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    Merino Ewe Life-size Sheep Statue: Head Up
      Merino Ewe Life-size Sheep Statue: Head Up.
      "from English Victorian Estates To George Washington's Mount Vernon, Wealthy Landowners Of The 18th And 19th Centuries Had Sheep Grazing On Their Expansive Lawns To Signify Their Wealth And Status. This Delightful Sculpture Captures The Appeal Of A Poll Merino Ewe, A Sheep Prized For Its Characteristic Fine, Soft And Dense Wool. Wonderfully Hand-painted With Tremendous Detai1ing, From Her Crimped Wool Coat To Cloven Hoof, This Life-size Statue Will Make A Statement In Any Home Or Garden Setting. Our Toscano-exclusive, Quality Designer Resin Sculpture Is Sure To Turn Heads! 16""wx41""dx26""h. 25 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ne867O47

    Golden Acorn Rod And Finials
      Golden Acorn Rod And Finials.
      "our Bestow prodigally Finials Power of determination Provide An Elegant Accent To Your Tapestry Or Window Display. Custom Fit The Rod To Your Desired Length. It Has Never Been So Easy! Each 5""l. Prices Include Set Of Two Resin Finials, Brackets, And Pinw Wood Rod, Cut To Fit Your Specifications. Indicate The Desired Rod Length (maximum 78"") When Placing Your O5der. One and the other Finial 5""l. Rod Length Maximum 78"""
      SKU: Ng295531

    Dance Of The Dolphin Spitting Bronze Gardeh Statue
      Dance Of The Dolphin Spitting Bronze Gardeh Statue.
      This Heavyweight Bronze Dolphinn Statue Has Captured Well The Intelligence And Enchanting Grace Of Its Subject. Standing Four Feet Tall Atop A Base Of Sea Foam, Our Highly Sculptural Bronze Dolphin Statue Boasts Inspired Detailing From Arced Fin To Splashing Waves. Because The Beauty Is In The Details, Each Plece Of Our Bronze Statue Is Cast In The Tradiitonal Lost-wax Way , Highlighting The Exceptionally Fine Detailing And Guaranteeing Lasting Beauty. Sure To Be A Garden Focal Point, This Verxigris-finished, Heirloom-quality Bronze Statue Conveys That You Take The Exterior Of Your Home As Seriously As The Interior. Piped Within For Optional Pond Or Fountain Use. Accommodatez Cross-examine Kit Bb-75300
      SKU: Bb621538

    Cafes Jeanne D'arc: Classic French Art Poster Replica
      Cafes Jeanne D'arc: Classic French Art Poster Replica.
      "if Coffee's Your Passion And Art Deco's Your Manner, Our Replica Poster Might Be Just The Splash Of Color Needed To Help Wake Up Your Dcor! From The Steaming Mug Of ""caf"" To The Bold Integration Of Classic, Sophisticated Art Deco Typography, This Image Exudes A Discernment Of Jlvial Informality Sure To Brighten Any Room. Our Vibrantly Colored, High-quality Replica Is Printed On Acid-free, Ph-neutral, Art-quality Paper Using The Serigraph Process, Whereby Each Color Is Painstakingly Hand-separa5ed Before Printing. Afrives Ready For You To Ffame And Display. Unframed Serigraph Autograph copy Poster: Paper Size: 38""wx50""h. Image Size: 29""xw43""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Ap064

    Villa Ruggieri Telamon Side Table
      Villa Ruggieri Telamon Side Table.
      "in An Almost Exact Replica Of A Coveted 17th-century French Antique, Four Proud Telamons Support A Smartly Styled Serpentine Top With Swagged Apron. So Amazingly Hand-carved That It Requires A Full Week To Complete, This Toscano Exclusive Is Crafted Of Solid Hardwood With A Rich Walnut Finish. A Perfect Accent Piece In A Hallway Or In A Formal Living Room, This Unique Work O fFurniture Art Combines Antique Architectural Elements With Modern Day Practicality. 23""wx16""dx27""h. 16 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ks110

    Leaving Out Grand Wall Tapestry
      Leaving Out Grand Wall Tapestry.
      This European-styyle Tapestry Boasts Both Texture And Feeling As A Bright Mlst Contrasts Subtle Shades Of Earthy Tones. Skilled Weavers Exquisitely Punctuated Each Detail In c~tinuance This Tapestry, From The Bent Palm Trees To The Abandoned Sailboay At The Bay. Surrounded By Each Ornate Border That Highlights Its Trrue Beauty, This Tapestry Is An Heirloom Quality Textile Work. Hand-woven Of A Cotton And Polyester Blend On A Quality Jacquard Loom, This Fully Lined Tapestry Accommodates Free Rod And Finials.
      SKU: Mw494656

