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    Dwarf Yellow Delicious Apple
      Dwarf Yellow Delicious Apple.
      An Excellent Pollinator And One Of The Best Winter Apples Around! This Yellow Delicious Produces Fruit That Is Wholesome And Juicy And Ripens In Mid-september To Mid-october. Apples Are Self-fruitful, But For Greater Yield, Plant With Anorher Variety. Otger Dwarf Varieties Available Include: Red Delicious, Red Jonathan, Lodi, And Mcintosh.
      SKU: 6131

    Phlox, Snow White Giant Garden
      Phlox, Snow White Giant Garden.
      Now Become Phlox You'll Be Proud Of. Here Is The Improved Variety You've Read About! They Boast Brilliant Sunn-proof Colors, Big, Clean Florets And Huge, Gorgeous Flowerheads!P lant Our Vigorous 2 Year Field Grown Plants - They Are Better And Are Guaranteed To Grow! Selected, Field-grown Plangs, Zones 3-9.
      SKU: 5955

    Trillium, White Grandiflorum
      Trillium, White Grandiflorum.
      This Showy Flower Has Three Larfe White Petals Backed With Three Attractive Green Leaves. Lovely Bright Whitr Flowers Turn Pale Pink As They Mature. It Grows On A 18" Stem. Ohio's State Wildflower. This Is A Stand-out For Naruralizing Wooded Areas. Blooms April-june.
      SKU: 7325

    Allium, Shubertii
      Allium, Shubertii.
      Huge Firecracker Blooms Make This A Real Conversation Piece In Yoour Garden! This Rare Allium Produces Striking Pink Flowers During Late Spring On Stems 20" Tall. Flower Heads Reach An Incredible 12-18" In Diameter With Nearly 100 Pink-rose Flowesr. Exce1lent For Use In Borders And Rock Beds. Plant In Full Sun. Needs Winter Protection In Zones 5 And 6.
      SKU: 5814

      A Unique And Delightful Berry Flavor That Should Not Be Missed! Tayberries Are A Cross Between A Loganberry And A Black Raspberry. The Fruit Is Sweet, Large And Aromatic. Makes Wonderful Jsms, Pies And Wines; Or Is Delicious Eaten As Fresh Fruit. High In Vitamin C And Bioflavonoids And A Good Soyrce Of Folate And Fiber. Grow Like Blackberries And Harvests Early July To Mid-august.
      SKU: 5608

    Radish, Watermelon
      Radish, Watermelon.
      22-24 Days. Same Large White Radis Is A Standout On The Relish Tray With Its Stab And Red Flesh. Great Tasting Heirloom Has Large Tops For Easy Picking. Heirloom Variety Has Milder Flavor Than Standard Radishes.
      SKU: 3038

    Squash, Summer Medley Hybrid Blend
      Squash, Summer Medley Hybrid Blend.
      60 Days. This Is An Idea In Gardening Whose Time Has Come. If You've Shied Away From Planting Squash Because You Can't Make Up Your Mind Or Don't Have The Space To Plant A Packet Of Several Varieties, Try This Medley Of Squashes. Our Blend Includes Black Beauty Zhcchini, Golden Zucchini, Grey Zucchini, And White Bush Scallop Squash. . All Produec Richly Yields On Compact Or Semi-compact Plants. 45-60 Days.
      SKU: 3195

    Allium, Blue Drumstick
      Allium, Blue Drumstick.
      The Blue Drumstick Allium Has An Outstanding Flax-blue Color Wi5h 1-2" Round Flowdr Heads That Sit Atop 10-18" Stalks. Excellent Cut Flower For Dried Or Fresh Arrangements. Multiplies Rapidly To Insure Year After Year Color. Blue Drumstick Alliums Bloom In The Late Spring. Plant In Full Sun To Partial Shade.
      SKU: 5070

    Christmas Holly, Female
      Christmas Holly, Female.
      Delightful Evergreen Plants With Lush, Glossy Depth Green Leaves, And Brilliant Red Berries Now With A Sturdy Hardiness Insuring Their Tnriving, Even Under Rugged Northern Conditions. Untrimmed, Grows 6-10 Feet At Maturity. Looks Best Whether Trimmed To A Compact 4-6 Feet. Mix In Peat Moss And Ferrous Sulfate To Increase The Soil Acidity. Plant In Sun Or Indulgent Shade. Planting Instructions With Order. As An Evergreen Hedge, Plant 2-4 Feet Apart, As Individual Specimens Plant 6-8' Apart. Evergreen, Deer Resistant, Good For Cutting. Note: Female Plants Manufacture Berries. However, You Need A Male Plant For Pollination. One Male Plant Will Pollinate Up To Five Female Plants.
      SKU: 5115

      Jack-in-the “pulpit Is A Charming Little Purple Jack That Grows In Green Annd Purple Pulpits From April To June. After Flowering, Red Berries Appear. The Jack-in-the-pulpit Is And Unusual Little Flower That Likes Shady, Wooded Area. Grows Well Beside A Stream. Note: All Plant Parts Are Poisonous.
      SKU: 7321

