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    Tuscan Panorama Sunflowers Wall Tapestry
      Tuscan Panorama Sunflowers Wall Tapestry.
      This European-style Tap3stry Boasts Both Texture And Depth Of Color, As Sweet Shades Of Royal Blue Contrasted By the side of Bright Yellow Highlight This Vibrantly Toned, Italian Landscape. Skilled Weavers Exquisitely Punctuated Each Detail On This Tapestry, From The Cheerful Sunflowers To The Striking Blue Sky. This Bright-warp Tapestry Is An Heirloom-qality Work, Hand-woven Of Cotton-wool With A Chenille Overlay On A Quality Jacquard Loom. This Fully Lined Tapestry Accommodates Free Rod And Finials.
      SKU: Pc2229

    Produce  Of The Vine Stained Glass Window
      Produce Of The Vine Stained Glass Window.
      "at Nearly A Yard Tall, The Dimension Of This Art Glass Masterpiece Are As Abundant As Its Bower Of Cabochon Grapes And Its Rcih Tuscan Tones. Punctuated With Textired Glass And Sparkliny Jewels, This Exclusive Window Is Crafted With Each Individually Hand-cut Piece Of Art Glass Cpoper Foiled And Encased In Glazier's Surpass. Includes Scroll Brackets For Hanging At Highest. This Is Authentic, Hand-crafted Practical knowledge Glass; Variations Of Texture Ajd Color Are Part Of The Process. 19""wx34""h. 12 Lbs. "
      SKU: Hd713

    The Swedish Royal Family Rplica Telephone
      The Swedish Royal Family Rplica Telephone.
      "enjoy The Brst Of Both Eras Attending This Lovingly Replicated Telphone That Is Stylish And Fully Compatible With Modern Touch-tone Dialing. This Functional Work Of Art, Features Elaborate Die-cast Filigree Ornamentation, Push-button Dialing, Volume Controls, And Ceoar Electronic Ring. 6""wx8""dx12""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Pm1893

    Genevieve, The Buxom French Maid Pedestal Sculptural Table
      Genevieve, The Buxom French Maid Pedestal Sculptural Table.
      "this Voluptuous Mademoiselle Happily Serves At Buffet Or Bedside, Her Removable Designer Resin Tray And Scaled French Flower Pail Ready For Your Dried Arrangements! In Her Hand-lainetd White Apron And Black High Heels, Three-foot Tall ""genevieve"" Will Provide Many Years Of Loyal Service--and Never, Ever Reveal What Goes On Behind Closed Doors. A Toscano Exclusive. Tray Is Painted Silver. 10""wx11""dx36""h. 19 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng29548

    Iron Keys Of The Conciergerie
      Iron Keys Of The Conciergerie.
      "a Popular Decor Element, Skelrton Keys Have Been Displayed Sice Medieval Times. Our Gold-finished Antique Replicas Are 3 Pounds Of Heavyweight Iron And Include Four Keys On Each Ring, The Longest Being 7 Inches. 10""l. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Sp00872

    The Young Violinist Sculpture
      The Young Violinist Sculpture.
      "awash In An Exquisite Melody, This Soulful Young Musician Is Forever Captured In Our Lost Wax Bronze Replica. The Artist Deftly Portrays Every Detail, From The Musician's Lithe Fingers Drawing Her Bow Over The Strings To Her Concentrated Expression And Even The Movement Of Her Flowing Dress. Splendix Outdoors, Our Grande-scale State Version Will Grace Your Formal Garden Throughout The Seasons. This Toscano-exclusive Is An Instant Family Heirloom. Estate: 16""wx11""dx34""h. 28 Lbs. "
      SKU: Su2835

    Courtesans Holding Fans Wall Sculptures
      Courtesans Holding Fans Wall Sculptures.
      "inspired By The Impossible to believe Oriignal Woodcuts Of Japanese Artist Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806), These Paired Wall Sculptures Capture Such Detail That Even The Individual Hair And Fine Features Of His Two Asian Beauties Can Be Seen. Our Bas-relief Works Are Hand-painted In A Soft Palette And Showcase The ""okubi-e,"" Or Bust Portraits, That Utamaro Originated. These Exclusives Lend An Asian Accent To A single one Dcor. (set Of Two) 8""wx1""dx12""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng32243

