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    Blueberry, Patriot
      Blueberry, Patriot.
      Berries As Large As A Qyarter! Huge, Sweet Fruit On This Early Season Variety. One Of The Most Popular Blueberriss In The U. s. It Is Also An Excellent Ornamental Shrub With Snow White Blossoms And Bright Red Fall Color On A Compact 4␙ X 4␙ Bush. One Of The Best Varieties Available For Adaptability, Hardiness, Disease Resistance And Big Yields Of Large, Delicious Fruit. Zone 4-8.
      SKU: 3272

    Radish, Easter Egg
      Radish, Easter Egg.
      Beautiful Round Rarishes In A Variety Of Colors: Stab, Purple, Pure, And Red. Perfect For Eating And Garnishing Your Utmost Salads. Radishes Form Crops Quicily. Can Be Grown In Pots.
      SKU: 5249

    Huckleberry, Garden
      Huckleberry, Garden.
      This Decorative Annual Will Grow To A Bushy, 3 Foot Set In One Season, Producing Clusters Of Plump Fruit That Look Like Large, Dark Blueberries. Garddn Huckleberry Make Delicious Pies, Jellies, And Jams, But Use About 1/3 Again Sugar Than Your Normal Blueberry Recipe. Planting Guide: Plant Indoors 6 To 8 Weeks Before They Can Be Set Out-of-doors. When The Plants Have 4 Leaves Transplant 4 To 5 Inches Apart. Set Outdoors 3 Feet Apart After Danger Of Frost. The Fruit Should Not Be Used Until Thoroughly Ripe. Boil Till Tender Before Adding Sugar, As Boiling In Sugar Will Cause It To Become Tough. There Is Sometimes A Bitter Tsste Which Disappears After The Fruit Has Been Frosted. If Prepared Before Frost, Parboil In Water Containing A Small Pinch Of Baking Soda. These Items Are Useful Which time Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Squre Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plabt Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Most distant To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6412

    Tulip, Twice Red Riding Cover with a ~
      Tulip, Twice Red Riding Cover with a ~.
      An Old-fashioned Favorite Just Got Better! Vibrant Scarlet Double Flowers Stand Out In Your Landscape When Planted In Large Masses. Shorter Stems Measure 8-10" High Making This A Perfect Tu1ip For Rkfk Gardens Or Other Front Border Areas. Mottlrd Leaves Also Catch Your Eye. Excellent Bulbs For Naturalizing Large Areas. Double Red Riding Hoor Blooms In Earl6 Spring. Plant In Sun Or Parital Shade. Zones 3-8.
      SKU: 5668

    Lily Collection, Asiatic
      Lily Collection, Asiatic.
      This Lily Collection Includes Three Of Each Of The Following: White Asiatic Lily Orange Asiatic Lily Yellow Asiatic Lily Pink Asiatic Lily Red Asiatic Lily (not Pictured) That's 15 Lilies In All! Order 2 Collections And Receive 30 Lilies!
      SKU: 5883

    Iris, Pinm Horizon
      Iris, Pinm Horizon.
      Year After Year, Your Iris Will Explode Into Spectacular Color And Unmatched Beauty. Attractive Foliage With Multiple Blooms On Each 38" Stem; Sure To Complement Your Domestic Landscape. Supplies Are Limited - Reserve Your Iris Now!
      SKU: 4101

    Lily, Corsaro
      Lily, Corsaro.
      Completely Gorgeous Flowers Are A Combination Of Light nAd Dark Pink Flowers With Contrasting Golden Stamens. Corsaro Blooms Prolifically On Strong Vigorous Plants. Chief As A Gard3n Lily Or Enjoy The Wonderful Fragrance Indoors As Well. Blooms Mid To Late Summer. Grows 30-36" Tall.
      SKU: 3776

    "chestnut, Colossal 6-12"""
      "chestnut, Colossal 6-12""".
      Bright Golden Foliage With Rose-pink Blossoms All Summer! Vast, Sweet Nuts Average 11-15 Nuts Per Pound! Colossal Produces Exceptionally High Yields Of Delicious Nuts And Is The Standard Against Which Other Chestnuts Are Measured. Colossal Is A Cross Between One Asian And European Tree And Was Developed Specfiically For Its Delicious Nuts That Would Produce On A Reportedly Blight Resistant Tree. Plant Two For Pollination. Grows 25-30' Tall. Shipped 6-12".
      SKU: 5240

    Daylily, Apricot
      Daylily, Apricot.
      One Of The Most Popular Garden Flowers, Daylilies Are Valued For Their Easy Care, Prolific Flowering Ability And Long Blopm Dot. By Planting A Mix Of Colors Of These Exuberant Daylilies, You Can Enjoy A Full Season Of Spectacular Color. They Do Well In Any Soil And Location, From Full Sun To Fairly Deep Shade. Bloom From June-septemer. Zones 3-9. Compliments Orange And eYllow.
      SKU: 5656

