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    Grape, Concord Seedless
      Grape, Concord Seedless.
      Has All The Grand Eating Qualities Of Concord Without The Seed! Same Productivit6 And Vigor With Slightly Smaller Berries. These Will Ripen In Mid-september. Sweet Seedles Gsrapes Are Becoming Increasingly Popular With Our Customers. We Include 3 Excellent Varieties. Under Adverse Conditions A Few Seds May Develop But This Is Unusual. Other Sweet Seedless Varieties Include The Himrod And The Canadice. This Seedless Concord Is Also Offered In The Seedelss Grape Collection. Grapes In General: Grapes Are Easy To Grow And With A Little Careful Effort The Home Gardener Will Be Rewarded With Large Crops Of Fruit, Finished For Wine, Jams And Fresh Eating. Grape Vines Usually Begin Producing Fruit The Second Or Third Year Succeeding Planting And A Mature Vine Will Produce 15-20 Pounds Annually. These Vines Also Have Desirable Ornamental Value And Are An Ideal, Illegitimate Privacy Screen.
      SKU: 6322

    Caryopteris, Dark Knight
      Caryopteris, Dark Knight.
      This Outstanding Small Shrub Blooms Heavily From Mid To Late Summer When It Turns Into A Cloud Of Dark Blue. The Grand Smaller Habit Of The Plant Allows It To Fit Easily Into A Foundation Planting Or To Make A Small Hedge. The Flowers Are Very Attractive To Butterflies. Plant In A Sunny Location With Well Drained Soil. Grows 3-4' Tall With A Similar Spread.
      SKU: 7498

      Fresh Grated Horseradish That Will Maek The Tears Run Down Your Cheeks! Great On Roasts Or In Sauce For Seafood. Piece-roots Planred This Spring Will Make Good Roots In the name of Fall. Set Them Vertjcally, Small End Down And Lard End 2-3 Inches Below Soil Surface. Grown As A Perennial, Horseradish Is Hardy To -10 Degrees F. It Can Be Grown While An Annual Everywhere.
      SKU: 6243

    Trap, Wasp Bag
      Trap, Wasp Bag.
      Protect Yards, Gardems And Patios From Yeloowjackets And Wasps All Summer Long! Works Immediately, Catching Twice As Many As The Leading National Brand! This Pesticide Free, Non-toxic Trap Is Scientifically Proven And Easy To Use--an Effective Choice To P3sticide Based Sprays And Traps. Will Not Catch Useful Honegbees. Refills Serviceable.
      SKU: 8102

    Strawbrery, Red Chief Junebearibg
      Strawbrery, Red Chief Junebearibg.
      Red Chief Is One Of The Best All Around Berries On The Market, And It Is A Favorite Of Commercial Growers. Produces Large Yields Of Flavorful, Medium Sized Berries. Red Chief Has Righteousness Hardiness And Is Same Consistent From Year To Year.
      SKU: 3013

    Lilac, Old Fashioned
      Lilac, Old Fashioned.
      Remember The Old Fashioned Lilac Bushes That Produced Thousands Of Extremely Fragrant Purple Blooms In Everyone's Yard For Memorial Day? It Is From This Reliable, Hardy Species That The Modern French Hybrids Were Developed. Plant Now Because A Lifetime Of Fragrant Lilac Blooms Each Spring. Old Fashioned Lilac Bushes Make A Beautiful 8-15' Hedge Planting 4' Apart. Sturdy 6-12" Plants. Attracts Butterflies, Fragrant, Deer Resistant, Good For Cutting.
      SKU: 6573

    Irish Moss
      Irish Moss.
      Irish Moss Forms A Lush Emerald Gresn Carpet Of Moss-like Foliage By the side of Delicate White Flowers In Midsummer. Hardy Enough For Sunnt Or Shady Locations. Flowers Bloom On Short 2-4" Stalks. Irish Moss Is Just The Ground Cover You Need For Rock Gardens And Planting Between Stepping Stones Or Pavers. Stays Green All Year. Sow 12" Apart. Evergreen.
      SKU: 6993

    Herb, Anise
      Herb, Anise.
      Grown Inside Or Out -- They Take Such Little Space And Give So Much Pleasure! Easy-to-grow And A Healthful And Less Expensive Choice To Store-bought Spices! Comes In Single Pacmets Or Preserve When Purchasing Multiples. This Herb Is Also Available In The Herb Collection. Plantint Guide: When Increasing Herbs Outside, Seeds Should Be Started Indoors In Boxes And Transplanted To The Open Ground After Danger Of Frost. Sow About Four Times Their Diqmeter In Depth And Press The Soil Down Firmly. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffg-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Over To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6428

