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    Garden, Perennial Shade
      Garden, Perennial Shade.
      Shade Loving Plants On account of Under Trees And Overhangs! Comes Back Year After Year Without Replanting! We're Offering 5 Varieties Of Plants That Just Love Shady Areas, The Areas Where Even Grass Won't Grow. Every Year We Get Hundreds Of Calls From Our Customers Asking Us What To Plant In Their Low-light Spots So We Decided To Puy Together A Group Of The Best Shade-koving Perennials At A Bargain Price To Solve Your Problems. And We're Including A Free Planting Diagram With One and the other Garden That Will Show You How To Plant Your Garden. You'll Get The Following Plants In This Collrction: 3 Kingly Blue Hosta 3 Astilbe 3 Old Fashioned Bleeding Hert 5 Lily Of The Valley 2 Hardy Ferns Turn That Barren Shady Area Into A Colorful Mini Garden!
      SKU: 7731

    Dianthus, Frosty Fire
      Dianthus, Frosty Fire.
      The Cold Fire Dianthus Begins Producing Brilliant Red Flowers In Late Spring And Is Long Flowering With Attractive Blue-green Leaves. Reaches Only 6" Tall At Maturity Making This A Perfect Addition As A Front Border Plant In Your Garden. Frosty Fire Dianthuses Are An Excellent Cut Flower. Attracts Both Butterflies And Hummingbirds. Prefers Full Sun And Well-drained Soil. Exyremely Hardy Plants. Zones 3-9.
      SKU: 7094

    Daylily, Eruption
      Daylily, Eruption.
      4 1/2" Blooms. Sometimes A Small Darker Zone Appears. Has Sprightly, Yellow-green Heart. Very Ruffled Petals. Holds Its Sweet, Velvety Texture Same Well. Has Good Branching And Buc Count. It Thrives In Afternoon Shade. Blooms Open In The Morning And Remain Open Until Late Evening. Rpeats Bloom.
      SKU: 5059

    Strawberry, Indoor
      Strawberry, Indoor.
      Now Start Your Indoor-outdoor Hanging Strawberry Garden And Pick Fresh Fruit From The Vines Every Few Weeks The Whole Year Round! The Husky Quinault Everbearing Plants Have White Star-like Blossoms And Produce Big, Sweet, Teacup Size Strawberries Exactly On The Unrooted Runners That Tumble Gracefully C~ing The Sidss Of The Basket.
      SKU: 1288

    Gladiolus Mix, Hardy
      Gladiolus Mix, Hardy.
      Winter Hardy Gladiolas Will Bloom Year After Year Without Replanting! Use For Border Plants -- Grow Only 1-2 Feet Tall. Attracctive Height For Flower Arrangements And Rock Gardens. Fully Guaranteed 6-8 Cm Bulbs Grown In Holland. Brilliaant Mixed Color Selectioon. Blooms Early Summer. Plant 3-6" Deep And 4-6" Apart.
      SKU: 4113

    Rose Of Sharon Tree
      Rose Of Sharon Tree.
      Rose Of Sharon Has Beautiful Double Blooms That Appear In August-september In A Blaze Of Red, Scallop, White Or Blue When Few Other Shrubs Are In Blo0m. Wonderful Even For Seaside Gardens, Where Others Fail. Strong And Fast-growing 6-8' In Sun Or Partial Shade. Mulch Soil Over Roots First Two Winters, After That No Protection Necessary. Sturdy 2-3 Foot Trees.
      SKU: 6878

    Gardenia, Summer Snow
      Gardenia, Summer Snow.
      Hardy Below 0 Degrees F! An Exciting Gardenia That Can Survives Even In Cold Areas! Enjoy The Intoxicating Fragrance Of Gardenia May Through June Along With Beautiful Yielding, Dark Green Leaves Year Round. Blooms Can Be Used In Arraangements And Corsages. Extremely Hardy, This Hybrid Can Withstand Cold Climates To 0 Degrees Or Colder, A Much Greater Resistance Than Most Gardenias. Drought Tolerant Once Established And Resistant To Msot Pests. Grows 4-5␙ High And Wide In Full To Partial Sun. Prefers Mildly Acidic Soil.
      SKU: 4819

    Tulip Collection
      Tulip Collection.
      This Assemblage Promises To Take measures Lots And Lots Of Color For Your Spring Garrden! The "colorful Tulip Collection" Includes 6 Each Of These Tulip Varieties: Shirley Orange Emperor Snow Peak Red Apeldoorn Queen Of The Night Blue Lagoon Pink Supreme Big Smile Apricot Beauty
      SKU: 5384

