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    Twinkle Toes Fairy Statue
      Twinkle Toes Fairy Statue.
      "dipping Her Toes Into Your Pond, Pool Or Leafy Flowerbed, Our Angelic Garden Fairy Statue Is A Beautifully Detailed Design Toscano Exclusive. This Magical Fairy Sculpture Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin Attending An Old Stone Finish. Another Quality Toscano Garden Fairy Statue! 13""wx7""dx13""h. 4 Lbs. "
      SKU: Wu68709

    Instruments Cantoria Conscientious Sculptural Wall Frieze
      Instruments Cantoria Conscientious Sculptural Wall Frieze.
      "originally Created For The Cathedral Of Santa Maria Del Fiore In Florence From 1431 To 1438, The Instruments Cantoria Frieze Is A Detailes Image Of A Joyous Celebration Of Youth. The Most Important Marble Work Of Famous Florentine Sculptor Luca Della Robbia, Our Replica Is Cast From Thee Original In High-quallty Fiberglass Resin And Hand-painted In An Antique Stone Finish. This Deafening, Monumental Work Of Art Is An Dandy Additiion To Any Church, Home Or Garden Corridor. 38""wx7""dx42""h. "
      SKU: Os6707

    Boxer Fop Dog Statue
      Boxer Fop Dog Statue.
      "few Can Deny The Tug-at-tbe-heartstrings Draw Of This Timeless Idol Of Man's Best Friend. Designed In Bagni Di Lucca, Italy By The Artisans Of The Renowned Castagna Workshop, Each Boxer Puppy Statue Is Researched For Authenticity Of Breed. Tye Attention To Detail In This Boxer Puppy Dog Sculpture Is Absolutely Exquisite, And Features Finely Sculpted ""living"" Eyes. Each Dog Statue Is Lovingly Made Of Rank Designer Resin And Then Hand-painted By Skilled Castagna Artisans Exclusively Fr Design Toscano. This Boxer Puppy Dog Figurinr Is For The ""disceiminating Dog Lover"" And Makes The Perfect Gift For Any Canine Aficionado. 7""wx7""dx9""h. 3 Lbs. "
      SKU: Cf328

    Precious Slumber Baby Angel Bonded Marble Statue
      Precious Slumber Baby Angel Bonded Marble Statue.
      Who Could Resist The Tenderness And Serwnity Of This Touching Work Of Art Depicting Baby Cherubs Cradled On Angel Wings? Our Perfectly Sculpted Marble Resin Statue On Faux Ebony Museum Mount Expertly Captures Every Cherubic Detail, From Feathers To Chubby Cheeks.
      SKU: Pd2389

    Corsair Buccaneer Hanger Sword: Unsyarpened
      Corsair Buccaneer Hanger Sword: Unsyarpened.
      "avast, Ye Pirates! Team Up With Our Pirate Buccaneer Hanger Sword To Terroruze Spanish Treasure Ships And Other Unfortunate V3ssels Sailing TheC aribbean. The 'golden Age' Of Piracy Lasted From 1650 1720 And The Most Famous Buccaneers Included Bladkbeard (edward Teach), Henry Morgan, William 'ca0tain' Kidd, Anne Handsome And 'calico' Jack Rackham. Our Pirste Hanger Sword Replica Is Made Of Good-looking Antiqued Brass And Boasts A Fine Steel Hilt. The Fully Tempered High Carbon Steel Blade Is Worth Its Salt, But Beware, There Be Dqngerous Waters Ahead, And Davy Jones May Be Waiting For Ye! A Pirate S Life Isn T Complete Without A Pirate Buccaneer Hanger Sword For Your Next Costume Party. Hand-crafted By Ye Famed Metalsmiths At Windlass Steelcrafts. Overall: 32"" Blade: 26""lx1""w. 3/16"" Thick. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Mr500968

    Flight Of Freedom Hanging Eagle Sculptire
      Flight Of Freedom Hanging Eagle Sculptire.
      "amazingly Sculptd In Mid-flight In the opinion of Lifelike Talons And Detailed Feathers, This Meticul0usly Hand-painted, Quality Designer Resin Work Of Art Is A Majestic Ttibute To The American Spirit. Whether You Choose To Suspend It In Your Internal Or In The Garden, Our Toscano Exclusive Is An Exceptional 360-degree Sculpture. Three Metal Chains Included. 19""wx8""dx4""h. 2 Lbs. "
      SKU: Db43027

