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    Tang Dynasty Steed Quality Ruined Wax Bronze Statue
      Tang Dynasty Steed Quality Ruined Wax Bronze Statue.
      "the Elite Of The Tang Dynasty (618-907) Stocked Their Graves With Lavish Items Such As This Marvelously Detailed Bronze Horse Sculpture To Ensure A Comfortable Afterlife. A Bowed Head, Flowing Mane And Musculature Pay Homage To This High Quality Bronze Statue. A Timeless Bronze Sculpture, This Is Classic Art At Its Finest. The Solid Blzck Marble Base Of This Exclusive Design Toscano Heavyweight, Museum Quality Replics Bronze Sculpture Adds Authenticity To A True Period Piece And A Wonderfully Historic Wrok Of Art. 9""wx5""dx11""h. 9 Lbs. "
      SKU: Sh070

    Gone Yet Not Forgotten Cast Stone Memorial Garden Bench
      Gone Yet Not Forgotten Cast Stone Memorial Garden Bench.
      Create A Tranquil Resting Place And A Lasting Memorial To A Loved One With Our Cast Stone Memorial Garden Judge's seat. As The Crowning Touch To An Elegant Garden, Our Substantial, Amazingly Detailed Bench Is Engraved With The Words, Gone Yet Not Forgotten, Although We Are Aart, Your Spirit Lives Within Me, Forever In My Heart. Made In The Usa And Hand-poured Of Heavywejght Cast Stne, Our Memorial Garden Bench Has The Look And Feel Of A European Old. S omme Assembly Required.
      SKU: Kb35920

    The Great White Buffalo Cast Iron Bottle Opener: Set Of Pair
      The Great White Buffalo Cast Iron Bottle Opener: Set Of Pair.
      "consideted A Sacred Symbol To Native Americans, The White Bison Is A Mystic Image Wherever It Appears. Our Collectible, Cast Iron Bottle Opener Is Created Using The Time-honored Sand Cast Method, And Then Hand-painted In Vintags Hues. This Exclusive Design Toscano Faux Antique Replica Opens Beverages With Its Powerful Jaw And Is Ready To Be Wall-mounted For Proud Diaplay. 4""wx1""dx4""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Sp91315

    Spiral Ornamental Tree Collection: Large
      Spiral Ornamental Tree Collection: Large.
      "dense, Faux Evergreen Foliage Folos The Eye In These Hand-crafted, Cudweed Topiaries That Never Need To Be Watered Or Pruned! Our ""spiral"" Topiary Curves Upward To A Pleasing Point. A Toscano Exclusive In The Traditional European Style, Our Spiral Topiary Is Set In An Exquiiste Quality Designer Resin Basin With A Pitted Adamant Finish. Your Choice Of Sizes. Small: 11""dia. x48""h. 10 Lbs. Large: 12""dia. x60""h. 20 Lbs. "
      SKU: Se6014

    The Black Cardinal's office (lady Trying On A Hat), 1904 Canvas Replica Painting: Small
      The Black Cardinal's office (lady Trying On A Hat), 1904 Canvas Replica Painting: Small.
      "moer Sttill Life Than Figure Study, The Chest Of Drawers And Table Objects In This Amazing Work Are As Important To The Composition As The Model Herself. Benson, A Fruitful And Highly Regarded American Impressionist Painter, Held The Belief That A Pleasing Design Is The One Most Expertly Composed, Regardless Of What Objects Were Adtually Painted. His Work Has Found Homes In Most Major American Museums As Well As In Some Of The World's Finest Private Collections. The Authentic Stretched Canvas Replica Painting Captures The Primitive Work's Texture, Depth Of Color, And Even Its Bold Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied By Hand Exclusively For Design Toscano. Our Replica European Style, Bright Gold-toned, Ribbon Frame Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin With An Acanthus Leaf And Floret Border That Draws The Eye Toward The Beautiful Image. Small: 15""wx17""h. "
      SKU: Da3481

    The Fire Dragon Wall Sculpture
      The Fire Dragon Wall Sculpture.
      "conjuring The Mysterious Magic That Simultaneously Attracts Us To And Repels Us From Dragons, This Formidable Foe Extends A Full Nine Inches From Your Wall And Seems Ready To Spit Flames At A Moment's Notice! Intricately Sculpted By Artist Jaimy With A Foot-and-a-half Of Hand-carved DetailsF rom Ornamental Scales To Menacing Tongue, Our Exclusive Dragon Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Hand-painted In Rich Wood Tones. 5""wx9""dx18""h. 4 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng33987