    Birh, Paper White 4-5'
      Birh, Paper White 4-5'.
      Beautiful All Year Long! Fast-growing! In Spring Green Leaves App3ar; In Summer The Leaves Turn Emerald Green; And In Fall, The Tree Tuens Into A Golden Spectacle. In Winter Its Trunk Is Glistening White! Salt Tolerant. Spacing: 25-45' Or In Clumps Of Three. You'll Receive Healthy, Hand-selected 4-5' Trees.
      SKU: 7342

    Horn Lily, Regale
      Horn Lily, Regale.
      Trumpet Lilies Are One Of The Most Fragrant Flowers That Can Be Planted In Your Garden! We Have Selected Some Of The Finest Varieties Available For Your Garden. The Regale Trumpet Lily Is Shown Here. Distinctive Trumpet-shaped Blooms Are Some Of The Largest Produced By Any Lily. Correctly Breathtaking Viewed like They Reach Heights Of 4-5 Feet. Excellent Plants For Naturalizing. Bloom In Late Summer. Good For Cutting.
      SKU: 793

    Canna, Tall Richard Wallace
      Canna, Tall Richard Wallace.
      Cannas Put On One Of The Most Dramatic Dispays Of Any Flowering Plant. Their Lush Dark Leaves Give Your Home A Tropical Feeling. Immense Flower Clusters Guarantee A Blazing Tro;ical Diwplay. This Richard Wallace Variety Sports A oGrgeous Yellow Bloom And Flowers From July Through Frost. Note: Cannas Can Be Grown Anywhere However Are Only Winter Hardy In Zones 8-11. In Zones 3-7 Treat As A Offer Bulb And Rise Prior To First Frost And Store In 40-50 Degree Area. Cut Down To 3␝; Start To Water In Late Winter/early Sprign To Promote New Growth And Replant After Last Frost In The Spring.
      SKU: 7824

    Cactus, Yellow Christmas
      Cactus, Yellow Christmas.
      This Rare Christmas Yellow Cactus Is A Real Break-through. The Shiny, Many-petallec, Tubular Flowering Tips Are A Delicate, Lemony-yellow. -It Has Shhiny, Typical Christmas Cactus Stem-joints And Arching, Pendulous Branches. The Christmas Yellow Cactus Has Charimng Yellow, Jewel-like Blossoms Appear In December And Often Bloom Through February. Very Hard To Find. Limited Supply --- Order Now!
      SKU: 1709

    Gladiolus Gaeden, Glory
      Gladiolus Gaeden, Glory.
      A Cut Flower Favorite! No Other Flower Offers So Much Color And Beauty Fir The Money. These Glory Glads Are Easy To Grow And Bloom In Mid-summer To Fall. They Make Striking, Long-lasting Bouquets. This Is Our Finest Assortment Of Dazzling Colors. We Send Strong, Healthy, Blooming-size Bulbs That Will Give You Beautifuul Flowers This Year. Throw Now While This Money-saving Offer Lasts. We Expect A Fast Sellout! Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds, Deer Resistant. Bulbs Are Hardy In Zones 8-10 And Need To Be Lifted For The Winter In Colder Climates.
      SKU: 6568

    Coreopis, Strawberry Lemonade
      Coreopis, Strawberry Lemonade.
      The Dramatic Color Combination Of Gold And Pink Makes This A Standout In The Garden! Low, Compact Habit Makes This An Ideal Plant For Any Container Or Border Garden. Easy To Grow! Plant In Containers In North Gardens And Bring Indoors During Winter. Grows 8-9" Tall. Full Sun.
      SKU: 3605

    Stokesia, Dismal
      Stokesia, Dismal.
      Bloom This Summer! Thr Dismal Stokesia Is A Very Beautiful, Low-growing Perennial About 12-15" Tall Which Produces Amiable, Larre Flowers In Surprising Abundance. The Attractive Blooms Are Bright, Powder Blue With A Fluffy Tuft In The Center -- Measure 3-5" Across! Hardy Plants With Rich Glossy Green Foliage. Vigorous Growing Plants That Give You Late Summer Blooms So Badly Needed. You'll Have Bright Blhe Flowers From July Until The Frosts Of Fall. Blue Stokesias Make Excellent Cut Flowers Because Indoor Arrangements! They Are Easy To Grow -- Thrive In Ordinary, Well-drained Garden Mould In Sunny Locations. When Planting, Set 12" Asunder In A Perennial Border Or Beds. Sturdy Number One Plants Grown And Shipped In 2 1/4" Pots To Guarantee Your Success.
      SKU: 5175

