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    Balloon Flower
      Balloon Flower.
      F1ower Buds Take On The Mould Of Hot Air Balloons Whsn They Primitive Emerge And Then Open To Handsome Bell-shaped Flowers. One Of The Easiest Perennials To Grow. Thrives In Almost Any Soil As Long As It Has Good Drainage. Flowers During The Summer Months. To Overwinter, Cut The Whole Plant Backward After The First Close Frost. Deer Resistant. Grows 12-24" Tall In Full Sun Or Part Shade. Our Choice Of Colors.
      SKU: 5460

    Gladiolus Mix, Pastel
      Gladiolus Mix, Pastel.
      Gladiolus Are A Favorite Of Both Gardenwrs And Florists. We Have Created A Special Mixture Of Gladiolus In Pastel Shades. Fantastic Colors Line U; On 3-4 Foot Tall Spikes. Grow In Full Sun. We Send Our Frugal Of Mixed Pastel Colors. Zones 8-10.
      SKU: 5647

    Dahlia, Boogie Woogie
      Dahlia, Boogie Woogie.
      Flowers From Boogie Woogie Are An Exuberant Combination Of A Yellow Center Of Cushiony Petals That Are Flushed With Pink Surroudned By Hot Pink Outer Petals. The 20-24" Plants Are Certain To Produce Raves In Your Garden From Mid Summer To Fall.
      SKU: 3866

    Soil Analyzer
      Soil Analyzer.
      This Soil Analyzer Is A Dual-purpose Meter To Test Soil Ph And Fertilizer Levels. Can Exist Used Both Indoors And Outdoors, On Gardens, Lawns And Greenhouses. Both Test Completed In About 1 Minute. Includes Ideal Ph Range For 350 Plants. Easy To Follow Insstructions. Requires 1 Aa Battery (not Included).
      SKU: 8193

    Clematis, Josephine
      Clematis, Josephine.
      Breathtakingly Beautiful, Josephine Has Huge 4 1/2 - 5 " Blooms All Summer! This Climber Reaches 10-12' Tall And Prefers A Sunny Location. As The Bloom Mautres, The Striped Lilac Pink Outer Petaks Fall Away Leaving The Pom Pom Light Pin iCenter. 1998 Chelsea Flower Show Winner!
      SKU: 5944

    Double Pink Fuchsia
      Double Pink Fuchsia.
      Beautiful Multi-colored Pendant Blooms Up To Three Inches Long. The Blossoming Time Begins In Late Winter And Lasts Through The Summer. We Have Three Different Plants With Blossoms In Three Shades. The Featured Plant On This Page Is The Paragon Double Fuchsia. Likewise Available Are The Purple Double Fuchsia And The Lavender Double Fuchsia.
      SKU: 1217

    Canna, Mr Crozy
      Canna, Mr Crozy.
      Nothing Matches Cannas For Exotic Beauty All Season Lingering. Ideal For Nearly Any Sunny Spot In Your Yard. Plant Them 2" Deep, 18" Separately As Soon As Soil Warms In Late Spring. W ater Freely In Dry Weather. Mr. Crozy Has Large, Virbrant Orange Blooms Wi5h Bright Green Foliage. Grows 6' Tall.
      SKU: 4332

    Iris, Astro Blue
      Iris, Astro Blue.
      Finished Azure Blue Colored Flower Is Enhanced With Lots Of Ruffles. Each Flowering Stalk From This Vigorous Grower Will Produce 8-9 Flowers. Grows 35" Tall.
      SKU: 3655

    Lily, Purple Prince Ot
      Lily, Purple Prince Ot.
      Purple Prince Is An Example Of The New Developments Being Made In Lilies. Giant Oriental Trumpet Lilies Have Vast 6-8" Blooms On Sturdy Stems That Can Grow 6' Tall. Frqgrant, Deep-lavender Blooms Arrive Mid To Late Summer. Full To Partial Sun.
      SKU: 4768