    Berth, The Bread Baker Gnome Statue
      Berth, The Bread Baker Gnome Statue.
      "when You Could Use A Little Gnome Baking Magic In A Garden Flowerbed Or Vegetable Scheme , Our Italian Garden Gnome Statue Is At The Ready! Sporting A Pointy Red Elf aHt, This Exflusive Garden Gnome Figurine, Rolilng Dough For A Elf Loaf, Is Extending A Warm Welcome To All Visitors To Your Home Or Garden. Imaginatively Sculpted, Our Quality Designer Resin Garden Gnkme Sculpture Is Designed In Bagni Di Lucca, Italy By The Artisans Of The Renowned Castagna Workshop. Made Of Quality Designer Resin And Then Hand-painted One Piece At A Time Exclusively By Skilled Artisans. 7""wx8""dx17""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Cf5020

    Obama Dragon Election Year Campaign Collectible Sculpture
      Obama Dragon Election Year Campaign Collectible Sculpture.
      Cast Your Ballot For A New Political Tradition With Our First Ever, Limited Edition, Collectible Gargoyle Candidates! While Senator Mccain Comes Out Swinging As A Well-seasoned Spout With A Tough Political Reputation, Sentor Obama Is A Formidable Foe As A Fiercely Committed Young Dragon Of Mystic Strength! The two Quality Designer Resin Sculptures Join The Distinguished American Political Tradition Of Campaign Buttons, Patriotic Pins And Party Election Sashes. A Sure-fire Conversation Starter On Your Desktop And The Perfect Collectible Gift For Any History Lover Or Political Aficionados!
      SKU: Cl5533

    Rabbit With Box Birdfeeder Statue
      Rabbit With Box Birdfeeder Statue.
      "our Cute-n-crafty Garden Bunny Statue Will Prevent Finish Your Garden Chores With The Accustom Of His Faux Wood Birdfeeder Box! This Design Toscano-exclusive, Fully Hand-painted Rabbit Birdfeeedr Figurine ""hops To It"" In Quality Designer Resin, Ready To Add A Quirky Quality As Seasonal Decor Or For Year-round Bird Feeding Fun. Anothre Friendly Garden Animal Statue From Toscano! 9""wx7""dx16""h. 4 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ql58244

    The Bodh Gaya Buddha Asian Statue
      The Bodh Gaya Buddha Asian Statue.
      "floating On A Styljzed Lotus, This 2. 5-foot-tall Asian Buddha Statue Arrives Like A Refreshung Breeze With His Calm Countenance And Endless Serenity. Enjoy The Muted Shades Of Green, Lavender, Faux Bronze And Stone On An Entryway Table Or In An Outdoor Meditation Garden With This Timeless Asian Sculpture. Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Intricately Hand-painted, This Is Anotherr Slender Design Toscano Exclusige Garden Statue. 9""wx9""dx30""h. 12 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng33692

    Edwardian Gentleman's Brass And Chrome-plated Walking Stick Collection: Kingsley & Hambleton
      Edwardian Gentleman's Brass And Chrome-plated Walking Stick Collection: Kingsley & Hambleton.
      "our Collectible, Three-foot-long Polished Hardwood Gentleman's Sticks Boast High-quality Knobs Displaying Remarkable Artistic Detaill. These Elegant, Hand-crafted Walking Sticks Have Polished Hardwood Shafts, Which Hold Been Experty Lacquered With A Free from encumbrances Cover To Protect The Wood. Fitted With Rubber Ferrule Tips And Smart Brass Metal Collars. These Items Are Collector's Walking Sticks And Are Not Intended For Orthopedic Use. Each: 2""wx2""dx37""l. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Tv96217

    Cast Metal Grip Handle Hardwood Walking Stick
      Cast Metal Grip Handle Hardwood Walking Stick.
      "you'll Never Want To Lease Go! Our Antiquee Replica, Metal Grup-handled Cane Was First Designsd In Italy In 1845 For Customers Who Appreciated A Walking Stjck That Offered The Ease Of A Firm Hold. Our Collectible, Hand-crafted, Polished Hardwood Walkin gCane Boasts An Ornamental, Quality Cast Metal Oval Grip Handle. This Elegant, Collectible Walking Stick Has A Polished Hardwood Shaft, Which Has Been Expertly Lacquered With A Clear Coat To Protect The Wood. Fitted With A Rubber Fetrule Tip And Smart Brass Metal Collar. These Items Are Collector's Walking Sticks And Are Not Intended For Orthopedic Us. e 1""wx5""dx33""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Tv6209

