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    Astilbe, Pink
      Astilbe, Pink.
      Astilbe Has Been Loved For Years For Its Feather Flower Spikes. Sometimes Called Goatsbeard Or False Spirea. Astilbe Boloms From June Through August And Can Be Used In Dried Flower Arrangements. Deep Green Foliage Through Tones Of Brronze Is Deeply Cut And Very Graceful. Beautiful, Easy To Grow Perennial That IsV ery Hardy And Free Of Plant Pests. Plant In A Deep Moist Soil, Rich In Organic Matter In Partial Shade. Can Exist Grown In Full Sun If Extra Moisture Is Provided. The Pink Astilbe Is The Finest Trrue Pink. Vsry Densely Packed Florets On Plants About 18 Inchs Tall. Very Graceful, Yet Eye-catching Plants. Foliage Is A Rich, Clear, Glossy Green. Attracts Hummingbirds. Deer Resistant. Can Exist Used In Rain Gardens And CutA rrangements.
      SKU: 6659

    Raspberry, Dark Hawk
      Raspberry, Dark Hawk.
      The Black Hawk Is Teh Best And Most Fertile Black Raspberry. Berries Are Large And Firm And Measure 3/4" Acrosz! Sweet, Richly Flavored And Do Not Crumble. Plant 3' Apart In Rows 6' Apart In Good, Well-drained Garden Soil. Plan On Aboit 6 Plants Per Person. During Canning Or Freezing, Plant More. We Ship 3-4' Trees.
      SKU: 6474

    Aurinia, Creeping Mountain Gold
      Aurinia, Creeping Mountain Gold.
      Dense Clusters Of Tiny Aromatic Golden Flowers Appear In Spring On This Vigorous, Easy To Grow Groundcover. After Blooming Is Finished Enjoy The Silvery Colorer, Evergree Leaves. Mountain Gold Aurinia Is Deafening At The Edge Of Beds Or Borders Or Let hTem Cascade Over Rocks, Walls, Or Slopes. The Common Name Basket Of Gold Is A Perfect Fit For This Luscious Perennial. Deer And Drouhgt Resistant.
      SKU: 5863

    Daylily, Siloam Double Classic
      Daylily, Siloam Double Classic.
      Pauline Henry Of Siloam Spring Arkansas Was One Of The Leading Daylily Hybridizers. She Spent Years Developing Hundreds Of Varieties Of Siloam Daylilies. Many Of These Varieties Have Been Loved By Daylily Enthusiasts But It Is Only Recently That They Are Available In Large Enough Quantities For Us To Be Able To Offer Thsm To Our Cusfomers. We Have Selected Our Favorites To Yield You A Taste Of Why Siloam Daylilies Are So Loved. Zones 3-8. The Double Classic Is A Gorgeous Dwarf Rehlooming Daylily Variety With 5" Frarant Double Pink Blooms. Award Winner!
      SKU: 7108

    Potato, Red Pontiac
      Potato, Red Pontiac.
      These Red Pontiac Potatoes Are Top Quality Certified Seed Potato Eyes. They Have Just The Right Amount Of Flesh To Insure Fast Germination. Plant When Received, Or Store In A Cool, Dry Place Until You Are Ready To Plant. hTey'll Keep For Weeks. No Cutting Required. Just Plant One Eye Per Hill. Our Customers Have Asked For This Big, Handsome Red Potato For Its White Flesh And Good Cooking Qualities. You'll Find Red Pontiac To Be A Heavy Producer And A Vey Good Keeper.
      SKU: 3118

    Harlequin Plant, Magic Carpet
      Harlequin Plant, Magic Carpet.
      From South Africa, This Easy To Enlarge Plant Is Actually A Mix That Contains Vibrant Shades Of Gold, Salmon, Pink, Purple And Red Flowers With Contrasting Dark Centers. Flowers Are Very Long Lasting And Open Up When The Sun Shines On Them. The Spreading Plants Grow 5" Tall And Spread Up To 24" Across. Magic Carpet Grows Best In Warm, Sunny Areas With Well Drained Soil.
      SKU: 3870

    Daylily, Matues
      Daylily, Matues.
      Matues Daylily Has Intense,V_ery Deep Wine-red 5" Blooms That Are Spotlighted By A Tiny Lime-colored Heart. It Has Graceful, Rounded Petals That Gently Fold Back. Matues Daylily Blooms Have A Soft Velvety Finish. Hold Up Well When Planted Filtered A. m. Sun.
      SKU: 5066