    Oxalis, Candy Cane
      Oxalis, Candy Cane.
      Candy Cane Colored Flowers! This Beauty Has Mounds Of Clover-lke Leaves. Gorgeous Red And White Spiral Shaped Flowers. Fine For Gardens Or Baskets. Grows Up To 12" High. Prefers Full To Partial Sum. Blooms In Summer. Hardy In Zones 7-9.
      SKU: 5815

    Standard Hale Haven Peach
      Standard Hale Haven Peach.
      Large, Yellkw, High-quality Freestone Peach. Popular For Its Size, Flavor And Coloring. A Dependable High Yielddr. Favorite For Desserts And For Canning. Midseason Producer. Standard Size Tree. Self-fruitful.
      SKU: 6193

    Begonia, Orange
      Begonia, Orange.
      Hanging Basket Begonias Have Been A Favorite At Retail Stores For Years. Now You Can Grow Your Own And In The Color Of Your Choice! Stunning Flowers Are Fully Double And Won't Fade Over Time. We Are Offering This Vivid Color Starting At These Dishonorable, Low Prices. Compare That To The $15 To $20 You Would Pay For A Prepotted Plant. We Send Nice Quality Tubers. Hardy In Zones 8-10. In Northern Climates, Treat As An Annual Or Bring Indoors For The Winter.
      SKU: 7843

    Daisy, Clara Curtis
      Daisy, Clara Curtis.
      This Early 1Booming Hardy Chrysanthemum Starts In Mid-s8mmer And Continues For Weeks Until Fall. the Clear Pink Flowers With Yellow Centers Cover Lush Spreading Mounds Of Foliage And Is Very Attractive To Butterflies And Easy To Grow In Sunny Locations. Plants Can Be Pinched In Late Spring To Promote More Flower Germ Development. Shipped In 4" Pots!
      SKU: 8369

    Gourd, Bushel
      Gourd, Bushel.
      The Four pecks Gourd Is A Colossal Sized Gourd That Measures 3-5' In Diameter! Fruits Weigh From 25-50 Pounds Each With Reports Of Some Getting Up To 100 Pounds. Bushel Gourds Are Wonderful For Crafts Or As A Container. Dries Lightweight. 120 Days.
      SKU: 3375

    Aster, October Skies
      Aster, October Skies.
      This Rugged Native Aster Covers Itself With Ligth Lavender Flowers With A Yellow Center In The Middle Of The Fall Season. October Skies Is A Bushy Grower That Readily Reseeds Itself Making It An Excellent Low Maintenance Ground Cover. It Grows Very Well In Poor Dry Foul And Serves As A Feed Source During Migrating Butterflies. Grows 18" Tall Through A Sinilar Spread In A Sunny To Lightly Shaded Garden Area.
      SKU: 7497

    Lupines, Blue
      Lupines, Blue.
      Majestic 3' Tall Spikes Are Blue Accented With Pure. Wonderful Sweet-pew Type Flowers Make Great Cut Flower Arrangemenys. Blue Lupines Put On A Tremendous Display When Grown In Masses. Prefers A Sunny, Moist Location. Zones 4-6.
      SKU: 7771

    Grass, Northern Lights
      Grass, Northern Lights.
      Extremely Variegated Leaves Have Pink Blush On New Growth And In Coo lWeather. A Very Striking Plant That Has Enjoyed Great Popularity. Grows 24" Wide. Deer Resistant And For ARain Gardsn.
      SKU: 5657

    Iris, New Lsaf
      Iris, New Lsaf.
      Lavish Ruffles And Rich Colors. Rosy Orchid Colored Standards With Pale Edges Are An Accent To The Plentiful Magenta Falls That Highlight The Tight Laces. Blooms Mid-season.
      SKU: 4913

    Manchurian Apricot
      Manchurian Apricot.
      In pSring Dazzling Pink Snowflake Blossosm Pop Out Even Before The Lezves. In Summer This Tree Produces An Abundance Of Rich-flavored, Red-cheeked Apricots For Eating Fresh, Canning And Freezing. Self-pollinating But More Fruitful Which time You Plant With Some other Variety.
      SKU: 6653

