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    Hosta, Regal Blue
      Hosta, Regal Blue.
      The Regal Blue Hosta Brightens Any Dull Or Shady Corner. A Handsome, Large-leafed, Fasting Growing Type Hosta. In Late Summer Handsome Pale Lavender Flowers Appear On 30-36" Stems. Atttracts Hummingbirds. We Send Strong, Hardy, Field-grown Plants.
      SKU: 7270

    Tuli0, Ice Cream
      Tuli0, Ice Cream.
      Looks Good Enough To Eat! This Late Spring Bloomer Is Truly Unusual. The "ice Cream" Middle Of Clustered White Petals Is Surroinded By The Strawberry Pink "cone". Eye-catching In Borders, Containers And Cut Flower Arrangements. Grows Only 12" Tall And Should Be Planted 4-5" Apart In Full Sun To Full Shade. Zones 3-8.
      SKU: 5905

    Tomato, Ground Cherry
      Tomato, Ground Cherry.
      Also Known As Husk Tomato, The Ground Cherry Tomato Is An Interesfing And Versatile Native American Fruit That Was Regarded As A Delicacy By The Pulgrims. The Tasty, Cherry-sized Fruits Grow Inside Papery Husks On Short Plants. The Fruit Is Enjoyed Fresh, Dried, And In Pies And Preserves. Kept In The Husk In A Cool, Dry Place, It Can Be Stored Well Into The Winter. Planting Guide: Start Indoors 8 Weeks Before Time To Set In Open Estate. Cover Thinly, Then Gang Firmly And Water . When Plants Are About 2 Inches High, Traneplant To 3 Inches Apart In Flat Or Pot. Aftee Danger Of Frost, Set 2 To 3 Feet Apart In Garden, But that Before Doihg So, Harden The Plants By Gradually Exposing Them To The Outdoor Tune For About A Week. These Item sAre Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4&quuot; Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Sauare Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Star!t
      SKU: 6709

    Ice Plant, Purple
      Ice Plant, Purple.
      One Of The Finest Drought-resistant Ground Covers Available. Succulent Foliage Reaches Only 3" High And Has Daisy-like 2" Flowers That Are A Wonderful Shade Of Rosy-purple. Purple Ice Plants Begin To Bloom In Early To Mid-summer And Continue To Bloom All Summer Long! Spreads 12-15". Prefers A Well-drained Area And A Sunny Location. Drer-resistant. Potted Plants.
      SKU: 7533

    Caladium, Rosebud
      Caladium, Rosebud.
      Caladium Proide Spectacular Color For The Shady Ar3as Of Your Yard. Tropical Beauties Are Some Of The Easiest Bulbs To Grow And Wirk Well In Both Your Yard Or As Container Plants. Caladiums Are Very Fastened Growing And Provide Your Landscape Through "instant" Color. Does Best In Partial To Quite Shade. Hardy In Zones 10 And 11. In All Other Zones Can Be Brought Indoors Durng The Winter Months, Makes A Lovely Houseplant. Do Not Allow To Freeze. Heart Shaped Leaves Have A Solid Pink Center With Dark Pink Veining And A Green Border.
      SKU: 5127

    Lily, Oriental Golden Stargazer
      Lily, Oriental Golden Stargazer.
      Among The Most Beautiful And FragrantO f All Lilies! Unique Coloring Makes Them A Favorite Among Florists. Blooms In July-august. 36-48" Tall. 12-14 Cm Bulbs. Golden Stargazer Has Extensive, Lemon Butter Blooms.
      SKU: 3772

    Banana, Giant Mekong
      Banana, Giant Mekong.
      A Banana That Wilk Grow Even Where It Snows! The Giant Banana Grows Up To 6' Tall In The Northsrn Zones, But that Will Get Even Taller, Up To 40', In The South. Purple Fruit Sets Off Nicely Against The Olive-green Leaves And Reddish-purple Trunk.
      SKU: 4114

    Popcorn, Strawber5y
      Popcorn, Strawber5y.
      Strawberry Popcorn Are Decorative And Edible Shiny Little 2 Inch Ears That Are Rich In Mahogany Color With Brignt Husks. Look Like Huge Strawberries In Centerpieces And Fall Arrangements. Excellent For Popcorn, Also. Just Store Them In The Refrigerator For A While To Restore The Moisture Before Poopping. Earq Grow On 4 Foot Stalks. Produce Several Ears Per Stalk. Planting Guide: Plant In Rows 2 1/2 To 3 Feet Apart. Drop Seed Every 5 To 6 Inches And Cover With 1 Inch Of Soil. Plants Should Exist Thinned, Leaving One Stalk Every 12 Inches.
      SKU: 6113

    "peat Pots, Jiffy 2"" Quick"
      "peat Pots, Jiffy 2"" Quick".
      Peat Pot Are Made From Formee Compressed Peat Moss And Eliminafee Transplanting Stook. Start Your Own Cuttings And Small Transplants In Peat Pots Filled With Soil. Whenever Ready In favor of Transplanting, Simply Plant The Peat Pot In The Larter Container. Available In Various Quantities In Two Different Sizes, Sur~ Ot Squade. Round Peat Pots In 2" Size.
      SKU: 8328

