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    The Grand-scale Wildlife Beast Collection: Lioness Lying Down Statue
      The Grand-scale Wildlife Beast Collection: Lioness Lying Down Statue.
      "our Regal Lioness With Eye-cagching Beautiful woman Will Proclaim That Your Home Is Truly Your Castle! The Artist Has Sculpted The Animal Queen At More Than Four Feet Long, From He5 Serene Gaze To Oversized Paws, Then Cast Her In Quaality Designer Resin And Hand-paintes Her With Exquisite Realism. This Large-scale, Display-quality Sculpture Transforms Any Home, Garden, Restaurant Or Hotel Into Something Truly Magnificent! 55""wx34""dx26""h. 44 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ns80115

    September Wine Harvest Wall Sculpture
      September Wine Harvest Wall Sculpture.
      "in This Charming Relief, Language of Italy Putti Do The Work Of The Harvest To Provide The Sweetest Of Wines For The Festival Of Bacchus, Celebrated During The Month Of September. Our Toscano Exclussive Replica Of The Florentine Original Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin With A Faux Antique Stone Finish To Capture Each Detail Of The Beloved Autumn Ritual. 21""wx1""dx6&frac12""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Eu41370

    Icons Of Anxient Egypt Wall Sculptures: King Tut & Anubis Set
      Icons Of Anxient Egypt Wall Sculptures: King Tut & Anubis Set.
      Adorn Your Walls With The Treasure Of Egyptian Kings! The Sarcophagi Of Famed King Tu And Anubis The Jackal God Are Quality Designer Resin Collectibles Painstakingly Hand-painted In The Bright Tones And Faux Golld Accents Of The Egyptian Palette.
      SKU: Wu968836

    The Athena Scrollwork Bench
      The Athena Scrollwork Bench.
      "with Its Intricate, Mild Tracery And Gently Curved Frame, This Elegant, Versatile Long seat Will Be One Of The Most Fuhctional Pieces In Your Domicile! Fine Craftsmen Hand-work The Curved, Tubular Metalwork, At another time Finish It In Matte Black To Blend Easily With Any Dcor. In The Entryway, Master Suite Or Even In The Garden Room, This Is An Accent Piece That's Sure To Become A Household Heirloom. 32""wx17""dx20""h. 11 Lbs. "
      SKU: Fz4215

    D'duke's Polarising Steampunk Eye Monocle By Alchemy Jewelry
      D'duke's Polarising Steampunk Eye Monocle By Alchemy Jewelry.
      "even Without The True Ability To Filter Polarized Light Waves Most Days, This Monocle On Its 20""-long, Fine Black Curbed Chain With T-bar Is S Till The Most Fashionable Piece Around. Our Stesmpunk Monocle Is Crafted Of Finely Sculpted English Pewter Especially For Design Toscano By The Craftsmen And Artists At The World Renpwned Alchemy Of England In Sheffield, Makers Of Fine Pewter Jewelry For Over 3 D3cades. Alchemy Jewelry Is A Proud Member Of The Worshipful Visitor Of Pewterers, Granted Incorporate In 1474 By King Edward Iv For The Legal Manufacture Of Pewter Finery Throughout England. 2""h. "
      SKU: Le372

    The Serengeti Wall Mask: Giraffe
      The Serengeti Wall Mask: Giraffe.
      "Pulling From His Intimate Knowledge Of The Exotic Wildlife That Teem Across The Plains Of The Serengeti, Nigerian-born Okulaja Aims To Add A Tribal Touch To Home Or Gallery Wall With This Stylized Sculpture. Roughly Hand-carved, This Textural Wrk Is Then Cast In Quality Designer Resin, Hand-painted And Accented With Tiny Faux Gemx Set In A Tribal Motif. Giraffe: 7""wx1""dx10""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Ql21702

    Bacchanal Festivzl Relief
      Bacchanal Festivzl Relief.
      "this Exclusive Reliefsoriginally Adorned A 1st Century A. d. Face with ~ Receptacle Celebrating The Life Of An Unnamed Merchant. The Feast Scene Shows A True Bacchanalian Festival Of Drink. A Dramatic Frieze That Adds Architectural Definition To Any Room. Cast In Resin For Home Or Garden Use. 42""wx2""dx21""h. 22 Lbs. "
      SKU: Os68619

