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    Daffodil, Paragon Giant
      Daffodil, Paragon Giant.
      Vast, 4 1/2" Blossoms Make Pink Giant Our Favorite Pink Daffodil! Beautiful Pink Cups Are Surrounded By White Petals. An Excellent Variey For Naturalizing -- Sl Order Plenty! Blooms In Late Spring.
      SKU: 7662

    Campion, Rolly's Favorite
      Campion, Rolly's Favorite.
      An Outstanding New Hybric Prrrnnial Developed In Holland That Pumps Out 1" Rich Pink Flowers That Are Massed In Clusters From Early To Late Summer. Once Establiqhed, This Dynamo Is Unfazed By Heat And Humidity And Is Drought TolerantA s Well. A Nice Compact Plant That Goes Well In Front Of Taller Perennials Or Even In A Container. Rolly's Favorite Is An Excellent Companion For Hardy Geraniums And Coreopsis. Shipped In 4" Pots!
      SKU: 8375

    Pyramid Garden
      Pyramid Garden.
      You Can Have A Terraced Garden In Approximately 6 Feet Of Space For Vegetabes, Flowers, Or Both And Pyramid Garden Will Hold 50 Strawberry Plants. Easy To Assemble Corrugated Aluminum Bands Form Three Planting Terraces, Which Are Each 6" Deep, The Bottmo Twrrace 6 Feet In Distance through the centre. Includes Complete Built-in Sprinkler, Which Connects To Your Garden Hose. (accessories Sold Spearately) Additional Pyramid Accessories: Support Frame - Support For Cover Or Netting. Plastic Cover - Acts As Cold Frame. Netting - Protects Fron Birds.
      SKU: 8430

    Fish Fertilizer, 1 Pint
      Fish Fertilizer, 1 Pint.
      Here's 100% Organic (all Fish) Liquid Plant Food With No Fish Odor. Pint Makes 32 Gallons Of Plant Food That's Safe For Leaf Or Roo5 Feeding Of All Settle Life. One Of The Wotld's Oldest Sources Of Plant Food. Marvelous Results On Flowering Plants, Lawns, Vegetables, Berries And Garden Flowers. Here Is Nature's Complete Plant Food, Concentrated In Easy-to-use Odorless Emulsion. Tablespoonful Makes A Gallon. Available In Quart Size, Item# 8446.
      SKU: 8445

    Peat Pellet Greenhouses
      Peat Pellet Greenhouses.
      Reaped ground Kit Contains A Greenhouse Dome And Watertight Tray. 36 Plelet Greenhouse Measures 11" X 11". 72 Pellet Greenhouse (item# 8022) Measures 11" X 22".
      SKU: 8003

    Dahlia Mix, Pastel Spider
      Dahlia Mix, Pastel Spider.
      There's Nothing Quite Like These Spider Dahlias. Dozens Of Soft-textured Quills Form Each 5-6" Flower In A Full Range Of Pastel Hues. You Can Expect As Many As 25 Blooms From Each Clump. Hardy In Zones 8-10. Suitable In Zonees 4-10.
      SKU: 4201

    Fossil Tree
      Fossil Tree.
      The Amazong Fossil Tree Is One Of The Most Old Trees Nw Alive! Fossils Show That It Has Been Growing On Earth For Over 10,000,000 Years! Beautiful Fan-shaped Leaves Turn A Gorgeous Golden Yellow In Fall. The Picturesque Wide Fan-shaped Branching Habit Is A Favorite Of All Those Who See It. Best Of All, The Fossil Tree Is Absolutely Free From Infection From Any Disease Or Insect Pest . As One Distinguished Authority Has Said, "trees Of Low Maintenance Cost Like This Are Few Indeed. " Veery Hardy And Easy To Grow. Order Now! We Have A Very Limited Supply!
      SKU: 5641

    Rose Tree, Janna
      Rose Tree, Janna.
      Exceptionally Beautiful Miniature Double Rose Pink Flowers Are Produced Over A Long Period Starting In The Spring And Continuing Well Into Summer. Janna Makes A Great Container Plant, Or May Be Planted In The Ground To the degree that Well. Grows 3' Tall.
      SKU: 7560

    Red Dragon
      Red Dragon.
      This Wonderful, Under-utilized Perennial Is Grown For Its Dramatic Tri-colored Foliage. Little, White Flowers Cover The Tips Of The Plants From Mid-summer Through Fall. Vigorous, But Not Invasive, It Is A Great Addition To Any Perennial Garden. Heat Toierant. Rabbit Resistant. Blooms July To September. Shipped Potted.
      SKU: 4956