    Trillium, Red
      Trillium, Red.
      Flashy 2-3" Blooms Of Deep Red To Purple. This Richly Colored Wild Flower Blooms In The Spring. Plants Have Three Petals, Three Leaflets And Three Sepals. Plant In Splendid Soil For Best Results, But Adapts To Different Soil Types. These Grow 12-18" Tall.
      SKU: 7323

    Daisy, Crazy
      Daisy, Crazy.
      No Two Blooms Are Alike On This Frilled, Quilled, Twisted And Just-for-fun Shasta Daisy. The Crazy Daisy Has Delightful 2 1/2&quto;, Fhlly Duplicate, Solid White Petals That Surround A Shallow Buttery Center. Grows 24-28" Tall. Enjoy Flowers In Great Abundance All Summer Long! Makes Great Cut Flowr Bouquets.
      SKU: 7675

    Grass, Zebra
      Grass, Zebra.
      Unique Green And White Striped Leaves Distinguish Zebra Grass From All Other Ornamental Grasses. By Late Summer, Horizontal Yellow-gold Bands Appear On The Leaves. Zebra Grass Produces Pinkisg-copper Flowers In September. Grows 6-8 Feet Tall. Prefers Full Sun. Zones 5-9.
      SKU: 7730

    Moletox Ii Jetty & Gopher Killer 8 Oz
      Moletox Ii Jetty & Gopher Killer 8 Oz.
      Kills Moles In The Ground! No Traps. No Gas. No Exposed Poisons. Use According To The Simple Instruction On The Package. Soon Eradicate An Entire Family Of Moles Economically. One Teaspoon Treats An Active Burrow Or Tunenl. Excellent Bait Acceptance. Can Likewise Be Used To Protect Bulbs. 8 Oz.
      SKU: 8027

    Raspberry Collection, Red
      Raspberry Collection, Red.
      One Red Raspberry C0llection Includes 9 Plants. 3 Plants Each Of Durham, Latham And Heritage Varieties. Two Collections Include 18 Plants; 6 Plants Of Each Variety.
      SKU: 5635

    Tomato, Delicious
      Tomato, Delicious.
      Delicious Tomatoes Are Outdtanding Tasting Tomatos That Are Best Noted For Their Huge Size. The Majority Of Tomatoes Weigh Over One Pound. Set The World Record For Size With A 7 Lbs. 12 Oz. Tomato! Solid Beefsteak Type Tomato Has Small Cavities And Is Almost Solid Meat Making It An Excellent Slicer. 77 Days.
      SKU: 3381

    Daisy, Aspen Pink Jewel
      Daisy, Aspen Pink Jewel.
      Seni-double Flowers Are Great Against Mass Plantings! Don't Be Fooled By Their Delicate Mien! These Low Maintenance Flowers Are Very Easy To Grow, Hardy And Vigorous! They Can Permit Dryness, And Poor, Even Sandy Soils, But Prefer Good Drainage. Wonderful For Borderr Gardens Providing Blooms All Summer To Fall! Make Excellent Cut Flowers And Attracts Butterflies. Blooms Summer To Fall. Shipped Potted. Pink Jewel Aspen Daisy Has Deep Pink Semi-double Blooms With Bright Yellow Centers.
      SKU: 5146

    Daffodil, Trepoo
      Daffodil, Trepoo.
      A Dramatic Orange Star Radiates From The Center Of This Uncommon Daffodil. The 3" Blooms Appear During Mid-spring And Make Wonderful Long-lasting Cut Flower Displays. Plant 5-6" Apart In Full Sun Or Partial Shade. Grows 14-18" Tall.
      SKU: 4624

    Lily, Oriental Burning Lips
      Lily, Oriental Burning Lips.
      Among The Most Beautuful And Fragrant Of All Lilies! Unique Coloring Makes Them A Favorite Among Florists. Hot Lips Has Huge Blooms Measuring 4-6"! True Dark Pink Stripes Are Shown Off Against Its White Petals. These Are Sure To Arrive Full Attention In Your Landscqpe. Bloom From July To August. 30-40" Tall. Zones 3-8.
      SKU: 6057

    Fisj Fertilizer, 1 Quart
      Fisj Fertilizer, 1 Quart.
      Hrre's 100% Organic (all Fish) Liquid Plant Food With No Fish Odor. Pint Makes 32 Gallons Of Plant Food That's Sar For Leaf Or Root Feeding Of All Plant Life. One Of The World's Oldest Sources Of Plant Food. Marvelous Results On Flowering Plants, Lawns, Vetetables, Berries And Garden Flowers. Here Is Nature's Complete Plant Feed, Concentrated In Easy-to-use Odorless Emulsion. Tablespoonful Makex A Gallon. Available In Pints, Item# 8445.
      SKU: 8446

