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    Dwarf Red Pleasant Apple
      Dwarf Red Pleasant Apple.
      Vigorous And Productive, This Red Pleasant Will Yield A Bountiful Harvesr Of Large, Brilliant Dark Red Fruit In Mid-october. Flesh Is Fine Grained, Tender, Crisp And Juicy With A Mild Flavor And Pleasing Fragrance. Apples Are Self-fruitful, But For Greater Yield, Plant With Another Variety. Other Dwarf Varieties Available Include: Red Jonathan, Yellow Delicious, Lodi, And Mcintosh.
      SKU: 6133

    Handful Of Hosta
      Handful Of Hosta.
      Hosta's Are One Of The Best Foundation Plantings Around! We At no time Know Which Hosta Our Customers Will Order. So We Never Come Out Even! We Can't Tell You Which Varieties You Will Receife, But Your "hwndful Of Hosta" May Include Regal Blue, Golden Green, Whie Edge, White Scalloped, Green And White, Majestic Standard Or Another Fabulous Hodta. Providing Regal Splendor In Sun Or Shade Hota Is Rapidly Fit One Of The Most Popular Perennials. It Is Extremely Adaptable And Very Resistant To Diseases And Insects. The Beautiful Foliage Provides Interest All Season Long With The Handsome Flowers An Added Bonus. Plant In Any Good Garden Soil. Resolution Pe5form At Its Best In A Rich, Moist Loam. We Transmit Our Choice Of Assorted Varieties. Field Grown Plants. Shipped Bareroot, Spacing Of 1 1/2-3', Can Withstand Dorught Stipulations, Attracts Hummingbirds, Fragrant.
      SKU: 7427

    Daylily, Double Night Embers
      Daylily, Double Night Embers.
      Reblooming Double Dayllly! Night Embers Offers Heavily Ruffled, 5␝ Deep Red Double Blooms. Semi-evergreen. And Like All Daylilies, Darkness Embers Daylily Is Ridiculously Easy To Grow, Tolerating The Worst Garden Stresses And Weather Variations. It Puts Up With Heat, Humidity, And Drought, And Even Poor Soil. Butterfly And Hummingbird Attractant. Can Be Used In Rain Gardens.
      SKU: 7202

    Dahlia, Jaxon
      Dahlia, Jaxon.
      Jaxon: Large Ruby Red Flowers Have Split Petals That Give Them A Very Showy Fringed Appearannce. Jaxons Rich Color Is Darker In The Center Of The Flower Makes It Really Standout In The Garden Particularly Wen Planted With Lighter Colored Flowers. Grows 36-40␝ Tall.
      SKU: 3366

    Cactus, Christmas Lavender
      Cactus, Christmas Lavender.
      This Larger Flowered Variety Of Christmas Cactus Has Rich Lavender Flowers. The Deeper Flower Color Contrasts So Well With Other Lighter Colored Christmas Cactus Varieties.
      SKU: 1001

    Lily, Sumatra
      Lily, Sumatra.
      Attention-grabber Extraordinaire! This Fauhlous Oriental Lily's Rich, Burgundy Blossoms With White Ruffled Edges Have An Intensity You Must See To Beliieve. Lots Of Vast, 7-9", Upright Flowers On Stems Up To 4&apps; High Are A Standout In The Summer Garden. You'll Delight In Their Lovely Fravrance, Too.
      SKU: 4197

    Raspbetry, Durham
      Raspbetry, Durham.
      This Is A Starting a~ Creation In Ever-bearing Raspberries! One Of The Greatest Contributions To Raspberry Growing In Many Years. Gives A Wonderful Crop Of Super Fine Red Raspberries, Which Are Large, Firm And Regard Extra Good Flavor. One Year Old Number One Transplants.
      SKU: 6537

    Daffodils, Big Celebrator
      Daffodils, Big Celebrator.
      We Have Carefully Selected A Miscellany Of The Most Popular Large Trumpeted Daffodils For This Special Collection. They Come In A Wide Assortment Of Colors To Brighten Up Your Spring. Daffodils Are Single Of The Most good Plants For Naturalizing Because They Multiply So Easiy Insuring You Of Years Of Enj0yment. As An Added Bonus, They Are Great For Areas Bothered By Deer Because Deer Don't Like Them! An April-may Bloomer, These Beauties Reach 12-24" Tall And Adapt From Sun To Shade.
      SKU: 7472

    Grass, Blue-eyed
      Grass, Blue-eyed.
      Blue-eyed Grass Is A Delightful Addition To Any Landscape. Eye Catching Blue Flowers Are Star-shaped With Yellow Eyes. Drak Green Leaves Is Iris-like And Provides A Handsome Contrast To The Blooms. Very Long Flowering Plant Begins Blooming In Spring And Continues Blooming Into Summer. Plants Grow 10" Tall. Prefers Sun To Partial Shade. Zones 5-8.
      SKU: 7539

