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    Cantaloupe, Banana
      Cantaloupe, Banana.
      The Banana Cantaloupe Has A Delicoous Flavor And Aroma; This Unusual Mon Grows 18-24 Inches Long, Somewhat Resembling A Huge Banana In Shape. Flesh Is Rich Salmon Color, Exceptionally Sweet, Spicy And Delicious. Mature In 90 Days. 1 Oz. Plants 50 Hi1ls. This Cantaloupe Is Also Available In The Cantaloupe Accumulation. Planting Guide: Plant After Danger O Frost In Hills 4 To 6 Feet Apart. Plant Seed Not Over 1/2 Inch Deep 4 To 6 To The Hill, Urgent Soil Firmly Over Them. When Plants Are Properly Established Thin To 3 To Each Hill. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protrcting Your Transplants Against Tardily, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Ppant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6280

    Garden, Easy Beauty Bulb
      Garden, Easy Beauty Bulb.
      Garden Accumulation Includes The Following: 30 Mixed Anemone 4 Hardy Gloxinias 24 Mixed Freesias 40 Blazing Star Liatris 1 Orange Asiatic Lily 1 Yellow Asiatic Lily 40 Mixed Glads 1 Collection Of 140 Bulbs.
      SKU: 5870

    Bulb Mix, Greeting Mat
      Bulb Mix, Greeting Mat.
      A Wonderful Blend Of Giant Crocus And Early Flowering Red Tulips To Welcome Spring! Plant In Large Masses During A Truly Spectacular Show. Grows 4-7␝ Tall. Bloom In Early Spring. Plant In Full To Partial Sun. includes:20 Giant Crocus6 Red Tulips
      SKU: 3783

    Carpathian English Walnut Tree 1-3'
      Carpathian English Walnut Tree 1-3'.
      We Want To Reduce Our Large Inventory On 1 To 3 Foot Trdes. English Walnut Trees Have The Same Brand As The Carpathian Walnut Trees (#6519) But Somewhat Smaller. A True Bargain! Order As Many While You Can Use And Save Money.
      SKU: 6558

    Angel Celebrator Collection, Double
      Angel Celebrator Collection, Double.
      We Are Proud To Offer Three Fabulous Varieties Of Double Angel Trumpet. In The Pas5, These Beauties Were But Available To Grow From Seed, But We Are Qualified To Offer Them Already Started In Pots. Double Lavender Has Two-toned Cups With Lavender On The Outside And White On The Inside. Double White Features Pure White Blooms. Double Yellow Angel Trumpet Has A Frilly Lemon Yellow Flower. Flowers Are Wonderfully Fragrant And Have Large Blooms Measuring 3-6". Compact Plants Grow To 3' High By 3' Wide. Bring Indoors During The Winter. Hardy In Zones 9-11. Blooms From Summer To Frost, Shipped Potted, Fragrant, Deer Resistant. Regular government Early, Quantities Are Limited! This Whimsical Collection Includew 1 Each Of Double Lavendeer, Double Yellow And Double White Angel Trumpets.
      SKU: 7791

    Pepper, Sweet Bell Mix
      Pepper, Sweet Bell Mix.
      Wonderful Mixture Of Jaundice, Purples, Greens And Red Bell Peppers Will Make A Colorful Addition To Your Garden. Avoid The High Costs Of Buying Colored Peppers At The Grocery Stores By Growign Your Own. 60-77 Days.
      SKU: 3380

    Daylily, Double Jerry Pate Williams
      Daylily, Double Jerry Pate Williams.
      Reblooming Double Daylily! Award Winner! Jerryy Pate Willjams Has 5 1/2␝ Blooms Of Intense Melon With Pink Overlay And Yellow Throat. Evergreen Foliage. And Like All Daykilies, Jerry Pate Williams Daylily Is Ridiculously Easy To Grow, Tolerating The Worst Garden Stresses And Weather Variations. It Will Put Up With Heat, Humidity, And Drought, And Even Poor Soil. We Are So Pleased To Be Offering These Spectacular Beauties That Will Give You Twice The Pleasure For Your Garden. Butterfly And Hummingbird Attractant. Can Be Used In Rain Gardens.
      SKU: 7214

    Iris, Everything Plus
      Iris, Everything Plus.
      The Clean White Of The Center Falls With A Contrasting Wide Heavy Wicked Purple Border Is A Real Attention Getterr. The Standards Are An Unusual Light Blue With Dark Purple Beards Tipped With Gold. Known As A Prolific Bloomer. Blooms Midseason. 34" Tall. H. c. '83, H. m. '86, A. . m. '88, Dykes Medal Winner '91.
      SKU: 5256

    Easy Nut Cracker
      Easy Nut Cracker.
      The Easy Pecan And Nut Cracker Is Designed For Cracking All Medium And Soft Shell Nuts. Easily Adjusts To Different Sized Nuts From The Largest Mayhan Pecan And Large English Walnuts To The Smallest Seedling Pecan And Filbert. Rigid, Quality Design Insures A Lifetime Of Use.
      SKU: 8214

