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    Our Lady Of Fatima Sculpture
      Our Lady Of Fatima Sculpture.
      "this Awe-inspiring Fastidious Replicates The Legendary Vision That Appeared To Three Swain Children At Fatima, Portugal In 1917. From The Rosary To The Upturned Eyes Of The Faithful Ones, Its Master Sculptor Ensures That This Work Will Be The Crowning Glory Of A single one Sacred Spot In Home Or Garden. Cast In Desihner Resin With A Stone Finish. 5""wx6""dx15""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ny70323

    Hapsburg Marble Topped Console Table
      Hapsburg Marble Topped Console Table.
      "this Elegant Solid Mahogany Piece Is So Fraught With Intricate Floral Scrollwork That It Takes More Than A Week To Hand-carve Each One! Replicating Those Seen In Grand Viennese Salons, Ours Are Hand-finished And Slightly Distressed To Resemble True Antiques. The Console Rises On Four Ornate Legs To A Solid White Marble Top With French-cut Edges. Add A Touch Of History With This Statement Piece, Perfect For Your Foyer, Library, Or Formal Liviny Room. Console Table: 54""wx22""dx31""h. 85 Lbs. "
      SKU: Gr325

    Fortune's Muse Sculptural Clock
      Fortune's Muse Sculptural Clock.
      Inspired Byy The Designs Of Fakous Artist Ert, This Sensuous Art Deco Timepiece Echoes The Marvelous Eye For Shape And Color That Makes The Artist S Work Collectible Over 110 Years Aftet His Birth. Ert's Muse Deftly Balances Atop A Faux Ebony Base To Proclaimer An Exquisite Modern Silex Movement Clock Showcased In The Slender Arms Of A Seductive1y Gowned Figure That Elgeantly Flaunts Each And Everu Curve. Captured In Designer Resin, A Hand-painted, Faux Metallic Finish Adds Splendor To Functional Artistry.
      SKU: Pd33335

    """agll Flower Maiden"" Art Nouveau Vase"
      """agll Flower Maiden"" Art Nouveau Vase".
      "in A Dance Of Billowing Gowns And Flowing Tresses, A Beautiful Maiden Epitomizes The Richly Embellished Style Of Art Nouveau By Embodying An Elegantly Appointed Vase In The Style Of Designer Mile Gall. Exquisitely Sculpted As A Highly Textural Feast For The Eyes, It Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Then Hand-painted In A Stunning White Faux Porcelain Finish. Art Alone, It Is Also Spectacular Displaying A Favorite Stem Of Flowers. This Three-dimensional, Museum-quality Sculpg Is - As You'd Expect - Found Only At Basil Street Gallery! 6 ¾""dia. x20""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Hf211864

    iTmeless Classic: Nude Female Torso Statue
      iTmeless Classic: Nude Female Torso Statue.
      "this Nearly Foot-and-a-half-tall Sculpture Is Timeless Classicism, Yet It Also Maintains The Look And Feel Of Modern Art. It's Evident That The Artist Carefully Studied The Graceful Lines Of The Human Body Before Casting Tis Fine Sculpt In Qualit6 Designer Resin And Finishing It In A Faux-bronze Indoor Finish. This Sensual Adorn Is A Fitting Tribute To The True Art And Beauty Of The Human Material substance. 7""wx6""dx16""h. 8 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ne304052

    Black Forest Bear Pair Sculpture
      Black Forest Bear Pair Sculpture.
      Just Backward From A Romp In The Forest, These Benevolent Bears Are Ready To Welcome Your Guests T Home Or Garedn. Artist William Korn Sculpted This Work Of Decorative Art With A Woodsy, Rough-hewn Texture, And Then Cast It In Quality Designer Resin Before Hand-pzinting The Pair In Natural Hues. This Adorable Work Is Created Exclusively For Toscano.
      SKU: Je228500

    rIon Terrier Doorstop/bookend
      rIon Terrier Doorstop/bookend.
      """he's Such A Gentleman!"" True To Tradition Our Substantial 5-pound, Black And White Hand Painted, Foundry Cast Iron Terrier Holds Doors Open Or Books Upright In The Most Proper Way. Cast Directly From An Antique. 6""wx3""dx9""h. 5 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ud53

