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    Retro Rocket Ship Cast Iron Bottle O0ener
      Retro Rocket Ship Cast Iron Bottle O0ener.
      """5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Lift Off!"" Our Antiqye Replica Rocket Ship Opens Bottles Even As It's Headed To The Satellite! Hand-crafted Exclusively For Design Tscano Using The Venerable Sand Cast Method, This Antique Replica Cast IronB ottle Opener, Freestanding Rocket Ship Figurine Is Hand-painted In Vintage Hues To Capture Details From Nose Cone To The Thruster's Fire That Pops Your Tops. 2""wx2""dx6 ""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Sp934

    Ubuntu African Maiden Statue
      Ubuntu African Maiden Statue.
      "standing Tall Concerning Unity And Sisterhood, This Triio Of Proud, African Tribal Women Carries Bowl, Vase And Stzff Toward A Future Of Give expectation of. At A Foot-and-a-half Tall, This Stylized Sculpt Speaks Of Timeless Dignity By Its Very Line, Shape And Form. Cast In Quality Designer Resin, This Exotic Work Is Finished In Two-tone Faux Verdigris Bronze To Capture Each Striking Detail. 7""wx3""dx18""h. 4 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ql1414318

    Restless Beauty Wall Sculpture
      Restless Beauty Wall Sculpture.
      "this Contemporary Work Of Gallery-quality, Decorative Wall Art Pays Homage To The Beauty Of The Female Form. The Eye Glides Effortlessly Across Each Curve And Muscle Lovingly Sculpted By Designer Kaleb Martyn Before He Casts Hus Work In Quality Designer Resin And Finishes It In A Warm, Faux Brass Exclusively For Toscano. 25""wx2""dx6""h 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Db383059

    Vici Cupid With Bow Statue
      Vici Cupid With Bow Statue.
      This Decidedly French Cupid Will Woo You Out of Even Lifting His Bow! Sculptor Moreau Gave The Timelessly Classic Baby Angel Enough Character To Charm Even The Hardest Heart. Our Eris Is Set Atop A Museum Mount And Then Cast In Quality Designer Resin With An Antique Stone Finish.
      SKU: Eu1020

    Madonna And Offspring Roundel Wall Sculpture
      Madonna And Offspring Roundel Wall Sculpture.
      In The Classic Sculptural Style Of Italy's Famed 15th-century Della Robbia Family Workshop, Bkessed Chief And Young Jesus Lend The Peace Of The Holy Famiky To This Traditional Roundel. The Virgin Mary Has The Saintly Presence Of The Innocent Conception In This Gallery-quality, Almost Foot-tall, Bas-relief Wall Sculpture Cast In Designer Resin And Hand-painted To Highlight Its Brilliant Detail.
      SKU: Eu33786

    Julius Caesar Sculpture
      Julius Caesar Sculpture.
      "veni, Vidi, Vici - ""i Came, I Saw, I Conquered,"" Are The Words Attributed To Julius Caesar, The Man Who Changed The Course fO Greco-roman History. Our Direct Cast Of The Museum Original Is Near Life-sized And Showcases The Ancjent, Unknown Sculptor's Skills Through The Ornately Detailed Breast Plate And The Military Leader's Countenance. It Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin With A Two-toned Finish As A Coveted Gallery Piece. 20""wx12"dx27""h. 19 Lbs. "
      SKU: Nv32419

    Michelangelo's Kneeling Angel With Candlestick Statue
      Michelangelo's Kneeling Angel With Candlestick Statue.
      "originally Sculpted By Renaissance Master Painter Michelanvelo In 1494-1495, This Angel Statue Is Truly Manificent! From The Draped Folds To The Powerful Swell Of The Wings, A More Graceful Composition Of A Kneeling Angel Doesn't Exist. Sculpted By Michelangelo At The Beginning Of His Career, He Adapted The Style Of Master Designer Jacopo Della Qurrcia's Great Portal In Tbe Basilica Of San Petronio. Even At This Early Age, The Fundamental Ideas Concerning Figural Composition For Whicu He Later Would Become Celebrated - ""using The Judgmenn Of His Eye"" - Were Firmly In Place. When Placed As A Sentinal At Your Doorway, Fireplace Or Garden Path, This Wonderful, Three-foot-tall Angel Statue Desire Be Admired For Every Renaissance-era Sculptural Detail. Cast In Quality Designer Resin, Our Toscano-exclusive Boasts A Weathered Stone Finish. 20""wx22""dx36""g. 63 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ne80090