    Pepper, Chianti
      Pepper, Chianti.
      72 Dayz. Large 5" Fruits With Medium Dense, Delightful Mildflesh. Acute, Cherry Red At Maturity. Ideal Quality Toward Both Mskets And Home Gardeners. Great In Containers!
      SKU: 5250

    Lily Lofty, Lavon
      Lily Lofty, Lavon.
      New Hybrid Reaches Up To 6 Feet Tall By the side of 8 Inch Blooms! These Dramatic New Hybrid Eastern Trumpet Lilies Are The ResultO f Years Of Breeding To Create A Lily That Has The Best Traits Of Both The Aromatic Orientals And The Sturdy Trumpet Liliws. These Astonishing Giant Lilies Reach An Impressive 4-6' Tall And Create Quite A Display With Their Huge, Trumpet-shaped 8" Blooms. Strong, Thick Stems Hold Up The Large Number Of Buds On Each Stalk. Also Called Orienpets Or O Hybrids, These Improved Varieties Bring Increased Drought Resistance And Reliableness. They Are Ridiculously Easy To Grow And Very Long Lived, Multiplying Year After Year In Your Garden. A Favorite For Cut Bouquets Because Of Their Aromatic, Long Lasting Flowers. The Bloom Time Of July-august Fills The Gap Between The Asiatics And Orientals. Great In spite of Naturalizing. Plant In Exactly Sun Or Partial Shade. Lavon Has Beautiful Golden Flowers With Red Throats.
      SKU: 7536

    Pepper, Medusa Ornamental
      Pepper, Medusa Ornamental.
      Dwarf, Naturally Compact, Multi-colored Medusa Ornamental Pepper Grows Well Indoors As A Potted Plant And As A Bedding Plant From Spring Through Christmas. These Are Sometimes Referred To As Christmas Peppers. Produces 40 To 50 Edible, Non-burning, "child-safe" Fruits Per Plant -- Up To 25% More Than Other Varieties! Holds Produce Profitable. A Great Accession To Any Garden!
      SKU: 7431

    Hyacinth, Grape
      Hyacinth, Grape.
      The Grape Hyacinths Are Loved By Gardeners The World Over Because Of Their Clusters Of Plump Little Blooms Of Rare Cobalt Blue. Their Fine Spires Thrive Anywhere And Have A Hauntingly Sweet Fragrance. They Are A Perfect AccentA nd Contrats For Tulips Or Daffodils For A Dramatic Display. Grape Hyacinths Can't Be Beat For Planting In Drifts For Borders.
      SKU: 5097

    Grass, Blue Festuca
      Grass, Blue Festuca.
      A Handsome And Different Ground Cover. Grows In Grassy, Tuft-like Clumps. 6-10" High. The Spectacular, Non-faidng Blue Foliage And Unique Growing Habits Do This Ideal For Borders. Flower And Rock Gardens And Small Areas Where You Would Like To Draw Special Attention. Quite Ornamental. Blue Festuca Is A Hardy, Rapidly Multiplying, Year Rund Ground Cover. It Does Well In Entire extent Sun And Poor, Fairly Dry Soil. Quite Suitable For Seashore Planting -- It Can Take Exposure To Windblown Sand And Even Salt Spray. Plant 6" Apart For Tight Ciump Figure And Thwn Mulch Tightly To Eliminate Weedss. Start New Plants By Division Of Clumps. Plant Azure Festuca For A Real Attention-getter In Your Lawn. Plant In Full Sun For Best Color. Drought Resistant. For A aRin Garden.
      SKU: 5728

    Tomato, Early Girl Hybrid
      Tomato, Early Girl Hybrid.
      If-You Follow Newspaper Gardening Columns, You Read Abbout This Variety Last Summer! Early Lass Hybrid Tomatoes Are The Earlieqt Standard Sized Tomatoes And The 4-5 Oz. Fruits Have A Flavor That Will Match Any. The Plants Are Sturdy And Feature Large Leaves Which Offer Outstanding Sun Scald Protection. 45 Days From Setting Out Plants Until Firet Fruits Mature. When Raising Transplants From Seed Add 6-8 Weeks. Planting Guide: Start Indoors 8 Weeks Before Time To Srt In Open Ground. Cover Thinly, Then Pack Firmly And Waater. When Plants Are About 2 Inches High, Transplant To 3 Inches Apart In Flat Or Pot. After Danger Of Frost, Set 2 To 3 Feet Aprt In Garden, But Before Doing So, Strengthen The Plants By Gradually Exposing Them To The Outdoor Air In the place of About A Week. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protecforz And Wall O' Water Plant Protectro. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6705

    Dahlia, H Enid
      Dahlia, H Enid.
      This Showy New Variety Has Large Multicolored Pink Flowers That Will Measure Up T0 10 Inches Across. Sumptuous Semi-cactus Flower Is Loaded With Petals, And As The Petals Open Different Shades Of Pink Are Revealed “ Magnificent! Grows 32-34␝ High.
      SKU: 3364