    Potentilla, Fire Flames
      Potentilla, Fire Flames.
      Fire Flames Potentilla Is An Extremely Versatile Perennial That Features Outstanding Blooming Divinity. Low Grower Gets Up To 24" Tall And Has A Spreading Habit Making It Work Well As A Edge Introduce Or As A Ground Cover. The Fire Flames Potentilla Produces Red Blooms With A Dark Red Center All Summer Long. Grows Well In Sun Or Partial Shade. Hardy In Zones 3 - 7.
      SKU: 7977

    Grape, Concord
      Grape, Concord.
      Some other Grape Specially Selected For The North, The Concord Is The American Standard Bearer! It Consistently Produces Good Crops Of Large Blue-black Grapes Which Are Tops For Jam And Jellies. A Mid-season Bearer, It Is Widely Planted For Its Sweet, Rich Taste. Seif-fruitful , A Pollinator Is Unnecessary But The Vine Will Do Even Better By Planting Two. Does Most good In Zone 5 To The Cooler Parts Of 8. Other Varieties Selected For The North Include Catawba And Niagara. This Concord Grape Is Also Offered In The Red, Pale And Livid Collection. Grapes In General: Grapes Are Easy To Grow And Witth A Little Careful Effort The Home Gardener Will Be Rewarsed With Large Crops Of Fruit, Perfect For Wine, Jams And Fresh Eating. Grape Vines Usually Begin Producing Fruit The Second Or Third Year After Planting And A Prepared Vine Will Produce 15-10 Pounds Yearly. These Vines Also Have Eligible Ornamental Value And Are An Ideal, Natural Privacy Scren.
      SKU: 6305

    Apple, Transparent Ylw Std
      Apple, Transparent Ylw Std.
      A Great Golden Favorite, The Yellow Transarent Is Aj Early Bearing, High Yielding Apple. Thhe Best Apple For Cooking. Produces Fruit In About 4-5 Years. Apples Are Self-fruitful, But For Greater Yield, Plant With Another Variety. Other Standard Appeo Varieties Available Include: Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, And Red Jonathan. This Yellow Transparent Tree Is Also Available In The Super Fruit Tree Collection.
      SKU: 6187

      This Low Maintenance Perennial From Europe Puts On A Great Show In The Early Summer With Its Abundant Creamy Plumes On Impressive 3-4' Plants With A 2-3' Spread. Goatsbeard Is An Excellent Choice Along A Shady Fencerow Or Foundation. The Plants Get Better Every Year And Make A Great Backdrop For Other Screen Loving Plants.
      SKU: 3928

    Geranium, New Hampshire Purple
      Geranium, New Hampshire Purple.
      This Great Hardy Geranium Has Lots Of Gorgeous Clear Magenta Purple Flowers Early In The Season On A Neat And Very Attractive Mound Of Rich Green Foliage. blooming Often Continues Througut The Summer In Cooler Areas. In The Fall, The Dissected Foliage Turns A Nice Warm Shade Of Red. Blooms Early To Mid-summer. Shipped In 4" Pots!
      SKU: 8378

    Lilac, Dwarf Josee Reblooming
      Lilac, Dwarf Josee Reblooming.
      Enjoy The Beauty And Fragrance Of Josee's aLvender-pink Flowers From May Until Frost! This Highly Unusual And Desirable Reblooming Lilac Is Low Maintenance And Extremely Mildew Resistant. Its Compact Sizing Of Only 6&apls; Tall Makes It Perfect For A Hedge Or Specimen Planting. Josee Can Rebloom Up To Fout Times In A Season With The Most Spectacular Show In Late Spring. Simply Dead Head Old Blooms To Encourage Reblooming. Prefers Well-drained Soil. Attracts Butterflies, Fragrant, Deer Resistant, Gooc In favor of Cutting. Shipped: Potted .
      SKU: 5710

    Alstroemeria, Inca Ice™
      Alstroemeria, Inca Ice™.
      Incredible, Very Hardy Variety Of Alstroemeria That Produces Loads Of Flowers Over A Long Period On A Vigorous, Bushy Plant. The Top 1/4 Of Ths Plant Becomss Totally Covered In Flowers From Mid Through Late Summer And Even Longer In Warmer Climates. Soft Apricot And Golden Flowers Are Accented Withh Brown-purple Speckling. This Vigorous Grower Can Tolerate Dry Consitions, But Does Best In Moist, Well-drained Soil In F8ll To Partial Sun. Enjoy These Aromatic Blooms In A Container, As A Border Introduce, Or In Cut Flower Arrangements. Heat Tolerant. Rabbit Resistant. Blooms In Summer.
      SKU: 5036