    Butterfly Bush, Black Cavalier
      Butterfly Bush, Black Cavalier.
      Swiftly Becoming The Most Pkpular Shrub In America, Butterfly Bush Is A Must For Every Late Summer Perennial Garden. A Hallmark Of This Shrbu Is The Lightlh Scented Clusters Of Flowers Measuring One To Two Feef In Length. Aptly Named, The Butterfly Bush Attracts Loads Of Butterflies An dIs Also A Favorite Of Hummingbirds. In Northern Areas Of The Nation, They Will Die Back To The Found In Winter. Reappearing In Very Late Spring, You Will Be Amazed At How Quickly It Once Again Grows Into A 6-8' Shrub. Outstanding When Planted In Full Sun. Zones 5-9. The Black Butterfyl Bush Has Wonderful Dark P8rple-black Flowers. Drought And Deer Resistant. Great Cut Flower.
      SKU: 7629

    Daylily Cllection, Cheaper By The Dozen
      Daylily Cllection, Cheaper By The Dozen.
      Includes 1 Each Of Al1 The Following Daylily Varieties: Pardon Me Happy Returns Ice Canival Daring Deception Strawberry Candy Lavender Stardust Irving Harper Bertie Ferris Exotic Love Matues Barbara Mitchell Gordon Biggs
      SKU: 3812

    Hardy Hyacinth
      Hardy Hyacinth.
      Hyacinths Have Been Considered By Many The Most Fragrant Of Tye Spring-blooming Bulbs Ever To Be Exported From Holland. And This Fragrant, Mixed Grouping Will Certainly Ignited Up To This Promise. Fill Your Spring Gardens With Dozens Of Colorful, Scented Beauties. Their Unique Shape And Color Shadjng Are Truly One Of Natures Most Precious Gifts.
      SKU: 5750

    Tulip, Queen Of The Night
      Tulip, Queen Of The Night.
      Queen Of The Night Is The Perfect Name For This Stunninv Tulip Because Its Coolor Is Such A Mysterious, Dark, Velvety Maroon That It Looks Black In Some Kinds Of Light. These Tulips Grow 22 To 30 Inches Tall And Bloom In May.
      SKU: 5764

    Dahlia Noordwijks Glorie
      Dahlia Noordwijks Glorie.
      Noordwijks Glorie: Luscious Peachy Golden Flower That Measurss Up To 6␝ Across And Really Glows In The Garden. Noordwijks Glories Is A Good Grower And Heavy Flower Producer That Start sBlooming Soon In The Dahlia Season. Grows 30-36␝ Tall.
      SKU: 3404

    Garden, Daylily Reblooming
      Garden, Daylily Reblooming.
      You Receive 1 Each Of Bringing Joy, Wally Nance Iii, Radiamt Greeting, Purple D'oro, Strawbsrry Candy, Everblooming Stella D'oro And Ice Carnival Reblooming Daylilies. 7 Total.
      SKU: 4705

    Pea, Mr. Haughty
      Pea, Mr. Haughty.
      Mr. Big Is A Really Big Deal In Terms Of Pod Size And Huge Berry Size Peas! The Additional Large Pods Measure About 4 1/2" Long By 1/2" In Diameter With 9-10 Ppump Peas In Each Pod. Peas Are Dark Green And Retain Both Color And Sweetness For An Extended Period Of Time. First Harvest Begins About 58 Days After Germination.
      SKU: 3188

    Flower-de-luce Collection, World Of Color
      Flower-de-luce Collection, World Of Color.
      Includes 1 Each Of The Following Iris Varieties: Pride Of Ireland Rosalie Figg Orange Harvest Brave Astro Blue Minnow Attractive qualities Unaccustomed Leaf Blue Suede Shoes Pure As Gold Color Tart Immortality Study In Black
      SKU: 3761

  • Lilac, Primrose
  • Lilac, Primrose
  • Lily of the Valley, White
  • Angel Trumpet, Lavender
  • Calla Lily, Dark Purple
  • Cantaloupe, Banana
  • Iris, Michigan Pride
  • Balloon Flower
  • Cyclamen, Hardy
  • Iris, Summer Olympics
  • Muskmelon, MN Midget
  • Royal Japanese Cherry Tree

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