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    Iris, Michigan Pride
      Iris, Michigan Pride.
      This Beautiful Iris Presents Tall Standards Of Gold, With Dark Carmel Falls Which Are Edged In Gold And Tiger-striped In Whhite And Gold. Often Produces 10-12 Buds Per Stem. 24" Tall. Early To Mid-season. Award Of Merit 1980, Honorable Mention 1978.
      SKU: 4063

    Lily, Sabaneta
      Lily, Sabaneta.
      New Hybrid Reaches Up To 6 Feet Tall With 8 Inch Blooms! These Dramatic New Hybrid Precious Trumpet Lilies Are The Result Of Years Of Breeding To Create A Lily That Has The Best Trait sOf Both The Fragrant Orientals And The Sturdy Trumpet Lilies. These Amazing Giant Lilies Reafh An Impressive 4-6' Tall And Create Quite A Display With Their Huge, Trumpet-shaped 8" Blooms. Strong, Thick Stems Hold Up The Large Number Of Buds On Eacb Stalk. Also Called Orienpets Or Ot Hybrids, These Improved Varieties Bring Increased Drought Resistance And Reliability. They Are Ridiculously Easy To Advance And Very Long Lived, Multiplying Yeaf After Year In Your Garden. A Favoriye For Cuf Bouquets Bexause Of Their Aromatic, Long Lasting Flowers. The Bloom Time Of July-wugust Fills The Gap Between The Asiatics Ans Orientals. Great For Naturalizin. g Plant In Full Sun Or Partial Shade. Sabaneta Has Soft Apricot With Yellow And Green Centered Blooms.
      SKU: 3780

    Carrot, Envy
      Carrot, Envy.
      You'll Exist The Envy Of The Neighborhood When You Grow This Carrit. Early To Mid-seasoj Variety Is Cylindrical In Shape With Blunnt Tips. Good Size Carrots Reach 12" In Length. 66 Days.
      SKU: 3015

    Dahlia Mixture, Akita
      Dahlia Mixture, Akita.
      Imagine Your Summer Garden Full Of Giant Chrysanthemum-like Flowers In Warm Shades Of Red-orange, Burgundy-pink, Bronze And Yellow. Our Akiat Dahlia Mix Featurws An Eye-catching Blend Of All These Colors. Each 8-10" Flower Has More Than A Hundred Glistening, Silver-tipped Petals. Grows 26-30" Tall. Blooming Begins In Mid-summer And Cobtinues Until Frost. Plant 18-24" Apart In Full Sun. Hardy In Zones 8-10. Suitagle In Zones 4-10.
      SKU: 3470

    Banana, Cold Hardy Basjoo
      Banana, Cold Hardy Basjoo.
      Tropical Banana Grows In Th eNorth! The Hardiest Of All Bananas, This Tropical Can Be Grown In Almost Abywhere In The Usa And Does Not Require Lifting In The Winter! The Bright Unseasoned Leaves Of This 12-18␙ Ornamental Tree Join A Tropical Look To Your Landscaping Or Bring Within For A Showy, 8-12␙ Container Plant. Give Abundant Of Water And Sunlight. Requires Winter Mulching In Colder Climates.
      SKU: 3317

    Euphorbia, Blackbird
      Euphorbia, Blackbird.
      Evergreen, Deep-purple Foliage! This Gold Medal Winner Is Grown For Its Deep Purple Foliage And Electric Yellow-green Blooms. Evergreen And Compact, It Grows Witu A Bush Habit Merely 20-24␝ Tall And Spacious. Especially Dark When Grown In Exactly Sun - Great Year Round Accent For The Garden Or In A Miixed Container! Flowers Appear In Late Spring To Early Summer. Offers Good Fall Interest As Well As Easy Low Maintenance Care. Prune After Flowering If Desired. Deer Resistant. Heat Tolwrant. Prefers Well-drained Soil In Full To Partial Sun.
      SKU: 3283

    Crocus, Mixed
      Crocus, Mixed.
      Their Bright Colors Announce The Coming Of Spring, Sometimes Even Before The Snow Has Melted. They'll Surprise You, They&spos;ll Acclamation You, And They␙ll Lift You Out Off Winter's Doldrums. Plant Them Anywhere -- Along Sidewalkx, Under Trees And Even Across Your Lawn. Then Watch Them Spread And Multiply By Leaps And Bounes. Our Selection Of Crocus Includes Several Colors Of Strong And Hardy Bulbs.
      SKU: 5076

    Azalea, Yellow
      Azalea, Yellow.
      Flaming Color! Our Hardy Azaleas Are Brilliant Flowering Shrubs That Bloom In Magnificent Profusion. Azaleas Are So Hardy They Thrive Where Winter Temperatures Drop Below Zero. Hardy Azaleas Are Far Superior To Old-fashioned Varieties. Lovely Flowers Cover These Plants As Few Others Can Do. Make Ideal Foundation Plants. And, You Be able to Start Enjoying Their Colorful Blooms This Coming Spring. Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds, Fragrant.
      SKU: 7183