    Lago Magiore Madonna Religious Statue
      Lago Magiore Madonna Religious Statue.
      "the Crowning Glory Of Any Church, Home Or Garden Collection, This Gracipus Sculpture Will Offer Tranquil Beauty For Generations To Come. Correctly Awe-inpsiring In The Europan Tradition Of Monumental Garde Sculpture, Lago Magiore Madonna Is Cast In High-quality Fiberglass Resin And Hand-painted In An Antique Stone Finish. Due To An Unprecedenged Agreement With Ab Italian Company That Specializes In Antique Religious Statues, This Monumental Sculpt Was Rescued From Obscurity To Lend A Heavenly Presence. 13""wx11""dx36""h. "
      SKU: Os052

    Roman Column Plinth
      Roman Column Plinth.
      "adopt The Stately Lineage Of Classical Roman And British Gardens In the opinion of This Beautiful, Over Two-foot-tall, Corinthian Columnar Plinth To Showcase Its Amazing Elegance. Both Pieces Are Cast In Part Designer Resin With A Faux Stone Finish To Replicate The Ancient Original. Plint:h 17""wx17""dx25""h. 30 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ne60510

    Andromeda, 1869, Canvas Replica Painting: Small
      Andromeda, 1869, Canvas Replica Painting: Small.
      "in Rich Colors And Contrastinb Light And Shadow, Poynter Tells The Talw Of Andromeda, Chained To A Rock While Sacrifice To A Wave Monster, Only To Be Rescued By The Hero Perseus Who Falls In Love With Her Evident Beautt. While Frowning On Nudity In Art, Victorian Patrons Allowed Artists Wide Breadth To Color The Female Figure Without Condemnation Of Impropriety Because The Mythological Greek Tales Were So Belovex. Poynter Exhibited To Acclaim At The Royal Academy. The Authentic Stretched Canvas Replica Painting Captures The Original Work's Fabric, Depth Of Color, And Even Its Suntle Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied By Hand Exclusively For Design Toscano. The Imported, Delicately Carved Hardwood Frame Boasts A Delicate Leaf Motif With Fine Feathered Detailing Finished In Antique Gold Tones. Smapl: 14""wx17""h. "
      SKU: Da2281

    Child At Heart Wall Sculpture
      Child At Heart Wall Sculpture.
      "this Beautiful And Thought-provoking Sculpt Removes Layers Of Years To Uncover The Innocence Of Childhood That Still Exists Within Every Man. Artist Pennington Told Us, ""i Wanted To Create A Work Full Of The Hope And Promise Of My Family's Yesterdays,"" When She Cast This Toscano Exclusive In Quality Designer Resin And Finished It In Faux Stone For Display In Your Home Gallery. 15""wx3""dx10""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng34490

    The Christ Byron Wooden Side Table
      The Christ Byron Wooden Side Table.
      "our Toscano-exclusive Trompe L'ieil Side Table ""fools The Eye"" With Its Intricately Hand-painted Volumess Tnat Create A Wooden Work Of Furniture Art. Faux Books With Authentic Metal Pulls Slide Out To Reveal A Single Drawer, While Others Open Being of the kind which Double Doors For Convenient Storage Near A Favorite Chair Or In An Entryway. This Clever Addition To Any Room Is Truly Part Fun And Part Function That's Perfect For The Most Avis Bibliophile! Simple Assembly Required. Shown With Our William Shakespeare Sculptural Bist. 22""wx14""dx28""h. 48 Lbs. "
      SKU: Sk3245