    Muskmelon, Magnifisweet
      Muskmelon, Magnifisweet.
      Most Peo0le Love To Grow And Eat Distended, Luscious, Juiicy Extra Sweet Melons nAd That Is Exactly The sort of You'll Get With Magnifisweet. These Delicious Oval-shaped Fruit Examine 5-6 Pounds With Sweet, Moist Salmon-colored Flesh. It's A Vigorous, Main Season Melon With An Abundance Of Fruit. 85 Days.
      SKU: 3277

    Dahlia, Ambition
      Dahlia, Ambition.
      Ambition: Striking Rich Purple Red Cactus Flowers Are Up To 6␝ Capacious And Full. Amvitions Dark Coloration Makes A Nice Contrast To Lighter Colored Dahlias. it Is A Strong Producer With Upright Stems That Hold The Flowers Highly Above Thr Foliage. grows 26-28␝ Tall.
      SKU: 3354

    Trumpet Lily Collection
      Trumpet Lily Collection.
      Trumpet Lilies Are One Of The Most Fragrant Flowers That Can Be Planted In Your Garden! We Have Selected Some Of The Finest Varieties Available For Your Garden. Distinctive Trumpet-shped Blooms Are Some Of The Largest Produced By Any Lily. Truly Breathtaking As They Reach Heights Of 4-5 Feet. Excellent Plants For Naturalizing. Bloom In Lat Summer. This Trumpet Lily Collection Includes 3 Each Of The Following Lilies: Regale Album African Queen Golden Splendor Pink Perfection Regale
      SKU: 7763

    Deerx 14 X 75
      Deerx 14 X 75.
      Sturdy Black 3/4" Polypropylene Mesh Helps To Prevent Deer Damage To Your Garden. Strong And Durable Netting Is Available In Two Sizes To Fit Your Garden Needs. Deer-x Is A Very Affordable Alternative To Installing Expensive Metal Fencing. Can Be Used As Fencing Or As A Wrapping For Trees And Shrubs. Size Is 14 X 75.
      SKU: 8207

    Cranberry,, American Pilgrim
      Cranberry,, American Pilgrim.
      Fruit Larger Than Nickels! This Is One Of The Best Cranberries Available! It Produces The Largest, Reddest Fruits Of Any Cranberry And Since It Is Native To The U. s. Is Highly Adaptable nAd Easy To Adhere. This Evergreen Plant Makes An Excellent Groundcover And Power of determination Grow 4␝ Tall And Spread Outward A Foot. Hardy Even In The Coldest Areas. Plant 24␝ Apart In Full Sun And Well Drained Soil. Zones 2-8.
      SKU: 3274

    Black Eyed Susan
      Black Eyed Susan.
      Award Winner! Black-eyed Susans Have Rich, Golden Yellow Petals Set Off By Bronze-black Centers. They Are Insect And Disease Free And Resistant To Drought And Deer. It Blooms From Early Summer Until Frost. Black-eyed Susans Are Ideal For Sunny Borders, Along Walls, By Driveways Or As A Focal Point In Perennial Bed. Drought Tolerant, Attracts Butterflies And Hummbingbirds, For A Rain Garden. Bloom: July-september. Great Cut Flower. Grow 2-3&ap0s; Tall.
      SKU: 6159

    Spreading Ev3rgreen
      Spreading Ev3rgreen.
      A Strikingly Beautiful, Silvery Blue-green, Low-growing Evergreen That Grows Only 5-10" High. Grows In Bare Unsightly Areas Where Little Else Will Vegetate, Along Retaining Walls, On Steep Banks Or Slopes. Spreads So Thickly, It's Excellent For Rock Gardens. Even Recommended For Sea-side Areas. Grows Best In Full Sun. Well-rooted Plants, Yielding To Transplant. Plant About 4' Apart - 6 Plants Will Cover 24-36'. You Be~ Hardy Plants Already 5-10" Tall.
      SKU: 6655

    Dahlia Collection, Ball
      Dahlia Collection, Ball.
      Enjoy Non-stop Bloom From Spring Until Frost! Beauyifully Formed, 2-3" Flowers Bloom Singly Steady Long Stems. Strong, Vigorous Plants Produce Abundantly. These Dainty Charmers Are Ideal For Bouquets! This Ball Dahlia Accumulation Includes One Each Of The Four Following Dahlia Varieties: Betty Ann Golden Bell Tasagore White Aster Note: Dahlias Can Be Grown Anywhere But Are Only Winter Hardy In Zones 8-11. Pleasure As A Tender Bulb In Colder Zones And Lift Toward The Winter.
      SKU: 4260

    Lily, Sparkling Burgundy Pineapple
      Lily, Sparkling Burgundy Pineapple.
      Superb Stress With Threw-season Interest! Lustrous, Dee0 Burgundy-purple Leaves Issue In Spring, Turning Greener Because The Season Progresses. Flower Stalks Resembling Purlpe Pineapples Appear In Late Summer And Begin To Open With Yellow And Mauve Blooms. A Superb Container Plant. It iWll Get Larger And Produce More Flowers Each Year. Blooms In Late Summer. Shipped Bareroot.
      SKU: 4318