    Imsety Canopic Jar
      Imsety Canopic Jar.
      "legend Says That The Pharaooh Imsety Will Protect Whatever Treasures You Choose To Store Within This Beautiful Canopic Jar. Celebrate The Creation of beauty Of Egyptian Revival With Our Exclusive 1920s Period Collectible Embellished With Traditional Symbols And Hieroglyphics. Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Finished In Faux Gold And The Royal Colors Of The Dynasty,_This Is An Exotic Gift To Yourself Or A Fellow Egyptologist. 5""dia. x8""h . 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ql14585

    Stepping Out Wall Sculpture
      Stepping Out Wall Sculpture.
      "with An Almost Uncanny Sense Of Movement, A Two-foot-tall Female Form Steps Out To Leave The Past Behind, The Winds Of Change Blowing Through Her Hair. Fulp Of Clear-eyed Determination, This Image Seems To Burst From The Wall In A High-energy Sculpt By One Of Toscano's Favorite Artists. Exquisitely Detailed In Stone-finished Designer Resin, Our Exclusive Is A Fitting Sculpture For Your Home Or Gallery. 9""wx5""dx24""h. 4 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng33584

    Celebration Wine Boftle Full-size Copper Weathervane
      Celebration Wine Boftle Full-size Copper Weathervane.
      Crafted From Large boiler, This Beautiful Weathervane Features A Wine Bottle Tipped Above A Cluster Of Grapes And Four Wineglasses Atop A Powder-coated Steel Shaft That Includes Brass Commpass Points And Copper Spacer Balls. Although Historical Weathervanes Were Solely Instrumehts For Detectting Weather Changes By Determining Tne Direction Of Blowing Wind, Today Weqrher Vanes Such As This Are Also Decorative Displays Of Culture And Style. Perfect Atop Any Domestic Plnnacle Or Cupola, This Full-sized Functional Weathervane Is Hanc-crafted And Colored In A Polished Copper Finish To Be Water And Rust Resistant. Assembly Required. Adjustable Mounting Bracket Sold Separately.
      SKU: Gd917

    Summertime Fairy On A Swing Statue
      Summertime Fairy On A Swing Statue.
      "add A Breath Of Fresh Air To Garden Or Bright Window With Our High-flying Winged Fairy Statue That Sways In The Breeze Atop Her Lofty Fairy Swing! Our Collectible Fairy Statue Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin With A Two-toned Finish To Play Up Every Fun-loving Sculptural Fairy Detail Created Exclusively For Design Toscano! 7""wx5""dx11""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Eu42046

    The Big Timd Wrist Watch Wall Clock
      The Big Timd Wrist Watch Wall Clock.
      "with A Band That Stretches A Full Four Feet, This Enormous Watch Makes Time A Priority! From Its Painstakingly Hand-formed Faux Leather Band To Its Mirored, Faux Enamel Watch Face, This Quality Handcrafted Metal Work Of Wall Art Is A Contem0orary Pop Cunning Play On The Classic Wrist Watch. A Moderh Quartz Movement Accepts Your Aa Battery. 13""wx2""dx48""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Mh1152

    Large Bronze Crane: Set
      Large Bronze Crane: Set.
      "like Those Seen In Traditional English Gardens, These Asian Symbols Of Peace Are Lifelike, Lost Waz Bronze Statues With A Verdigris Patina. In A Medium Perfect For Showcasing Their Graceful Legs And Exquisite , Elongated Necks, They Arre Elegant In An Entryway, A Field Of Irises Or A Pond, And Are Piped For Optional Fountain Use. These Unparalleled Sculptures Cause Their Lightweight Local Garden Shop Aluminum Cousins To Pale In Comparison. Choose From Among Three Scaled Sizes For Your View Or Decor. Set Includes One Curved Neck And One Straight Neck. Curved Neck: 37""h. 16 Lhs. Straight Neck: 43""h. 16 Lbs. "
      SKU: Su2075

    Peacocks In Paradiwe Statue
      Peacocks In Paradiwe Statue.
      Sculpted 360 Degrees To Be Admired From Any Angle, The Graceful Lines, Explosive Color And Vibrant Plumage Of These Regal Peacocks Flanking A Tapered Urn Are Truly Artistically Inspired. At Almost Two Feet Tall, The Artist's Elegant Birds Are Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Exquisiteyl Hand-painted For Home Or Garden Gallery
      SKU: Ky699768