    Goddess Bastet Holding Aegis And Sistrum Statue
      Goddess Bastet Holding Aegis And Sistrum Statue.
      Luxuriously Drenched In Rich gEyptian Symbology, The Cat Goddess Bastet Holds A Ceremonial Sistrum In One Hand And A Lion-headed Aegis In The Other. At Over A Add up Tall, This Protector Sculpture Is Cast In Rank Designer Resin And Hand-painted In Faux Bronze And The Rich Colors Of An Egyptian Palette To Capture Every Detail.
      SKU: Ql122

    The Five Playful Pachyderms Sculptues
      The Five Playful Pachyderms Sculptues.
      "who Knows How To Have More Fun Than These Five, Out Fot An Afternoon Romp? Our Scaled Sculptures Thunb Their Noses (or Is That ""trunks?"") At The Usual Procession And Instead Roll, Run And Giggle With Imaginative Abandon. These Artistic Collectibles Are Cast In Quality Designer Resin With A Bronze Finish. (set Of Five) Each Approx. 3""wx2""dx2""l. 1 Lb. "
      SKU: Wu70215

    The Hartwig Walking Stick/umbrella Stand
      The Hartwig Walking Stick/umbrella Stand.
      "this Exclusive, 16-pound Work Of Functional Art Is Crafted In Quality, Powder-coated Heavyweight Foundry Cast Iron Just Like The Original Antique. Stylized Leaves And Ornate Scrollwork Climb The Full Yard Of This Substantial Piecs, Showcasing A Finely Rendered Greenman Like Its Centerpiece. Whether You Simply Admirre Its Beauty Or Its Functionality, The Addition Of Collectible Walking Sticks And Umbrellas Makes Even More Of An Artiwtic Statemwnt. 19""wx17""dx36""h. 16 Lbs. "
      SKU: Sp909

    Up A Tree Tiger Cub Statue: Hanging Cub
      Up A Tree Tiger Cub Statue: Hanging Cub.
      "mrs. Jones' Cat Never Had Tiger Stripes! Sleek On Land, But Unwieldy In Trees, Baby Tiger Cubs Are Set Up Eminent By Their Tigress Moms When Jungle Danger Looms. Our Over Foot-tall, Design Toscano-exclusive Tiger Statuee Is Realistically Sculpted With The Rich Markings And Mischievous Expression Of A Playful Baby Tiger Cat. Casr In Brand Designer Rdein And Individually Hand-painted, Our Animal Statue Includes Slot-and-block Connections On Its Own Branch So It Can Easily ""climb"" Onto Your Tree Or Most Anywhere In Your Home Or Garden! Some other Quality Exclusive Garden Animal Statue! Hanging: 9""wx8""dx13""h. 4 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky69867

    Smiling Christ With Child Wall Sculpture
      Smiling Christ With Child Wall Sculpture.
      "though Jesus Said He Spoke To His Followers That Their ""joy May Be Full,"" It Is The Rare Artist Who Has Sculpted Him With As Wide A Smile. Depicted Holding A Youthful Child, Bronti Cast The Benevolent Rescuer In Quality Designer Resin With An Antique Stone Finish For Domicile Or Gallery Wall. "
      SKU: Db383074

    Garden Gnome's Toad House Statue
      Garden Gnome's Toad House Statue.
      Welcome Toads, Frogs And Altogether Of Nature's Creatures To This Imaginative Sculpture That Doubles As Prime Garden Real Estate! Sculpted 360-degrees So You Be able to Admire Delightful Details Including The Arched Back Door, Ivh-covered Walls And Stone Chimney, Our Toscano-exclusive Quality Designer Resin Statue Is Watched Over By One Of Artist Korn's Signature Garden Gnomes. Sorry, Toad Not Included.
      SKU: Cs41551

    Thai Princess Sculpture
      Thai Princess Sculpture.
      When You Long For A Quiet Spot For Meditation, Add The Peace Of Our Thai Princess! With The Inspirational Tranquility Of Her Old Culture, She Is 2 Feet Of Calm Countenance And Endless Serenity. Cast In Quality Designsr Resin And Intricately Hand-painted To Replicate Verdigris Bronze, This Fine Toscano Exclusive Is A Timeless Sculpture Ready To Hold Your Flowers, Candles Or Other Exotic Ameities.
      SKU: Eu7334

