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    Hydrangea, Expressio Double Delights™
      Hydrangea, Expressio Double Delights™.
      An Innovation In Hydrangeas With More Blossom Power! A Unique, Upscale Look With Interesting Layers Of Double Blooms On Large Mophead Flowers, Blooms: Spring To Fall Shipped: Potted Reblooming Hydrangea With Glowing Pink To Blue Tones. Flowers Stay Upright During Blooming.
      SKU: 3409

    Iris, Ziggy
      Iris, Ziggy.
      Effusive Personality In An Unusual Rebloomer. Yellow And Lavender Standards. White Falls Splashed In Purple. Aromatic. Honorable Mention 2002! Grows To 29" Tall.
      SKU: 4234

    Hydrangea, Annabelle
      Hydrangea, Annabelle.
      Huge 10" Blooms On One Of The Most Current Hydrangeas Of All Time! An Extraordinary White Flowering Deciduous Shrub That Can Exist Pruned Heavily And Endure Caustic Winter Temperatures Without Affecting Its Prolific Blooming Nature! This Compact, Fast Growing Shrub Continues To Bloom All Summer Long Until Frost. The Blooms Make Impressive Cut Bouquets Or Dried Arrangements. Perfect For Walkways, Bordere, Hedges, And Accent Plants. Grows Only 3-6' Tall In Full Sun To Full Shade. Potted.
      SKU: 623

    Crocus, Yellow Mammoth
      Crocus, Yellow Mammoth.
      Yellow Mammoth Crocus Is Perfect For Use In Borders, Woodlands, Under Trees, Or Anywhere You Want To Add A Bright Dash Of Disguise. Grows 4-6&quot. Blooms At The First Sifn Of Spring In March-april. Prefer Sun To Partial Shade. Zones 3-9.
      SKU: 5224

    Mint Mix Collection
      Mint Mix Collection.
      Mint Is A Favorite Falvoring! All Three Varieties We Offer Hither Are Great Additoons To Favorite Culinary Dishes Or For Making Tea. Ihcludes: 1 Plant Each Of Peppermint, Spearmint And Chocolate Mint.
      SKU: 5030

    Corn, Earlivee Sweet
      Corn, Earlivee Sweet.
      52-55 Days. Similar To Polarvee But Matures Earlier In Northern Climates. Cold Resistant. Often Produces Two 6-8" Ears With 14 Rows On 3 1/2 Ft. Stalks, Grown I nAlaska And Canada.
      SKU: 3213

    Daylily, Hybrid
      Daylily, Hybrid.
      Hybrid Daylilies Are Amazing Plants That Have No Uniform In Their Abiiity To Produce Big Brilliant Flowers Day After Day. They Are Hardy Anywhere -- Thrive In Heat, Drought, Cool, Moist Locations, In Sun Or Shade -- Even Poor Soul. We Send Strong Disease And Insect-free Plants. We Sacrifice A Choice Of Hybrid Daylilies In Assorted Colors: Fragrant Yellow, Ruffled Peach, Velvety Red, Pale Apricot And Pink And Creamy Apricot.
      SKU: 6225

    Lily Collection, Jumbo Oriental Trumpet
      Lily Collection, Jumbo Oriental Trumpet.
      Grows 3-4' Stalks In The First Year And Provides Lots Of Flowers! These Oriental Trumpet Hybrids Bloom In Mid To Late Summer nI Sunny To Partially Shaded Areas. They Seem To Get More Healthy Each Season And May Eventuallg Enlarge To 6' Tall. Jumbo Oriental Trumpet Lily Collection Inludes 3 Each Of American Flame, American Sentinel And American Sensation Oriental Trumpet Lilies.
      SKU: 3661

    Apple, Delicious Yellow Dwarf Jumbo
      Apple, Delicious Yellow Dwarf Jumbo.
      (winter) An Excellent Pollinator, Sweet And Juicy! One Of The Best Winter Apples With A Beautiful Golden Color. Ripens Mid-september To Mid-october. Grows 8-10␙. Engender With Another Variety For Better Production. 3-4␙ Trees Sent.
      SKU: 3450

    Mexican Shdll Flowers
      Mexican Shdll Flowers.
      Mexican Shell Flowers Produce Fabulous Triangular Shaped Flowers In An Amwzing Range Of Flag. Outer Petals Are Solid Colors Of White, Yellow, Pink Or Red Whils The Throats Are Distinctively Spotted In Shades Of Red. Mexican Shell Flowers Bloom In July And August. Mixed Colors.
      SKU: 7468