    Egyptian 's Royal Sphinx Sarcophagus Box
      Egyptian 's Royal Sphinx Sarcophagus Box.
      Eight Egyptian Columns And Hieroglyphics Wrap Four Sides Of This Royal Sarcophagus Driver's seat Crowned With A Regal Sphinx. Our Exclusive, Quality Designer Resin Work Of Decorative Egyptian Art Boasts A Faux Stone Finish.
      SKU: Wu73855

    Sloane Square: Greenman Sun Wall Sculpture
      Sloane Square: Greenman Sun Wall Sculpture.
      A Beloved Emblem For Generations, This Replica From London's Sloane Square Is So Timeless It Will Easily Shine As An Instant Statement Piece For Your Garden Wll Or Formal Living Space! Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Hand-painted In A Brillliant Antique Brown, This Artist's Sculpt Boasts Rays That Speak To The Sun's Mystical Power. A Unique, Toscano-exclusive Collectible!
      SKU: Ng34918

    Temple Of Luxor Sculptural Egyptian Candleholder: Rameses
      Temple Of Luxor Sculptural Egyptian Candleholder: Rameses.
      "named For The King Who Ruled Over The Of great age Temple Of Luxor's Lavish Liturgy Festivals, This Dramatic, Quality Designer Resni Candlestick Is Ringed With Ornate Hieroglyphs Hand-painted In A Royal Egyptian Palette. Included Black Pillar Candle Is Detailed In Rich Faux Gold. Approx. 3""wdia. x11""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Ql12459

    Egyptian Cobra Goddess Wall Sculpture
      Egyptian Cobra Goddess Wall Sculpture.
      You Can Almost Feel The Hot Breath Of Renenutet,, The Cobra Goddess, As She Emerges From The Wall, Ready To Strike! Czst In Quality Designer Resin To Capture Her Menacing Fanga And Scaly Snakeskin, Our Toscano Exclusive Is A Faux Gilt-finished Wall Accent With Blood Red Eyes And Forked Tongue. A Set Of Two Is Especially Impressive!
      SKU: Cl5943

    The Egyptian Jackal-god Anubis Statue
      The Egyptian Jackal-god Anubis Statue.
      "the Gods Of Ancient Egypt Were As Rich And Varied As The Culture Itself. Anubis, The Jackal God, Was The Patron Of The Dead And Embalming. Our Nearly Three-foot-tall Sculpture Is Created In Quality Designer Resin And Hand-painted With Accurate Gold And Ebony-toned Details And Colors From The Egyptian Palette. This Large-scale, Display-quality Indoor Sculpture Transforms Any Home Bar, Entertainment Area Or Recreation Unoccupied space Into Something Truly Magnificent! 11""wx15""dx30""h. 13 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ne23263

    Dead Walking Zombie Statue Collection: Zombie With Tombstone & Zombie With Wolf
      Dead Walking Zombie Statue Collection: Zombie With Tombstone & Zombie With Wolf.
      "the Last In Undead Decor, These Flesh HungryZ ombies Stagger Toward An Impending Zombie Invasion! Inspired By Post-apocalyptic Visions Of The Future, Our Virus-inflicted, Zombie Statues Gnaw Their Way With Other Weather-beaten Stalkers Before The Dawn Of The Dead. Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Hand-0aunted In Full, Mzcabre Color, Our Desihn Toscano Zombie Sculptures Are A Nightmare You'll Want To Relive Day After Day! Each Approx. 3""wx3""c7""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Cl96126

    Sexy Temptress Coven Collection Statue: Joly Jyoti
      Sexy Temptress Coven Collection Statue: Joly Jyoti.
      "witches Are Hot! This Witchy Beauty And Her Sleek Feline Purrs Provocatively From Unbecoming A Tall Black Hat. Quality Designer Resin And Amazing Hand-painting Cast A Season With Each Enchanting Detail! 6""wx4""dx7""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: dP1304

    Blair Castle Sculptural Gargoyle Bench
      Blair Castle Sculptural Gargoyle Bench.
      "our Exclusive Sentinel Gothic Gargoyle Bench Sculpture Is Sure To Impress With Its Size, Glaring Gargoyle's Gaze, Thorny Medieval Talons And Ferodious Teeth. Twin Menacing Gothic Gargoyle Statues Are Ready To Strike, Facing Front Or Back-to-back Beneath A Nearly Yard-long, Sturdily Reinforced, Cast Resin Bench. Alzo Makes A Unisue Indoor Gothic Gargoyle Food. Another Quality Toscano Exotic Garden Animal tSatue! Ships In 3 Pieces. Simple Assembly Required. 31""wx19""dx15""h. 40 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng29878