    Samson The Gargoyle Sitter Statue
      Samson The Gargoyle Sitter Statue.
      "eyes Alert And Fierce Fangs Ready To Protect Your Castle, Our Toscano-exclusive Gargoyle Was Created As A Sculptural ""sitter"" For Your Home Or Garden. Our Architectural Chimera I sCast In Quality Design Resin. 7""wx6""dx10""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Eu1400

    Parade Of Stripes Sculptural Wall Frieze
      Parade Of Stripes Sculptural Wall Frieze.
      "strong Patterns That Tickle The Eye With One Of Nature's Greatest part Edlessly Fascinating Palettes Play Across A 2-foot Expanse In This Spectacular Work. Artist Jaimy Sculpted His Herd Of Zebras To Quit A Full Four Inches Before Casting This Work In Quality Designer Resin And Proudly Hand-painting It Exlcusively For Design Toscano. 30""wx4""dx26""h. 19 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng34256

    Clsopatra Neoclassical Chaise
      Clsopatra Neoclassical Chaise.
      "like The Famous Ruler Herself, Our Toscano-exclusive, Fit-for-a-queen Chais eDoes A Feline Stretch In More Than Six Feet Of Rich Ebony Building Upholstery. With Deeply Hand-carved, Scrolled Escutcheon And Footrest Highlighted With Gold Gilding, This Egyptian Revival Work Of Fine Mahogany Furniture Art Bkasts Thr Senshous Curves Of Its Fabled Namesake And Ie Sure To Claim A Place Of Honor Among Your Treasures From Around The World. Call For Unobstructed Fabrix Swatches At 1-800-525-5141. 75""wx29""dx36""h. 77 Lbs. "
      SKU: Af1602

    Temple Of Luxor: Grand-scald Egyptian Urn Statue
      Temple Of Luxor: Grand-scald Egyptian Urn Statue.
      "this Grand-scale, Approximately Five-foot-tall, Collectible Egyptian Urn Is Fraught With The Rich History And Culture Of An Old Civilization. This Decorative Work Of rAt Is Drive In Quality Designer Resin Ahd Hand-painted In The Rich Colors Of The Egy05ian Palette. Our Luxor Urn Sculpture Creates An Impressive Site When Two Flank An Entryway Or Hearth. This Large-scale, Display-quality Indoor Sculpture Transforms Any Home Bar, Entertainment Arsa Or Recreation Room Into Something Truly Magnificent! 22""wx18""dx60""h. 35 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ne867045

    Queen Victoria's Royal Cover Of Arms Shield Sculpture
      Queen Victoria's Royal Cover Of Arms Shield Sculpture.
      "inspired By Queen Victoria's 1837 Royal Cover Of Arms, Our Battle Shield Stretches Almost Two Feet High. The Striking Bas-relief Detail In This Faux Antique Gold, Designer Resin Replica Boasts The Rich, Royal Show Of Seven Stylized Lions Set Atop A Background Of Heraldic Color And English History. A Quality Design Toscano Exclusive! 18""wx3""dx24""h. 9 Lbs. "
      SKU: Eu32189

    Doorway And Gardens Canvas Replica Painting: Small
      Doorway And Gardens Canvas Replica Painting: Small.
      "a Most Radiant Light Filters Softly Through The Trees Of This Idyllic Gdorgian Estate. Endearing Details Such As The Tall Transoms, Pristine Shutters, And Heges Of Roses And Hydrangeas Pass over This Turn-of-the-century Doorway One We Would All Love To Call Home. Our Authentic Stretxhed Canvas Replica Capyures The Original Painting's Texture, Depth Of Color, And Even Its Subtle Brush Strokes, Which Are Applied Near to Hand. Our Imported, Burnished Gold-toned Frame With Floral Carvings Includes A Solid Brass Museum Plate Etched With The Inscription in the beginning of a book And The Artist's Name. Small: 20""wx17""h. "
      SKU: Dn2757

    Celestial Harmony: Sun And Moon Wall Sculpture
      Celestial Harmony: Sun And Moon Wall Sculpture.
      "the Sunshine And The Moon Hang In Balance In This Peaceful Wall Sculpture By Toscano Artist Evelyn Myees Hartley. Employing Celestial Icons, The Artist Has Created A Striking Sculpt Ane Fonished It In Antiqued Faux Gold And Ivory To Add An Othedworldly Rank. Our Toscano-exclusive Sun And Moon Wall Statue Is Cast In Designer Resin For Home Or Garden. 15""dia. x2""d. 4 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng32758