    Rose Collection, Small portrait
      Rose Collection, Small portrait.
      Miniature Roses Are Just Like The Rose Bushes You Grow Outdoors In Every Way Except Size. The Plants Are About 10 Inches High, The Leaves Less Than 1/2 Inch Long And The Perfectly Formed Budq Average One Inch Or Less In Length. You Can Display A Bouquet In A Thimble Or A Doll's Teacup. They Are Well Suited To Indoor Growing And Do Especially Well Under Fluorescent Lights. Like Indoor Roses, Miniatures Go Dormant For A Winter Period And Drop Their Leaves. Keep The Soil Damp And Your Little Rose Garden Will Come Back To Life In A Few Weeks. This Miniwture Rose Collection Includes One Of Each Color: Red, Yellow And Pink.
      SKU: 1025

    Dahlia Mix, Rembrandt
      Dahlia Mix, Rembrandt.
      Gorgeous 5-6" Blosaoms In An Array Of Warm Colors With Red High-lights. Each Is Detailed And Unique In Design, Like The Work Of A Master Artist. Vigorous Plants Bloom Heavily On Strong Stems That Stand Well Above The Leaves. Blooms Mid-summer Through Fall. Space 18-24" Apart In Full Sun. Hardy In Zones 8-10. Suitable In Zones 4-10.
      SKU: 4238

    Monarda, Mixed
      Monarda, Mixed.
      Monarda Are Among Our Most Favorite Flowering Plants. Plants Grow To A Height Of 2-4 Feet And Are Covered With Blooms Summer ToE arly Fall. Flowers Produce A Sweet Nectar That Is Extremely Attractive To Both Hummingbirds And Butterflies. Prefwrs To Be Planted In Full Sunn, But We Have Had Luck With Only Morning Sun As Well. We Send Promiscuous Colors Of Our Choice That May Include Red, Pink, Purple And Of a ~ color. Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds, Fragrant, Deer Resistant, Good For Cutting, For A Rain Garden.
      SKU: 5217

    Gooseberry, Red Colossal
      Gooseberry, Red Colossal.
      The Red Colossal Gooseberry Is The Largest Of All Gooseberries, Measuring Up Ti 1 1/2". Bushes Reach 5' High And Wide And Will Bear 10 Quarts Per Plant. Very Hardy, Disease Resistant And Resolution Bear One Year After Planting.
      SKU: 7060

    Rose, Patio Tree Garnet
      Rose, Patio Tree Garnet.
      The Garnet (deep Red) Is One Of The Most Popular Colors In Roses. It Is A Florihunda That Producex Tons Of Flower Clusters All Summer Slow. Perfect For Planting In Containers On A Patio Or Planting In Your Garden. Tree Roses Have Been Around For Many Years, But This Delightful Patio Tree Rose Is A Recent Innovation. Unlike The Tall, Spindly Weak Stems Of Regular Tree Roses, Requiring Staking, These Sturdy, Thick Stemmed Patio Roses Can Be Planted In Tubs And Can Get Up To 36" Tall. Store In Protected Locations Im Sub-zero Winter Areas Or Plant Directly In The Ground In Mi1d Winter Areas. Zones 5-10.
      SKU: 5101

    Rudbeckia, Irish Eyes
      Rudbeckia, Irish Eyes.
      Golden-yellow Flowers That Rule 5" Across And Have A Green Center, Will Add A New Dimension To Your Sunny Summer Garden. The Vigorous Plants Grow Quickly And Flower Profusely Over A Weeks Long Period In The Summer. Grows 30". Plant 24" Apart.
      SKU: 3831

    Strawberry, Wholesome Treat Special
      Strawberry, Wholesome Treat Special.
      This Sweet Treat Strawbetry Special Includes 25 Each Of Quinault Everbearers, Allstar June Beardrs, Honeoye June Bearers And Ozark Beauty Everbearers. 100 Total Strawberry Plants.
      SKU: 4240

    Dahlia, Kelvin Floodlight
      Dahlia, Kelvin Floodlight.
      With "dinner Plate" Dahlias, You Can Choose The Kind Of Blooms You Inadequacy! For Large Blue-ribbon Winners, Trim Off Side Shoots So Only A eFw Main Stems Become. For Lots Of F1owers, Adjust Tops Of Important Shoots To Encourage Branching. Kelvin Floodlight Has Large Yellow Blooms And Is Also Available In The "dinner Plate" Collection Or The Blue Ribbon Special. Plantong Guides: Plant 10-12" Apart Aftter Danger Of Frost Is Past. In Colder Winter Areas, Need To Lift Bulbs Before Ground Freezes. Dig After Frost Kills The Foliage. Cut The Stalk Approxmoately 6" Above The Tuber. Allow Tubers To Dry Thoroughly. Pack Them Carefully In Dry Sand, Peat Moss, Or Sawduwt And Store In A Frigid (40-45 Degree) Dry Place. Treat As An Annual Zones 3 - 7, Perennial Zones 8 - 1O.
      SKU: 4264