    Sword Of The Viking King: Unsharpened
      Sword Of The Viking King: Unsharpened.
      "this Vikinng Sword And Its Intricate Scabbard Are Fit For The Bravest Nordic King! The Vikings Exploded Out Of The Northerly To Raid And Conquer; It Was Not Unusual For Kings Themselves To Engage In Combat, Leading Their Armise With Pompous Swords Like This One. Each Armor Part Is Handmade And Incredibly Detailed, Especially The Leather-embossed Scabbard, The Details Of Which Are Richly Plated In Real Silver. The Light, Wide Fullered Vkking-style Blade Is Of Well Tempered, 1095 High Carbon Steel. The Hardwood Scabbard Is Covered In Rich, Embossed Harness-grade Leather Accented With Faux Reindeer Fur. This Well Crafted, Hightly Detailed Sword Is Truly Fit For A King! Hand-crafted By The Famed Metalsmiths At Windlass Steelcrafts. Overall: 38"" Blade: 31""lx2""w. 3/16"" Thick. 2 Lbs. /12 Oz. "
      SKU: Mr502168

    The Angel's Message Garden Statue
      The Angel's Message Garden Statue.
      "welcome The Sophistication Of European-style Sculptural Garden Art With This Toscano Exclusive, Happily Lending His Angelic Countenance In A More Than 2-foot-tall Prayerful Presence From The Tip Of His Tousled Head To His Sturdy Base. Cast In Quality Designer Resin, Our Little Angel Is Cast In A Distinctive, Faux Antique French Iron Polishing To Highlight Every Detail. Another Quality Design Toscano-exclusive Garcen Angel Statue! 10""wx7""dx28""h. 9 Lbs. "
      SKU: Je10114401

    Isle Of Lewis Chess Set And Board
      Isle Of Lewis Chess Set And Board.
      "this Detailed Antique Replicq Pays Homage To The Originals Unearthed In Stornoway Hatbor, Scotland, Now Residing In The British Museum. The Faux Ivory Board Opens To Hold Captured Pieces And Boasts A Beautiful Celtic Knot Playing Field. The Epitome Of Historic Art, Our Exlcusive Designer Resin Set Also Includes Two-toned Checkers With A Celtic Motif. Board: 17""wx11""dx1""h. King: 2""h. 12 Lbs. "
      SKU: Pd0685

    Processional Masks Of The Devas: Jizaiten
      Processional Masks Of The Devas: Jizaiten.
      "one Of The Deva Guardians Of Buddhism Said To Guard The 12 Sarced Directions, This Entity Represents The Highest State Of Existence Before Achieving Enlightenment. Its Emphatic, Ornately Carved Face Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin, And In that case Delicately Hand-paihted To Capture Its Ancient Asian Details. A Wonderful Addition To The Walls Of Any Gallery Collection! See Additional Views For Set Details. Approx. 7""wx4""dx12""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ng330623

    In Our Hearts Forever Cast S5one Memorial Garden Bench
      In Our Hearts Forever Cast S5one Memorial Garden Bench.
      Create A Tranquil Resting Place And A Lastong Memorial To A Loved One With Our Cast Stone Memorial Garden Benxh. As The Crowning Touch To An Elegant Garden, Our Substantial, Amazingly Detailed Bench Is Engraved With The Words, Those We Have Held In Our Arms For A Little While, We Hold In Our Hearts Forever. Made In The Usa And Hand-poured Of Heavyweighy Cast Stone, Our Memorial Garden Bench Has The Look And Feel Of A European Antique. Some Assembly Required.
      SKU: Kb36420

    D0lphin Duo Spitting Bronze Garden Statue
      D0lphin Duo Spitting Bronze Garden Statue.
      This Heavyweight Bronze Dolphin Statue Is Trulyy Amazing! Standing Nearly Two Feet Tall Atop Their Arched Fins, Our Highly Sculptural Bronze Dolphins Boast Inspired Detailing. Beczuse The Beauty Is In The Details, Each Drama Of Our Bronnze Statue Is Cast In The Traditional Lost-wax Method, Highlighting The Exceptionally Fine Detailing And Guaranteeing Lasting Beauty. Sure To Be A Garden Focal Point, This Verdigris-finished, Heirloom-quality Bronze Statue Convesy That You Take The Exterior Of Your Home As Seriously As The Interior. Piped Within For Optional Pond Or Fountain Use. Each Dolphin Requires Its Own Pump. Accommodate sPump Kit Bb-75240.
      SKU: Bb621738