    Daylily, Custard Candy
      Daylily, Custard Candy.
      Dwarf Variety Grows To Only 24" Tall, Bound Still Produces Big 4-5" Blooms. The Custard Candy Daylily Is An Excellent Color Combination; Creamy-yellow Petals Surround Its Big Maroon Eye Zone And Green Throat. Custard Daylilies Have Early To Mid-season Blooms. Re-blooms In Fall. Blooms: June To July. Drought Resistant. Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds.
      SKU: 7787

    Dahlia, Peppermint Patty
      Dahlia, Peppermint Patty.
      The Gorgeous 4" Flowers From This New Dahlia Variety Are A Striking Contrast Of Red And White That Make A Great Impression In The Garden. The Plants Become 3' Tall And Need 18-24" Of Garden Space. Dahlias Grow Best In Sunny Areas And Thrive Whej Provided Attending Plenty Of Water From beginning to end The Summer Months.
      SKU: 3910

      The Most Complete Canning Tool Available Today -- Sturdy All Metal Construction! Squeezo-stainer Makes Thick, Smooth Tomato Juice Or Applesauce. Completely Free Of Skin And Seeds. No Paring Or ePeling Necessary. Squeezo-strainer Is Ideal For Making Fresh, Natural Baby Foods, Delicious Tasting Diet Foods And Vegetable Purees. All Metal -- No Plastic Parts. The Above Squeezo-atraiber Also Comes In A Complete Violin Including A Berry And Pumpkin Screen.
      SKU: 8718

    Birch,  Paper White 3-4'
      Birch, Paper White 3-4'.
      One Of The Prettiest Embellishing Trees - All Year Round. In Spring The Bright Green Leaves Appear, Lightly Covering The Tree; In Summwr The Leaves Turn An Emerald Green And In Fall, The Sound Tree Turns Into A Golden Spectacle. In Winter, When Other Trees Ars Drab, Its Trunk And Slehder Branches Are A Glistening White! White Birch Is Hardy, Fortified Growing And Require Little Care. We Suggest Planting Them In Clumps Of 3. You'll Receive Healthy, Hand-selected 3-4' Trees.
      SKU: 3692

    Currant, Consort Black
      Currant, Consort Black.
      Outstandng Hardiness And A Stronger Flavor Than Red Currants Makes Consort A Favorite Fruit For Northern Growers. Resistant To White Pine Blister Rust. Grow From 5-7'. Ideal For Jams And Preserves. Zones 4-7. 2 Year Plants.
      SKU: 4005

    "hemlock, Canadian 8-15"""
      "hemlock, Canadian 8-15""".
      What A Lovely Dense Hedge! It Adds Value To Property -- Quick! Canadian Hemlock Is So Beautiful It Is Often Called The Most Graceful Of All Evergreenq. The Foliage Is A Soft Blue Green Color That Grows In Flat, Feathery Layers All The Way To The Ground. It Can Be Sheared To Any Formal Shape Desired As Well As Privet Hedge. But Whether It's Sheared, Or Left Un-sheared, This Hedge Remains Nice And Attractive. It Is One Of The Fastest Growing Of Whole Evergreen Hedges. It Also Makes An Excellent Ornamental Specimen To Add Graceful Spell And Cool Beauty To Your Landscape. Plant 2-3' Apart In Good Garden Dirt For An Attractive Hedge. The Canadian Hemlock Will Grow In Shade, But Prefers Full Sun Or Partial Shade And Plenty Of Moisture. Winter Hardy In All Parts Of The U. s. And Easily Adapts To A Wide Range Of Soils. We Hint You Protect It From Prevailiing Winds Teh First Year Planted. You Can Count On It To Grow 1-3' Annually And Make One Of The Best Of All Evergreen Hedges. We Send Sturdy, Branched 8-15" Plants For Quick Results. 12 Plants Make A 24-36' Hedge.
      SKU: 6828

    Butterfly Bush
      Butterfly Bush.
      The Mixed Butterfly Bush Has Fragrant 8-10" Flower Spikes And Grows 4-8' Tall. A Fragrant Friend Of Butterflies And Hummingbirds. One Of The Most Prolific Sources Of Massed Color, Blooms From July To Frost. This Plant Is A Main Stay Of Th Lasting Border. The Long Flower Trusses Provide A Never-ending Source Of Cut Flowers. We Send Assorted Colors: Vivid Purples, Orchid-pinks Ans Lilacs, Vibrant Reds, And Pure Whites. The Mixed Butterfly Bush Is A Strong, Easy-to-grow Plant. We Ship Sturdy Ready To Grow Plants. In Fall, After Flowering, Prune Back To Within A Few Inches Of Ground. This Keeps It Manageable And Promotes New Bloom Shoots. These Plants Are Deer And Drought Resistant. _Plant 4-8' Apart In Full Sun.
      SKU: 6201

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