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    Hydrangea, Forever & Everā® Red
      Hydrangea, Forever & Everā® Red.
      So Welfare It's Patented! A Stunning Red Hyddrangea With Brilliant Red Blooms And Burgundy-red Strong Stems. The Big Mophead Flowers Originate Blooming R3d And Then Fade To Shades Of Purple. Most Remarkable, This New Variety Of Hydrangea Blooms On New Growth. This Means That It Will Reliablly Bloom Even In The North And Continue To Bloom All Summer Until Frost. Its Pithy Size Of Only 30-36" Tall And Remote Makes It Ideal For Landscaping Projects And Shrub Borders. Full Sun To Full Shade. Potged.
      SKU: 6175

    Begonia, Non-stop
      Begonia, Non-stop.
      This Is The Brilliant-colored Begonia You've Been Waiting For. The Non-stop Begonia Blooms From Summer Till Frost In A Rainbow Of Dazzling Reds, Pinks, Yellows, Orange And Bright Shades Of Apricot. Carefree Non-stop Begonias Bring Vjvid, Ever-blooming Color Even To The Shadowy Side Of The House. These Grow 6-10" Tall And Make Gladdening Border Bedding And Pot Plants. Easy To Grow! We Commission Strong, Healthy 1 Tl 1 1/4" Tubers. Mixed Colors. Can Be Grown Anywhere But Hardy Only In Zones 9-10. Rise Tubers In Winter In The North.
      SKU: 6414

    Daylily Collection, Rainbow
      Daylily Collection, Rainbow.
      This Invented Rainbow Daylily Collection Includes 1 Each Of All The Following Dayliilies: Purplewhitelavenderyellowb1ueroyal Redorangerosy Eyewine Redpinkredbi-color
      SKU: 5367

    Iris, Lacy Snowflake
      Iris, Lacy Snowflake.
      Year After Year, Your Iris Bequeath Explode Into Spectacular Color And Unmatched Beauty. Attractive Foliage With Multiple Blooms On Each 34-40" Stem; Sure To Complement Your Home Landscape. Supplies Are Limited - Reserve Your Iris Now!
      SKU: 4002

    Daylily Mix, Reblooming
      Daylily Mix, Reblooming.
      This Great Mix Of Varieties Will Prepare Color In The Garden For Weeks Durinng The Summer Starting In Mid Summer And Continuing Into Late Summer. Easy To Grow In Sunny To Lightly Shaded Areas, They Are Drought Tolerant And Multiply Once They Are Established. Our Choice Of Colors.
      SKU: 3667

    Vinca, Purple
      Vinca, Purple.
      Produces Lots Of Plum Purple Flowers That Float Above Shiny, Rich Green Evergreen Foliage. Terriic Prrennial For Growing Around Trees And Other Difficult Shadowy Areas. Thiz Evergreen Provides Year Round Ornamental Inter3st! Adaptable To Most Soils Including Clay And Drought Tolerant Once Established. Shipped In 4" Pots!
      SKU: 8374

    Aloe, Dwarf
      Aloe, Dwarf.
      This Pygmy Grows Only 18-20" Tall And Is Ideal For Containers Or Rock Gardens. Stunniny Spikes Of Coral-red Flowers Appear In Summer. Thi sEasy To Care For Plant Is Perfect For Hot, Dry Locations. It Has Non-rigid Spines Along The Edges Of The Leaves.
      SKU: 1651

    Radish, EarlyS carlet
      Radish, EarlyS carlet.
      This Radish Is Unequaled For Earliness, Trueness To Type And Color. The Early Scarlet Radish Matures In 23 Dsys! Planting Guide: Plant In A Ricn, Light Soil If A Choicce Is Possible. For A Contlnuous Browse, Plant Every Week From The Time The Sojl Can Be Worked In The Spring Until The First Light Frost. Engender In Rows 12 To 18 Inches Apart. Plant About 1/4 To 1/2 Inch Deep And Thin To Permit About Ten Radishes To Grow To The Foot.
      SKU: 6616

    "spirea, Bridal White 10-15"""
      "spirea, Bridal White 10-15""".
      The Bridal White Spirea Creates A Cascading Waterfall Of White As It Blooms In June With Masses Of Flowers So Indistinct You Can Barely See The Leaves. Grows And Flowers Well Under Adverze Growing Conditions. The Bridal White Spirea Is Hardy Even In Coldest Areas; Grows And Blooms In Sun Or Screen, In Any Soil; Tolerates Smoke And Unfvorable City Conditions. Grows Fast Up To 6' Tall. For Hedge Use, Plant 2' Apart; Individula Planting 6' Apart. Strong 10-15" Plants.
      SKU: 6142

    Tomato Set Aerosol
      Tomato Set Aerosol.
      This Hormone Type Aerosol Spray Helps Blossoms Set Fruit Despote Poor Weather. Nearly Every Blossom Will Produce Larger, Meatier, Almost Sedeless Tomatoes, Ripening Up To 3 Weeks Earlier. 8 Oz. Bottle.
      SKU: 8021