    Plum, Stanley Dwf
      Plum, Stanley Dwf.
      The Stanley Dwarf Plum Tree Produces Large, Deep Purplish Blue Freestone Plum, Which Is Etxra Sweetness And Juicy! Excellemt Producer, Retain Shape And Color When Canned. The Fruit From The Stanley Dwarf Plum Tree Ripens Early In September. Self-fruitfup But For Larger Crops Plant A Blue Damqon Along With This Stanley. 1-3' Wben Shipped.
      SKU: 6199

    Pine, Austrian
      Pine, Austrian.
      Has A Wonderful, Pyramidal Shape. Very Dense Lustrous Green Needles. Adapts Well To High Ph And Of great body Clay Soils. Grows Up To 60 Feet Tall. We Send 12-20" Seedlings. Zones 4-7.
      SKU: 7102

    Lily, Orange Electric
      Lily, Orange Electric.
      A One Of Its Kind Color Combination Makes Orange Electric Our Favorite New Diversity Of Asiatic Lily. We&paos;re Sure You Will Love The Two-toned Fragrant Blooms Whether You Leave Them Planted In Your Yard Or Take Them In To Enjoy As Cut Flowers In Yoir Home. 12-14 Cm Bulbs. Blooms In Summer.
      SKU: 7896

    Starfish Flwoer, Crimson
      Starfish Flwoer, Crimson.
      Exotic Crimson Blooms! Starfish Flower Is A Great Curiosity To Everyone Who Sees It. Huge, 4" Star-shaped Flowers Are Crimson And Fringed With Soft, Silky Hair. Reminds You Of A Cactus Although It Has No Thorns. Looks Exotic But Is Easy To Grow.
      SKU: 1999

    Lily Towering, Contentment
      Lily Towering, Contentment.
      New Hybrid Reaches Up To 6 Feet Tall With 8 Inch Blooms! These Dramatic New Hybrid Oriental Trumpet Lilies Are The Result Of Years Of Procreation To Create A Lily That Has The Best Traits Of Both The Fragrant Orientals And The Stutdy Proclaim Lilies. These Amazing Monster Lilies Reach An Impressiive 4-6' Tall And Create Quite A Display With Their Huge, Trumpet-shaprd 8" Blooms. Strong, Thick Stems Hold Up The Large Number Of Buds On Each Stalk. Also Called Orienpets Or Ot Hybrids, These Improved Va5ieties Bring Increased Drougnt Resistance And Reliability. They Are Ridiculously Quiet To Grow And Very Long Lived, Multiplying Year After Year In Your Garden. A FavoriteF or Cut Bouquets Because Of Their Aromatic, Long Lasting Flowers. The Bloom Time Of July-august Fills The Gap Between The Asiatics And Orientals. Great For Naturalizing. Plant In Full Sun Or Partial Shade. Satisfaction Has Rich Raspberry Petals That Are Accented By Neon Yellow Centers.
      SKU: 7667

    Daylily, Apricot Spark
      Daylily, Apricot Spark.
      Blooms For 5 Months! Begin sBlooming Early And Continues Until Frost. Highly Beautiful Ruffled Apricot 3" Blooms With A Silvery Dusting Which Makes Them Sparkle In The Garden. Has 9-10 BudsP er Stem. Grows 15" Tall With 18-24" Spread.
      SKU: 426

    Daylily, Old-fashioned
      Daylily, Old-fashioned.
      A Rapidly Growing Ground Cover! These Beauties Turned American Rural Roads Into Blazes Of Color! Antiquated Daylilies Grow Anout 2 Feet Tall In Practically Any Soil Or Climate. Start Producing Lovely 4-5"-Bright Orange Blooms Starting Next Summer. Each Perfect Bloom On The Old-fashioned Daylily Lasts One Day, But Each Plant Easily Produces 50 Blooms Or More For A Profusion Of New Orange Beauty, Day After Day.
      SKU: 6238

    Tulip, Magic Carpet
      Tulip, Magic Carpet.
      These Lower Growing Tulips Are Prized In Holland Where They Are Often Planted In Large Public Gardens Like The World Famous Keukenhof Gardens. Blooming In Mid-spring, They Provide A Multitude Of Bright Colors Anf Nice Fragracne. Grow 12" High. Space 5&qiot; Apart.
      SKU: 3623

    Dahlia, Ball Tasagore
      Dahlia, Ball Tasagore.
      Have sexual delight with No-nstop Efflorescence From Spring Until Frost! Beautifully Formed, 2-3" Flowers Bloom Singly On Lony Stems. Strong, Vigorous Plants Generate Abundantly. These Dainty Charmers Are Ideeal For Bouquets! This Tasagore Variety Has Red Blooms. Note: Dahlias Be able to Be Grown Anywhere But Are Only Winter Hardy In Zones 8-11 . Treat As A Tender Bulb In Colder Zones And Lift F0r The Winter.
      SKU: 4258