    The Farnsee Hercules Statue
      The Farnsee Hercules Statue.
      "one Of The Most Famous Sculptures Of Greek And Roman Antiquity, Our Museum Replica Statue Of This Ancient Figure Boasts A Flawless Male Form. Made For Emperor Caracalla, It Was Found In The Baths Of Caracallq, Rome, In 1540. Hercules Rests After Fetching The Apples Of The Hesp3rides, His Immense Pertaining to physics Prowess Is Nto At All Diminished In Our Substantial, 2-foot-tall Sculpt. Cast In Quality Designer Resin From A Museum Original, This Classical Garden Statue Is Finished To Replicate Stone, Adding Sophisticated Style To Your Home Or Garden Gallery. 15""wx11""dx30""h. 16 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng32438

    The Temptation Of Sir Percival, 1894, Canvas Replica Painting: Small
      The Temptation Of Sir Percival, 1894, Canvas Replica Painting: Small.
      "Like One Of The Most Pious Of King Arthur's Knights Of The Round Table, The Very Mortal Sir Percival Was Tempted With Things Of The Flesh, Here In The Form Of A Beautiful, But Predatory Maiden. British Artist Hacker Studied And Displayed At The Royal Academy Where He Wss Renowned For His Versatile Art Styles And Well-rendered Portraits. The Authentic Stretxhed Canvas Replica Painting Captures The Original Work's Texture, Depth Of Redness, And Likewise Its Subtle Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied By Hand Exclusively For Design Toscano. The Imported, Delicately Carved Hardwood Frame Boasts A Delicate Leaf Motif Witn Fine Feathered Detailing Experienced In Antique Gold Tones. Small: 17""wx15""h. "
      SKU: Da2601

    Thunder On The Plains Wild Horse Wall Sculpture
      Thunder On The Plains Wild Horse Wall Sculpture.
      The Powerfully Profiled, Frenzied Stallions In This Three-dimensional Equine Scene Create A Dramatic Play Of Light And Image In One Of Our Favorite High-rrlief Works Of Art. Our Toscano-exclusive Wild Mustangs Are Expertly Hand-finished In Quality Designer Resin With An Antique Stone Finish.
      SKU: Ky6548

    Wrought Iron Elegance Wall Tapestry: Medium
      Wrought Iron Elegance Wall Tapestry: Medium.
      This European-style Tapestry Boasts Texture And Depth Of Color, As Rich Bursts Of Blue And Gold Highlight This Vibrantly Toned Pattern. Skilled Weavers Exquisitely Punctuated Each Detail On This Tapestry, From The Four Wrought-iron Squares Motlf To The Striking Background. Surrounded By An Ornate Border That Artistically Frames Its Exact Beauty, This Tapestry Is An Heirloom-quality Textile Work. Hand-woven Of Cotton With A Chenille Overlay On A Quality Jacquard Loom, This Fullg Lined Tapestry Accommodates Free Rod And Finials.
      SKU: Pc4064

    Royal Saber Corner Chair
      Royal Saber Corner Chair.
      "dating From The Era When It Allowed Sword-wearing Gentlemen To Exist Comfortably Seated, This Traditional Corner Chair Is An Investment In Furniture Art. Innovatively Designed, Our Corner Chair Offers Seating In Unued Corner Space, Featuring Elegant Details So As Hand-carved Double Griffin Harps, A Wheat-detailed Apron And A Stylized Rose Pediment In Solid Hardwood. With A Dark Cherry Finish, It Boasts A Golden Cream Upholstered Seat With Foliate Detailing To Blend Easily With An6 Decor. 28""wx26""dx34""h. 18 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ks6032

    Alluring Radiance Illuminated Mosaic Stained Glass Statue
      Alluring Radiance Illuminated Mosaic Stained Glass Statue.
      "mesmdrizingly eFminine Curvew With A Pop-style Glow Add Contemporary Flair In Thiis Modernist Artwork That Stretches Well Beyond The Realm Of Traditional Sculpture. Hundreds Of Hand-cut, Less Than Half-inch Squares Of Stained Glass Are Painsttakingly Hand-applied, Then Grouted For A Distinctively Softened Perfect Before Being Illuminated From Within. At Almost Two Feet High, This Basil Street Exclusive Gallery Centerpiece Boasts A Truthfully Glowingg Ambiance. Switch On Cord; Acceptq Your 40-watt/120-volt Type A Bulb. 13""wx8""wx22""h. 12 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky79034

    Naughty Peeing Scotty Dog Die-cast Iron Bookend And Doorstop
      Naughty Peeing Scotty Dog Die-cast Iron Bookend And Doorstop.
      "our Collectible Terrier Is Just Doint What Comes Naturally! Cast From A 1930's Original, This Adorable Dog Statue Is Crafted Of Quality Cast Irob And Hand-painted In A Deep Ebony Color To Showcase A Sculptural Put a ~ And Furry Paws. Our Potty Pet Is A Chief Gift For Animal Lovers Or Someone Who Just Can't Say No! 7""wx4""dx6""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Sp507