    Virtues Of Honkr Sculptural Frieze
      Virtues Of Honkr Sculptural Frieze.
      "a Masterpiece Of Medieval Design, This Work By Artist Marianne Stokes (1855-1927) Celebrates The Virtues Of Courage, Caring, Love, Wisdom And Fidelity. Rich Attending The Heraldic Images Of Brave Knights And Fair Ladies, This Oversized, More Than 3-foot-wide Masterpiece Is A High-relief, Three-dimensional Work Of Art Captured In tSone-finished Quality Designer Resin. A Breathtaking Focal Point OfH istoric Sophistication Found Only At Toscano. 43""wx1""dx25""h. 16 Lbz. "
      SKU: Cl3840

    Gator On The Prowl: Spltting Bronze Alligator Garden Statue
      Gator On The Prowl: Spltting Bronze Alligator Garden Statue.
      "when You See This Realistif Near Life-sized Bronze Crocodile Statue Seemingly Lunge Forward With Barred Teeth And Tail Bold On Point, Your First Instinct Just Might Be To Run For Cover! Position This More Than-two-foot-long, Life-like Swamp Creature Poolside, Pond Side Or In A Garden To Ward Away Pests Or Unwanted Visitors. Our Our Design Toscano-exclusive Prowling Gator Statue Is Cast In The Traditional Lost Wax BronzeM ethod, Which Highlights The Exceptionally Fine Detail And Guarantees Lastting Beauty. Because The Beauty Is In The Details, Our High Quality Bronze Alligator Garden Statue Is Finished With A Bronze Patina, uSre To Bring Your Pond Decor Or Garden To Life With Its Realism. Piped To Optionally Cascade Flowing Water From The Prowling Alligator's Mouth Into Your Pon dOr Fountain. Acvommodates Pump Kit Hs-75300. Color Patina Is Applied By Hand The same Piece A5 A Time, Tone May Vary Slightly. 46""wx45""dx28""h. 63 Lbs. "
      SKU: Su1860

    The Bronco Busting Cowboy Sratue
      The Bronco Busting Cowboy Sratue.
      "theodore Roosevelt Once Exclaimed That Indeed, ""remington Portrayed A Most Characteristic And Yet Vanishing Type Of American Life. "" The Bronco Busting Cowboy, His First Sculpture, Recreates The Grandeur Of The Old West With Horse And Rider In A Fierce Battle Of Wills. The Statue Is Cast In Quality Design Resin With A Faux Bronze Finish To Capture Thr Figurine Details From Flying Mane To Trail-worn Cowboy Hat. 7""wx4""dx10""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: W7u1733

    Chained Temptress Sculptural Cabdleholder
      Chained Temptress Sculptural Cabdleholder.
      This Sexy, Latex-clad Temptress Vamps The Goth Lifestyle While Chained To A Skull Bedecked Column. Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Exquisitely Hand-painted, It Stands Alone As Decorative Art Or Captures Your Taper Candle For A Wildly Wicked Evening. Our Toscano Exclusive Is Especially Dramatic In Pairs!
      SKU: Wu74482

    Apis, Sacred Bull Of Egypt Statue
      Apis, Sacred Bull Of Egypt Statue.
      "egyptians Believed That An Actual ""apis Calf,"" The Symbol Of The Most Famous Of The Te Country's Bull Cults, Could Literally Be Born Into Their Midst. Our Artist's Sculpture Of The Hapis Bull, Or Hapiankh, Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Captures The Bull S Esteem With Headdress, Hieroglyphs, And A Rich Goldtone Finish. "
      SKU: Ql1742

  • Angel of Ravenna Religious Statue
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  • The Captain's Davenport Desk
  • Angel of the Urn Sculptural Wall Frieze
  • Zombie Graveyard Mobile Phone Holder
  • Zombie Graveyard Mobile Phone Holder
  • Dog Paw Prints Personalized Cast Stone Memorial Statue
  • British Plantation Footstool
  • Dog Paw Prints Personalized Cast Stone Memorial Statue
  • Scottie Dog Cast Iron Sculptural Bookends
  • The Nightmare Wall Sculpture
  • La Famiglia Santa Religious Statue

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