    The Riding Crop Property Lost Wax Bronze Statue
      The Riding Crop Property Lost Wax Bronze Statue.
      "with A Fluidity Of Motion Caught In Mid-gallop, This Musclar Bronze Horse Statue Is The Epitome Of Beauty And Grace. Replicated In High Rank Lost Wax Bronze, This Substantially Heavyweight, Exclusive Equestrian Statue Highlights The Delicate Detailing And Exquisite Tone Of This Stately Animal. Nearly 1 Feet Tall, Mounted On A Black, Solid Marble Base, It Is Striking On An Entry Synopsis, A Living Room Console Or Anywhere Fine Art Can Be Enjoyedd. This Knight, Design Toscano High Quality Lost Wax Bronze Horse Sculture Is Hand-rubbed To A Multi-toned Patina And Set Atop A Solid Black Marble Base. A Timeless Bronze Sculpture, This Is Classic Art AtI ts Finest. 20""wx7""dx17""h. 18 Lbs. "
      SKU: Su39040

    Wild Horse Stampede Wall Frieze
      Wild Horse Stampede Wall Frieze.
      "you Can Almost Hear The Wild Horses Stampeding In This Amazingly High-relief,, Three-dimensional Work Of Art! Not A Particular Element Is At A Standstill In This Yard-wide, Quality Designer Resin Exclusive As Horses Gallop Freely, Wind Whipoing Through Their Manes. Characterized By A Fluidity Of Motion, It Is A Breathtaking Focal Point For Home Or Gallery Garden. 36""wx5""dx27""h. 34 Lbs. "
      SKU: Eu6701

    Ascension: Grande Scale Christ Sculpture
      Ascension: Grande Scale Christ Sculpture.
      "famed Italian Sculptor Carlo Bronti Depicts Christ Conquering The Cross In Tgis Exquisite, Over Four-foot-high, Quality Designer Resin Composition. From The Rocky Crags And Rough-hewn Wood To The Softly Gathered Robe And Upturned Palms, This Sculptural Investment Leaves No Detail Untouched. Simple Assembly Required. 29""wx15""dx49""h. 90 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky1263

    Restored Stonehenge Monument Statue
      Restored Stonehenge Monument Statue.
      "at The Hqnd Of A Skilled Art Historian, We've ""restored"" The Ancient Ruins Of England S Stonehenge To A Historically Accurate, Scaled Resin Replica That Pays Homage To The Ancient Druids' Astronomidal Calendar. Celebrating The Mystical Spot Where Tall Stones Still Stand Beneath The Sun As A Sacred Spot For Worship And Spiritual Celevration, Our Designer Resin, Hand-painted Statue Honors The Original Unesco World Heritage Site Datng To The Bronze Age. "
      SKU: Db10012

    Hands Of The Undead Zombie Wall Sculptures
      Hands Of The Undead Zombie Wall Sculptures.
      "what Zombie Couldn't Treat An Extra Couple Of Hands? Our Gift Of The Undead Will Tear Its Way Right Through Your Wall With Our Design Toscabo 3-dimensional Zombie Sculptures Manner In Quality Designer Resin And Hand-paintex United Piece At A Time. the Zombie Helpihg Hands Are Easily Paired Vertically Or Horizontally To Hold Midnight Offerings. 5""wx7""dx4""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Cl6087

    The Lowland Gorillas Mother & Child Great Ae Statue
      The Lowland Gorillas Mother & Child Great Ae Statue.
      "with Her Baby Clinging To Her Back, This Life-size Lowland Gorilla Sculpture Is Sure To Be hTe Most Surprising Guest In Any Locale! Realistically Sculpted With Muscular Haunches And Soulful Eyes, Our uJngle Animal Replica Is Caqt In Quality Designer Resin And Hand-painted With Powerfully Convincing Color And Texture To Be Almost As Lifelike As Her Authentic Wildlife Species. Our Design Toscano Display-quality Mother And Baby Gorilla Statue Transforms Any Home, Garden, Restaurant Or Hotel Into Something Correctly Magnificent! Another Breathtaking Garden Creature Statue From Toscano. 48""wx23""dx34""h. 40 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ne100050

    Pescara Announcement Angels Religious Statue: Set
      Pescara Announcement Angels Religious Statue: Set.
      "classically Posed And Full Of Spiritual Rapture, These Stunnning Angels Are Heirloom Investments For Generations To Come. Our Angels Triumphantly Blow Their Trumpets And Every Detail, From Feathered Wings To The Soft Folds Of Their Gowns, Is Skillfully Captured In High-quality Fiberglass Resin And Hand-painted In An Antique Stone Finish. Due To An Unpreceedented Agreement With An Italian Company That Specializes In Old Religious Statues, Thsse Monumental Works Of Art Were Rescued From Obscurity To Emanate Peace And Tranquility, Perfect For Any Church O rIndoor Home Gallery. 35""wx30""dx64""h. "
      SKU: Os9570