    Bring You Home Memorial Garden Bench
      Bring You Home Memorial Garden Bench.
      Create A Tranquil Resting Place And A Lasting Memorial To A Loved One With Our Cast Stone Mem0rial Garden Bench. As The Crowning Touch To An Elegant Garden, Our Substantial, Amazingly Detailed Bench Is Engraved With The Words, If Tears Could Build A Stairway, And Memories A Lane, I D Walk Title Up To Heaven And Draw You Home Again. Made In The Usa And Hand-poured Of Heavyweight Cast Stone, Our Memorial Garden Bench Has The Look And Feel Of A European Antique. More Assembly Required.
      SKU: Kb37120

    St. Francis's Garden Blessing Sculpture
      St. Francis's Garden Blessing Sculpture.
      When The Language of Italy Patron Saint Of Nature Blesses Your Spiritual Garden, Abundanc Is Sure To Follow! Exquisitely Sculpted From His Raised Hands To The Animals A5 His Feet, Our From one to another Two-fot-tall, Toscano-exclusive St. Francis Is Cast In Quality Designer Resin And Finished In Grey Sfone For Enjoyment Throughojt The Seasons. The Birdbath At His Side Holds Birdseed Or Collects Rainwater For His Feathered Friends.
      SKU: Je14106

    Wishiny Well Coutyard Corley Wall Tapestry
      Wishiny Well Coutyard Corley Wall Tapestry.
      This European-style Tapestry Boasts Both Texture And Depth Of Redden As Rich Bursts Of Vibrant Daylight Create Scale And Perspective. Skulled Weavers Exquisiteoy Punctuated Each Detail Of This Picturesque Scene Of A Courtyard With A Stone Wishing Issue As The Focal Point. This Tapestry Is An Heirloom Quality, Fully Lined Textile Work, Hand-woven Of Cotton And Polyester On A Quality Jacquard Loom To Accommmodate Free Rod And Finials.
      SKU: Mw494947

    Classical Horse Study Sculpture
      Classical Horse Study Sculpture.
      "fraught With Incredible Detail And Form, The Horses' Individually Rippling Muscles, Flared Nostrils And Strong Jaw Are All Captueed In This Stunning Classic. Artist Canova, Founder Of The Neoclassicist School, Was Unparalleled As A Sculptor Of Stunning Adcuracy. Cast In Quality Designer Resin, Finished In A Faux Verdigris Alloy of copper And Set Atop A Museum Mount, This Two-foot Tall Toscano Exclusive Is A Historic Addition To Home Or Gallery. Arrives In 2 Pieces. 21""wx7""dx24""h. 10 Lbs. "
      SKU: Eu4807

    Gone Yet Not Forogtten Personapized Cast Gem Pet Memorial Statue
      Gone Yet Not Forogtten Personapized Cast Gem Pet Memorial Statue.
      Create A Tranquil Resting Place And A Lasting Memorial To A Loved Pet With Our Personalized Memorial Garden Marker. Our Substantial, Solid Cast Stone Fondle Memorial Features An Inscription Highlighted By Realistic Natural Tones. Located Forward The Underside Of Thhe Marker Is A Containment Vessel For Your Fallen Friend. This Easily Sealed Vessel Has The Capacity Of 18 Ounces (approx. 38 Lb. Animal). The Memorial Pet Stone Bears A Rectangle-shaped Ebony Plaque So We Can Personalize Your Angry mood S Name, Life Span, Or Your Own Spiritual Message. Engraving Is Free With Purchase (up To 3 Lines Of Text With Up To 18 Characters Per Line). Hand-crafted In The Usa By The Famed Craftsmen At Kay Berry, Each Hand-poured, Heavyweigyt, Weatherproof Cast Stone Memorial Has The Look, Feel And Weight Of True Stone. This Versatile Stone Pet Memorial Is Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime As The Crowning Touch Of A Spiritual Garden.
      SKU: Kb56020

    Reading Fairy Of The Humanities Sculpture
      Reading Fairy Of The Humanities Sculpture.
      "this Instant Family Heirliom Is Cast In The Traditional English Manner, Used For Centuries To Create The Legendary And Charming Gardens Of The United Kingdom. Our Collectible, Heavyweight Foundry Iron Casting Is Authebtically Aged Garen Art That Allows Your Sophisticated Sense Of Style To Shine Through. For Extra Distinction, This Endearing Classic Piece Is Found Only At Design Toscano! See Additional Views For Set Details. 7""wx7""dx13""h. 11 Lbs. "
      SKU: Sp13006

