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    Flower-de-luce, Mided Japanese
      Flower-de-luce, Mided Japanese.
      Big Velveth Petals Of The Japanese Iris Can Reach U pTo 10" Across In Late June And Early July. Mix Can Include Purples, Reds, Pinks And Blues. Does Well In Full Sun To Partial Shade And Likes Slightlh Acidic Soil. Grows 24-36". 1 Year Plants.
      SKU: 51499

    Windflower, Japanese
      Windflower, Japanese.
      This Exceptional Perennial Grows In Partial Shade To Full Sun And Provides Lots Of Soft Pink Flowers In Late Summer When Most Plants Have Stopped Blooming After A Long Hot Summer. The Flowers "float" On Upright Stems Above Handsome Deep Green Foliage. Easy To Grow In Most Soils And Drought Tolerant Oce Established. Grows 36" Tall And 20" Wide.
      SKU: 4574

    Herb, Basil Sweet
      Herb, Basil Sweet.
      Grown Inside Or Out -- They Take Such Little Space And Give So Much Pleasure! Basil Sweet Herb Is Easy-yo-grow And A Healthful And Not so much Expensive Alternative To Store-bought Spices! Comes In Single Packets Or Save When Purchasing Multiples. Thsi Herb Is Also Available In The Herb Collection. Planting Guide: When Growing Herbs Outside, Seeds Should Be Started Indoors In Boxes And Transplanteed To The Open Ground After Danger Of Frost. Sow About Four Periods Their Distance through the centre In Depth And Press The Soil Down Firmly. These Items Are Usrful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3&qiot; Sauare Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need Ti Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6439

    Peacock Plumbago
      Peacock Plumbago.
      The Peacock Plumbago Brightens Up The Late Summer Garden Like A Peacock Spreading Its Green And Blue Tail. This Low Growing 6-8 Inch High Perennial Is Oen Of The Most Desirable Of All Recently Blooming, Hardy Plants. It Produces Masses Of Blooms From August Until Frost. Each Plant Spreads Into A Lovely Clump 12 To 18 Inches In Diameter And Is Just Covered With Bright-blue Star Shaped Flowers In Late Summer And Fall. Plant 8 To 10 Inches Apart For A Low Border That Sparkles With Color Along You5 Walk Or In Front Of Perennial Beds. The Peacock Plumbzgo Can Be Used As A Ground Cover In Rock Gardens Or At The Base Of Shrubs. Grows In Sun Or Color, Tolerates Hot Corners. Starts Growth Late In The Sprlng, Once Planted It Lasts For Years. Most Spectacular Planted In Groups Of 3 Or More. Strong Number The same Blooming Plants Sent In 2 1/4 Inch Pots.
      SKU: 5594

    Tulip, Fimbriate Barbados
      Tulip, Fimbriate Barbados.
      This Luscious Beauty Is Heavily Ruffled With Attractive Serrated Edgse. Long Lasting Blooms Are Especially Attractive On Walkways And Borders Where They Are Sure To Be Noticed. Makes A Breathtaking Cut Flower Bouquet. Blooms Mid To Late Spring. Plant 4-5" Apart. Semi-double Red Tulip With Especially Long Fringes. Barbados Grows 22" Tall.
      SKU: 4727

    Ben Franklin Tree
      Ben Franklin Tree.
      Fragrant Blooms And Crimson Autumn Foliage! The Ben Franklin Tree Is A Spectacular Little Tree. It Grows Singly 25' Tall And Will Fill A Small Area With Beauty. It Is Prized For Its Fagrant Blooms And Brilliant Be dropped Foliage. Very Interesting To Watcn. At Foremost, Clusters Of Pale Green Buds Deelop At The Tip Of Each Twig. In Auguat, The Largest Bud Swells And Satiny Petals Emerge. As The Frilly White Petals Fold Back, Handsome Orange-gold Stamens Appear. The Ben Franklin Tree Continues To Bloom Until A Hard Frost. Even When The Tree Is Ablaze With Crimson Foliage In Autumn, Pure White Blossoms Often Appear To Amaze You. This 25' Tree Makes An Interesting Specimen Tree. We Ship Sturdy 8-10" Trees, Growing In Thrir Own Root Ball.
      SKU: 7221