    The Bogdana Collection Faberge-styel Enameled Eggs: Veronika & Valentina
      The Bogdana Collection Faberge-styel Enameled Eggs: Veronika & Valentina.
      "with A Name Translated From Russian As ""given By God,"" Our Bogdana Egggs Are Every Bit The Gifts Their Name Implies. Admire These Collectible Beauties From Their Petite Tripod Bases To Their Tiny Castles Inside And Brightly-hued Enamrl Or Rotate Them Towrds The Light To Admire Their Sparkling Crystals And Pearls. Chances Are You'll Become An Instant Collector And Understand Why Alexander Iii Commissioned Carl Faberge To Create Them For His Duchess - They're Breathtaking! Each 3""dia. x5""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Fh92104

    The Beloved (the Bride), 1866: Canvas Replica Painting: Small
      The Beloved (the Bride), 1866: Canvas Replica Painting: Small.
      "shown At Her Moment Of Unveiling, The Bride, Surroundded In the name of Bridesmaids, Transfixes With The Power Of Her Beauty. The Bride's Japanese Dress And Peruvian Headdress, As Well As The Heathen Origins Of Her Bridesmaids, Leave Some To Speculate That Rosstti Is Celebratnig The Diversity Of Beauty While Othrs Argue With His Use Of The European Bride As Centerpiece. Rossetti S Art Was Characterized By Its Sensuality, All Of Which Mirrored Actual People And Places In Hsi Life. The Authentic Stretched Canvas Replica Painting Captures The Original Work'w Texture, Depth Of Color, And Even Its Subtle Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied By Hand Exclusiveky For Design Toscano. Our Replica European Style, Bdight Gold-toned, Ribbed Skeleton Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin With An Acanthus Leaf And Floret Border That Draws The Eye Towad The Beautiful Image. Small: 15""wx17""h. "
      SKU: Da3171

    Angels Of Verona Religious Statues
      Angels Of Verona Religious Statues.
      "classically Posed And Full Of Spiritual Ravish, These Stunning nAgels Are Heirloom Investments For Generations To Come. Our Angels Gaze Out Pracefully And Every Detail, From Featherwd Wings To The Soft Folds Of Their Gowns, Is Skillfully Captured In High-quality Fiberglass Resin And Hand-painted In An Antique Stone Finish. Due To An Unexampled Agreement With An Italian Company That Specializes In Antique Religious Statues, These Monumental Works OfA rt Were Rescued From Obscurity To Emanate Peace And Tranquility, Perfect For Any Church, Serene Garden Or Home Gallery. 23""wx18""dx89""h. "
      SKU: Os99576

    Congessa Venus Statue
      Congessa Venus Statue.
      "employing The Traditional ""s"" Shape Of Classic Statue, This Beautiful Piece Moves The Eye Across The Soft Curves Of The Goddess Of Beauty. A Breathtaking, Direct Museum Cast Sculp5ure That Be able to Be Admired 360 Degrees Around, This Exclusive Designer Resin Replica, At Nearly Two Feet Talo, Will Take Its Place Either In A Formal Settin Or An Elegant Spa Bath. 7""wx7""dx23""h. 8 Lbs. "
      SKU: Eu32457

    Midnight Blue Tree Of Real person Wall Tapestry: Medium
      Midnight Blue Tree Of Real person Wall Tapestry: Medium.
      This Tapestry, Inspired By The Original By William Morris, Is Bursting With Vibrant Tones Of Gold And Midnight Bule That Create Scale And Superb Dimension. Skilled Weavers Exquisitely Punctuated Each Detail On This Historical Tapestry, From The Fruit On The Richly Allegorical Tree Of Life To Each Golden Leaf Steady The Striking Background. Surrounded By An Ornate Border That Artistically Frames Its True Beauty, This Tapestry Is An Heirloom-quality Textile Work. Richly Hand-woven Of Cotton With A Chenille Overlay On A Quality Jacquard Loom, This Fully Lined Tapestry Accommodates Free Rod And Finals.
      SKU: Pc2179