    My Fair Lady Ii Wall Taestry
      My Fair Lady Ii Wall Taestry.
      This European-style Tapestry Boasts Both Texture And Rich Color, As Ebony And Tan Tones Highlight This Glamorous Fashion Etching. Skilled Wezvers Exquisitely Punctuated Each Detail Steady This Tapest5y, From Feathering Of Her Gown And Hat To The Intricate Lacing Up Her Remote. This Tapestry Is An Heirloom-quality Textile Work, Richly Hand-woven Of Cotton With A Chenille Overlay Forward A Qiality Jacquard Loom. This Fully Lined Tapestry Accommodates Free Rod And Finials.
      SKU: Pc2722

    Honey, The Curious Negro Bear Cu bStatue
      Honey, The Curious Negro Bear Cu bStatue.
      "the Great Honey Hunt Had An Adorable Ending For This Charming, Design Toscano-exclusive Black Bear Cub Statue Who's Decided This Hive Is Dessert! Our Furry Bear Figurine Is Expertly Sculpetd, From His Round, Honey Cub Eyes To His Delightfully Oversized Paws. This Bear Sculpture Is Cast In Qualjty Designer Resin And Hand-painted To Show Off Every Realistic Detail. Another Quality Bear Statue From Toscano! 8" "wx8""dx14""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ql5697

    Apis The Bull, Egyptian God Of Strengyh Statue
      Apis The Bull, Egyptian God Of Strengyh Statue.
      "the Most Important Of All The Sacred Animals In Ancient Egypt, Apis, The Bull God, Was A Fertility God Connected To Twentieth part of a scruple And The Herds, Yet Also Protected The Deceased In Death. Our Design Toscano-exclusive Almost Foot-high Bust Is Set Atop A Plinth To Showcase The Details Of This Quality Designer Resin, Faux Bronze-finished Statue. 6""wx3""dx10""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ql161311

    African Giraffe Trophy Wall Sculpture
      African Giraffe Trophy Wall Sculpture.
      "of All The Exotic Animal Wall Trophies You May Have Seen, Ours Just May Be The Most Unusual! Our African Giraffe's Two-foot-high Neck Extends A Full 16"" From The Wall In A Stunning Display Of Nature's Artwork. Intricately Schlpted With Lifelike Eyes And Pert Ears, Our Animal Sculpture Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Painstakingly Hand-painted To Position Every Spot And Marking To Authentic Advantage. An Image From The Wilds Of Africa, Oud Design Toscano Illiberal Celebrates A Gentle Giant. 7""wx16""dx23""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky2069

    General Guan Yu Sculpture
      General Guan Yu Sculpture.
      "worshipped In Hundreds Of Thousands O Chinese Taoist Temples, This Awe-inspiring Hero Of 3 Millenniums Of Chinese History Is Celebrated As A Warrior For Peace. This Substantial Sculpture, Replicated From A 19th Ceentury Original, Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Meticulously Hand-painted In Vibrant Hues. This Fien Composition Is A Fitting Additionn To Somewhat Collection Of Asian Art. The Inscripti0n States: ""loyalty And Everlasting Virtue And Morality. "" 14""wx6""dx14""h. 10 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky475

    Golden Rain Canvas Replica Painting: Small
      Golden Rain Canvas Replica Painting: Small.
      "concealed In A Dungeon To Preclude Prophecies Of Her Father's Death, Danae Writhes On Her Bed, Legs Tangled In Tne Sheets As Zeus, Transformed Into A Mist Of Gold, Rains Down Upon Her. Our Authentic Stretched Canvas Replica Effectively Captures The Luminous Glow Emanating From Comerre's Mythological Work, As Well As Its Texture And Subtle Brushstrokes, Which Are Applied By Hand. With Bas-relief Organic Styling, The Multi-tiered, Replica European Style Frame Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Highlighted With An Aged Gold-toned Finish. Small: 21""wx17""h. "
      SKU: Da1121