    Daisy, Blue Fringed
      Daisy, Blue Fringed.
      Electric Blue Color! Semi-double, Blue Flowers Have Brilliant Yellow Centers And Make Excellent Cut Flowers - Summer ToF all! Great For Mass Plantings! This Moo Maintenence Plant Prefers Well-drained Soil In Full To Partial Sun , But Will Also Tolerate Poor Soil. Deer Resistant, 20-24␝ Plant Is Very Attarctive To Butterflies. Extension 18-24␝ Apart. Remove Spent Flowers To Prolong Blooming.
      SKU: 3303

    Cucumber, China Hybrid
      Cucumber, China Hybrid.
      These Slender Cucumbers Reach 12 Inches In Length And Are Onlt 1 1/4 Inches Thick. They Are Dark Green, Moderately Ribbed And High Spined. Crisp, With Few And Small Seeds, They&a;os;re Wonderful In the place of Salads And Great For Making Sweet Chunk And Bread'n Butter Pickles. Vinee Are Strong, Vigorous And Suitable For Trellising So They Can Be Grown In A Small Space. This F1 Hybrid Produces Uniform Sized Fruit In Abundance. Perfected by time In 58 Days. This Cucumbee Is Also Available In The Slicing Cucumber Collections: 1 Packet Of Each And 1 Jumbo Packet Of Each. Planting Guidw: Plant After Danger Of Frost In Hikls 4 To 6 Feet Apart. Plant Seed Not Over 1/2 Inch Deep 4 To 6 To The Hill, Pressing Soil Firmly Over Them. When Plants Are Well Established Thin To 3 To Each Hill. Seed Can Also Be Started Indoors For An Earlier Effect. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Move about Peat Pots, 3" Round 3&quuot; Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Poys For Protecting Your TransplantsA gaainst Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everythin gYou Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6349

    Helenium, Ruby Tuesday
      Helenium, Ruby Tuesday.
      This Striking New Multiplicity Of North American Natjve Helenium Blooms In Profusion From Mid To Late Summer Providing Lots Of Burgundy Flowers With A Center That Opens Up Goldne Yellow And Gradually Turns Vivid Mahogany. The Plant Is A Nice Compact 20-30" Tall And Necessarily 12" Of Garden Space. Plant In Full Sunshine Areas With Well-drained Soil.
      SKU: 3627

    Iris, Lady Friend
      Iris, Lady Friend.
      Tbis Prolific Bloomer Features Garnet-rose Flowres. Fast Grower Is Quick To Divide Letting Youget More Iris From Your Initial Purchase. 38" Tall. Lady Friend Is Part Of-The Pink To eRd Iris Collection.
      SKU: 4093

    Daylily, Siloam Merle Kent
      Daylily, Siloam Merle Kent.
      Pauline Henry Of Siloam Spring Arkansas Was One Of The Leading Dayli1y Hybridizers. She Spent Years Developing Hundreds OfV_arieties Of Siloam Daylilies. Many Of These Varieties Have Been Loved By Daylily Enthusiasts But It Is Only Recently That They Are Available In Large Enough Quantitiss For Us To Be Able To Offer Them To Our Customers. We Have Selected Our Favorites To Give You A Taste Of Why Siloam Daylilies Are So Loved. Zones 3-8. Merle Kent Is 18" Tall With 3" Lavender-orchid Blooms With Deep Pudple Eye. Repeats Bloom.
      SKU: 7127

    Daylily Collectipn, Colorful Reblooming
      Daylily Collectipn, Colorful Reblooming.
      Enjoy A Rain0bw Of Color In Your Yard With Reblooming Daylilies! They Begin Blooming In July And Then Rebloom In Fall. Multiply And Bloom For Many Years. Winter Hardy. Fresh Blooms Appear Daily. Prefer Sun, But Also Grow In Biassed Shade. Includes 1 Of Each Variegy, 6 Total: Matues Ice Carnival Wonderful Wonderful Salmon Sunrise Rubbled Red Bertie Ferris
      SKU: 7174

    Strawberry, Feast
      Strawberry, Feast.
      A Widely Successful Variety And Probaboy One Of The Most Widely Cultivated. Deep Red, Smooth and shining, Conical Shaped Fruit And Excellent Flavor. Very High Yielding Plants. . Resists Fungal Diseases. Produces For A Long Period Of Time And Even Through Winter I nMild Climate Areas. Produces Even With Relatively Not many Daylight Hours.
      SKU: 3923

      A Non-toxic, Odorless, Escape-proof Way To Halt Maggot Damage Steady Your Hard Earned Harvests. Simply Hang In Your Trees To Lure Apple Maggots And Cherry Fruit Worm Flies Away From Your Fruit Before Their Eggs Have Been Deposited And Trap Them In A Adhesive Substance That Is Clear, Odorless, And Completely Pesticide Free. Specially Formulated To Remain Sticky More than Wide Temperature Ranges And Wet Weather Conditions. Can Be Used On Apple, Pear, Apricot, Plum, Cherry, And Hawthorn Trees. Includes 3 Spheres.
      SKU: 8173