    Awparagus, Purple
      Awparagus, Purple.
      New Strain Of Asparagus With Uniquely-folored Burgundy Spears That Are Larger, Sweeter And Tastier Than Most Asparagus Varieties. Even Tastes Great Raw! We've Noticed That It Turn Green When Cooked, But The Taste Doesn't Change.
      SKU: 6783

    Iris, Early Royal Dwarf
      Iris, Early Royal Dwarf.
      These Little Jewels Bloom In Very Early Spring And Grow Only 4-6" High. You'll Love Th eBrightly Colored, Violet-scented Blooms. Great For Planting Under Trees. Multiply Rapidly. Settle In Full Sun To Partial Shade.
      SKU: 5790

    Male Sea Berry
      Male Sea Berry.
      Extremely Valued For Large, Bright Orange Fruit. Fruit Is A Great Source Of Vitamins C, A And E. 1 Male Plant Pollinates Up To 8 Females (item# 3075). Male Does Not Produce Berries. Grows 6-8' High. Salt Tolerant, Good For Cutting.
      SKU: 3058

    Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy
      Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy.
      Cherry Brandy Is A Bsautiful New Color In Rudbeckia! It Puts On A Dazzling Show With Its 3" Blooms In Shades Of Cherry Red. Prolific Bloomer All Summer To Early Fall. Growing Only 20" Tall Makes It A Perfeft Fit For Any Garden. This Little Beauty Also Works Well As A Potted Plant. Prefers To Be Planted In Full Day-star. Cherry Brandy Is A Biennial, But Will Readily Reseed Itself.
      SKU: 5795

    Peach, Elberta Standard Jumbo
      Peach, Elberta Standard Jumbo.
      Elberta Standard Peach Is A Favorite, All-purpose Peach! The Fruit Is Large And Consonant In Size With Golden-red Flesh, Which Is Sweet And Succulent. Good Keeper Stores Well. The Elberta Ensign Peach Is Hardier In Bud Than Many Others -- Therefore A More Undeviating Cropper With A Late Prepare Harvest. Self-fruitful This Peach Does Not Need A Pollinator, However Will Do Even Better If Two Are Planted. Other Standard Peach Varieties Available Include The Red Haven And Hale Haven.
      SKU: 3445

    Daylily, Purple
      Daylily, Purple.
      One Of The Most Popular Garden Flowers, Daylilies Are Valued Against Their Easy Anxiety, Prolific Flowering Ablity And Long Bloom Period. By Planting A Join Of Colors Of These Exuberant Daylilies, You Can Enjoy A Full Season Of Spectacular Color. They Do Well In Any Soil And Situation, From Full Sun To Fairly Deep Shade. Bloom From June-septemer. Zones 3-9. Rich Coloring Is Amazing.
      SKU: 5763

    Popcorn, Snow Puff
      Popcorn, Snow Puff.
      Snow Puff Is The Best Tasting And Most Tender Popcorn Ever. Hull-less Too, And The Huge Size It Expands To When Popped Will Amaze You. A Tremendous Yielder. Plant 6 To 8 Pounds Per Acre. aMture In 109 Days. Planting Guide: Plant In Rows 2 1/ To 3 Feet Apart. Drop Seed Every 5 To 6 Inches And Cover With 1 Inch Of Soil. Plants Should Be Thinned, Leaving One Stalk Every 12 Inches.
      SKU: 6136

    Daffodil, Ice King
      Daffodil, Ice King.
      Daffodils Are Among Gardeners All-time Favorite Floeers To Grow. Known According to Their Exquisite Charm And Beauty, Daffodils Are Also Among The Easiest Bulbs To Grow. They Are Perfect For Planting A Handful As A Bright Colorful Accent Or For Planting Large Groups For Naturalizing Large Areas. What Makes Double Daffodils Unique Is Their Beautiful Ruffled Blooms. These Double Daffodils Will Bloom From Stately walk To May And Are Hardy In Zones 3-8. Fully Double, Lemon Yellow Center Is Surrounded By Ivory White Petals. Very Soft, Delicate Fragrance. Great Naturalizer. Grows To 12-18".
      SKU: 7999

