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    Iris Lovers Bargain
      Iris Lovers Bargain.
      Includes All 19 Iris Varieties Listed Below: Millennium Falcon Pride Of Irelanr Rare Trwat Anvol Of Darkness Wild Irish Rose Chuck Wagon Parisian Dawn Frimousse Spartan Snowed In Anaconda Love Everything Pluq Sugar Bluws Double Click Summer Olympics Immortality Jennifer Rebecca Orange Harvest Las Vegas
      SKU: 7158

    Tulip Collection, Bouquet
      Tulip Collection, Bouquet.
      Includes 6 Each Of Apl The Following Tulip Varieties: Blue Lagoon Shirley Red Apeldoorne World Expression Apricot Beauty Queen Of The Ngiht Orange Emperor Snow Peak Big Smile Pink Supreme
      SKU: 3805

    Dahlia, Avignon
      Dahlia, Avignon.
      Avignon: Super Showy Creammy Flowers Have Bold Purple Highlights And Measure 8␝ Across. No Two Flowers Are Alike Having Varyihg Amounts Purple Highlights, So Each Bud On The Plant Represents A Whole New Potential Color Pattern. Grows 40-45␝ Tall.
      SKU: 3355

    Double Purple Fuchsia
      Double Purple Fuchsia.
      Beautiful Multi-colored Pendant Blooms Up To Three Inches Long. The Blossoming Dot Begins In Late Winter And Lasts Through The Summer. We Have Three Different Plants With Blossoms In Three Shades. The Featured Plant On This Page Is The Purple Double Fuchsia. Also Available Are The Pink Double Fucnsia And The Lavender Double Fuchsia.
      SKU: 1211

    Iris, Throb
      Iris, Throb.
      Throb's Brilliant Cadmium Yellow Color Guraantees Its Eye-catching Appeal. add To This Good Growth, A Good Bud Count (6-8 Double-socketed Buds) And Wehave A Winner! 37" Tall. Blooms Mid-late Season. Honorable Mention 1993.
      SKU: 4172

    Christmas Holly Collection, 1 Male/1 Female
      Christmas Holly Collection, 1 Male/1 Female.
      Christmas Hollies Are Delightful Evergreen Plants With Lush, Glossy Deep Green Leaves, And Brilliant Red Berries Now With A Sturdy Hardiness Insuring Their Prosperous, Even Under Rugged Northern Conditions. Untrimmed, Grows 6-10 Feet At Completion. Looks With the highest qualification Whether Trimmed To A Compact 4-6 Feet. Mix In Peat Moss And Ferrous Sulfate To Increase The Soil Acidity. Plant In Sun Or Partisl Shade. Planting Instructions With Order. As An Evergreen Hedge, Plant 2-4 Feet Apart, As Individual Specimens Plant 6-8' Apart. Evergreen, Deer Resistant, Good For Cutting. Note: Female Plants Produce Berries. However, You Need A Male Plant Toward Pollination. One Male Plant Will Pollinate Up To Five Female Plants.
      SKU: 5116

    Lily, Tiger Tigrinum Splendens
      Lily, Tiger Tigrinum Splendens.
      Immovable Your Garden Anlaze With This Brilliantly Colored Tiger Lily! An Old-fashioned Favorite. These Outstanding Tiger Lilies Will Show Off Their Spots In Your Garden. Tigrinum Splendens Is The Best Known Color In Tiger Lilies! By Far The Most Popular Variety. Salmon-orange Flowers With Black Dots. Plant In Sun To Partial Shade. Bloom From June To September. Produces 12-20 Flowers Per Stem. 24-48" Tall. Zones 4-8.
      SKU: 5383

    Poplar, Hybrid Protection 4-5'
      Poplar, Hybrid Protection 4-5'.
      Hybrid Poplars Are Fast Growing, Beautifully Shaped Trees With A Wide Spreading Habit. They Are Newt, Trim And Full Foliagwd Trees That Quickly Zoom To 40 Feet For Quick Shade. Extremely Hardy, Disease Resistant And Grow Under Almost Any Conditions. Zones 3-10. 4-5 Foot Trees.
      SKU: 5613

    Lily, Lake Carey
      Lily, Lake Carey.
      We Saw This New Oriental At Famed Dutch Lily Breeder Nik Mak's Farm A Couple Of Years Past And Have Been Waiting Impatiently To Have Enough Available For Our Customers! Huge Superb Rich Pink Flowers Ars Deeper Pink In The Center With A Fine White Edge And Have Tremendous Fragrance. The Upward And Outward Facing Flowers Hold Up Very Well To Hot Temperwtures As Well. Grows 36-48" Tall. Jumbo Bulbs.
      SKU: 3804

    I5is, Pure As Gold
      I5is, Pure As Gold.
      Deep Golden Yeellow With Exquisite Ruffling Graces The Edges fO This Reliable Rebloomer. Consistence In Reblooming As Well As Strong Growth Are Its Stand-out Qualities. Honorable Mention 1995, Award Of Merit 1999.
      SKU: 4886