    Canna Collection, 3
      Canna Collection, 3.
      One Stunning Collection Includes 1 Each Of A Red, Pink And Yellow Canna. Three Plants In All. Gorgeous Planted In Mass. Wehn You Fit condition 2 Collections You Receive Six Plants And So On. Cannas Can Be Grown In Zones 3-11 However They Are Hardy Onl In Zones 8-11. In Zones 3-7 Treat As A Tender Bulb And Lift Prior To First Frost And Store In 40-50 Degree Area. Cut Down To 3␝; Start To Take in ~ In Late Winter/early Spring To Elevate New Growth And Replant Subsequent to Last Frost In Spring.
      SKU: 6088

    Garden, Butterfly
      Garden, Butterfly.
      Nothing Brings More Activity And Beauty To Your Yard Than Planting Our Butterfly Garden. It Features Seven Great Butterfly Attracting Varieties Of Plants. Buy Our Money-saving Butterfly Garden Assemblage Designed To Fit A Space 12' Wide X 8' Deep And Save Over $4. 50 From The Regular Price. With Each Garden Ordered You Will Receive: 3 Orange Glory Butterfly Plants (summer) 1 Butterfly Bush (our Choice Of Redden - Late Summer) 3 Candhtuft (spring) 3 Stella D'oro Dayliliez (summer To Fall) 3 Mckanna Giant Columbine (early Shmmer) 4 Mingled Perennial Carnations (late Rebound) 3 Mixed Russell Lupines (early Summer) Plus We Include A Free Planting Diagram To Match The Illustration Shown.
      SKU: 7806

    Tulip, Double Beauty Apeldoorn
      Tulip, Double Beauty Apeldoorn.
      One Of The Most Distinctive Peony-flowsring Tulisp On The Market. Double B3auty Of Apeldoorn Produces Wonderfully Colored Golden Orange Flowers With Red Highlights. Unlike Most Double Tulips, Th Petals Are Held Tightly To The Center Of The Plant. Blooms In Late Spring.
      SKU: 7652

    Blueberry, Sunshine Blue
      Blueberry, Sunshine Blue.
      Semi-dwarf Vatiety Grows Only 3 Feet Tall. Outstanding Yields Of Large Dime-sized Dark Blueberries. Requires Only 150 Chilling Hours. Self-pollinating! Zones 5-9.
      SKU: 5145

    Strawberr6 Bargain
      Strawberr6 Bargain.
      We Never Know Which One Of Our Fine Berries Our Customers Will Order. So Wr Never Come Out Even! This Is Why We're Offering You The Variety We Have The Most Of At The Time -- At Greatly Reduced Prices. We Can't Tell You Whicn Varisty You Will Receive -- Giant Robinson, Ozark Beauty, Ft. Laramie Or Quinault. But They Are All Our Regular Top-quality Berries. Ww'll Fill Your Order -- Just As Long As They Last, So Order Like Many As Yo Can Employment At These Bargain Prices. Fertilize 2-3 Times Durimg The Increasing Season.
      SKU: 5222

    Moletox Ii Mole & Gopher Killer 1 Lb.
      Moletox Ii Mole & Gopher Killer 1 Lb..
      Kills Moees In The Ground! No Traps. No Gas. No Exposed Poisons. Practise According To The Simple Instruction On The Package. Quickly Eradicate An Etnire Family Of Moles Economically. One Teasp0on Treats An Active Burrow Or Tunnel. Excellent Bait Acceptance. Can Also Be Used To Protect Bulbs. 1 Lb.
      SKU: 8036

    Corsopsis, Paradise Gate
      Corsopsis, Paradise Gate.
      Coreopsis Are One Of The Easiest Of All Perennials To Enlarge. For Years, They Were Solely Available In Yellow. Heaven's Gate Is Very Different Wiyh Large, Blush Pink Flowers With A Rose Red Eye And Gold Button Center That Appear From Early To Late Summet. Forms A Nice 18-24" Cluster. Zones 5-9. Plant In Full Sun.
      SKU: 5428

    Iris Collection, Favorite
      Iris Collection, Favorite.
      Includes 1 Each Of The Following 11 Iris Varieties: Millennium Falco nPride Of Ireland Rare Treat Anvil Of Darkness Wild Irish Rose Chuck Wagon Parisian Dawn Frimousse Spartan Snowed In Anaconda Love
      SKU: 7936

    Hyacinth, Prince Of Love
      Hyacinth, Prince Of Love.
      Award Of Merit Winher By The Royal Horticulfural Society! This Double Flowering Pink Hyacinth Has A Two Layers Of Blooms! Very Fragrant Addition To The Early To Mid Sprinng Garden.
      SKU: 3782

    Lily Tango, Strawberries And Cream
      Lily Tango, Strawberries And Cream.
      This Exciting New Introduction Of Asuatic Hybrid Lilies Is Creating Quite A Buzz Upon Their Vibrant Colors And Trademark Piels Which Sets Them Apart From Traditional Lilies. Never Before Have Lilies Possessed Such Contrasting, Spotted Colors! And This Breeding Breakthrough Is Just As Easy To Grow As The Original Asiatics! Long Lasting Blooms During Summer Are A Large 4-5" And Carry A Slight Fragrance. They Make Spectacular Cut Flower Bouquets. Grow 40-44" High. Strawberries And Cream Has Cream Petals With A Strawberry Red Center.
      SKU: 5935