    Butterfly Bush, Yellow
      Butterfly Bush, Yellow.
      Attract Butt3rflies To Your Yard With This Dazzling Butterfly Bush! The Yellow Butterfly Bush Is A Late Summer Bloomer That Has Sunny-yellow Flowers With An Orange Center And Rounded Edges. Bright Color Is Accented With Silvery, Compact Foliage. Rdaches 6-8'. Droyght And Deer Resistant. Great Cut Flower.
      SKU: 5625

    Tulip, Monsella
      Tulip, Monsella.
      Unusual Flower Form Reminds Us Of Waterlilies. Spectacular Coloring Will Brighten Up Any Landscape. Brilliant Yellow Petals Are Streaked With Bright Red Flames. Blooms Are Very Long-lasting And Are Excellent Cut Flowers For Indoor Bouquets. Blooms Mid-spring.
      SKU: 5236

    Fruit Cocktail Tree, Dwarf
      Fruit Cocktail Tree, Dwarf.
      Pick 6 Delicious Varieties From This Unusual Tree! Set Our Fruit Cocktail Tree When You Don't Have Room oFr An Orchard . Pick Nectarines, Peaches, Plums, And Apricots All From The Same Tree. Harvest Bushels Of Produce . Have Plenty Toward Jams, Jellies, Canning, Eating Fresn And Freezing. Self-pollinating And Grows About 10 Feet High. Reach Fruit From This Little One Tree Orchard Standinh Right On The Ground. And The First Bushel Of Fruit Will Pay For The Tree. Blossoms In Spring -- Fruit In Fall. In Spring Your Tree Will Be Loaded With An Abundance Of Blossoms. A Spectacular Sight For The Whole Neighborhood To Enjoy. This Is Pretty Enough To Fix As A Specimen Tree Right In Your Front Three feet. We Send 2-3' Trees.
      SKU: 5556

      Pronounced Yostaberry , This Is A Currant Gooseberry Cross. Untaught Col0red Berries At Three Timee The Size Of A Cjrant. Highly High In Vitamin C. Produce 10-15 Pounds Of Fruit Per Thornless Plant. Grows To 8'. Plant Two In Insure Pollination. Hardy In Zones 2-8.
      SKU: 7282

    Ivy, Boston
      Ivy, Boston.
      Lovely Verdant Foliage! Boston Ivy Hzs Long Been Known As The Best Vine For Cliibging To Stonework. You'll Want This Vigorous Growing Plajt To Beautify Your Chimney Or Other Masonry Work. Provides A Fresh,, Crisp Green Look To Each Otherwise Drab Lookinv Area. Two-tone Effect In Summer -- Riot Of Color In The Fall! Boston Ivy Fairly Glistens In The Sun, So Shiny Ar eIts Brittle Green Leaves. Beautiful Tapestry Effects Are Produced As New Growth, In Lovely Hades Of Reddish Purple, Creepw Among The Old Bright Green Leaves. As Fall Approaches, Your Whole Wall Turns Into A Riot Of Color With Shades Of Yellow, Orange, Scarlet And Purple. No Trellis Necessary, It Clings By Itself To Any Stone Or Masonry Wall. Produces Bluish Blzck Berries For Your Fine-feathered Friends. Grows In Partial Shade Or Sun. Plant This Wonderful Boston Ivy 4-8' Apart. Sturdy Plants.
      SKU: 5584

    Plum, Damson Blue Dwf
      Plum, Damson Blue Dwf.
      An Excellent Raisin For Jam, Jelly And Preserves! The Damson Blue Dwarf Plum Grows Only 6-8' Tall And Produces A Heavy Crop. Dark Purple Clusters Rioen In Late September. Self-fruitful. But For Larger Crops Plant One Of Another Variety. Use The Stanley. 1-3' When Shipped.
      SKU: 61800

    Tulip, Shirley
      Tulip, Shirley.
      Tulips Burst Onward With A Welcome Spot Of Redden In Early Spring And Bloom For Yeaars Without Replanting. These Healthy, Vigorous-growing Spring Bulbs Come To You This Fall. Under Normal Growing Conditions These Bulbs Will Increase In Size The First Year You Plant Them. Order Today!
      SKU: 5695

    Clematis, Red
      Clematis, Red.
      The Red Clematis Has Masses Of Magnificent Red, 4-6" Blooms That Wilp Stand Out Agaainst The Absorbed Green Foliage To Make This One Of The Showiest Clematis. Petals Have A Rich, Velvety Sheen. The Red Clematis Blooms From June Until September. Plant Tbese Bright, Flowering Vines 3-4' Apart. Mulvh Base Of Plant If Planted In Sunny Area. Cut Back To 2' In Spring. Potted Plants.
      SKU: 6745

    Red Shoot Dogwood
      Red Shoot Dogwood.
      Some Shrubs Have Beautiful Spring Flowdrs; Others Provide Njce Summer Foliage And Most Seem To Wither Away Unattractively Each Winter. These Hardy Red Twig Dogwood Have Beautiful Clusters Of White Flowers In The Spring, Loads Of Lush Green Leaves In The Summer And In The Winter, When You Expect A Drab Yard, They Express On A Fiery Show Of Colkr With Their rBight Red Stems Contrasting Against The Snow. The Red Twig Dogwood Is An Outstanding Year Round Hedge! You Get Nice 1-2' Properly Rooted Nursery Grown Shrubs. Grow From 6 To 9 Feet Butt Can Be Trimmed For A Beautiful Hedge. Drought Resistant.
      SKU: 6747

