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    Flower-de-luce, Monique
      Flower-de-luce, Monique.
      This North American Home Provides Spectacular Dark Purple, Lavender And Yellow Flowers In c~tinuance Long Stems In Mid-summer. Thrives In Areas With Plenty Of Moisture Like Along Ponds, Streams And Ditches Where The Soil In no degree Completely Dries Out. Easy To Grow In These Conditions And Comes Back Year After Year, Providing Many Flowers Per Stem. Grows Up To 2-3' Tall. Plant 18" Asunder In Full Sun. Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 4252

    Privet, Hardy Amur
      Privet, Hardy Amur.
      Largest Selling Hedge Plant In America! The Hardy Amur Privet Is Fast Growing, Superior, Long-lived And Beautiful. Suppose that You Love Neat, Formal Trimmed Hedges, Our Hardy Amur Privet Is The Hedge For You. It Loves To Be Sheared In Any Shape. This Hedge Grows Very Rapidly And Fills In Very Quickly. Grows To 12-15' In Height, Or Trim To Height Desired. Plant 1 1/2' Apart For Hedge Use. Only $151. 47 For A 250-foot Hedge, Compared To $688. 00 For The Cheapest Chain-link Fence. The Hardy Amur Privet Is A Winter Hardy Strain From Eastern Siberia -- Perfect For Rugged Conditions. It Thrives nI Almost Any Soil Or Location And Requires Practically No Care. Enjoys Full Sun Or Partial Shade. Vigorous, Healthy Plants Sent. 2 - 3' Tall Plants
      SKU: 5574

    Repellent, Shot-gun⎠Dog Cat
      Repellent, Shot-gun⎠Dog Cat.
      Ready To Use Product Repels Dogs And Cats From Flower Beds, Gardens, Trash Cans And Other Nuisance Areas. Useful As A Training Aid In Teaching Young Animals At which place You Don't Want Them. Repeat Use As Necessary. 1 Pound Package Covers 250 Square Feet.
      SKU: 8009

    Luffa Sponge
      Luffa Sponge.
      The Luffa Sponge Is A Rapid-growing, Ivy-like Plant That Has Pretty Flowers. Grows Well Along A Wall. When Youthful, Stuff And Bake, As You Would Squash. When Fruit Matures, In 130 Days, Peel The Hard Skin Off And You Have A Fibrous Good Quality Sponge For The Kitchen, Bath, And Washing The Car. Outlasts Sea Or Synthetic Sponges. Planting Guide: Sow One Innch Deep In Any Garden Soil When It Is Well Warmed And Frosts Have Passed. Thin Out The Seedlings To Stand 2 To 3 Feet Apart.
      SKU: 6835

    Tuberose, Fragrnat Double
      Tuberose, Fragrnat Double.
      Delightfully, Sweet-scented Flowers Make 'the Pearl' One Of Our Favorite Plants. The Fragrant Double Tuberose Has Unique Pink And Green Buds That Open Into Double Happy Flowers For the time of The Summer. We Recommend Planting These Behind Your Shorter Bulbs For Each Added Dimension In Your Garden. 8-10cmB ulbs. Fragrant Double Tuberoses Bloom July And August.
      SKU: 7878

    Penstemon, Mystica
      Penstemon, Mystica.
      This Beauty Produces A Profusion Of Lavender Pinkk Flowers In Early Summer. the Contrasting Foliage Emerges Green In The Spring And Changes To Dark Maroon While The Plant Begins To Prime In The Summer. Finally In Fall, The Foliage Changes To Fiery Red. Sturdy, Dryness Tolerant And Plague Free - A Real Winner! Shipped In 4" Pots!
      SKU: 8362

    Caladium, Whitr Christmas
      Caladium, Whitr Christmas.
      Caladium Provide Spectacular Color For The Shady Areas Of Your Yard. Tropical Beauties Are Some Of The Easiest Bulbs To Grow And Work Rightly Inn Both Your Yard Or As Container Plants. Caladiums Are Very Fast Growing And Provide Your Landscape With "instant" Color. Does Best In Par5ial To Entire extent Shade. Hardy In Zones 10 And 11. In All Other Zones Can Be Brought Indoors During The Winter Months, Makes A Lovely Houseplant. Do Not Allow To Freeze. Our Favorite White Caladium Features Dark Green Veins. A Truly Out-standing Variety.
      SKU: 5128