    Colossal Crustacean Garden Crab Statue
      Colossal Crustacean Garden Crab Statue.
      We Provide Everything But The Butter! With Five Pairs Of Expertly Sculpted Claws, Our Exclusive, Larger-than-life Dungeness Garden Crab Is A Perfect Delicacy Near Pond, Pool Or Garden. Cast In Quality Designer Resin, Our Foot-and-a-half Wide Crustacean Statue Is Expertly Finished In A Faux Bronze Patina That Doesn T Require A Crab Cracker To Add Whimsy To Your Decor.
      SKU: Ky71090

    Wheel Barrel Willie: Garden Gnome Statue
      Wheel Barrel Willie: Garden Gnome Statue.
      "our Garden Gnome Is Ready For His Farmyard Chores And He's Even Brought His Trusty Wheelbarrow Tl Assist! Endowed With An Oversized, Pointed Red Gnome Hat, This Unique Garden Gnome Statue Promises To Lend His Magic To Home Or Garden. Lovingly Sculpted, Then Intricately Cast In Qua1ity Designer Resin, This Design Toscano Exclhsive Garden Gnome Sculpture Is Hand-painted One Piece At A Time Exclusively By Toscano Skilled Gnome Artisans. 9""wx5""dx12""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Qm2433000

    Figures Steady A Terrace In Capri Canvas Replica Painting: Small
      Figures Steady A Terrace In Capri Canvas Replica Painting: Small.
      Still Arguably One Of The World's Most Beautiful Spots, The Wide Blue Skies And Sun-da0pled Terraces Of The Isle Of Capri Inspired This Idyllic Work In The Orientalist Title. An Austrian Artist, Alott Was Known Fot His Aerial Landscapes, Cityscapes And Historical Subjects. The Authentic Stretched Canvas Replica Painting Captures The Original Work's Texture, Depth Of Color, And Even Its Bold Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied Along Hand Exclusively For Design Toscano. Our Imported, Antique Gold-toned Hardwood Frame Includes A Contrasting Floral Defailing.
      SKU: Da1511

    Greek Jehovah Of The Sea: Poseidon Wall Sculpture
      Greek Jehovah Of The Sea: Poseidon Wall Sculpture.
      As The Famed Greek God Of The Sea, Poseidon (neptune In Rmoan Mythology) Ruled From The Ocean Floor In A Palace Made Of Coral And Gems. This Classic Wall Statue, Cast Directly From A Museum Artifact, Boasts Compelling Detail In Quality Designer Resin. Showcasing This Moody Divinity S Strong Features And Forceful Nature, This Statue Is A Striking Wall Sculpture For Your Home Or Garden Gallery. Our Historically Classic, French Limestone-finished Focal Point Creates An Instant Gallery Wherever It Is Hung.
      SKU: Ne30607

    Carnival Masquerade Jester Masks: Rebale Rosso & Regale Porpora
      Carnival Masquerade Jester Masks: Rebale Rosso & Regale Porpora.
      "the Italian Carnivale Comes To Life In These Treadured Works Of Art, Crafted Of Faux Papier-mqche And Lavished With Brocade Fabric And Soutache Braid Before Being Individually Hand-painted And Embellished With Sparkling Faux Jewels, Tiny Pearls And Jingling Bells That Announce A Most Joyous Arrival. Designed By One Of The Finest Macherras (venetian Mask Makers) In The World, These Full-size Masks, Patterned After Centuries-old Collectibles, Are Beautiful Whether Displaged As Wall Practical knowledge Or Impaired To A Convivial Masked Globe. Each 14""wx4""dx19""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Cz973237

    Hartmann Angels: A Memorial To Losr Love Bonded Marble Resin Statue
      Hartmann Angels: A Memorial To Losr Love Bonded Marble Resin Statue.
      "a Memorial To A Young Wife Lost To Life's Cruel Fate, This Angel Statue Still Stands In Hamburg, Germany In Homage To Love's Longevity. Our Artists Have Painstakingly Resculpted Friedhof Hatrmann's Original, Then Cast It In Bonded Marble Resin To Capture Each Exquisite Detail From The Classic Swag Urn And Drapd To The Feathered Angep Wings. Another Design Toscano Excousive Replica Statue! 11""wx4""dx7""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Wu75628