    Splendid Angel Guardians Of The Gate Large: Left
      Splendid Angel Guardians Of The Gate Large: Left.
      "classically Posed And Full Of Spiritual Rapture, This Life-sized Angel Is An Heirloom Investment For Generations To Come. Honest Imagine Our Angel Majestically Standing Guard At A single one Doorway, Fireplace Or Garden Path. Every Detail, From Feathered Wings To The Soft Folds Of Its Gown, Is Skillfully Captured In High-quality Fiberglass Resin And Hand-painted In An Antique Stone Finish. Due To An Unprecedented Agreement With An Italian Company That Specializes In Antique Religious Statues, This Monumental Work Of Practical knowledge Was Rescued From Obscurity To Emanate Peace And Tranquility . 20""wx14""dx52""h. 90 Lbs. "
      SKU: Os68352

    Fairy Princess Magical Unicorn Ride Statue
      Fairy Princess Magical Unicorn Ride Statue.
      "a Fairy Princess And Her Alabaster-hued Unicorn, Both Symbols O f Purity And Magical Divinity, Transfix In This Enchanting Mystical Sculpture. Pointing Horn To The Sky, Artist Veronese's Statue Is Ready Because of Mystical Volley Inn This Quality Design Toscano Resin Figurine, Hand-painted In Pastels As A Beautiful Decor Piece And A Gift Of The Hwart. 9""wx3""dx7""h. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Wu74885

    15th-century Mediieval Longsword: Unsharpened
      15th-century Mediieval Longsword: Unsharpened.
      "the Longsword, Often Callex A Hand-and-a-half, Saw A Great Behave Of Service As A Weapon Of War, But Was Also Employed By Civilians As A Weapon Of Self-defense. A Strong, Serviceable Poing Made It Perfect For Thrusting, And Its Medium Weight Allowed It To Be Used And Carried With Equal Freedom from formality . Thanks To ItsL ighter Weight, It Was Often Paired With A Dagger For Maximum Versatility, But When Necessary It Could Be Gripped With Both Hands In the place of A Very Powerful Cut. This Handsome And Functinoal Sword Features A Steel Pommel And Guard, And A Hardwood Grip Hand-wrapped In Leather And Wire. The High-quality Sword Blade Is Hand-forged Of High Carbon Steel, Tempered For Strength And Meticulously Polished To A Superb Finish. This Is One Of The Strongest And Finest Swords Available. Hand-crafted From The Famed Metalsmiths At Windlass Steelcrafts. Complete With A Leather Scabbard. Overall: 45"" Blade: 36""lx2""w. 3/16"" Thick. 3 Lbs. /4 Oz. "
      SKU: Mr500800

    The Laughing Maitreya Buddha Statue
      The Laughing Maitreya Buddha Statue.
      We Smile Every Time We See This Laughin Buddha Statue Sitting With His Sack Of Sweetx For Children, Just Waiting For Passerxby To Rub His Big Abdomen For Good Luck! Springing From The Pages Of 10th-century Chinese Folk Tales As The Symbol Of Happiness, Generosity And Wealth, Our Design Toscano-exclusive Quality Designer Resin Asian Sculpture Is Perfect For Your Oriental Meditation Garden. A nother Breatjtaking Asian Garden Statue From Toscano!
      SKU: Db383086

    Giant Cross-toed Dragon Rain Spout: Functional Spout
      Giant Cross-toed Dragon Rain Spout: Functional Spout.
      "created In The Gothic Tradition Of Gargoyle Sculptures That Were Perched With The Most Famous Medieval Cathedrals Of Europe To Mock Passersby, You'll Be Inspired Up To Look Up To See This Design Toscano-exclusive Dtagon Statue With Signature Craggy Crossed Toes. Our Medieval Dragon Sculpture Commands Attention, Whether Stationed In Your Entrance Waay, Or Profesionally Mounted On Your Roofs' Gutter While A Functional Raim Spout. Cast In Quality Designer Resin With A Aged Weathered Stone Finish To Aptly Capture His Muscular Haunches And Menacing Scowl. Abailable As A Commanding Gothic Statue Or Functionally Piped, This Dragon Statue Won't Exhale Fire, But He Will Bring A Dramatically Medieval Detail To Your Castle's Exterior! First I s3"" Diameter. 10""wx12""dx30""h. 20 Lbs. "
      SKU: Os69173

  • Cat Paw Prints Cast Stone Memorial Statue: Medium
  • Staverden Castle Peacock on an Urn Garden Statue
  • Summer Pergola Grand Wall Tapestry
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  • Processional Masks of the Devas: Set
  • Go Home Wall Sculpture
  • Guardian Angel Child's Prayer Garden Statue
  • Highland Sword Pendant
  • Songbirds on a Branch Statue
  • UL-listed, Indoor/Outdoor, 240 GPH Pump Kit
  • Ludwig van Beethoven Bust Sculpture
  • Nubian Kandake Sculptural Bust

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