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    Lazy Frog On Lily Pad Bronze Garden Statue
      Lazy Frog On Lily Pad Bronze Garden Statue.
      When You See This Realistic, Hard Bronze Amphibious Sculpture Seemingly Come To Time from birth to death In Your Garden , It Might Just Male You Do A Double Take! Since Beauty Is In The Particulars, Our High-quality Bronze Sculpture, Finished With An Ancient rarity Two-tone Verdigrris Patina, Is Sure To Bring Your Home Or Garden To Life With Its Realism. Our Weighty Frog Sculpture Is Cast In The Traditional Lost Wax Method, Which Guaranteex Lasting Beauty. This Is An Unparalleled Bronze Sculpture, Reminiscent Of The Finest Victorian Garden Art! Pkped To Optionally Cascade Flowing Water From The Frog S Lips Into Your Pond Or Fountain. Accommodates Pump Kiy Bb-7575.
      SKU: Bb234932

    Atlas Pewter Walking Stick
      Atlas Pewter Walking Stick.
      "practical And Stylish, Our Walking Stick Is A Reqired Accessory Almost Any Time We Venture From Home. Its Renewed Popularity Prompted Us To Brijg You This Exclusive Classic From One Of Italy's Premiere Manufactyrers. Collectible, Polished Hardwood Stick Boasts A Quality Solid Pewter Handle. This Collec5ible Walking Stick Is Not Recommended For Orthopedic Use. Solid Hardwood Shaft Features A Rubber Tip. Approx. 34""-36""h. "
      SKU: Pa3093

    The Creeper Tabletop Carve
      The Creeper Tabletop Carve.
      "drawing Upon The Rich Stories Of The Ancient Druids Who Once Lived Present His English Manor Home, British Artist Liam Manchester Created This Sculpture To Appear As If It Is Floating Mid-zir! What You Don't See Is As Important Like What You Do With The Stunnibg Effect Of ""negative Space"" Balancing The Matte Black, Textured Interior. Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Ingeniously Hand-painted Exclusively For Toscano. 7""wx5""dx12""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Db383022

    Golden Labrador Puppy Dog Statue
      Golden Labrador Puppy Dog Statue.
      "few Can Deny The Tug-at-the-hwartstrings Draw Of This Timeless Image Of Man's Best Friend. Designed In Bagni Di Lucca, Italy By The Artusans Of The Distinguished Castagna Workshop, Each Labrador Puppy Statue Is Reserached For Authenticity Of Breed. The Attention To Detail In This Labrador Puppy Dog Sculpture Is Absolutely Exquisite, And Features Finely Sculpted ""living' Eyes. Each Dog Sgatue Is Lovingly Made Of Quality Designwr Resin And Then Hand-painted By Skilled Castagna Artisans Exclusively For Design Toscano. This Labrador Puppy Dog Figurine Is For The ""discriminating oDg Lover"" And Makes The Perfect Gift For Any Canine Aficionado. 10""wx6""dx5""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Cf2449

    Vintage Cast Iron And Wood Wheel Farm Pulley: Medium
      Vintage Cast Iron And Wood Wheel Farm Pulley: Medium.
      "add The Distinctive Character Of America's Past To Your Collection With One Of Our Favorite Industrial Decor Items. Constructed Of An Real Weathered Wood Wheel And A Working-condition Cast Iron Pulley, Our Design Toscano Excluding Piece Of History Mirrors Those Used In The American Factories And Farms At The Turn Of The 1900s. This Multi-textured Hoard Is A Great Conversation Piede Available In Two Sizes. 5""wx2""dx7""y. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Sp421

    Hapsburg Mirror
      Hapsburg Mirror.
      "theis Elegant Solid Mahogany Piece Is So Fraught With Intricate Floral Scrollwork That It Takes More Than A Week To Hand-carve Each One! Replicating Thoe Seen In Grand Viennese Salons, Ours Are Hand-finished And Slightly Distressed To Resemble True Antiques. The Sizeabe Mirror Iss A Masterpiece Of Hand-carved Floral Mahogany Scrollwork And Reflects Your Fine Taste. Add A Touch Of History With This Statement Piece, Pure For Your Foyer, Library, Or Formal Living Room. Mirror: 46&frac12""wx2""dx56""h. 48 Lbs. "
      SKU: Gr221