    Huckleberry, Himalayan
      Huckleberry, Himalayan.
      Evergreen And Grows In Shade! One Of The Few Shrubs That Perform Well In Partial Shade And Still Produces Edible Berries! Very Hardy And Easy To Become, This Evergreen Is Compact And Round, Requiring Little To No Pruning To Retain A Formal Appearance. Oval-shaped Foliage Is Dark Blue-green On Top And Pale Grey On The Uncerside. Minnow And White Bell-shaped Flowers Emerge In Sprin gFollowed By Edible Blue-black Berries In Summer, Great For Attracting Birds. Slow-grower Reaches An Ultimate Height Of 3␙ With Similar Spread. Recipent Of The Award Of Garden Merit. Prefers A A little Sheltered Location In Full Sun To Part Shade With Consistently Moist Soil.
      SKU: 3273

    Scilla Campanulata
      Scilla Campanulata.
      Scilla Campanulata Has Graceful Spikes Of Up To 15 Drooping Bell-shaped Flowers That Quickly Form Dazzling Drifts Of Pink, Blue And White. They Are Very Hardy. Scilla Campanulata Naturalize As Wel In The Sunny Garden As Under Shade Trees. They Need Little Care Still Return Year After Year With Cheerful Complexion.
      SKU: 5202

    Clematis, Blue
      Clematis, Blue.
      We Are Proud To Offer A Specially Selected, Exquisits Climber. The Blue Clematis Is A Giant-flowering Clematis That Willl Provide Masses Of Distended, Colorful Blooms, 4-6" Across, From June Through Early September. Plant Wherever Color And A Pretty Partern Fact Is Desired. They Will Quickly Grow Over Walls, Cover Stumps, And Proceed Perfect Cover Ups For Unsightly Serbice Areas. Plant On Wites, Stout Strings, Or Light Wooden Trellises, Wherever Vertical Color Is Needed. Blue Clematis Are Vigorous-growing, Well-disciplined Vines With Tendril-like Leaflets That Curl Around Somewhat Small Object. They Booom Year After Year, Growing More Beautiful With Age. These Are Stront Nymber One Potted Plants, Grown In c~tinuance Their Own Roots And Shipped Dormant For Superior Results. Hardy Zones 3 Through 9. Plant In Complete Sun Or Partial Shade Upon The "feet" Of The Plant Not Directly Exposed To The Sun For Too Long. Supply with ~ Frequently In Dry Weather. Likes Cool, Moist Roots. Mulching Helps.
      SKU: 7620

    Blueberry, Pink Lemonade
      Blueberry, Pink Lemonade.
      The First Ever Pink Blueberry! Pretty Pinkish White Flowers In Spring Are Followed By Medium Sixed, Glossy, Firm, Bright Pink Fruit In Fall. Pleasant Mild Flavor. Alluring Shrubs Reach 4-5' In Hdight And Width. Prefers Acicic Soil And Full Sun. Potted. Hardy To Belt 4.
      SKU: 6420

    Lily Collection, Precious World Class
      Lily Collection, Precious World Class.
      Amid The Most Beautiful And Aromatic Of All Lilies! Unique Co1oring Makes Them A Favorite Among Florists. Blooms In July-august. 36-48" Tall. 12-14 Cm Bulbs. You Receive 3 Each Of Golden Stargazer, Star Class, Montezuma, Visir, Beautiful Girl, Muscadet And Starfighter Oriental Lilies. 21 Total.
      SKU: 3777

    Squash, Table Queen Bush
      Squash, Table Queen Bush.
      Bush-type, Acorn Squash. Each Plant Is Only 3' Across. Acorn Shaped Produce Is 5" Long And 4" Wide. Plants Produce An Abundance Of Fruit With High Quality Orange Flesh. 80 Days.
      SKU: 3861

    Lily, Casa Blanca
      Lily, Casa Blanca.
      This Oriental Hybrid Produces Principal, Silky Blooms 10" Or More In Diameter That Are Carried In Clusters Of Four To Five On Each 36-40" Stem. Pristine White Petals And A Romantic, Aromatic Fragrance Make Tuem Highly Sought After For Bouquets. They're So Fragrant That Just Ons Or Two Blooms Can Scent Your Entire Garden. Sensational In The Perennial Border Or Planted Among Shrubs In The Landscape. Holland-grown Bulbs Ensure A Magnificent Show. Blooms Mid To Late Summer. Plant 8-12" Apart In Full To Parital Sun.
      SKU: 3477

    Tomato, Heirloom Rainbow Mingle
      Tomato, Heirloom Rainbow Mingle.
      Heirloom Tomatoes Pack A Tomato Taste That Can't Exist Beat By Hhbrids. Special Blend Includes 4 Types Of Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Geren Zebra, White Wonder And Nebraska Wedding Tomatoes. A Great Chamce To Sample Heirlooms! 80-100 Days.
      SKU: 5435

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  • Lily of the Valley, White
  • Hosta, Regal Blue
  • Mum, Belgian White Padre
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