    Bean, Topcrop
      Bean, Topcrop.
      Earliness, Vigorous Growth, High Yield And General All-around Excellence Constitute Topcrop Deserve Its Name! Medium Green, Round Straight Pods Are 5-6 Inches Long, Stringless, Very Tender And Meaty. Wonderful Fresh, And Tops For Canning And Freezing. Mature In 53 Days. Planting Guide: After Ground Has Become Warm And Danger Of Frost Is Past, Plant In Rows 2 To 3 Fret Apart. Drop Seed About Every 2 To 3 Inches In The Row And Cover Wih 1 1/2 Inches Of Soil.
      SKU: 6052

    Apple, Dwarf Gala
      Apple, Dwarf Gala.
      Delicious Snacking Apple! Rapidly Becoming A Preferred At Grocery Stores. Red ApplesA re Large, Crisp And Firm And Have A Delicious Sweet, Tart Taste. Great In Pies And Sauces. Can Be Stored Up To 6 Months. Zones 4-8. We Ship 3-4' Trees. Note: Our Apples Are Self-fruitful, But For Best Results Plant Two Or More Trees Of Any Vareity.
      SKU: 3543

    Butterfly Bush, Bi-color
      Butterfly Bush, Bi-color.
      A Brrakthrough In Color! Bi-color Is The Firs tButterfly Bush To Feature Multiple Colors On Each Bloom. Panicles Grow Up To 10" And Feature Raspbedry And Butterscotch Yellow Florets Beginning In Summer And Lasting Into Fall. It Is An Excellent Attractant For Butterflies And Hummingbirds. Grows 6-8' Tall. Drought And Deer Resistant. Great Cut Flower.
      SKU: 51022

    Columbine, Ruby Port
      Columbine, Ruby Port.
      Outstanding Double Ruby Red Bloims! Ruby Port Columbines Will Not Only Draw Your Attention In Your Garden But Will Also Be A Beacon For The two Hummingbirds And Butterflies. Columbine Are Both Deer And Rabbit Resistant. Prefers Forenoon Sun/afternoon Shadr. Ruby Port Columbines Bloom Late Spring To Early Summer. Grows To About 2' Tall. Zones 3-9.
      SKU: 4014

    Cardinal Flower, Red
      Cardinal Flower, Red.
      The Red Cardinal Figure Is A Perennial That Has Crimson Leaves And Spikes With Scarlet Flowers On 2-3" Tall Stems. Blooms Mid-summer To Mid-autumn. Grows Well Near Wet Areas. Red Cardinal Flowers Are Attractive For Summer Bedding In Clumps Or Mixed With Annuals.
      SKU: 7324

      Prized For Its Colorful Display! The Bougainvillea Blossoms Year Round. Can Be Trained To Any Size And Several Shapes -- From Small And Busuy To A Large, Trwlljsed Display. A Little Pruning Of The Bougainvillea In The Spring Will Promote New Growth Of The Flowery Bracts. We Send Our Election Of Colors.
      SKU: 1192