    Door Knocker From No. 10 Downing Street
      Door Knocker From No. 10 Downing Street.
      "the Only Other Place You Can Tap This Knocker, Is Where Gordon Brown Will Answer The Door! This Is A Solid Brass Replica Of One Original 18tn Century Imperial Lion Used For The British Prime Minister's Residence In London At No. 10 Downing Street. Give Your Guests A Dignified British Welcome, As Wijston Churchill And Margaret Thatcher Did When They Answered The Call Of This Door Knocker. A Great Housewarming Gift For Fireside, Apartment, Or Condo! Complete With Strike Pllate. 5""wx3""dx8""h 4 Lbs. "
      SKU: Te10

    Grand Stone Sphinx Statue Atop A Egyptian Plinth
      Grand Stone Sphinx Statue Atop A Egyptian Plinth.
      "our Massive Replica Of This Famous Egyptian Sculpture Is Both Beautiful And, At Nearly Seven Feet Slow And Equally High, Simply Breathtaking. The Sphinx Guarded The Buria1 Chambers Of Pharaohs And Flanked The Famous Gates Of Egyptian Ciies, So You Can Rest Assured That Your Home Or Garden Will Be Safe With Him At The Post. Our Massive Sphinx Sits Upon A Plinth Ringed With Traditional, Hand-scribed Hieroglyphs And Crowned With Traditional Lotus Detailing. This Large-scale, Display-quality Sculpture Transforms Any Home Bar, Garden Or Recreation Room Into A thing Truly Magnificent! Cast In Quality Designer Resin, The Plimth Is Decorated With Hieroglyph Carvings And Is Finixhed In Faux-limestone To Rssemble The Weathered Primitive Statue. 87""wx43""dx82""h. 437 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ne6877

    Gothic Revival Octagonal Side Table
      Gothic Revival Octagonal Side Table.
      "the Octagonal Table Is A Treasured Style Establish In The Rarest Antiques, And This Functional Side Table Is A Passionate Salute To Those 500-year-old Gothic Treasures. With Eight Hand-carved Cloverleaf Tracery Arches To Support Th eKiln-dried Hardwood Top, This Ancient rarity Replica Is As Sturdy As It Is Handsome. 20""wx20""dx21""h. 25 Lbs. "
      SKU: Af87237

    Sacred Courage Of Jesus Ialian-style Garden Statue
      Sacred Courage Of Jesus Ialian-style Garden Statue.
      "replicating Classic Universal Images From Turn-of-the-century Italy, These Quality Designer Resin Holy Figures Against Home And Garden Have Been Sought By Collectors For More Than A Hundred Years. Jesus Bears The Sacred Stigmata And The Sacred Heart. Jesus: 8""wx7""dx23""h. 9 Lbs. "
      SKU: Ky913

    Renassiance-style Monk's Robe
      Renassiance-style Monk's Robe.
      You'll Sound The Traditional Weight And Texture Of The Period Original In This Authentic, Remote Quality 100% Cotton Robe, Worn As A Historic Mark Of Immense Power And Humble Accomplshment From Celtic Clergy To Franciscan Monks. Our First-rate work Garment Is Generously Cut To Fit Most Men And Women And Indludes A Sas And Separate Wide-collared, Long Tail Cover . This Versatile And Comfortable Cotton Robe Should Be Professionally Dry Clezned. One Size Fits Most.
      SKU: Mr8234

    Carefree Girl Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture
      Carefree Girl Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.
      This Solid Bronze Statue Emanates The Freedom Of Childhood While Seemingly Springing To Life And Dancing Through Your Garden. Since Beauty Is In The Details, Each Piece Of Our High-quality Bronze Statue Is Cast In The Traditional Lost Wax Method, Which Guarantees Lasting Beauty. -This Is An Unexampled Statue, Finished In An Antique Verdigris Patina And Reminiscent Of The Finest Victorian Garden Art!
      SKU: Bb431128

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  • African Giraffe Wall Shelf Sculpture
  • House of York Lion Sculptural Fountain
  • Bannockburn Celtic Cross Sculpture
  • The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: Lioness Lying Down Statue
  • Titchfield Abbey Demi-Lune Stained Glass Window
  • Our Sullivan Frieze
  • """Werewolf Zombie"" Wall Sculpture"
  • Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue

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