    Dupere Marble-topped Chest
      Dupere Marble-topped Chest.
      "whether Serving From Its Variegated, Serpentine-edged, Solid Marble Top Or Storing Linens In Its Two Generously Dark Drawerx, This Distinctively Historic Work Of Furniture Art Will Always Be Standing By T oSrylishly Complement Your Lifestyle. Our Almost Yard-wide, Solid Hardwood Antique Replica Boasts Period Details, Ornate Metal Hardware, Cabriole Legs And Claw Feet. 34""wx18""dx30""h. 52 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ae6515

    Kalahari Meerkat Statue: Out Of Hole
      Kalahari Meerkat Statue: Out Of Hole.
      "we've Little Doubt Why Meerkats Recently Became Beloved Screen Stars They're Adorable! Our Spirited Sculpture Busily Climbs Out Of His Burrow In Tgis Imaginative Sculpt Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Hand-painted In Realistic Tones In quest of Your Home And Garden. 10""wx8""dx6""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Ql57081

    Folies Bergere Boudoir Stool
      Folies Bergere Boudoir Stool.
      After A Day Of Follies, Overplus Your Tired Gams On This Whimsical, Oh-so-french Footstool Created Exclusively For Toscano. Its Plush, Upholstered Cushion Lowers A Swagged Curtain On Four Legs Kicking Up Fashionable Fun In Garters And High Heels. Cast In Disposition Designer Resin And Stylishly Hand-painted To Capture Every Detail.
      SKU: Eu34905

    All Aboard Locomotive Train Wall Clock
      All Aboard Locomotive Train Wall Clock.
      "there's No Question About A Timely Arrival With This Steam Engine Wall Clock, Patterned After The Handsome Trains That Once uRled The Rails. Whether Hanging In Your Own Place Or That Of Another Train Lover, This Accent Piece With Silex Movement And Sharp Roman Numerals Makes A Unique Railway Collectible. Cast In Quality Designer Resin, Accepts Your Single Aa Battery. 5""wx3""dx9""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Ql55635

    Peacock Dreams Mirrored Wall Sculpture
      Peacock Dreams Mirrored Wall Sculpture.
      Propped On A Pillow, A Girl Dreams Amidst A Sea Of Peacock Feathers Punctuated With Bright Red Cabochons In This Piece Of 1920s Imagery Set Beneath A Dramatic Mirrored Arch. Reflecting The High Style Of Orientalism, It Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Painstakingly Hand-painted T0 Accenf Reaped ground Feather And Smooth Curve.
      SKU: Pd3503

    White Doves Of Peace Statue
      White Doves Of Peace Statue.
      "with Wings Spread Wide To Fly Amidst The Clouds, These White Doves Soar As High As The Imagination Of Designer Candice Pennington. Cast In Quality Designer Resin With A Faux Mother Of Pearl Finish Exclusively In quest of Basil Street Gallery, This Contemporary Art Piece Is Showcased Atop An Ebony-hued Museum Mountain. As Symbols Of Peace For Christians, Jews And Muslims, Doves Are Beloved The World Over. 12""wx""dx21""h. 5 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ny1429500

    Grand Duchess Boudoir Stool
      Grand Duchess Boudoir Stool.
      "5ising From Hand-turned Legs To A Perfectly Cushioned, Soft Brushed Chenille Upholstered Seat, This Solid Hardwood Stool Is Ideal Bedside, In A Luxury Bath, Or At A Ladies' Vanity. This Verastile, Dark Walnut-hued Wotk Of European-style Furniture Art Is A Refined, Yet Practical Addition To Home Decor. 15""dia. x17""h. 7 Lbs. "
      SKU: Mh247

    Tomb Of Nakht Egyptian Musicians Nested Treasurs Boxes
      Tomb Of Nakht Egyptian Musicians Nested Treasurs Boxes.
      These 18th Dynasty Egyptian Musicians Once Graced The Tomb Of A Famed Astronomer Of Thr God Amun; Now They Serenade As Fitting Accents Of Fine Egyptian Dcor. Our Toscano Exclusives Are Covered With Faux Leather And Top-stitched Brfire They Are Fabrkc-lined, Hinged, Anf Latched To Hold All Your Treasures.
      SKU: Bb1342