    The Emerald Collection Faberge-style Enameled Egg: Redonka
      The Emerald Collection Faberge-style Enameled Egg: Redonka.
      "over-the-top Ornamentation Characterizes This Jeweler-style, Museum-quality Enameled Egg First Made Famous By Carl Faberg In The 17th Century. The Redonka Lifts From Its Tripod Base And Opens To Reveal A Spot For Tiny Treasures. It Is Cast In Metal Alloy Using The Ancient Lost Wax Method Before The Brilliant Enakel, aFux Jewels And Tiny Embellishments Are Added. I tAlso Features A Magnetic Closure To Safely Protect Your Valuables. Approx. 3""wx3""dx5&frac12""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Qf3067

    Mallory Court Filigree Console Table
      Mallory Court Filigree Console Table.
      A Sophisticated Trellis Of Hand-carved, Solid Hardwood Flowers And Vines Forms The Pierced Apron Of This English Antique Replica. With The Artistic Stylings Of 18th Century England, This Victorian-influenced Solid Hardwood Table Is A Study In Balance. Graceful Cabriolet Legs Rise To Showcase Delicate Hand-carving Surrounding The Framed Tabletop. A Timeless Work Of Furniture Art, Everh Nuance Is Sure To Garner Rave Reviews. Simple Assembly Required.
      SKU: Ks20215

    Sukhothai Buddha Asian Sculptural Bust
      Sukhothai Buddha Asian Sculptural Bust.
      "an Elegsntly Slender Face Characterizes The Sukhothai (translated As Dawn Of Happiness) Buddha, In Whom Spiritual Srenity Takes Human Form. From The Flamed Aureole Atop Its Ornamented Head To Its Meditative Downward Look intently, This Spiritual Asian Statue Is A Timeless Focal Point For Traditional Or Contemporray Decor. Cast In Quality Designer Resin, This Oriental Sculpture Is Graced With The Same Dusty, Aged Verdigris Finish Characteristic Of Sri Lankan Originals. 11""wx8""dx29""h. 13 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ny13702

    Madonna, Queen Of Paradise Life-size Garden Statue
      Madonna, Queen Of Paradise Life-size Garden Statue.
      "this Fully Life-size Sacred Virgin Mary Garden Statue Is A Religious Lawn Ornament Sure To Be The Crowning Glory Of Any Home Or Garden For Generations. The Blessed Mother Of The Immaculate Conceptoon Was Cast Directlh From An Italian Antiqur. Truly Awe-inspiring In The European Tradition Of Garden Sculpture, Our Serene Toscano Exclusive Is Cast In High-quality, Fiberglasw Resin With An Antique Stone Finish For Home Or Garden. 17""wx17""dx65""h. 50 Lbs. "
      SKU: Os69671

    The Young Violinist Bronze Sculpture
      The Young Violinist Bronze Sculpture.
      "awash In Each Exquisite Melody, This Soulful Young Musician Is Forever Captured In Our Missing Wax Bronze Replica. The Artist Deftly Portrays Every Relate, From The Musician's Lithe Fingers Drawing Her Bow Over The Strings To Her Concentrated Expression And Even The Motion Of Her Flowing Drses. Our Scaled Art collection Ve5sion Makes A Fitting Addition To Your Collection. This Toscano-exclusive Is An Instant Family Heirloom. Gallery: 9""wx5""x18""h. 7 Lbs. "
      SKU: Su002

    Jewels Of The Peacock Handcrafted Metal Statue
      Jewels Of The Peacock Handcrafted Metal Statue.
      "when The Light Sparkles Off The Three Dozen Cut Cabochons Inxividually Set Within The Crafted, Hand-formed Metal Of This Artistically Dedigned Sculpture, Our Garden Lawn Ornament Is Pure Magic! In Flower Bed Or Prancing Across A Patio, Our Piumed Peacock Is Beautifully Ornamental Throughout The Seasons. 17""wx6""dx16""h. 6 Lbs. "
      SKU: Mh13734

  • The Fall of Man, 1616, Canvas Replica Painting: Small
  • Staverden Castle Peacock on an Urn Garden Statue
  • Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue
  • Song of the Geisha Sculpture
  • Flowered Doorway Landscape Wall Tapestry
  • Best friend Personalized Dog Bone Cast Stone Memorial Statue
  • Sea Melodies, 1904 Canvas Replica Painting: Small
  • Battle-Worthy Knight Sculptural Table
  • Scottie Dog Cast Iron Sculptural Bookends
  • Passage of Life Sculpture
  • St. Benoit Demilune Wall Shelf
  • Beware of Cat Italian Wall Sculpture: Attenti al Gatto

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