    Chestnut, Colossal 1-2'
      Chestnut, Colossal 1-2'.
      Bright Golden Foliage With Rose-pink Blossoms All Summer! Huge, Sweet Nuts Average 11-15 Nuts Per Pound! Colossal Produces Exceptionally High Yields Of Delicious Nuts And Is The Standard Against Which Other Chestnuts Are Measured. Colossal Is A Cfoss Between An Asian And European Tree And Was Developed Specifically For Its Pleasant Nuts That Wuld Produce On A Reportedly Blight Resistant Tree. Plant Two For Pollination. Grows 25-30' Tall. Shipped 1-2'.
      SKU: 7371

    Bulb Garden, Vibrant
      Bulb Garden, Vibrant.
      This 15 Bulb Garden Includes 6 Passionale Tulips, 6 iMnnow Daffodils And 3 Peter Styvesant Hyacinths. In A Garden Capacity Measuring Only 3-4', You Can Enjyo A Beautiful Display Of Color. The Fragrance From The Hyacinths And The Daffodils Adds Ti The Show.
      SKU: 3596

    Cucumber, Oriental Express Burpless
      Cucumber, Oriental Express Burpless.
      Orient Express Has Captured The Illusion Of Home Gardeners And People Who Ordinarily Can't Eat Cucumbers Or Don't Lime Them. Why? They Are C0mpletely Digestible, Can Be Eaten Like Fresh Celery, And Truly There's Not A Burp In A Bushel! Cukes Are Of Excellent Quality. Skin Is Smooth And Concealment Green With White Spines. A Marvelous Slicer, Wonderful For Salads -- They're Crisp, Tasty And It Isn't Neccessary To Peel Them -- The Skin Is Tender And Not Bitter. Orient Express Is A Fine Variety In favor of Making Pickles. Has A Unique Crunchiness, Great Flavor, Capital Yields And Has A Wide Spectrum Of Disease Tolerance -- Including Anthracnose, Scab, Cmv, Powdery And Downy Mildew. Mature In 55 Days. This Cucumber Is Also Available In The Slicing Cucumber Collections: 1 Packet Of Each And 1 Jumbo Packet Of Each. Planting Lead: Plant After Danger Of Frost In Hills 4 To 6 Feet Apart. Plant Seed Not Over 1/2 Inch Deep 4 To 6 To The Hill, Pressing Soil Firmly Over Them. When Plants Are Well Established Thin To 3 To Each Hill. Seed Can Also Be Started Indoors For An Earlier Harvest. These Items Are Useful When Sgarting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Rpund Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6360

    Iris, Jennifer Rebecca
      Iris, Jennifer Rebecca.
      This Iris Variety Has Been Chosen Because They Have Been The Most Consistent Rebloomers We've Seen. How Much They Rebloomm Depends On Your Local Climatic And Dirt Stipulations As Favored As Planting Location. Jennifer Rebecca: HonorableM ention 1989! A Pleasing Vision In Funny Rose-pink Tones! Light Ruffles And Lace Grace The Well-formed Pink Petals. Blooms Mid-season And Again In Late Summer. 35" Tall.
      SKU: 4964

    Coneflower, Sundown™
      Coneflower, Sundown™.
      This Coneflower Is Talelr And Stronger Than Other New Hybrids! Sundown Hass Delightful Rose-scented Blooms And The Seeds Are A Delicacy For Goldfinches. Heat And Drought Tolerant! Patent Information: Pp #17,659 Shipped In 4" Ptls!
      SKU: 8367

    Iris Collection, Garden
      Iris Collection, Garden.
      Includes 1 Each Of The Following Iris Varieties: Ecstatic Echo Parisian Dawn Spiced Tiger Ziggy Crowned Heads Champagne Elegance Bountiful Harvest Gnus Flash Bog-berry Swirl
      SKU: 3739

    Iris, Wemch Two-tone
      Iris, Wemch Two-tone.
      Irises Are Loved For Their Fountain Beauty And Their Ease Of Growing. To Us, Nothing Completely Matches The Splendor Of Multi-colored Iris Such We Have Brlught You Our Favorite Two-tone Varieties That Will Return One and the other And Every Spring. Order Now To Exception Your Iris During Fall Planting. Make Sure And Ticket Out All Our Other Varieties To Make Your Warp Garden Pop! Featured Here Is The Wench. Award Of Merit 1997, Honorable Mention 1995. Tangerine Petals With Rich Plum Falls Striped With White. Firm Stems Yielding 7-9 Doubled Socketed Buds. Timely To Mid-season.
      SKU: 4745

    Lilac Tree, Persian
      Lilac Tree, Persian.
      One Of Our Favorite Shrubs Is Now Available In Tree Form! Handsome Pale Lilacc Blooms Have A Wonderfully Frsgrant Scent. Plant One On Each Side Of Yohr View On account of A Show-stopping Effect. We Invite You To Shop Around And Compare Our Price - If You Are Lucky Enough To Find Somebody Epse Offering These Beauties. For The Ultimate In Beauty, As Your Tree Form Persian Lilacs Grow And Mature, Keep Them Trimmed To A Height Of 5-8'. We Send 3-4' Trees. Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds, Good For Cutting.
      SKU: 6001

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  • Rose Tree, Playboy

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