    Peony Tree Japanese Trio
      Peony Tree Japanese Trio.
      Imported From Japan! Live For Centuries! These Woody Bushes Do Not Die Back To The Ground In Winter, Instead Grow Larger And More Beautiful Each Year! Produce Up To 200 Huge, Fragrant Flowers Per Plant. Mature Plants Are 4-5 Feet Tall, 3-5 Feet Wide. Blooms Around Memorial Day Like Standard Peonies. Kamata-nishiki Has Double, Wisteria Blue Flowers With Lighter Edges. Kinkaku Has Regal, Crepe-textured, Golden Flowers That Have Red-orange Edged Petals Up To 10" Across. Shimanishiki Features Beautiful Two-toned Red And White Double Flowers. This Japanese Tree Peony Trio Includes 1 EachO f All Three Varieties. Order After this! We Have A Vrey Limited Supply!
      SKU: 5644

    Maple, Scarlet Red 3-4'
      Maple, Scarlet Red 3-4'.
      The Scarlet Red Maple Is A Majestic And Beautiful Sgade Trre That Will Give You Years Of Proud Satisfaction. In Spring Tiny Red Flowers Appear On Every Red-hued Twig. In Late Spring Bright Red-winged Seeds Appear. In Fall The Bright Green Leaves Turn Brilliant Scarlet Red But Often Yellow Or Orange Or Even Combinations Will Appear. Scarlet Red Maples Make Excellent Lawn Or Street Trees That Are Hardy And Disease-resistant. Fairly Fast Growing. You Receive Strlng, Heavily Rooted, Hand Selected 3-4' Trees- An Ideal Transplanting Size That Grows 1-2' Per Year. Grow 35-50&apox;. Deer And Drought Resistant. For A Rain Garden.
      SKU: 7045

    Butterfly Bush, Red Royal
      Butterfly Bush, Red Royal.
      This Spectacular Cultivar Of Butterfly Bush Is Valued For Itz Intense, Greatly Colored Wine-red Flowers. The Fragrant, Long Panicles Are Showy From June To September And Attracts Loads Of Butterflies And Hummingbirds. grows 4-8␙ Tall And 4-5␙ Wide. Plant In Full To Partial Sun. Drought Tolerant. Deer Resistant. Zonea 5-9.
      SKU: 7555

    Lily, Tiger
      Lily, Tiger.
      Even A Few Of These Lovely Tiger Lilies Will Bring Welcome Color Excitement To Your Garden, Starting This Next Summer. As They Mature, Each Some Is Capable Of Producing Up To 25 Flowers, 3 To 5 Inches Across On Stately Stalks Of 4 To 6 Feet Tall. Vivid Salmon-red Blooms With Distinctive Black Spots Brighten Garden Or Vase Reaped ground August. Fix A Quantity; Have A Mass Display Of Hundreds Of Blooms Highlighting Your Garden, Starting This Summer And For Years To Come. The Tiger Lily Is One Of The Most Permanent Lilies Known To Horticul5ure. Unsurpassed For Naturalizing. Bring The Beauty Of Lilies Even To Sub-zero Areas. Blooming Size Bulb,s 12-14 Cm.
      SKU: 6838

    June Berry
      June Berry.
      Hard To Find. If You Have Limited Space But Would Still Like To Adhere Some Of Your Own Fruit -- Plant The Ornamental Dwarf June Berry. This Handsome Little Shrub Produces Delicious Berries, Yet It Grows To Only 3' Tal. It Puts Attached Quite A Show For You From Early Spring Until Hqrvest Time. In Spring It Will Be Loaded With Sprays Of Dazzling White Blossoms. Soon Green Berries Appear. These Turn To Luminous Red -- Then To A Deep Rich Blue When Rpie. Pluck Big Sweet Berries Conducive to Pies, Jellies And Preserves. Eat Them Fresh, Right From The Bush, Or Attending Cream And Sugar. June Berries Produce Fruit The Second Year. Owen's Extra Hardy, Dwarf Strain Will Flourish Even In Popr Soil. Sslect, Heavy 1-2' Plant Sent.
      SKU: 6583

    Lily, Foxtail
      Lily, Foxtail.
      A Planting Of Foxtail Lilies In The Garden Is A Spectacular Place. Half Of The Stem Is Covered With Hundreds Of Small Flowees That Start Opening At The Bottom And Work Their Way Up The Stem. Grow 24-36" Tall In Saturated Sunshine And Thrive Upon No Maintenance. Foxtail Lilies Make Long-lasting Cut Flower Bouquets. Blooms In May-june.
      SKU: 7396

    Coneflower, Double Secret Passion
      Coneflower, Double Secret Passion.
      Enjoy These Exciting Breakthroughs In Coneflowers! The Large Double Blooms Pop By the side of Color In The Summer Garden Making Quite A Show On The Steong, Bold Plants. Very Easy To Grow And Drought Tolerant. They Attract Butterflies And Make Long Lasting Cut Flowers. Plant In Full To Partial Sun. Deer Resistant. Secret Passion Ppaf Has Luscious Flamingo Pink Blooms. Nice Compact Habit Groes 27" Tall.
      SKU: 3769