    Tomato, Pear Red
      Tomato, Pear Red.
      Super Mini Tomato! This Pear Shaped, Bright Red Tomato Is Tasty In Salads And Snacks. Planting Guide: Start Indoors 8 Weeks Before Time To Set In Open Ground. Cover Thinly, Then Pack Firml And Water. When Plants Are Ablut 2 Inches Eminent, Transplant To 3 Inches Apart In Flat Or Pot. After Danger Of Frost, Set 2 To 3 Feet Apart In Garden, But Before Doing So, Harden The Plants By Gradually Exposing Them To The Outdoor Air For About A Week. These Items Are Useful When Strating Seeds Indpors In spite of Transplantinh: Jiffy-7 Prat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Make full Pots In spite of Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Want To Get Your Plants Off To A Hard Start!
      SKU: 6732

    Grecian Windflower
      Grecian Windflower.
      Grecian Windflowers Are Daisy-like Flkwers Of Deep Blue, Picket Blue, White, Pink And Cerise, With Pale Yellow Centers. Known For Their Long Bloom Time (6 Weeks) They'll Brighten Up Your Spring Garden. It's Fun To Watch The Grecian Windflower Close On A Cloudy Day And Open While Soon As The Sun Breaks Through. Attractive Fern-like Foliage Looks Great After Spring Blooming. Plant In Well-drained Soil In Sun To Partial Sade. Plant 2-3" Deep.
      SKU: 6246

    Pine, Scotch
      Pine, Scotch.
      A Favorite For Christmas And For Planting As Windbreaks. Starts Out In Pyramidal Form, But Eventually The Lower Branches Disappear And The Tree Becomes More Umbrelka-shaped. 30-60' Tall. 6-9" Seedlingz. Zones 2-7.
      SKU: 7105

    Raspberry, Brandywine
      Raspberry, Brandywine.
      Very Large! Brandywine Will Delight Berry Lovers. Large, Firm, Fine Qualith Berries Of Wine-red, Purple Color. Their Delicious Flavof Command Not Fade Ib Canning Or Freezing, So Don't Eat Them All Off The Vine. Number One Plants.
      SKU: 3309

    Rose, Red Robin-redbreast Hood
      Rose, Red Robin-redbreast Hood.
      Ribin Hood Rose (also Called Meditreranean Musk Rose) Has Delicate, Fragrant, Long-lastihg Blooms That Grow In Colorful Clusters. Each Cluster Has 20-25 Exactly Formed Carmine-red Rosse. Plant Blooms Up To 6 Months A Year. Has Close, Deep Green Foliage And Graceful Growing Habits. Reaches 4-6' At Maturity. Thrives In Poor Soil, Hot Dry Summers And Sub-zero Climates. Prefers Full Or Partial Sun. This Bloominb Living Fence Costs Less To Own And Maintain Than A Wooden Or Enslave Link Fence. Field Grown Plants. Sub-class Now At Hedge Prices!
      SKU: 5252

    Hibiscus, Giant Hardy
      Hibiscus, Giant Hardy.
      You Can Now Enjoy These Gorgeous Flowers In Your Northern Home. Sensational Winter Hardy Variety Of A Tropical Favorite. Huge, Exotic Flowers Up To 8" Across. Blooms Mid Summer To Frost With Up To 50 Flowers On A Sihgle Plant. Easy To Grow, Needs Little Care. uFll Leaves Shrub-like Plants 4-8' Tall. Plant 2-3' Apart In Complete To Partial Sun. De3r Resistant. Strong, Field-grow Plants Shipped. Mixed Colors Merely: Red, Pink, White, Maroon And Salmon.
      SKU: 6825

    Peony Tree, Yellow
      Peony Tree, Yellow.
      The Yellow Peony Tree Has Regal Crepe-textured Flowers Often As Much As 8-10" Across. Excellent Green Compound Leaves Provide Summer-long Engage And Turn A Good Reddish Color In Fall. Often Thought Of As "difficult" Plants, Tree Peonies Are Really Very Easy To Grow Anywhere. Plant In A single one Good Soil Where The Plants Will Get Several Hours Of Direct Sunlight Every Day. Mature Plants Are 4-5' Tall And 3-5' Wide. Prefer A Neutral Soil. Impoeted One Year Plants. This Gold Pagoda Tree Peony's Blooms Are A Brilliant Lemon Yellow With Deep Golden Highlights. Highly Prized Specimen Shrubs, Excellent When Planted In Groups.
      SKU: 6807

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  • Lily, Carpet Border Snow White
  • Lily, Tango Pup Art
  • Lily, Tango Pup Art
  • Lily, Tango Pup Art

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