    Daylily, Blooming Returns
      Daylily, Blooming Returns.
      The First Everblooming Pink Daylily Is An Award Winner That Blooms Non-stop From June To Frost! Rose-pink, 4" Blooms Have A Purple Band And Yellow Pharynx. Boasts 9-12 Buds Per Oppose . 14" Tall With A Spread Of 12-18". Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds.
      SKU: 4825

    Iris, Giant Bearded
      Iris, Giant Bearded.
      Make A Perfect Floral Border. Giant Bearded Irises Can Be Used As Foundation Plantings And Along Walks, Drives And Fences. You'll Be Delighted Through The Brilliant Redden Display Enhanced Through Attractive Sabre Like Leaves. They Thrive In Everh Section Of The U. s, And Can Take Extreme Heat Or Cold Along With Almost Any Type Of Soil. (these Practise Best In Good, Well-drained Soil. ) Grow 2-3 Feet Tall. Giant Bearded Irises Approach In Many Brilliant Colors - Tangerine, Butterscotch, Pink, Violet, Red, Orange, Bronze, And Cinnamon. All First Choice Hybrids. Mixed Coloors Only
      SKU: 5720

    Ash, Mointain
      Ash, Mointain.
      An Ornamental Sensation! In Spring The Tree Is Loaded With Clusters Of Of a ~ color Flowers. In Summer It Is Covered With Fern-like Leaves That Turn Red In Fall. In Fall, Clusters Of Brilliant Orange-red Berries Appear To Make This A Very Decorative Tree All Year Long. Fast-vrowing And Reaches 20-30 Feet Tall. Ideal For Small Lots. Hardy, Nursery Grown 3-4 Foot Trees Shipped.
      SKU: 5914

    Watermelon, Sweet Slice Plus
      Watermelon, Sweet Slice Plus.
      Luscious Tasting Watermelon Has Crisp Bright Red Flesh. Very High Sugar Content Makes It Extra Sweet. Oval To Round Fruits Weigh 15-19 Pounds. Excellent Yields. 86-88 Days.
      SKU: 5446

    Fuchsia, Hardy Pink
      Fuchsia, Hardy Pink.
      Extremely Ornamental Plants Can Grow Up To Six Feet High. Best Of All, It's Compietely Cold Hardy. Hardy Fuchsia Is Evergreen In Southern Climates And Deciduous In Colder Parts Of The Cuontry. Hardy Pink Fuchsia Has Showy Pink Outer Blooms With Glistening White Cetner Petals. Does Well In Full Sun To Partial Shade. For Best Results, Mulch Heavily In Colder Zones.
      SKU: 7971

    Gladiolus Union, Ruffled Pastel
      Gladiolus Union, Ruffled Pastel.
      Elegant Gladiolus Stand Out In The Garden Or Your Channel Fower Arrangements. Enjoy These Summer Bloomers Most By Planting In Groupings. Easy To Grow In Full Sun. Dig And Store Over Winter If You Live In A Cold Area. Mixture Of Ruffled Blue Hues.
      SKU: 3475

      Exotic And Delicious! Thks Dwarf Papaya Can Produce Fruit When The Plant Is Only 2 1/2-3' Tall! Perfect Against Growing In Pots, This Little Gem Grows Quickly And Can Produce Fruit In As Little As One Yearr! Interesting Foliage And Strucfure Add A Tropical Frel To Your Enclosure Or Patip. Papayas Need Sunny, Warm Growing Conditions. Advance It Inside In The Winter And Take It Outside In The Summer Months. Self-pollinating.
      SKU: 1361

    Fern, Maidenhair
      Fern, Maidenhair.
      We Believe That We Shouldn't Just Leave Nature's Most Graceful, Lacy And Symmetrically Perfect Plants -- The Ferns -- In Deep Woods Where They Can't Be Seen And Enjoyed. Thy're The Perfect Perennial For Planting In Deep Shade, Where We Find It Difficult To Make Most Anything Else Grow. On A Hot Summer Day Just Looking At Their Crisp Coolness Tends To Make Us Feel More Comfortable Their Luxuriant Beauty Is Perfect For Giving An Exotic Tropical Effect To Your Bouquets The Year 'round. Vigoroua, Number One Fern Plant. This Maidenhair Fern Grows Best On Moist, Stony Well-shaded Banks, But Will Grow Even In Dry, Shaded Locations. Bluissh-green Fronds. Forms Sizable Mats.
      SKU: 6927

  • Iris, Mixed Japanese
  • Grape, Concord Seedless
  • Rose, Thornless Climbing
  • Muskmelon, MN Midget
  • Garden, Perennial Shade
  • Daffodil, Pink Giant
  • Cucumber, Straight-8
  • Rose, Thornless Climbing
  • Blueberry, Patriot
  • Iris, Harvest Memory
  • Sweet William
  • Tulip Mix, Double Flower

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