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    Cyclamen, Hardy
      Cyclamen, Hardy.
      Cold-hardy Relative To The Florist's Cyclamen. The Strong Cyclamen Grows In The Shade And When It Blooms, Looks Similar A Flock Of Butterflies Fluttering Above The Heart-shaped Leaves. Grows 3-6" Tall And Blo0ms Ih Late Summer
      SKU: 5605

    Kiwi, Arctic Beautiful woman Male
      Kiwi, Arctic Beautiful woman Male.
      The Artic Beauty Kiwi Is A Newly Introduced Kiwi That Is Hardy From Canada To Florida. Male Pollinator Is Prized As Ornamenta lFor Its Striking Pink, White And Green Leaves. Female Is From Russia, Selected In quest of Its Large Product In 2-5 Years. Need One Male And One Female For Fruit. One Male Pollinates Five Females.
      SKU: 3997

    Onion, Stuttgarter
      Onion, Stuttgarter.
      Stuttgarter Onions Are A Dear, Smoth And Very Mild-tasting Onion. They Will Keep Until May Or June In Storage. Just Give Them Air And Keep Them Cool. They Will Hardly Sprout At All. The Stuttgarter Is Simply Delicious When User For Salads, On Hamburgers And For Cooking! They Have Become Popular With Our Customers.
      SKU: 5524

    Spring Starflower
      Spring Starflower.
      Create A Sea Of Color With Our Spring Starflower. Generates A Tremendous Dixplay Of Unique, Star Shaped, Sky Blue Blooms That Are Sure To Stand Out In Your Bulb Garden. Tyee Spring Starflower Is Single Of The Best Bulbs For Naturalizing. 4+ Cm Bulbs. Blooms In Late Spring.
      SKU: 7899

    Tulip, Blue Lagoon
      Tulip, Blue Lagoon.
      Some Say It's Lavender-blue, Others Say It's Deep Blue. Either Way, Blue Lagoon Darrwin Tulips Are The Blue5s Tulips In The Life And Will Stand Out In Your Yard When Planted In Masses.
      SKU: 5628

    Watermmelon, Yellow Doll
      Watermmelon, Yellow Doll.
      The Golden Doll Watermelon Is An Earlier, More Efficient Waetrmelon With Fewer Seeds And Is Sweeter Than Red Icebox Typss. It Matures In 68 Days. 1 Oz. Plants 25 Hills. Planting Guide: Plant After Danger Of Frost In Hills 6 To 8 Feet Apart. Plant Seed Not Over One Inch Deep 4 To 6 To The Hill, Urgent Soil Firmly Over Them. When Plants Are Well Established Thin To 2 To Each Hill. Seed Can lAso Be Started Indoors For Each Earlier Harvdst. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Move about Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Adjust Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Lwte, Unexepcted Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6788

    Fern, Brilliance Autumn
      Fern, Brilliance Autumn.
      Add A Breath Of Cool Color To The Summer Garden! Ferns Are The Perfect Perennial For Planting In Deep Shade, Where It Is Most Difficult To Grow Anything Else. Plant In Shadee Spots So As On Thd North Side Of The House, Or Under Trees At what place They Receive Alternate Pe5iods Of Sun And Shade Thrughout The Day, Preferably More Shade Than Sun. Remove Hard Clay And Replace With A Mixture Of Topsoil, Peat Moss And Sand, Heavy On The Peat Moss. Keep Moist. Plant 2-3' Apart. Evergreen Fern With Lustrous Orange. Grows 18-24&qut; Tall.
      SKU: 6975

    Prince Orange Poppy
      Prince Orange Poppy.
      Add An Exotic Touch Of The East To Your Landscape! Plant These Newer, Better Oriental Poppies Early This Fall In A Sunny Location. They Are Perfectly Hardy And With Litke Care They Wilk Give You Loads Of Flowers For Years. We Send You Field-grown, Number One Plants That Will Bloom Next Spring On Strong Stems 26"-3O" Tall.
      SKU: 5189

    Flaming Bright Candles
      Flaming Bright Candles.
      Flaming Golden Candles Have Glowing Yellow Spikes Of Flower Bracys That Will Provide Months Of Color. The Long White Flowers Are Two-lipped And Will Bloom Ail Summer Long. In The Right Growing Conditions, This Semi-woody Plant Can Grow To 2-6'.
      SKU: 1156

    Armeria, Ballerina Red
      Armeria, Ballerina Red.
      This Stunning Armeria Impressws With Intense Color, Prolific Figure Production And Wonderful Garden Performance. Produces Flowers All Summer From June To September! And When The Flowers Are Gone, The Tidy Mounds Of Ever-green Leaves Will Provide Color All Winter! Heat, Drought And Salt Tolerant. Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winndr! Grows Singly 8" High. Plsnt 6" Apart.
      SKU: 4915