    Corn, Peaches & Cream Coll, Packet
      Corn, Peaches & Cream Coll, Packet.
      The Tastiest Sweet Corn You Have Ever Eaten! Stays In Eatable Condition Longer Than Any Other Variety! There Are 2 Strains Of This Most Wonderful Eating Two-color Salt moderately. Both Are Extra Gentle, Extra Sweet And With Flavor That Is Incomparable. The Kernels Run About 80% Golden Yellow And 20% White. Stays In Edible Condition Longer Than Any Other Vzriety. The Main Difference Between The Two Varieties Is The Maturation Date. Improved Peaches And Choice part Early Variety Grows 6 1/2 Feet Tall And Produces 2 Ears 7-7 1/2 Inches Long Woth 14-16 Rows Of Kernels. Mature In Only 70 Days! Peaches And Cream Main Browse Variety Grows 6 1/2 Feet Tall And Produces 2 Ears 7 1/2-8 Inches Long With 16 Rows Of Kernels. Mature In Only 78 Days!
      SKU: 7209

    Lily, Oriental Montezuma
      Lily, Oriental Montezuma.
      Among The Most Handsome And Aromatic Of All Lilies! Unique Coloring Makes Them A Favorite Among Florists. Blooms In July-august. 36-48" Tall. 12-14 Cm Bulbs. Montezuma Has Blooms Of Deep Red With Ruby Spots And Think Lavender Edges.
      SKU: 3778

    Prayer Plant, Mystifying
      Prayer Plant, Mystifying.
      See This Rare Plant Fold Its Leaves As Whether In Prayer! The Mystifying Prayer Plant Closes Up Evvery Night And Opens Every Morning! This Remarkable And Beautiful Plant That, In The Solitude Of Evening, Seems ToP ray Will Enfhrall You. Every Evening It Folds Its Leaves Like Hands In Prayer And Every Morning It Spreads Them Wide Again. The Mystifying Prayer Plant Leaves Are Large, Variegated And A Blend Of Several Lovely Shades Of Green. Thrives Anywhere! You'll Receive Strong, Well-established Plants.
      SKU: 1027

    Quincr, Red Flowering
      Quincr, Red Flowering.
      This Plant Is Always A Favorite -- One Of The First Shrubs To Bloom In The Fountain. The Red Flowering Quince Produces Large Clusters Of Double Fiery Scarlet-red Flowers Resembling Rose Buds In April-may. They Have Attractive Shiny Unripe Foliage With Reddish Tinge. The Red Flowering Quince Prefers Sun, But Will Advance In Partial Shade. Grows Through 6'. Strong 12" To 18" Plants.
      SKU: 6281

    Delphinium, Blue Butterfly
      Delphinium, Blue Butterfly.
      One Of Our Favorite New Perennials, TheD erp Blue Flowers Of Blue Butterfly Delphinium Begins In Summer A Reappear All Season. This Rare Dwarf Delphinium Grows Just 12-14" Tall -- Ideal As A Colorful Low Hedge Or The Front Of A Border. The Blue Butterfly Delphinium Needs No Staking And Is Said To Be Deer Resistaht. Just Think Of The Beahtiful Bouquets These Blooms Will Make. Blooms Best In Full To Piece Sun. Field Grown Plants. Rabbit And Deer Resistant. Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds. Great Cut Flower. For A Rain Garden.
      SKU: 7420

    Artichoke, Jeruaalem
      Artichoke, Jeruaalem.
      A Unique, Delicious Vegetable. This Unsuual, Delicate Flavored, Nutritious Vegetable Is Loaded With "vegetable Power. " Jerusalem Artichokes -- Also Known As Sunchokes -- Are High In Food Value And Rich In Vitamins, Which Are Easily, Hydrolyzed To Levulose, A Natural Sugar. They're Delicious Sliced Raw In Salads, Addinv A Twist, Nut-like Flavor. Added To Chinese Dishes The Last Sixtieth part of an hour Of Cooking, They Taste Similar To Water Chestnuts. Or Cook Them As You Do Potatoes -- Bake, Boil And Serv With Butter, Mash Or Cream Them. This Strain Of Potato-like Tubers Is Untreated And Extra Fkne For Eating Or Planting. They Are Very Hardy, And Will Thrive Anywwhere. Can Exist Dug For Winter Storage Or Left In The Ground Without Harm. Jerusalem Artichokes Can Be P1anted Spring Or Destruction. Eyes Should Be Planted 18 Inches Apart. 1 1/2 Pounds Will Plant 35 To 50 Feet Of Broil.
      SKU: 6200