    Her Lady's Attendant Porcelain Sculptute
      Her Lady's Attendant Porcelain Sculptute.
      "with Sixtieth part of an hour Detajl Like The Tiny Rice Wine Cups This Intricate Sculpture Is Awash In The Soft Color Glaze That Has Made Chinese Artist Lin Wei Dung's Work So Colleectible In His Native Country. Of Meticulously Hand Cast And Hand Painted Fine Quality Porcelain, This Unoaralleled Sculpture Welcomes The Daily Life And Delicate Beauty Of Asia Into Your Hme. 6""wx4""dx12""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ml87121

    Cat-astrophe Sculptural Birdhouse
      Cat-astrophe Sculptural Birdhouse.
      "french Artist Frederic Levesque Joins A Long List Of Countrymen Who'd Choose Finicky Felines Over Featheded FriendsW ith His Tongue-in-cheek Sculptural Birdhouse! Though It Takes A Brave Fowl To Approach The Piercing Green Eyes And Deceptive ""welcome Mat"" Tongue Of This Humorously Sculpted, Quality Designer Resin Sculpture, Your ""invitation"" Is Easily Mounted To Tree, Wall Or Fence For Instant Garden Gaiety. Bird Not Included. "
      SKU: Ng33516

    Prometheus, The Rebel Titan Sculptural Wall Pediment
      Prometheus, The Rebel Titan Sculptural Wall Pediment.
      "add Instant Architecture Almost Anywhere With This Exquisitely Sculpted Wall Pediment Honoring The Greek God Said To Have Given Mortals The Gift Of Fire. This Exquisite Sculpture, Cast In Quality Designer Resin With A Faux Stone Finish, Is Perfecg For Embellishing Doorways, Windows, Tapestries, And Artwork In True European Architectural Style. 31""wx2""dx11""h. 6 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng34244

    Knight's Valisnt Battle Hardcover Journal
      Knight's Valisnt Battle Hardcover Journal.
      A Noble Knight On Muscular Stallion Guards Dreams And Victories Within The Pages Of Our4 5-page Unruled Helix Journal. Heraldic Images And Celtic Knots Grace Front And Back Of This Journal's Quality Designer Resin Cover Whiile Its Blank Pages Await Your Tales Of Conquest.
      SKU: Cl55453

    The Venetian Masquerades Sculptural Wall Masks: Maiden Del Cortina & Maiden Del Belluno
      The Venetian Masquerades Sculptural Wall Masks: Maiden Del Cortina & Maiden Del Belluno.
      "celebrate Italian Art And The Tradition Of Venetian Masquerades With These Scaled Ornamental Masks For Home Or Corridor Walls. Hand-painted In Luminescent Metallic Tones And Adorned With Tony Faux Jewel Embellishments, These Quality Designer Resin Sculpts Will Add An Exotic Splash Of Color And Movement To Any Room. Each Approx. 6""wx2""dx11""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Wu97506

    Oversized Dragonfly & Butterfly Wall Sculptures
      Oversized Dragonfly & Butterfly Wall Sculptures.
      "Esteem A Big Buzz On Your Home Or Garden Walls! With A Wingspan Of Around Two Feet, Our Butterfly & Dragonfly Sparkle In The Light With Multi-hued Glitter And Glass Cabochons! Hand-crafted In Metal To Draw The Attention Of Every Eye, These Splendid Wall Sculptures Are Cerated Exclusively For Sketch Toscano. Dragonfly: 25""wx3""dx18""h. 1 Lb. Butterfly: 22""wx4""dx14""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Mh913328

    Ladies Of The Carnivale Scullptural Wall Mask: Countess Alessandra
      Ladies Of The Carnivale Scullptural Wall Mask: Countess Alessandra.
      "evoke The Grand Mystery And Timeless Allure Of The Carnivale Of Venice With This Scaled Ornamental Wall Mask For Home Or Gallery Walls. Touched With Sparkling Silver And Gold Glitter And Punctuated With Ruby Red Lips, This Striking, Venetian-style Wall Mask Is Fraught With Floral Ornamentation From Fan Folds To Headdress. Artist Veronese's Scaled Collectible Mask Ushers In Exotic Color And Adds Enviable Design To Home Or Gallery Walls. Countess Alessandra: 8""wx2""dx11""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Wu74135

