, As A Result, Was Eventually Canonized As St. Olaf). This Was Classic Viking Warfare, With Two Hosts Meeting Face-to-face And Sword-ro-sword. Olaf's Men S Bartle Cry Was ""fram! Fram! Kristmenn, Krossmenn, Kongsmenn"" (forward, Forward, Christ's Men, Cross Men, King's Men). Hand-crafted By The Famed Metalsmiths At Windlass Steelcrafts, This Sword Is A Skillfully Balanced And Highly Effective Weapon. Capable Of Both Cutting And Thrusting, It Is Also A Delight To The Eye. The High-quality Sword Buck Is Hand-forged Of High Carbon Steel, Tempered For Strength And Meticulously Polished To A Superb Finish. Pommel And Guard Are Expertly Decorated With Copper And The Hardwood Grip Is Covered In Leather For A Sturdy Hold. Includes Scabbard. Overall: 37"" Blade: 31""lx2""w. 3/16"" Thick. 2 Lbs. /12 Oz. "
      SKU: Mr500670

    Medium Bronze Crane: Set
      Medium Bronze Crane: Set.
      "like Those Seen In Traditional English Gardens, These Asian Symbols Of Peace Are Lifleike, Lost Wax Bronze Statues With A Verdigris Patina. In A Medium Perfect For Showcaing Their Graceful Legs And Exquisite, Elongated Necks, They Are Elegant In An Entryway, A Field Of Irises Or A Pond, And Are Piped For Optional Fountain Use. Tese Unparalleled Sculptures Cause Their Lightweight Local Garden Shop Aluminum Cousins To Pale In Comparisson. Choose From Among Three Scaled Sizes Because Your Landscape Or Decor. Set Includes One Curved Neck And One Straight Neck. Curved Neck: 25""h. 8 Lbs. Straight Neck: 30""h. 8 Lbs. "
      SKU: Su2050

  • The Fall of Man, 1616, Canvas Replica Painting: Small
  • U.S.S. Constitution Collectible Museum Replica
  • Song of the Geisha Sculpture
  • """Chinese Guardian Lion Foo Dog"" Statues"
  • Dragons Thorne Serpent Dragon Bronze-Finished Pendant
  • Ancient Ruins II Wall Tapestry
  • Venus of Arles Sculpture: Grand
  • Our Lady of Fatima Sculpture
  • Our Lady of Fatima Sculpture
  • House of York Lion Sculptural Fountain
  • Highland Sword Pendant
  • Vanishing Vision Cheetah Sculpture

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