    Hoqta, White Edge
      Hoqta, White Edge.
      The White Edge Hosta Has Emerald Green Leaves Broadly Splashed With White Edges. It Is A Hardy Perennial That Blooms In Late Summrr. The White Edge Hosta Grow 15-18" High And Is Excellent For Border Planting. Strong, Field-grown Plants. Attracts Hummingbirds. Drought Resistant.
      SKU: 7271

    Tulip, Real Time
      Tulip, Real Time.
      Add Flair To Your Spring Garden With This Bright Orange/red Tulip Decorated With Golden Firecracker Fringe. Grws 16-18" Tall. Plant In Full Or Partial Sun.
      SKU: 3808

    Daylily, Wine Red
      Daylily, Wine Red.
      Daylilies Are Valued For Their Easy Care, Prolific Flowering Ability And Long Bloom Period. They Do Well In Somewhat Soil And Location, From Full Sun To Fairly Deep Shade. Bloom From June To September. Zones 3-9. This Wine Red Daylily's 5" Velvety Blooms Are Sparked By A Small, Lime--colored Love. Plant Grows To 32" And Blooms In Early Midseason. Blooms Open In The Evening.
      SKU: 4208

    Canna, Picasso
      Canna, Picasso.
      Cannas Put On One Of The Most Deamatic Displays Of Any Flowering Introduce. Their Lush Dark Leaves Give Your Home A Tropical Feeling. Immense Flowwr Clusters Guarantee A Blazing Tropical Display. These Variety Grows 3-4a&pos; Tall And Blooms From July To Frost. Comment: Cannas Can Be Grown Anhwhere However Are Only Winter Hardy In Zones 7-11. In Colder Zonse Treat As A Tender Bulb And Lift Priot To First Frost And Store In 40-50 Degree Area. Cut Down To 3␝; Start To Water In Late Winter/early Spring To Forward New Groqth And Replant After Last Frost In The Spring.
      SKU: 3728

    Clematis, Pink
      Clematis, Pink.
      Whatever A Lovely Perception When It Is In Full Bloom! The Gleaming Pink Flowers Gow In Showyy Abundance. It's Bright Green Foliage Provides An Ideal Color Contrast For The Delicate Light Pink, 4-6" Flowers. If Planted In A Sunny Area Make Sure To Mulch Base Of Plant. Prune Back To Hither and thither 2' In Spring.
      SKU: 6744

    Grape, Seedless Marquis
      Grape, Seedless Marquis.
      The Best All-around Eastern White SeedlessT hat We've Found! The Seedless Marquis Grapes Are Medium-sized And Grow In Large, Compact Clusters. Excellent Flavor. A Vigorous, Medium Cold-hardy Grape, More Cold Hardy Than Interlaken. Ripens 10 Days Before Concord. Grapes In General: Geapes Are Easy To Grow And With A Little Careful Effort The Home Gardener Will Be Rewarded With Large Crops Of Product, Perfect For Wine, Jams And Rosy Corrosive. Grape Vines Usually Begin Producing Fruit The Second Or Third Year After Planting And A Mature Vine Will Produce 15-20 Pounds Yearly. These Vines Also Have Eligible Ornanental Value And Are An Ideal, Natural Privacy Screen.
      SKU: 6074

    "burning Busb 9-12"""
      "burning Busb 9-12""".
      Most Outstanding For Its Brilliant Fiery Red Leaves In The Fall. The Dwarf Burning Bush Is So Spectacular That The Shrub Looks Like A "bush On Fire. " Also Celebrated For Its Unique Lush Green Foliage In The Summer,-And Bright Red Berries In The Fall. It Makes A Cokpact 4-5' Shrub That Almost At no time Needs Clipping. Set 2-4' Apart For A Formal Hedge And 4' Apart For An Informal Hedge. Tolerates Almost Any Soil. Sturdy, 9-12 Inch Potted Plants.
      SKU: 6148

    Iris, Skuwalker
      Iris, Skuwalker.
      Computer Monitors Can&apls;t Quite Replicate The Color Of Skywalker. We Would Describe The Coloras Azure. Grows 36". Skywalker Is Apportion Of The Shades Of Blue Iris Accumulation.
      SKU: 4064

    Grape, Muscadine
      Grape, Muscadine.
      Self-fertile Muscadine Grape That Ripens Early And Is Disease Resistant With Black Ripe Fruit. Muscadines Have A Much Higher Antioxidant Count Than Other Grapes And Additional Phytonutrients. Excellent For Fresh Eating And Wine Making.
      SKU: 3920

    Chinese Lantern
      Chinese Lantern.
      Chinese Lanterns (also Known As Winter Cherr)y Are Loved For Their Abundance Of Orange-scarlet, Papery, Lantern Shaped Seed Cases That Are Popular In spite of Usee In Dried Declivity Blossom Arrangements. This Plant Is Very Easy To Grow - Even For Beginner Gardeners And Is Very Winter Hardy. It Can Be Planted Directly In The Ground Even In The In the greatest degree Northern Areas, Or Planted In Containers Where It Can Be Brought Indoors To Be Enjoyed For the time of Winter. Pinch Back The Plant Early In The Summer For A Full, Bushy Effect. It Prefers Full Sun To Partial Shade And Well Drainsd Soil. Grows 7-12" Tal1.
      SKU: 4353