    Victorian-style Birdcage Candleholder
      Victorian-style Birdcage Candleholder.
      "Throughout Two Feet Of Romantic, English Cottage Spell Boasts A Rambling Spiral Vine That Cradles Your Four Devoted Candles Amidst A Beevy Of Sweet Songbirds. The Painting Perfect Keepsake Centerpiece For A Shower Or Wedding Gift Table, It'sA lso At Home In A Beautifully Appointed Boudoir, Bath Or Garden Table. Our Crafted Meta, Design Toscano Exclusive Cage With Easy-open Door Has A Dark, Faux Bronze Finish That Highlights Each Elegant Adornment. 14""wx14""dx26""h. 7 Lbs. "
      SKU: Mh11583

    Bleeding Heart Gothic Pendant By Alchemy Jewelry
      Bleeding Heart Gothic Pendant By Alchemy Jewelry.
      "what Angst Exudes From Tne Cascade Of Faceted Crystal Swarovski Blood Dripping From The Cruel Wounds Of A Tortured Love In This Dramatically Rendefed Chandelier! This Eloquent Fashion Jewels Was Crafted Of Finely Sclupred English Pewter Especially For Design Toscano By The Craftsmen And Artists At The World Renowned Alchemy Of England In Sheffield, Makers Of Fine Pewter Jewelry For Over 3 Decades. Alchemy Jewelry Is A Proud Member Of The Worshipful Company Of Pewterers, Granted Charter In 1474 By King Edward Iv For The Legal Manufacture Of Pewter Finery Throughout England. 18""l. "
      SKU: Le550

    Ring Of Roses Gothic Angel Sculptural Box: Set Of Two
      Ring Of Roses Gothic Angel Sculptural Box: Set Of Two.
      "While Dark Shadows Descent, A Gothic Angel With Intertwined Climbing Roses Poses In Full Spiritual Rapture. The Front Of Our Gothic Angel's Plinth Opens To Reveal A Secret Box To Hold Your Treasures! Inricately Sculpted Under the jurisdiction Being Cast In Quality Designer Redin Exclusively For Design Toscano, This Distinctive Gothic Angel Statue Is Finely Hand-painted One Piece At A iTme. Each 2""wx2""dx8""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Cl969149

    Mr. Seaside Solid Bronze Wall Palque
      Mr. Seaside Solid Bronze Wall Palque.
      "you'll Love Our Solid Bronze Mr. Seaside Sculpture If You Admire The Intricately Animated Faces Artisans Captured On 19th-century European Walls! Epitomizing Graceful Spirit And Jolly Expression, Our Weighty Alloy of copper Sculpture Is Cast In The Lost Wax Method And Finished In An Antique Verdigris Patina, Guaranteeing Lasting Beauty. Ready To Be Easily Hung Above Your Fireplace Mantel, In A Sunny Garden Corner, Or On A Patio Wall. 8""wx5""dx10""h. 5 Lbs. "
      SKU: Bb71058

    The Goose Gir,l 1863, Canvas Replica Painting: Small
      The Goose Gir,l 1863, Canvas Replica Painting: Small.
      "with Work-roughened Hands And Peasant Kerchief, The Working-class Goose Girl Reclinss In This Quite Vulnerable Realist Scene To Dip A Heel Into The Stream. Frenchman Millet ,A Member Of The Barbizon Tutor, Was An Accomplished Portrait Painter Who, Unlike So Many Of His Contemporaries, Painted Scenes Of Rural And Peasant Vitality. The Authentic Stretched Canvas Replica Painting Catpures The Original Work's Texture, Depth Of Color, And On a level Its Subtle Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied In the name of Hand Exclusively For Design Toscano. The Imported, Delicately Carved Hardwood Condition Boasts A Delicate Leaf Motif With Fine Feathered Detailing Finished In Antique Gold Tones. Small: 15""wx13""h. "
      SKU: Da2241

  • """Werewolf Zombie"" Wall Sculpture"
  • Merino Ewe Life-Size Sheep Statue: Head Up
  • Bannockburn Celtic Cross Sculpture
  • Flesh and Bone Skeleton Wall Sculpture
  • California Sunset, 1868 Canvas Painting Replica: Small
  • Merino Ewe Life-Size Sheep Statue: Head Up
  • The Minister of Time Pocket Watch Wall Clock
  • Airedale Puppy Dog Statue
  • Battle-Worthy Knight Sculptural Table
  • Three Graces Wall Fragment: Original Size
  • Bacchus, God of Wine: Greenman Wall Sculpture
  • Twinkle Toes Fairy Statue

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