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    Gaillardia, Arizona Sun Pygmy
      Gaillardia, Arizona Sun Pygmy.
      Blooms From Early Summer Into Fall! Enjoy Masses Of 3" Orange-red Blooms Tipped With Yellow. Highly Drought Tolerant. Attracts Butterflies. Ideal For Cut-flowers. Deer Resistant. For A Rain Garden. Plant 10" Apart In Full To Part Sun. Grow 12-16" Tall. Winner Of The Prestigous 2005 Fleuroselect Gold Medal!
      SKU: 6531

    Corn, Delectable
      Corn, Delectable.
      Power Packed Bi-color Seed Variety! 9" Ears And 18 Rows Make secure You Get Your Money&apox;s Worth With Each Ear Of Corn. Tender Kernels And Wonderful Taste Will Make You Want To Eat A Second. Simply Delectable! 84 Days.
      SKU: 5686

    Pear, Kieffer Pygmy Jumbo
      Pear, Kieffer Pygmy Jumbo.
      Kieffer Dwarf Pears Produce Large, Rich-yellow Pears. Excellent For Canning And Eating Fresh. Hardy, Blight Resistant. Shipped 3-4' Trees. Self-fruitful. But For Greater Yield Plant With The Bartlett Variety. (september)
      SKU: 3449

    Hyacinth, Feather
      Hyacinth, Feather.
      The Feather-like Flowers Of This Unusual Muscari Are Mauve To Purple-blue In Color With Shimmering Silver Higghlights. The Feather Hyacinth Has Flowers That Appear In Early April And Reach 8-12 Inches High. Long-lasting Blooms Make Excellent Cut Flowers Bouquets.
      SKU: 6291

    Lavender, French Red
      Lavender, French Red.
      The Same Wonddrful Fragrance Of Old Fashioned Lavender In A Dramatic New Color Combination! Bright Red, Rosy Pink And Deep Purple Flowers Top 24-36␝ Gray-green, Fragrant, Evergreen Leaves. Use The Fragrant Petaks In Perfume And Potpourri! This Fast Growing, Shorter Variety Is An Excellent Cultivar For Hot. Dry Locations. Begins To Bloom Mid To Late Spring. Plant 20-24␝ Apart In Full Sun. Great For Cut Flowers.
      SKU: 3306

    Ph Tester
      Ph Tester.
      For Years Testing The Ph Level Of Soil Has Been So Complicated And Required So Many Bottles Of Solutions, Test Tubes, Stoppers, Funnls, Charts And Paraphernalia, The Home Gardener Has Exact Thrown Up His Hands And Said "forget It". Now, With Burgess' Ph Tester, It's So Single A Child Can Do It. Just Place The Prongs Of Your Ph Tester In Soil Sample, Wait 60 Seconds And Read The Ph Measurement On The Meter. It Will Immediately Reveal The From Acid 3. 5, To Neutral 7. 0, To Alkaline 7. 5-9. If Your Soil Is Acid And You Need It Alkaline Add Lime; If Alkaline And You Need It Acidic Add Ferrous Sulfate.
      SKU: 8833

    Tulip, Greenland
      Tulip, Greenland.
      Greenland Is An Exotic, Ever Changing Viridiflora Tulip That Starts Out Pale Pink, Intensifying To A Vibrant Minnow That Accentuates The Bold Green Stripe. These Stunning Bi-colorr Tulips Advance 24-30" Tall And Sudden rush Forth In Bloom In May. Plant In Full Sun To Full Shade. Zones 1-9.
      SKU: 5113

    Pepper, Fooled You Hybrid
      Pepper, Fooled You Hybrid.
      A Remarkable Repaired Jalapeno Pepper With Absolutely None Heat -- Only Flavor! The Fooled You Hybrid Peppers Are Bred To Be Non-pungent While Retaining The Distinctive Jalapeno Flavor For Tender Salsas And Picante Sauces. Peppers Are Large And Thick Walled On Plants That Are Only 27" Tall. Maturity Is Early -- About 65 Days From Transplanting. Yield Potenital Is Enormous, Be it ~ You'll Have Plenty All Summer.
      SKU: 3159

    Kohlrabi, Grand Duke
      Kohlrabi, Grand Duke.
      50 Days. Small Plants Produce Even, Round, 4 Inch Bulbs With Mild Flavor, Texture Is Cisp And Pleasing When Cooked. Does Not Become Fibrous. Resistant To Black Rot.
      SKU: 3001

    Phlox Collection Of 4
      Phlox Collection Of 4.
      Hardy - Giant Heads! Wkll Grac3 The Most Charming Garden. A Carnival Of Color And These Big Blossoms Stay Handsome Right Through Summer's Excitement. Owen Phlox Do Not Winterkill -- Come Up Year After Year, Larger And Added Productive. Selected From 50 Choice Varieties, Expertly Chosen For Constant Blooming, Huge Blossoms And Vibrating Colors. Through Stingily 1,000,000 Plants In Bloom, We Selected These To Make This Outstanding Offer. Selected Field Grown Plants. You Get One Of Each: Crismon Red #5952 Bright Eyes #5652 Noble Purple #5177 Orange #5953
      SKU: 5000