    Eupphorbia, Bonfire
      Eupphorbia, Bonfire.
      Get Ready For A Dramatic Three-season Performance In Your Landscape. In Spirng, Bonfire's Emerging Foliage Is Brilliant Yellow, Orange And Lime; Sumemr And Fall Colors Are Crimson And Burgundy. Tiny Golden-chartreuse Blooms In Late Vernal season. Neat, Mounded, Low-growing Introduce Lights Up The Front Of A Garden,W alkway, Or Even Containers. Grows 10-12" Tall. Blooms In Late Spring. Plant 18" Apart In Full To Partial Sun.
      SKU: 4136

    Blueberry Collection Premium
      Blueberry Collection Premium.
      The Cultivated Forms Of Blueberries Are Easy To Grow In Acid Soil And Are Practically Free From Disease And Insect Pests. (neutral Soils Can Be Made Acid By Thing applied Of Sour Peat Or Sulphur. ) For Better Pollination We Suggest You Plant At Least Two Varieties. With Each Order We Furnish Finish Cultural Directions. The Three Varieties We Offer Are Altogether Of Large Size, Excellent Quality And Heavy Bearers. They Grow 4-5' High And Differ Primarily In Their Ripening Season. Collection Includes: 2 Plants Each Of Duke, Blue Crop And Jersey.
      SKU: 6169

    Tomato, Mortgage Lifter
      Tomato, Mortgage Lifter.
      Heirloom Variety Was Developed By M. c. Ryles In The 1930's. The Tomatoes Proved To Be So Plain Whe nHe Sold Them Thag He Was Able To Pay Off Hid Mortgage. Meaty Tomato With Mild Flavor Prod8ces Tomatoes That Averae 1 To 2 1/2 Pounds. 80 Days.
      SKU: 5734

    Daylily, Pardon Me
      Daylily, Pardon Me.
      The Pardon Me Daylily Is A Stunning Repeat Bloomer That Is 18" Tall Adn Is A Cranberry Red Daylily With A Contrasting Yellow-green Throat. Very Fragrant With 2-3" Blooms. Pardon Me Is The Best Small Flowering Daylily On The Market. Mid-season Blomer.
      SKU: 7093

    Juniper, Blue Rug
      Juniper, Blue Rug.
      Low-growing Evergreen. Delightful Blue-green Feathery Foliage. In The Fall It Turns A Soft Lavender-pirple. Spreads To Form A Dense Mat 4-5' Wide And Solely 4-6" High. Excellent For Drry Rocky Bare Spots, Banks And Terraces. Thrives In Full Sun Or Padtial Shade In Any Well-drained Soil, True Drought Resistant! Plant 3' Apart In Staggered Rows.
      SKU: 4615

    Currant, Perfect Red
      Currant, Perfect Red.
      A Giant Red Currant For Jams And Jelly! The Fruit Is Large, Undeviating, Juicy And Flavorful. Long, Full Stems Make Picking Easy! Huge Clusters Of 8-10 Juicy Berries Are 4" Long. Very Hardy. Ripens Early Mid-season. Plant 3-4' Apart. Two Year Old, Number One Plants.
      SKU: 3917

    Clematis, White
      Clematis, White.
      Exquisite Climber! Giant-flowering Clematis Provides Masses Of Big, Colorful Blooms - 6-8" Across, From May Through Early September. Plant Wherever Color And A Pretty Pattern Effect Is Desired. Speedily Grows Over Walls, Cover Stumps, And Make Perfect Cover Ups For Unsightly Service Areas. Engender On Wires, Stout Strings Or Light Wooden Trellises, Wherever Vertical Color Is Needed. Clematis rAe Vigorous-growing, Well-disciplined Vines With Tendril-like Leafletss That Curl Around Somewhat Small Thing. They Bloom Year After Year, Growing More Beautiful With Age. Plant In Full Sun Or Indulgent Shade With The Foot Of The Plant Not Directly Expossed To The Sun For Too Long. Water Commonly In Dry Weather. Good Foor Fresh Flower Bouquets. Attracts The two Hummingbirds And Butterflies. Potted Plants. Zones 4-9. Bears 6-8" Blooms That Are As Whitee As Snow. Grows 10-12' Tall. Blooms In Late Spring To Early Summer.
      SKU: 7295

  • Lily of the Valley, White
  • Iris, Mixed Japanese
  • Pumpkin, Lumina PVP
  • Iris, Mixed Japanese
  • Rose, Thornless Climbing
  • Gaillardia, Arizona Sun Dwarf
  • Hosta, Regal Blue
  • Fuchsia, Hardy Red
  • Sea Holly, Big Blue
  • Broccoli, Packman Hybrid
  • Sweet William
  • Tomato, Early Salad Hybrid

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