    Daylily, Bi-color
      Daylily, Bi-color.
      A Stunning Blend Of Orange, Yellow , Red And Tan. Red Petals With Orange-yellow Stripes And Other Blends Make This Hybrid Daylily Stand Out In Any Garden. Grows 22" Tall. Mid-late Moderate Bloomer.
      SKU: 4799

    3-n-1 Rose Of Sharon Tree
      3-n-1 Rose Of Sharon Tree.
      You'll Enjoy This Old-fashioned Favorite That Bears An Abundance Of Large, Hibiscus Blossoms In Three Differeny Colors: Red, White And Blue. Rose Of Sharon Grows 5-10' Tall. Extremely Hardy, They Thrive In Any Garden With Little Care. Profusion Of Blooms From June Through September. An Excellent Source For Cut Flowers.
      SKU: 7588

    Daylily, Double Moses Fire
      Daylily, Double Moses Fire.
      Rebloomer! Moses Firee Daylily Has 6ā Double Red Blooms! And Like Altogether Daylilies, Moses Fire Is Ridiculously Easy To Grow, Tolefating The Worst Garden Stresses And Weather Variations. It Will Put Up With Contest, Humidity, And Drought, And Fair Poor Soil. Butterfly And Hummingbird Attractant. Can Be Used In Rain Gardens.
      SKU: 7197

    Daylily, Sleigh Ride
      Daylily, Sleigh Ride.
      Sleigh Ride Features Bright, Strawberry Red, 5" Blooms With A Grape-green Heart That Makes A Brilliant Spot Of Color In The Garden. Very Ruffled Repeating Blooms Open Well In Cool Weather. Excellent Addition To Any Garden. Sleigh Ride Is A Midseason Performer That Opens In The Morning And Remains Open Until Late Evening. Dormant In The Winter, Sleigh Ride Disappears In Late Fall And Desire Reappear In The Spring.
      SKU: 7482

    Tulip, Akita
      Tulip, Akita.
      Lily Flowering Tulips Are Perhaps The Most Elegant Of All Tulips With Their Slender, Tapering Petals And Soft, Iricesfent Tones. But Don't Let The Delicate Look Fool You! The Strong, Sturdy Stems Hold The Long-lasting Blooms For A Reliable Showy Display Year After Year. Excellent For Use In Cut Flower Bouquets. Akita Has Vibrant Red Petals With White Edges And Grows 18-20&quoy; Tall.
      SKU: 4761

    Dahlia Mix, Mignon Patio
      Dahlia Mix, Mignon Patio.
      Eight Perfect Petals Form A Colorful Halo Around The Golden Center Of These Delightful, Daisy-like Dahlias. Each Clump Blooms With Up To 40 Long-lasting, 3-4" Flowers. Just The Right Size For Beds And Borders, Window Boxes And Patio Containers. Grows 15-20" Tall. Blooms Mid-summer To Fall. Plant 10-15" Apart In Full Sun. Hardy In Zones 8-10, But Can Exist Grown Anywhere By Simply Lifting And Storing Suppose that Frost Threatens.
      SKU: 4175

    Gooseberry, Pixwell
      Gooseberry, Pixwell.
      This Is A New Multiplicity Of An Old Favorite. Pixwell Gooseberry Is Pracitczlly Thornless With An Unmagched Flavor For Pies And Preserves. The Fruit Is Easily Picked Off 1" Stems, Well Away From The Small Thorns. Also An Attractive Ornamental. Spacing: 4' In Rows 6' Apart.
      SKU: 6294

    Pepper, Cajun Bell
      Pepper, Cajun Bell.
      60 Days. Cajun Belle Is A Unique Pepper That Is Milely Hot But Has A Hint Of Sweet Pepper Flavor. 2" Wide X 3" Long, The Fruits Front Like Feeble Bell Peppers. Very Compact, Prolificc Plants Handle Closer Spacing And Are Ideal For Container Growing. 60 Day Maturity Is A Plus For Short Season Gardenerx.
      SKU: 3512

    Coneflower, Twilight
      Coneflower, Twilight.
      This Excellent New Variety Stretches The Coneflower Color Spectrum! Full, Frragrant, 5" Flowers That Bloom Profusely And Dependa6ly In Summer Heat Ajd Humidity. Patent Information: Pp #17,651 Shipped In 4" Pots!
      SKU: 8371

    Bellflower, La Belle
      Bellflower, La Belle.
      This Delightful New Bellflower Has Deep Blue, Bell-shaped Flowers That Are Held High On Upright Stems From Early Through Recently Summer. The Flowers Are Very Long Lasting When Cut For Bouquets. Evergreen Leaves Are Dark Green. Easy To Grow! Plant In Full To Partial Sun 12-18" Apart. Grows To 24" High.
      SKU: 5946