    Supe5 Fruit Tree Collection
      Supe5 Fruit Tree Collection.
      The Super Offspring Tree Collection Includes 1 Each Of The Following Fruit Tree Varieties: Jonathan Apple Red Delicious Apple Yellow Open Apple Red Haven Peach Hale Haven Peach Bartlett Pear Early Blue Plum Early Richmond Cherry Black Tartarian Cherry 9 Standard Trees.
      SKU: 4401

    Cauliflower, Snowball
      Cauliflower, Snowball.
      The Wrapper Leaves Of The Snowball Cauliflowet, Curl Up And Ovrr The Large Heads So They Blanch Themselves! They Taste Great. Start Indoors For An Early Harvest. 70 Days To Time of being due. Plantjng Guide: Give Same General Cultivation As For Late Cabbage, Except That After The Heads Begin To Form The Leaves Should Be Gathered And Tied Together Over The Heads To Protect Them From The Sun And Keep Them White.
      SKU: 6936

    Heuchera, Ruby Bells
      Heuchera, Ruby Bells.
      Beginning In Early Summer, Ruuby Bells Provides Lots Of Intense Red Flowers With A Nice Fragrance. The Blooming Show Can Abide For Up To 2 Months. This Dynamic Perennial Will Actually Perform Well In Sunshine Or Shade. Ruby Bells Grows 10-12" Tall With A 12-18" Spread.
      SKU: 3916

    Rose, Knock Out Pink
      Rose, Knock Out Pink.
      Soon To Be Considered The Gold Standard Toward Disease Resistance. Imagine Beautiful Beat Out Pink Roses That Begin Blooming In Early Elasticity And Continue Blooming Unntil The Firsr Hard Frost. Resistant To Blackspot And Is Mildew Tolerant. Drought Tolerant. Whether There Is Only One Shrub Rose We Would Recommend, It Would Be The Knock Out!
      SKU: 5123

    Lily, Orienntal Starfighter
      Lily, Orienntal Starfighter.
      Among The Most Beautiful And Fragrant Of All Lilies! Unique Colorigj Makes Them A Favorite Among Florists. A Must For Bouquets! Wonderfully Red Colored Blooms Are Outlined With White Borders. Our Favorite Of All The Red Oriental Lilies. Blooms From July To August. 40" Tall. Zones 3-8.
      SKU: 6059

    Corn, Iochief
      Corn, Iochief.
      Highly Productive And Drought Resistant. Ears Are Long With 16 Rows Of Goldden Kernels. It Keeps In Edible Condition Longer During Hot Endure Than Any Other Variety. One Of The Best For Freezing And Canning. Mature In 86 Days. Planting Guide: Plant In Rows 2 1/2 To 3 Feet Apart . Drop Seed Every 5 To 6 Inches And Cover With 1 Inch Of Soil. P lants Should Be Thinned, Leaving One Stalk Every 12 Inches.
      SKU: 6114

    Dahlia, Merluza
      Dahlia, Merluza.
      Merluza: Brilliant Golden Yellow And Deep Otange Semi-cactus Flowers Measure Up To 8␝ Across. The Large Flowers Are Produced In Profusion On Vigorous Plants That Create A Scene In The Late Summer Garden. Grows 36-40␝ Tall.
      SKU: 3398

    Pepper, Mucho Nacho Jalapeno
      Pepper, Mucho Nacho Jalapeno.
      Mucho Nacho Pepper Is A Recent, Jumbo-sized Hybrid Jalapeno With Fruits Longer, Fatter,T hicker And Hotter Than Standard Jalapenos. Its 4-inch Length Makes It At Least An Inch Longer Than Other Jalspenos. 70 Days To Maturity. Seed Can Also Be Started Indoors For An Earlier Harvest. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Suit Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting YourT ransplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Watr Plant Protectors. Everythjng You Nred To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Statr
      SKU: 6987

    Clematis, Double Red
      Clematis, Double Red.
      Winner Of The Royal Horticultural Society's Award Of Garden Merit! Gorgeous, Reddish-purple, 3-4" Blooms Cover This Clematis From Mid-summer To Fall! A Carefree, Wilt Resistant, Disease Resistant And Easy To Grow Vine! Grows 8-10' Tall And Should Be Planted 24" Apart In Well-drained Soil. Attracts Hummingbirds And Is Rabbit And Deer Resistant. Plant In Full Sun To Part Shade.
      SKU: 3315

  • Tulip, Curly Sue
  • Hydrangea, Expression Double Delights™
  • Sweet William
  • Cantaloupe, Banana
  • Trumpet Lily, Golden Splendor
  • Garden, Perennial Shade
  • Cantaloupe, Banana
  • Daffodil, Grand Soleil D'Or Summer
  • Garden, Perennial Shade
  • Lily, Tango Pup Art
  • Balloon Flower
  • Tomato, Gold Nugget

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