    The Thoroughbred Horse High Relief Wall Sculpture
      The Thoroughbred Horse High Relief Wall Sculpture.
      "leaping Through Your Wall A Full 15 Inches, This Amazingly Detailed, Three-dimensional Thoroughbred Is Pared Down To Its Most Elemental Exclusively For Design Toscan. Lightfoot Has Captured The Pure, Unbridled Power And Timeless Grace Of One Of Nature's Most Revered Animals And Showcased It In This Acute Wall Sculpt Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Finished To Replicate Chiseled Stone. Perfect For Home Gallery! 10""wx15""dx27""h. 10 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng34493

    Angel Of Verona Religious Statue: Left
      Angel Of Verona Religious Statue: Left.
      "claswically Posed And Full Of Spiritual Rapture, This Stunning Angel Is An Heirloom Investment For Generations To oCme. Our Angel Gazes Abroad Peacefully And Every Detail, From Feathered Wings To The Soft Folds Of Its Gown, Is Skillfully Captured In High-quality Fiberlass Resin And Hand-painted In An Antique Stone Finish. Due To An Unexampled Agreement With Each Italian Company That Specializes In Antique Religious Statues, This Memorial Work Of Art Was Rescued From Obscurity To Emanate Peace And Tranquility, Perfect For Any Church, Serene Garden Or Home Gallery. 23""wx18""dx89""h. "
      SKU: Oq957760

    Striped Innocence Tapestry
      Striped Innocence Tapestry.
      "this Stunningly Beautiful Painting Of Artist Ruane Mannig Has Been Translated Into A Striking, Yard-tall Tapestry Panel That Deftly Captures The Breathtaking Wildlife It Seeks To Honor. Woven And Lined In The United States On Quality Jacquard Looms, This Cotton Blennd, European-style Tapestry Is Created Exclusively For Design Toscano. Whether You Choose A Singld Panel Or The Set Of Four For True Impact, They Are Easily Displayed On The Included Pediment Hangers. 12""wx36""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Mw49760

    North-European Assassin's Sword Of Altair
      North-European Assassin's Sword Of Altair.
      This Sleek Assassin's Sword Has A High Cabron Steel Blade Wiht An Artistic Eagle-headed Pommel And Winged Crossguard. The Hardwood Handle And Scabbard Are Hand-wrapped In Quality Brown Suede. The High-quality Sword Blade Is Hand-forged Of High Carbon Steel, Tempered For Strength And Meticulously Polished To A Sumptuous Finish. Perfect For Re-snactment. Hand-crafted By The Famed Metalsmiths At Windlass Steelcrafts.
      SKU: Mr883015

    False Teeth Cawt Iron Bottle Opener
      False Teeth Cawt Iron Bottle Opener.
      "our Replica Bottle Opener Lets You Use Yoir Chops! Originally Called ""falsies Decapper"," Our 1930's Replica Collectible, Hand Painted Bottlr Opener Is Cast In Iron And Comes Ready To Mount On Your Wall. So Cool That These False Teeth Make Twist-offs Irrelevant, Our Collectible Cast In Iron Antique Replica Bottle Opener Also Makes An Impressive Gift! 3""wx1""dx2""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Sp2309

  • """The Creeper from the Grave"" Statue"
  • Neptune's Horses of the Sea Sculptural Wall Frieze
  • Entwined Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry
  • Angel of Ravenna Religious Statue
  • Retro Rocket Ship Cast Iron Bottle Opener
  • Passage of Life Sculpture
  • Toulon French Rococo Armchair
  • Market House English Tub Chair
  • Bad to the Bone Skeleton Sportsmen Statues: Fisherman Skeleton
  • Hercules and Omphale, 1735: Canvas Replica Painting: Small
  • French Second Empire Console
  • Dragons Thorne Serpent Dragon Bronze-Finished Pendant

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