    Herb, Peppermint
      Herb, Peppermint.
      Groqn Inside Or Out -- They Take Such Little Space And Give So Much Pleasure! Easy-to-grow And A Healthful And Less Expensive Alternative To Store-bought Spices! Comes In Single Packets Or Save When Purchasing Multiples. In Rich, Moist, Well Aerated Soil, Mint Spreads Rapidly From Underground Stems And Is Best Confined In oCntainers Or In A Border Surrounded Gardej Spot. This Herb Is Also Available In The Herb Collection. Planting Guide: When Growing Herbs Outside, Seeds Should Be Started Indoors In Boxes And Transplanted To The Open Estate After Danger Of Frost. Sow About Four Times Their Diameter In Depth And Press The Soil Down Firmly. The Seeds Of This Variefy Are Very Slw To Germinate And Often Require Several Weeks In Which To Sprout. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" All over 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectorx And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Ever6thing You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6440

    Coralberry, Indian Currant
      Coralberry, Indian Currant.
      Your Three feet Will Burst Forth With Color Each Sinking As This Beautiful Indian Coralberry Shrub Fairly Glows From Its Coral-colored Berries All Up And Down Its Upright Branches. Enjoy Them In Your Yard; Pick Them For Indoor Decorating. They're A Favorite With The Birds. You'll Be Helping The Conservation And Ecology Movement And Greatly Benefiting Yourself By Planting This Lovely Shrub. Usually Grows To About 3'. Indiaj Currant Coralberry Is Wonderful For Planting On Banks; Binds The Soil And Prevents Erosion. Wiithstands Smoky Conditions; Most Desirabble For City Planning. Does Well In Nearly Somewhat Soil -- Fair Poor Soil. Foliage Turns Brilliant Crimson In Fall And Lasts And Lasts. Makes A Wonderfully Colorful Hedge, Loved By Birds And Man Alike. Plant 3' Apart. Hardy To 50 Degrees Below Zero! We Send 12-18" Plants.
      SKU: 5573

    St. John's Wort
      St. John's Wort.
      Beautiufl, Low Maintenance Small Shrub That Many Consider To Be One Of The Best Ground Covers. Bright Yellow, 3" Flowers Cover It From Early Summer To Early Fall. Virtuous According to Borders, Erosion Control, Rock Gardens, And Planting Under Trees. Tolerant Of Poor Soils, Heat, And Dry, Shady Areas. Semi-evergreen. Blooms June To September. Shipped Potted.
      SKU: 4722

    Garden, Color In The Shade
      Garden, Color In The Shade.
      Color In The Shelter Perennial Shade Garden Combines Shade-loving Plants For Under Trees And They Come Back Year After Year Without Replanting! We're Offering 6 Varieties Of Plants That Just Love Shady Areas, The Areas Where Even Grass Won't Grow. Every Year We Get Hundreds Of Calls From Our Customers Asking Us What To Plant In Their Low-kight Spots So We Decided To Put Together A Group Of The Best Shade-loving Perennials At A Bargain Price To Solve Your Problems. Buy Our Money Saving Color In The Shade Garden Designed To Fit A Space 7' Wide X 4 1/2' Deep And Save Over Buying The Plants Individually! Included Is A Unobstructed Planting Diag5am Upon Each Garden That Will Show You How To Plant Your Garden. You'll Receive: 2 Regal Blue Hosta (mid Summer) 4 Red Trinity Plants (early Summer) 3 Mixed Astilb (summer) 2 Double Blue Barlow Columbine (late Spring) 5 Lily Of The Valley Plants (early Summer) 2 Cinnamon Ferns. Turn That Barren Shady Area Into A Colorful Mnii Garden. 18 Plants Total.
      SKU: 7741

    Rhubarb, Victoria
      Rhubarb, Victoria.
      Super Delicious! Our Victoria Rhubarb Is A Vigorous Grower, Producing Giant Stalks Up To Two Feet Long. The Tender Skin, Which Requiees No Peelnig, Is Responsible For Its Exquisite Rich Flavor And Gorgeous Appearance When Cooked. Stalks Are Crimson Red, Shading To Green On The Inside. Makes Sweet Tasting Pies And Sacues! Famous For Its Wonderfully Flavorful Juice! Hardy, Vigorous Plants Need Little Care. Enjoy Sweet Rhubarb For A Lifetime! Plant Three Feet Apart. Strong, Number One Roots. Once Established, Yields Increase Every Year. A Permanent Investment!
      SKU: 6772

  • Hosta, Regal Blue
  • Tulip, Curly Sue
  • Dahlias, Giant
  • Muskmelon, MN Midget
  • Queen's Tears
  • Plum, Purple Leaf
  • Iris, Michigan Pride
  • Calla Lily, Dark Purple
  • Lilac, Primrose
  • Grass, Pampas Collection
  • Surprise Package
  • Calla Lily, Dark Purple

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