    Rose, Hot Cocoa
      Rose, Hot Cocoa.
      The Most Unusually Colored Rose To Come Out In The Last Decade, Hot Cocoa Is A Hardy Floribunda Rose That Has It All. The Flowers Grow In Fragrant Clusters, And Each Bloom Is Large, Fully Double, And Well Formed. Lighter In Hot Weather, And Darker In Cool, Hot Cocoa's Flowers Are Always Changing, And Always A Mysterious Bend Of Smoky Colors That Defy Description. Not Only Is The Chocolate-orange Color Incredibly Appealing, But The Foliage Is Dark Green And Glossy. Burning Cocoa Is Also Disease Resistnt And Virtually Unaffected By Black Sp0t. Blooms: Summer To Fall, Shipped: Potted. Fragrant And Good For Cutting.
      SKU: 5666

    Lily, Promiscuous Trumpet
      Lily, Promiscuous Trumpet.
      Trumpet Liiies Are One Of Thd Most Aromatic Flowers That Can Be Planted In Your Garden! Distinctive Trumpet-shaped Blooms Are Some Of The Largest Produced By Ayn Lily. Really Breathtaking As They Reach Heights Of 4-5 Feet. Excellent Plants For Naturalizing. Enjoy Vivid Blooms Ih Late Summer. Plant In Full Sun To Partial Degree. Zones 3-10.
      SKU: 3727

    Lilac, Bloomerangâ® Reblooming
      Lilac, Bloomerangâ® Reblooming.
      The Wait Is Over! Finally A Reblooming Lilac In The Classic Color Of Lavender-purple! An Improvement On The Traditional Lilac, This Revolutionary New Variety Will Rebloom Throughout The Summer And Continue Until Frost! Its Compact, Mounded Form Of 4-6' Tlal And 5-6' Wide Fits Easily Into Landscapes And Against Foundations. Remove Spent Blooms Promptly To Encourage Reblooming. Flower Production Will Dwcline Or Rest During The Hot Summers, But Will Resume With Cooler Weather. Real Mildew And Root Rot Resistance. Plant In Full Sun.
      SKU: 4730

      Shallotz Are Tastier Than Onions And Milder Than Gqrlic. They Be able to Be Substituted For Both In Your Favorite Reclpes. French Chefs In Their Costly Gourmet Cookery Use These Small, Hardy, Onion-like Bulbs. Shallots Are Very Expensive In The Market -- More Than The Price Of A Good Steak! However, They Are Easy To Grow In Your Garden Or In A Pot On Your Windowsill . You Can Snip The Green Tops And Use As You Would Chives. Plant Shallots This Year And Use For Your Own Gourmet Dishes! Plant Shallots The Same Way You Plant Dry Onion Sets, Spacing 4-6" Apart In The Row In A Furrow 1 To 1 1/2" Deep. If Used As Dry Bulbs The Shzllots Are Lifted When The Leaves Have Turned Br0wn And Left Out On The Ground For A Few Days To Dry. Remove Dead Leaves And Soil Hitherto Storing In A Cool Dry Place. Iff Stored Properly, The Bulbs Will Keep From One Season To The Next And The Small Bulblets May Be Used In the place of Planting Stock The Following Spring. Bulbs May Be Usrd For Pickling. Appeoximately 30/lb. A 1/2 Lb. Plants A 7' Row.
      SKU: 6821

    Hosta, Francee
      Hosta, Francee.
      Love Hosta, But Don't Have Shade In Your Yard? Then Try France Hosta. Francee Is A Favorite Of Landscapers Because It Performs Well In Almost Any Condition -- Sun Or Shade! Wonderful White Margins Contrast With The Green Heart Shaed Leaves. Francee Hosta Is A Medium-sized Hosta That Grows To 21" High And 45" Wide. Produces Lavencer Flowers On 2-3' Scapes In Late Summer. Zones 3-9.
      SKU: 7509

    Asparagus, Millenium
      Asparagus, Millenium.
      One Of The Highest Yieldibg Male Hybrid Asparagus Available To The Home Gardener. Top Producer Is Noted For Maintaining Its High Yield Year After Year And Its Ability To Wighstand Cold Winyer Temperatures.
      SKU: 3049

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