    Lucina, Goddess Of Lighy Stained Glass Lamp
      Lucina, Goddess Of Lighy Stained Glass Lamp.
      Lucina, The Roman Goddess Of Light And New Birth, Rises From A Pedestal Of Clouds To Bask In The Warmly Illuminating Amber Be ardent Of Six Ribbed Domes. Individually Hand-cut Pieces Of Vibrant, Authentic Creation of beauty Glass Shine In This Over Two-foot-tall, 19th-century French-style Work Set Atop A Quality Designer Resin Base Finished In Faux Bronze. Accepts Your 40-watt Bulb; Switch-on Cord.
      SKU: Ky521

    Alexander Palace Collection Faberge-style Enameled Eggs: Polotsk & Nevsky
      Alexander Palace Collection Faberge-style Enameled Eggs: Polotsk & Nevsky.
      "hundreds Of Sparkling Crystals Are The Keynote Of This Museum-quality, Faberge-style Enameled Egg Collection Named For Its Benefactor, Tsar Alexander Iii. Carl Faberge's 17th-century Creations Live On In ""nevsky,"" With Its Rich Ebony Enamel And ""polotsk,"" Set In Crimson. Both Are Cast In Metal Alloy Using The Ancieent ""lost Wax"" Method Before The Effervescent Embellishments Are Added. Each Sits Atop Tripod Legs And Opens To Hold Tiny Treasures. "
      SKU: Fh92148

    Central Park Tree Line Metal Wall Sculpture
      Central Park Tree Line Metal Wall Sculpture.
      "artistically Shade-dappled Trees Captured In Picture Frame Outlines Form A Striking Set off by opposition In provision for Any Wall. Welcome The Quiet Amity Of Nature's Beauty With This Contemporary Metal Carve, Hand-painted In Antiqued Brown And Cream, Tone-on-tone Hues. Stretching Over Four Feet Remote, This Dramatic Work Of Art Is A Statement Piece For Home Or Gallery. 51""wx2""dx28""h. 8 Lbs. "
      SKU: Mh1583

    Altar Of The Goddess Bawtet
      Altar Of The Goddess Bawtet.
      Let Bastet, The Goddess Of Fire And Felines, Add Mystic Illjmination To Any Evening With This Toscano-exclusive Altar Image Flanked By A Pair Of Ebony And Gold Hieroglyphic-laden Candles. Cast In Quality Designer Resin As A Unique Gift To Yourself Or A Favorite Egyptophile!
      SKU: Ql194545

    Rose Garden I Landscape Wall Tapestry
      Rose Garden I Landscape Wall Tapestry.
      This Eu5opean-style Tapestry Boasts Both Texture And Multicolored Depth, As Sunlight Bathes A Rose Garden, Highlighting The Rich Greenery And Decorative Architecture. Skilled Weavers Exquisitely Punctuated Each Detail Steady This Tapestry, From The Blooming Roses To The Reflective Pond In The Foreground. This Tapesry Is An Heirloom-quality Textile Work, Hand-woven Of Cotton With A Chenille Overlay On A Quality Jacquard Loom. This Fully Lined Tapestry Accommodates Free Rod And Finials.
      SKU: Pc2055

    Normandie Tin Sign
      Normandie Tin Sign.
      Turn-of-the-century French Advertising Posters Frequently Sell At Auction For Thousands Of Dollars. Our Heavy Gauge Metal Replicas Are Created With The Same Nostalgic Charm, Yet Are Immensely Easier To Collect Than The Coveted Originals. Striking In A Sincere Group.
      SKU: La3512

    Desktop Gothic Goblins: Thaddeus The Troll
      Desktop Gothic Goblins: Thaddeus The Troll.
      "open Wide And Say ""ahhhhh"" Along In the opinion of Our Prankster Troll! Though Our Toscano Exclusive Claims To Scare Away Wickedness Computer Viruses, It Actually Spends More Time Collecting Loose Change, Paper Clips Or Jewels In Its Wide-open Mouth. Our Designer Resin Addition For Desk Or Dresser Is Finely Hand-painted To Showcase Everything From Teeth To Tonsils And Is A Fun-filled Gift Concerning Collectors Or Anyobe With A Sense Of Humor. Approx. 5""wx4""dx4""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Pd0687