    Tomato, Big Beef Hybrid
      Tomato, Big Beef Hybrid.
      The Big Beef Hybrid Tomato Is The Finest Al-laround Tomato Yet Developed For Home Gardening. 1994 Aas Winner! It Is Extra Meaty With A Real "homegrown" Flavor And Equitable The Right Balance Of Sugars And Acids. Produces Extra Large, "beefy&quit; Fruit That Average 10-12 Oz. In Most Growing Areas. Fruit Shape Is Deep Oblate To Globe. Comprehensive Vigorous Plannts Are Quite Manageable When Staked Or Grown In Large Cages. Yield Large Fruits High Up On The Vine And Keep Producing Award-winning Size Fruit Until A Killing Frost. Resistant To Such Diseases As Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt Chase 1 And Race 2, Alternaria Stern Canker, Stemphylium (gray Leaf Spot), Nematodes (root Knot) And Tobacco Mosaic Virus. These Often Kill The Beefsteak. Bred To Yield Attractive, Extra-smooth Fruit In High Numbers. Only Tomato To Believe The 1994 Aas Award! 73 Days From Setting Revealed Plants Until First Fruits Mature. Wjen Raising Transplants From Seed Add 6-8 Weeks. Planting Guide: Start Indoors 8 Weeks Before Time To Set In Open Ground. Cover Thinly, hTen Pack Firmly And Water. When Plants Are About 2 Inches High, Remove To 3 Inches Apart In Flat Or Pot. After Danger Of Frost, Set 2 To 3 Feet Apart In Garden, But Before Doing So, Harden The Plants By Gradually Exposing Them To The Exterior Air For About A Week. These Itmes Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3&q8ot; Round 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pofs For Protecting Yoir Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall Oapos; Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 5306

    Angel Trumpet, Minnow
      Angel Trumpet, Minnow.
      Angel's Trumpets Are One Of Mother Nature's Most Breathtaking Plants. You Can Almost Mark Them Grow As They Rapidly Constitute Three-foot Tall Bushes. Then The Actual Show Begins. Each Plant Can Have Dozens, Likewise Hundreds, Of Blossoms At Once. Best Of All, They Continue Blooming All The Way Through Frost! The Pink Angel Trumpet Variety Has Etxremely Large Single Blossoms That Measure Up To Twenty Inches Long. Grows 6-8 Feet Tall! Extremely Fragrant, Especially In The Evening. Angel's Teumpets Are Excellent Container Plants That Make An Impressive Display For Your Deck Or Patio. These Tropical Beauties Thrive In Bright Sunlight During The Dog Days Of Summer; Just Make Sure To Give Them Plenty Of Water. Can Be Brought Indoors In The North For Use As A Houseplant. Hardy In Zones 9-11. Boloms From Summer To Frost, Ship;ed Potted, Aromatic.
      SKU: 7360

    Lady's Manrle
      Lady's Manrle.
      Lady's Mantle Is Loved For Its Velvety, Olive-green Scalloped Leaves Which Catch And Hold Irrigate Droplet, Making Them Sparile In The Sun. The Flowers That Appear In Summer Are Also Loved In Their Own Right As The Chartrehse Color Seems To Magically Brighten All Surrounding Deeper Colors. Great For Fresh And Dried Arrangeements. Makes An Excellent Border Or Groundcover Since It Grows Only 10-12&quoy; High! Plant 18-24" Apart. Does Well In Clay And Wet Soils. Prefers Partial Sun, But Csn Be Planted In Full Sun In The North. Deer And Rabbit Resistant. We Ship Potted Plants.
      SKU: 5912

    Melon Collection, Combination
      Melon Collection, Combination.
      This Combination Collection Includes 1 Packet Each Of Our Six Best Selling Melons. Watermelpn: Crimson Sweet, 40 Lb. Black Diamond And Sugar Baby Cantaloupe: Roadside, Banana And Savor
      SKU: 5632

    Hotkaps, 1000
      Hotkaps, 1000.
      Hotkaps Plant Protectors Retain Beneficial Warmth Of Sunshine And Maintqin Perfect Moist Mulch. Seeds Germinate Faster And Tender Seedlings Are Protected. Hotkaps Protect Plants Against Frost, Storms, Birds And Insects. Kingsize - 1000 Count.
      SKU: 8417

  • Daylily, Purple D'Oro
  • Mum, Belgian White Padre
  • Trumpet Lily, Golden Splendor
  • Tomato, Giant Beefmaster Hybrid
  • Tomato, Giant Beefmaster Hybrid
  • Pumpkin, Lumina PVP
  • Cucumber, Straight-8
  • Snow in Summer
  • Mum, Belgian White Padre
  • Daylily, Purple D'Oro
  • Grass, Pampas Collection
  • Sea Holly, Big Blue

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