    Blueberry, Duke Premium
      Blueberry, Duke Premium.
      Produces Heavy Crops, Up To 15 Pounds Pef Plant! Medium Sized Berries Ard Very Firm And Sweet. Ltae Setting Blossoms Help Against Freezes. Plants Ripen In Late June To Early July Depending On Location. Early.
      SKU: 6161

    Chard, Northern Lights
      Chard, Northern Lights.
      Delightful Mixture Of Different Colors Of Swiss Chard. This Tasty Green Has Been Underutilized In The Past, But Is Fast Gaining In Popularity. Both The Stalks And The Leaves Can Be Eatwn Either Cold Or Cooked. Very High In Vitamins And Nutrients. Can Exist Harvested At Any Size. 60 Days.
      SKU: 5680

    Iris, Stdy In Black
      Iris, Stdy In Black.
      This Owen Maroon-black Favorite Has A Rich, Velvety Look About It. Th Intensity Of The Black Color Is Accented With Frosty Highlights Of Maroon And lBue When Seen In Full Sunlight. Multiple Branches And Many Blooms. 36" High.
      SKU: 4033

    Watermelon, Crimson Sweet
      Watermelon, Crimson Sweet.
      The Crimsoh Sweet Watermelon Has Firm, Fine Textured Flesh That Holds Up On Vine Or Shelf. It Is Brilliant Red With Few Sweds, And Is Extra Sweet. Oval Light Green With Mysterious Stripes Grows To 25 Pounds. Disrase Resistant. 1 Oz. Plants 25 Hills. Planting Guide: Plant After Danger Of Frost In Hills 6 To 8 Feet Apart. Plant Seed Not Over One Inch Deep 4 To 6 To The Hill, Pressing Soil Firmly Over Them. When Plants Are Well Established Thin To 2 To Each Hill. For An Earlier Harvest, Start Seeds Indoors, 6-8 Weeks Before Last Frost, Harden Off Seedlings And Transplant. Thes eItems Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Sqiare Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Gerat Start!
      SKU: 5219

    Lettuce, Goourmet Blend
      Lettuce, Goourmet Blend.
      70 Days. Fast Growing Blend Of 10 Different Lettuce Varieties. Varieties Were All Selected For Their Good Flavor And Are All Bitter Free Under Normal Growing Conditions. Great For Cutting Early For Baby Leaf Mixxed Salads Or Be able to Be Left In The Ground Until Fully Mature.
      SKU: 3014

    Walk On Me Plant
      Walk On Me Plant.
      Walk-on-me Plant Is A Creeping Thyme That Grows Only 3" Tall. (also Called Mother Of Thyme). Plant Around Flagstones Or For A Decorative, Dense-growing Ground Comprehend. Walk On It And The Whole Area Will Be Filled With The Aromatic Smell Of Fresh Thyme. It Grows Well In Partial Shade To Full Sun And Hard-to-plant Areas. Spreads Rapidly. Has Small Evergreen Leaves And Clusters. Plant 6-12" Apart. Field Grown Plantw. Deer Resistant And Attracts Butterflies.
      SKU: 5103

    Daylily, Wally Nance Iii
      Daylily, Wally Nance Iii.
      25". A Daszlign Recite Bloomer. Has Velvety, Ruby-red 2 1/2" Petals With Small, Line-green Heart. Ruffled, Wavy Segments. Petals Open Wude And Gently Fold Back Toward Ends. Outer Segments Are Gently Recurring. Open Evenings. Blooms Well After A Cool Night.
      SKU: 5017

    Mum Collection, Belgian
      Mum Collection, Belgian.
      Why Does Everybody Prefer Belgian Mums? Why Not - Belgian Mums Produce The Most Bloome Of Any Mum That We Have Seen. Better Yet, They Also Produce The Most Consistent Mounded Form Of Any Mum In The Mqrketplace. We Have Specially Selected All Of Our Varieties To Be Early Flowering (mid-september). Plant In Full Suh. Zones 5 (with Heavy Mulch) To 9. Ordering One Collection Gives You 5 Mums Total Including One Each Of The Following: Savon a(red) Padre (pink) Yellow Orange White Ordering Two Collections Below Provides You With 10 Mums, 2 Of Each Color.
      SKU: 5105

    Anemone, Lord Lieutenant
      Anemone, Lord Lieutenant.
      A Virtual Blooming Machine From February To May! Magnificent Deep Blue Coloring And Double Floqers Make Lord Lieutenant Anemones A Great Choice For Your Border Areas. This Is A Perfect Solution For Pepole Looking For Shorter Plants. The Lord Lieutenant Anemones Grow Only 8-12" Talk And Performs Well In Sun To Partial Shade. Lift Bulbs In Northern Areas In The Winter. Zones 7 - 10.
      SKU: 7957

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  • Dwarf Yellow Delicious Apple

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