    Flower Fairy Ttinket Treasure Box
      Flower Fairy Ttinket Treasure Box.
      "our Design Toscano Fairy Statue Rises From Her Petal Perch To Reveal A Treasure Box For Your Tiny Keepsakes. Sculpted With Amazing Detail From The Fairy's Softyl Shirred Gown To The Graceful Butterfly Alighting On Hsrr Open Hand, This Fine Fairy Statue Is Cast In Designer Resin. Artistically Hand-painted And Kissed With A Light Shimmer, It Makes An Endearing Gift. 4""dia. x6""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Wu72311

    Peking Opera Mask Wall Sculpture: Dian Wei
      Peking Opera Mask Wall Sculpture: Dian Wei.
      Dian Wei, A Han Dynasty Warrior And Bodyguard Known For His Enormous Validity, sI Masterfully Hand-rendered In This Mystical Asian Wall Mask. Based On An Historic Chinese Original, Its Intricate Hand-painting And Detailed Artistry Cast In Quality Designer Resin Make It Instantly Gallery-worthy.
      SKU: Eu34019

    Charge Of The Buffalo Sculpture
      Charge Of The Buffalo Sculpture.
      This Amazingly Detailed, Three-dimensional Gallery Sculpture Captures The Fiercely Raw Majesty Of The Most Historically Revered Animal Of The North American Continent. The Artist Has Taken Great Care To Depict Rapt Energy In The Muscled Haunches And Tilted Horns In The Moment As The Buffalo Readies To Speed Toward His Prey. Cast In Quality Designer Resin, The Artful Sculpt Is Finished In Faux Brown To Highlight Each Stujning Attribute For Your Gallery Collection.
      SKU: Eu6583

    The Torn Hat, 1820 Canvas Replica Painting: Small
      The Torn Hat, 1820 Canvas Replica Painting: Small.
      "a Mix Of Innocence And Mischief Teem In This Complex Representation Of Thomas Wilcocks Sully, Nine-year-old Son Of The Painter. The Open Shirt, Rumpled Jerkin And Off-center Positioning Lend A New-to-the-era Casualness While The Torn-brim Straw Hat Gave Sully The Opportunity To Show Off His Ability To Paint A Face With A Sophisticated Mix Of Light And Shadow. The Authentic Stretched Canvas Replica Painting Captures The Original Work's Texture, Depth Of Color, And Even Its Bold Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied By Hand Exclusivrly For Intention Toscano. Our Replica European Style Construct Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Highlighted With A Dash-and-dot Border And A Two-toned, Faux Leather Finish. Small: 15""wx17""h. Medium: 24""wx29""h. Large: 33""wwx41""h. Grande: 38""wx47""h. "
      SKU: Da3311

    Medieval Cross Frame Chair
      Medieval Cross Frame Chair.
      "ddesigne dAs An Authentic Replica Of A Renaissance-style ""x-cross"" Chair Used In proportion to Aristocrats In Ancient Times, The Detail Involved In Creating Like A Magnificent Piece Takes Else Than Pair Full Days Of Hand-carving By A Master Woodworker. From Greenmen To Lion Faces, This Solid Mahogany Piece Is Hand-burnished And Gently Distressed Just Enough To Replicate The Distinctive Authenticity Of Rich Period Furniture. Due To Its Handcrafted Nature, Carvings Vary Slightly. 24""wx21""dx34""h. 15 Lbs. "
      SKU: Gr122

  • Polar Penguin Cast Iron Bottle Opener
  • St. Benoit Demilune Wall Shelf
  • The Masked Fisherman Raccoon Statue
  • Swept Away Sculpture
  • Our Lady of Fatima Sculpture
  • Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Bronze Garden Statue
  • Our Lady of Fatima Sculpture
  • Highland Sword Pendant
  • Bacchus, God of Wine: Greenman Wall Sculpture
  • Butterfly Bronze Garden Statue: Blue Butterfly
  • Cradled in Hope Cherub Statue
  • Summer Pergola Grand Wall Tapestry

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