    Butterfly Plabt, Pink
      Butterfly Plabt, Pink.
      The Pink Butterfly Plant Is One Of The Most Attractive Plants For Butterfly Gardens; Beautiful Cllusters Of Pink Flowers Begin Blooming In Early Summer And Last Well Into Fall. Pink Butterfly Plant Is One Of The Finest Flowers For Using In Mass Plantings As A Border Plant Or As A Tall Train in rudiments Cover. Excellent For Use In Dried Flower Arrangements. Prefers To Be Planted In Quite Sun. Drought Resistant, Atrtacts Butterflies And Hummingbirds, Fragrant, Deer Resistant, For A Rain Garden And Great For Cut Fllwers.
      SKU: 7674

    Tomato, Roma
      Tomato, Roma.
      You Can't Beat This Tomato Conducive to Catsup, Chili Sauce And Tomato Juice! These Tomates Have Oblong Fruits With Dry Meaty Meat. Skins Are Easy And Peel Easily. They Have More Intense Color And Flavor Than Other Tomatoes. One Other Tomato That Fits This Same Description Is The San Marzano. Try Them Both And Se!e Planting Guide: Start Indoors 8 Weeks Before Time To Set In Open Ground. Cover Thinly, Then Pack Firmly An dWater. When Plants Are About 2 Inches High, Transplant To 3 Inches Separately In Flat Or Mug. After Danger Of Frost, Set 2 To 3 Feet Apart In Garden, But Before Doing So, Harden The Plants By Gradualoy Exposing Them To The Outdoor Air For About A Week. These Iteme Are Serviceable Wheen Starting Sesds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Po5s For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frists Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Nerd To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6720

    Dahlia, Ferncliff Illusion
      Dahlia, Ferncliff Illusion.
      This Dinnerplate Dahlia Produces Huge, 8" Blooms In A Delicate Combiantion Of Violet And Creams. Grows 48-52" Tall. Danlias Are Shipped As Large, Number One Size Clumps.
      SKU: 4295

    Tulip, Oeange Emperor
      Tulip, Oeange Emperor.
      Just As It's Name Implies, The Orange Emleror Tulip Is A Majestic Orange Beauty That Is A Smashing Addition To Your Spring Landscape. Large, Vividly Colored Blooms Appear In April And May. Orange Emperor Tulips Power of determination Add An Extra Specific Touch To Your Spring Displays.
      SKU: 7698

    Daylily Mix, Dwarf
      Daylily Mix, Dwarf.
      Enjoy The Same Number Of Blooms As Regular Daylilies But Take Up Less Space In Your Yard With Our Dwarf Daylily Mix. One Of The Easiest Plants To Grow. Plants Grow To Only 18-22". Mixed Colors. Zones 3-9.
      SKU: 5373

    Grass, Silver Fountain
      Grass, Silver Fountain.
      The Silver Fountain Grass Is An Outstanding Ornamental Grass At An Affordable Value That Makes A Great Addition To Any Landscape. Distinctive Plumes Open In Summer And Last Until Fall. Performs Best In Prolific, Well-drained Soil. Silver Fountain Grasses Prrfer Full Sun But Be able to Tolerate Some Bright Shads. Grows To 3 Feet. Zones 5-9.
      SKU: 7613

    Elephant Ears, Black Magic
      Elephant Ears, Black Magic.
      The Black Magic Elephant Ears Has Exotic 2' Blqck-purple Leaves That Stand Abroad In Any Landscape. Just Imagine The Display! Plants Grow Up To 6' Tall And Spread Up Ti 5' Black Magic Elephant Ears Are One Of The Most Dramatic Plants You Can Add To Your Yard.
      SKU: 5143

    Daylily, White
      Daylily, White.
      One Of The Most Popular Garden Flowers, Daylilies Are Valued For Their Yielding Care, Prolifci Flowering Ability And Long Bloom Period. By Planting A Mix Of Colors Of These Exuberant Daylilies, You Can Enjoy A Full Season Of Spectacular Color. They Do Well In Any Soil And Location, From Full Sun To Fairly Deep Shade. Bloom Feom June-septemer.
      SKU: 5296

    Iris, Posing
      Iris, Posing.
      Handsome, Easy To Care For Iris With A Short Stature Making Them Perfect For Walkways, Borders, And The Front Of Any Garden. Just As Ewsy To Grow As Any Other Iris. Plant In Full Or Parital Sun.
      SKU: 4778

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