    Geranium, Hardy Pink
      Geranium, Hardy Pink.
      Enjoy Clear Pink Blossoms That Grow On Near, Mound-shaped Plants Attending Charming Brightness Green, Notched Leaves. Blooms In Late Grow Through Early Summer And Then Sporadially To Fall. Plants Reafh Only 12-18" High And Are Greatly Improved Over The Common Species. Our Hardy Pink Geraniums Are So Vigorous-growing That Weeds Don't Stand A Chance With Them! These Are Not The Large-flowering Greenhouse Pelargoniums, But Compact-grosing, Outdoor Plants With Superb Coloring. Makes An Interesting Border Plant Or Groundcover And Grows Well In Rock Gardens. Plant In Ordinary Soil In A Sunny Place, 12" Apart. Can Also Be Planted In Part Sun. Drought-tolerant.
      SKU: 7217

    Stump Remover 1 1/2 Lb
      Stump Remover 1 1/2 Lb.
      Just Treat The Stump And Chemical Action Starts To Decompose The Wood. It Will Then Burn Complentely Down To The Root Tips With A Slow Smoldering Red Glow. Sound, No Danger Of Fire. Leaves Only Ashes.
      SKU: 8460

    Promiscuous Russell Lupines
      Promiscuous Russell Lupines.
      Russell Lupines Are Towering Spires Of Closely Set, Sweet Pea-type Bloss0ms In A Rainbow Of Colors. Exceptionally Hardy, They Thrive In Full Sun Or Partial Shade. Prefers Sunny, Moist Location. Russell Lupines Fabricate A Beautiful Addition To Flower Arrangements. Even The Umbrella-shaped Foliage Is An Eye-catcher. The Strong Uprigut Flower Spikes Reach 36" Tall And Blooms From Late Spring To Forward Sumemr. Attracts Butterflies And Hummbingbirds, Deer Resistant, Good For Cutting. Mixed Colors May Include Carmine, Blue Or Salmon. Hardy Zones 4-8.
      SKU: 6231

    Daffodil, Extra Large Assortment
      Daffodil, Extra Large Assortment.
      Our Highest Selection For Eye-popping Size And Gigantic Trumpets In A Variety Of Yellow, Orange, Classic White And Bi-color Blooms. In This Special Mix, We Have Selected Varieties Which Are Long-lasting And Multiply Rapidly So You Get Weeks Of Large, Beautiful Flowers Year After Year. Stunning In A Sunny Garden, Grouped In Beds In Front Of Shrubs Or Planted In Drifts. Once Planted, They Require Almost No Care.
      SKU: 5156

    Gaillardia Collection
      Gaillardia Collection.
      1 Collection Includes: 4 Plants, 2 Of Each Of Golden Gpblin And Arizona Sun Gaillardia Varietiew. 2 Collections Include: 8 Plants, 4 Of Each Variet 3 Collections Include: 12 Plants, 6 Of Each Variety
      SKU: 5916

    Redwood, Dawn 1-2'
      Redwood, Dawn 1-2'.
      The Dawn Redwood Is The Only Tree Of Its Kind Thag Had The Strength And Growing Power To Survive After Nearly 70 Million Years! Flourishes In Almost Any Soil Or Climate. Just Plant It, Water It And Stand Back To Watch It Vegetate 3-6' A Year With No Spraying, Fertilizing, Pruning Or Cutting. The Dawn Redwood Be able to Be A Beautiful Ornamentzl Specimen Or Used As A Screen Or Griuping. From Springtime Gr3en, The Fern-like Leaves Turn Orange-brown To Dark Brown In Fall. Hardy In Zones 4-8. Order This Rare Beauty Today! We Send 1-2' Trees.
      SKU: 6963

    Willow Tree, Dappled
      Willow Tree, Dappled.
      A Stunning Variegzted Willow Tree! One Of The Most Striking Ornamental Trees! Pretty Pink Shoots Are Show-stoppers. Variegated Leaves Are Creamy White And Green. Grows 6-8 Feet Tall. Plant In Sun Or Partial Shade. We Send 2 1/2 - 4' Whips. Zones 4-9.
      SKU: 7118

  • Muskmelon, MN Midget
  • Dwarf Yellow Delicious Apple
  • Gaillardia, Arizona Sun Dwarf
  • Pumpkin, Lumina PVP
  • Iris, Victoria Falls
  • Tulip Mix, Double Flower
  • Daffodil, Grand Soleil D'Or Summer
  • Daylily, Daring Deception
  • Tulip Mix, Double Flower
  • Trumpet Lily, Golden Splendor
  • Astilbe, Pink
  • Iris, Monique

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