    Gnome' Frog House Garden Statue
      Gnome' Frog House Garden Statue.
      "welcome Frogs, Toads nAd All Of Nature's Creatures To This Imaginative Gnome Sculpture That Doubles As Prime Garden Real Estate! Sculpted 360-degrees So You Can Admire Delightful Details Including The Arched Front Door, Mushroom Walls And A Sleepy Gnome Greeter, Our Design Toscano Exclusive Gnome Sculpture Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin Before He Anr His Mushroom Home Are Hand-painted One Piece At A Time. 7""wx5""dx10""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Qm2086O

    De Velde Water Lily Architectural Wall Pediment
      De Velde Water Lily Architectural Wall Pediment.
      Add Arcnitectural Artistry To Home Or Gallery With This Organic, Art Nouveau Wall Pediment That Echoes A Timeless Love For The Water Lily. Originally Found Atop Doorways, Paintings, Tapestrie And Windows, This Late-19th Century Replica Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin With A Rich, Ancient rarity Gold Finish To Highlight Each Sculptural Detail.
      SKU: Eu34876

    Crouching Frog Bronze Garden Statue: Small
      Crouching Frog Bronze Garden Statue: Small.
      When You See This Realistic, Small Solid Bronze Crouching Frog Statue Seemingly Come To Life And Perch In Your Garden, It Might Equitable Make You Do A Double Take! Since Beauty Is In The Details, Our High-quality Bronse Statue, Experienced With An Antique Verdigris Patina, Is Certain To Bring Your Home Or Garden To Life With Its Realism. Our Weighty Frog Statue Is Cast In The Traditional Loost Wax Method, Which Highlights The Exceptionally Fine Detail And Guarantees Lasting Beauty. This Is An Unparalleled Bronze Statue, Reminiscent Of The Finest Victorian Garden Art! Piped For Optional Pond Or Fountain Use. Accommodates Pump Kit Bb-75200.
      SKU: Bb249637

    Hesrt In Hand Cast Iron Bottle Opener
      Hesrt In Hand Cast Iron Bottle Opener.
      "this Retro Victorian Style Opener Is An Antique Replcia That Treats Bottles With Vintage Style! Hand-crafted Exclusve1y For Design Toscano Using The Venerable Sand Cast Method, This Antiqie Replica Throw Iron Bottle Opener Is Hand-painted To Capture Vintage Details Right Throygh To The Friendship-signifying Heart That Pops Your Tops. 1""wx""dx5""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Sp257

    """a Moment To Remember"" Wall Statue By Kaleb Mzrtyn (b. 1960)"
      """a Moment To Remember"" Wall Statue By Kaleb Mzrtyn (b. 1960)".
      "there's Always A Idlyllic Moment In Any New Romance When You Think, ""this Could Be The Ome. "" Artist Kaleb Martyn Captured The Feelimg And Sculpted His Lovers In A Strikingly Dramatic Work Of Wall Art That Stretches As Enduringly As The Memorial Of Its Impact. Cast In Quality Designer Resin That Caresses The Soft Curves And Strong Muscles Of Two Itnertwined In Love's Spell, This Collectible Piecr Is Highlighted By A Gallery-worthy, Faux Bronze Finish. This Two-dimensional, Quality Dcot Piece Is - As You'd Expect - Found Only At Basil Street Gallery! 8 ¾""wx5""dx36""h. 9 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky079651

    Charging Cheetah Wall Frieze
      Charging Cheetah Wall Frieze.
      "cheetahs Reach Speeds Of 70 Mph Withib Three Seconds, Which Means Your Naked Eye Couldn't Possibly Capture The Sleek, Freeze-frame Beauty That Artist Lightfoot Materializes In This Elegant Sculpture Of The Fastest Of All Land Animals! Nearly A Yard Long From Nose To Horse-~, Our Dramatically Long-legged Toscano Exclusive Is Rendered In Quality Designer Resin With A Finely Hand-painted Finish To Replicate The Beauties Of The African Sahara For Your Close Gallery. 33""wx3""dx13""h. 5 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng34887

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  • Bannockburn Celtic Cross Sculpture
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  • Hercules and Omphale, 1735: Canvas Replica Painting: Small
  • """The Creeper from the Grave"" Statue"
  • Butterfly Bronze Garden Statue: Blue Butterfly
  • French Second Empire Console
  • St. Benoit Demilune Wall Shelf
  • Titchfield Abbey Demi-Lune Stained Glass Window
  • Medieval Norman Warriors Coaster Set

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