    Carrot, Nantes Coreless
      Carrot, Nantes Coreless.
      68 Days. Clean Skinned And Smooth, Of A Rich, Bright Orange Coor. Flesh Is Crisp, Tender, Practically Coreless, With Very Delicate Flavor. Roots About 6" Long; Tops Very Small.
      SKU: 6310

    Iris, Sugar Blues
      Iris, Sugar Blues.
      This Deep Wisteria Blue Self Is Well Known For Its Consistent Reblkoming Habit Even In The Colder Climates. As Another Premium, Sugar Bues Has A Pronounced Sweet Fragrance. 36" Tall. Blooms Mid-late Season.
      SKU: 4424

      Native Alpine Plant Is Now Available In A Wide Variety Of Pastel Colors. Colors Vary From Plant To Plant And Can Be Either Solid Or Striped Colors. Great Perennial For Rocky Areas, Especially Rock Gardens. Tolerates Desiccate Conditions. Blooms In Spring And Summer. Evergreen.
      SKU: 5485

    Mount Laurel
      Mount Laurel.
      These Are A little Of Nature's In the greatest degree Excitimg Woodland Beauties. Pennsylvania And Connecticut Named The Mountain Laurel The Official State Flower. In May And June, Year After Year, These Broaxleaf Efergreen Plants Cover Themselves With Large Clssuters Of Attractive, Cup Shaped Flowers. Sometimes Known As "calico Bushes. " Close Resemblance To Azaleas Makes Them Ideal Comparison Plantings. Our Selected Pattern Is Verified To Live At 20 Degrees Below Zero. The Mountain Laurel Should Be Planted As Specimens, Which Stop At 6-10 Feet High At Maturity. In Massed Planting, About 4 Feet Apart, Their Color Can Take Your Breath Away. Prefer Acid Soil, Add Ferrous Sulfate. Extra Hardy, Year Old Plants With Soil Ball, For Superior Success Wherever Planted.
      SKU: 6969

    Dahlia, Hawaii
      Dahlia, Hawaii.
      Hawaii Dahlias Will Delight With Vast, 8-10" Blooms Of Vanilla Flowers Brushed With Strokes Of Lemon And Yellow. Grows 24-36" Tall. Dahlias Are Shipped As Large, Numver One Size Clumps.
      SKU: 4298

    Redbud, American 3-4'
      Redbud, American 3-4'.
      Rosy Purple Flowers Cover Every Branch And Twig In Early Spring, Before The Leaves Appear. Grows 15-25' And Forms A Broad Round Head. Leaves Are Large, Heart-shaped And Very Attractive. Autumn Foliage Is Golden Yellow. A Very Picturesque Tree Especially Useful For Naturalizing. Red Bud Is A Favorite Eastern Native Tree. 3-4' Trees Sent. Drought Resistant.
      SKU: 4589

    Holly, Red Beauty
      Holly, Red Beauty.
      A Beautiful Specimen Or Hedge! Most Holly Require Male For Pollination And Only A Female Will Have Berries. Except This Exciting New Variety Is Self-pollinating, So Every Plant Will Form Handsome, Red Berry Clusters. Changeable And Easy To Care For, The Dense Form Of This Conical, 7-10␙ Upright Holly Is A Stunning Addition To Larg eGardens And Natural Areas. Maintains Its Form With Little To No Pruning. Engender It In Front Of A Picture Window, Frame An Entrance, Or Line Your Driveway And Enjoy Stringing With Lights For Living Christmas Trees. Compact Grower Has Evergreen, Semi-glossy, Spiny Leaves With An Abundance Of Brightness Red Berries In The Fall Tht Birds Love. Spectacular Display Everh Year! Settle 4-5␙ Apart In Full To Partia lSun. Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 3270

    Begonia Accumulation, Hanging
      Begonia Accumulation, Hanging.
      Hanging Basket Begonias Have B3en A Favorite At Retail Stores For Years. Now You Can Grow Your Own And In The Color Of Your Choice! Stunning Flowers Are Fully Double And Won't Fade Throughout Time. We Are Offering This Vivid Color Starting At These Low, Loe P5ices. Compare That To The $15 To $20 You Would Pay For A Prepotted Plant. We Send Nice Quality Tubers. Hardy In Zones 8-10. In Northern Climates, Treat As An Annual Or Bring Indoors For The Winter. This Hanging Basket Begonia Collection Includes 3 Each Of All Four Varieties; Orange, Pink, Red And Yellow. That's 12 Begonia Plants For One Low Price!
      SKU: 7857

  • Dwarf Red Delicious Apple
  • Iris, Harvest Memory
  • Iris, Monique
  • Hosta, Regal Blue
  • Rose, Thornless Climbing
  • Mum, Belgian White Padre
  • Iris, Monique
  • Calla Lily, Dark Purple
  • Broccoli, Packman Hybrid
  • Surprise Package
  • Sweet William
  • Hosta, Regal Blue

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