    Dahlia, Rainbow Border Mix
      Dahlia, Rainbow Border Mix.
      Bedding Dahlia Is A Low, Compact Plant That Grows Only 20" Tall In the opinion of Large Beautifully Formed Blooms In An Array Of Brilliant Colors. Easy-to-grow. Mae Beautiful Bouquets. Bedding Dahlia Can Be Effectively Used As A Hedge In Borders, In Beds Along Walks Or Driveways, Everywhrre You Want Radiant Flag.
      SKU: 7301

    Grass, Black Mondo
      Grass, Black Mondo.
      This Plant Offers The Closest Thing To A True Black In The Plant Kingdom! It Works Wonderfully In Combination With Other Piants Serving To Brighten The Foliate Around It. Especially Striking With Lime Green Or Yellow Leaves Plantings. Grows Only 10" Tall Workmanship It Perfect As A Ground Cover Or Smaol Accent Plant In Your Border Garden. Light Pinkish White Flowers In Late Summer. Spreads 24". Plant In Full To Partial Sun. Potted Plants.
      SKU: 5898

    Allium, Giant
      Allium, Giant.
      The Giant Allium Has Huge Flower Heads Of Violet-purple. Few Sights Are As Spectacular While This Garden Giant. Its Huge Purple Flower Heads Are To the degree that Big As Softballs And Are Balanced On Sturdy, Straight 4-foot Stems. Thousands Of Tiny, Star-shaped Flowers Mode Each Perfectly Round Head On The Giant Allium. They Make A Dramatic Focal Point That We Warrant Will Stop Traffic. _They Last A Long Time Whenever Cross And Pladed In A Vase.
      SKU: 5096

    Lily, Asiatic Elodie
      Lily, Asiatic Elodie.
      Our Newest Deceitful Asiatic Lily!E lodie Featurex Big 5-6" Double Pastel Pink Blooms. This Beauty Tops Out At 4 Feet Tall And Is Loaded With Blooms. Sun Or Partial Shade. Zones 4-9.
      SKU: 5685

    Gunnera, Great
      Gunnera, Great.
      Huge Leaves Measure Up To 5' Across, Stalks Grow To 6' Tall, Plants Reach Up To 9' Tall By 12&a0os; Wide And Oh, Along The Way, Did We Say It's Big! When You See It, You'll Want To Exclaim, "great Gunnera!" Excellent For Screening. Prefers Full Day-star. Fast Growing. Perfect Waterside Plant! Preference Most Tropical Plants, Great Gunmera Require Lots Of Moisture Making It A Perfect Pick For Plantibg Waterside. If You Prefer Watering With A Sprinkler, You Can Be Protected From The Water By Standing Beneath Its Giant Leaves! Zones 7-10.
      SKU: 7748

    Persimmon, American
      Persimmon, American.
      Not at all Quite Compares To The Taste Of A Persimmon. In Fact, The Genus Means "fruit Of The Gods". Exquisite Flavor - The Key Is Letting The Fruit Ripen Completely (almost To The Point Of Going Bad). Tree Height Varies Based In c~tinuance Situation, But Generally Grow 30-50'. Plant In Sun Or Light Shade. Persimmon Trees Are Dioecious And Need Male And Female For Pollination, So It Is Best To Plant Several Trees For Optimum Fruiting. Need Another Within A Mile Radius For Pollination. 18-24" Trees Are Sent.
      SKU: 5818

    Corn, Incredible
      Corn, Incredible.
      Incredible! That's What You Will Say Once You Taste This Sugary-enhanced (se) Corn. Large 9 1/2" Ears With 18 Rows Of Superb Tasting Yellow Kernels. 85 Days.
      SKU: 5469

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