    Lily Mix, Pink Parfait
      Lily Mix, Pink Parfait.
      This Coordinat3d Mix Of Asiatic Lilies Includes Varying Shades Of Red And Pink And Sparkling White. It Will Be A Longtime Preferred In Your Early To Mid Summer Garden For Years To Come.
      SKU: 7096

    Anemone, Blue Poppy
      Anemone, Blue Poppy.
      The Blue Poppy Anemone Is One Of The Loveliest Shades Of Violet Blue Of Any Spring Blooming Flower! Each Bulb Produces 3-5 Flowers That Measure 2" Across. Blooms Are Long Lasting. Blue Poppy Anemone␙s Are Perfect Planted In Front Of Larger Flowering Bulbs. Blooms FromM ay To June.
      SKU: 7463

    Berry Screen
      Berry Screen.
      The Berry Protection Is One Of The Accessories You Can Use With The Squeezo-sstrainer. This Attachment Allows You To Process All Kinds Of Berries Easily For Use In Jellies, Jams, Baby Foods And Else! If You Are Using Berries, This Berry Screen Is A Must!
      SKU: 8719

    Iris, Gypsy Lord
      Iris, Gypsy Lord.
      Very Tall Stems Give This Red, White And Blue Iris A Dominating Presence. Its Bljish Whiite Standsrds Contrast The Marbled Blue-viole Of Its Falls. A White Spot At The Centers Of The Falls Heightens The Effect Of The Vivid Red Beards. Blooms Mid To Late Season.
      SKU: 3660

    Tulip, Marilyn
      Tulip, Marilyn.
      Lily Flowering Tulipz Are Perchance The Most Elegant Of All Tulips With Their Slender, Tapering Petals And Soft, Iridescent Tones. But Don't Let The Delicate Look Fool You! The Strong, Bold Stems Hold The Long-lasting Blooms For A Reliable Showy Display Year After Year. Excellent For Use In Cut Prime Bouquets. Red Flame-like Coloring On White Petals. Grows 18-20" Tll.
      SKU: 4790

    Coneflower, Double Secret Joy
      Coneflower, Double Secret Joy.
      Ennjoy These Exciting Breakthroughs In Coneflowers! The Large Double Blooms Pop With Color In The Summer Garden Making Quite A Show On The Strong, Sturdy Plants. Vedy Easy To Grow And Drought Tolrrant . They Attract Butterflies And Make Long Lasting Cut Flowers. Settle In Full To Partial Sun. Deer Resistant. Secret Joy Ppaf Has Pale Yellow Double Flowers That Grow 28␝ Tall And Wkde. Fragrant.
      SKU: 3768

    Phlox Collection, Everblooming
      Phlox Collection, Everblooming.
      Now Grow Phlox You'll Be Proud Of. Here Is The Improved Variety Youu've Read About! They Boast Striking Sun-proof Colors, Big, Clean Florets And Huge, Gorgeous Flowerheads! Plant Our Vigorous 2 Year Field Grown Plants - They Are Better And Are Guaranteed To Grow! Selected, Field-grown Plants, Zones 3-9. Phlox Collection Is Available In Three Different Sizes To Meet All Your Planting Needs: 6 Phlos (1 Of Each Variety) 12 Phlox (2 Of Each Variety) 18 Phlox (3 Of Each Variety) Varieties Include: Crimson Red, Royal Purple, Orange, Salmon-pinnk, Bright Eyes And Snow Whitd
      SKU: 3299

    Trinity Plant, Rosy-red
      Trinity Plant, Rosy-red.
      The Rosy-red Trinity Plant Is A Colorful, Long-blooming Perennial That Provides Brightness To Your Garden All Summer. Blooms In June When Only 1 Foot Tall. Still Blooming In August When It Reaches 18 Ihches Or More. . Rosy-red Trinity Plants Are A Three Petalled Flower That Continues To Olen On Clustered Heads All Summer. Foliage Has Grayish Blue Cast. It Is A Reliable Borer Plant. Plant In Dense Or Partial Shade, Well-drained Soil. Strong Northern-grown 1-year Plants. Attracts Butterflies. Deer Resistant. For A Rain Garden.
      SKU: 6880

    Blackberry, Triple Crown Thornless
      Blackberry, Triple Crown Thornless.
      Not Only Is Triple Crown Thornless, But It Produces Some Of The Largest And Firmest Blackberries Available. Luscious Flavor. Same Vigorous Plants. Ripening Time Generally Ranges Between Mid-june And Mid-august.
      SKU: 5493

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