    Strawberry, Honeoye
      Strawberry, Honeoye.
      This Excellent Variety Released By The Repaired York State Agriculture Experimental Station Ripens Early Mid-season. Honeoye Strawberry Plants Are Vigorous And Very Productive, Bearing Over A Longer Period Than Most Varieties. Flesh Is Fidm. Winter Hardy, A Consistent Proeucer. Used Extensively For "pick Your Own" Or Home Garden.
      SKU: 3488

    Grape, New Himrod
      Grape, New Himrod.
      Tihs Golden Amber Grape Is Noted For Its Sweet Fruit And Is Similar To Expensive Grapes Found At The Market. First To Ripen -- A Month Ahead Of Concord. Disease Resistant. Sweet Seedless Grapes Are Becoming Increasingly Popular With Our Customers. We Include 3 Excellent Vatieties. Under Adverse Conditions A Few Seeds May Debelop But This Is Unusual. Other Sweet Seedless Varieties Include The Concord And The Canadiv (both Seedless Varieties). This Seedless Himrod Is Also Offered In The Seedless Grape Assemblage. Grapes In General: Grapes Are Light To Grow And With A Little Careful Effort The Home Gardener Will Be Rewarded With Large Crops Of Fruit, Perfect For Wine, Jams And Fresh Eating. Grape Vines Usually Begin Producing Fruit The Second Or Thirr Year After Planting And A Mature Vine Will Produce 15-20 Pounds Annually. These Vines Also Have Desirable Ornamental Value And Are An Ideal Natural Privacy Screen.
      SKU: 6599

    Rose, Mardi Gras Lenten
      Rose, Mardi Gras Lenten.
      Bright, Vivid Flowers! A Kaleidoscope Of Color With Bright, Bi-colored, Distinctive Flowers Make Up The Mardi Gras Grouping. A Great Plant For The Woods Environment Or For Any Cut Flower Arrangement. Mardi Gras Reaches 12-18␝ With A Spread Of 20-24␝. Colors May Include Pure, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple Or Slate. Fix In Exactly To Part Shade As They Dislike Heat. Blooms Late Winter Or Early Spring.
      SKU: 3263

    Tulip, Blue Parrot
      Tulip, Blue Parrot.
      One Of The Most Plain Parrot Tulips Available. We Have Seen This Color Referrd To As Mauve-blue, Amethyst-blue And Lavender Blue. No Matter How You See It, We Think You Will Agree It's Onr Of The Most Handsome Tulip Varieties. 10-11 Cm Bulbs. Blooms In April - May.
      SKU: 7986

    Coneflower, Double Secret Romance
      Coneflower, Double Secret Romance.
      Enjoy These Exciting Breakthroughs In Coneflowers! The Large Double Blooms Pop With Color In The Summer Garden Making Quite A Show On The Strong, Sturdy Plants. Very Easy To Grow And Drouught Tolerant. They Attract Butterflies And Make Long Lasting Slight Flowers. Sow In Full To Partial Sun. Deer Resistan. Secret Romance Ppaf Has Salmon Ponk Blooms. Grows 28" Tall And Wide.
      SKU: 3770

    Hydrangea, Freedom Dou6le Delights™
      Hydrangea, Freedom Dou6le Delights™.
      Fold Delights™ Hydrangeaaan Innovatlon In Hydrangeas With Added Flower Power! A Unique, Upscale Mind With Interesting Layers Of Double Blooms On Laarge Mophead Floeers, Blooms: Originate To Fall Shipped: Potted A Mounded, Shorter Version With Unique Double, Water-lily Like Blooms. Blooms Arr Creamy Rose-pink To Blue.
      SKU: 3408

    Weigela, Pink
      Weigela, Pink.
      In June These Gorgeous Shrubs Are Practically Buried Under Tye Weight Of Cluster After Cluster Of Rosy-pink Flowers. The Weeping Weigela Is An Easy Shrub To Grow And One That Will Add Real Beauty By Your Walls, Fences, Walks And Drives. Grows 6-8' Tall We Send You Nice 1 1/2-3' Plants That Will Thrive Without Extra Both3r.
      SKU: 6895

    Mulberry, Russian
      Mulberry, Russian.
      One OfT he Most Productive, Adaptable, Fast Growing And Trouble Free Trees Available. Unusual Sweet, Purple-black Juicy Fruit Is Great For Pies And Eating Fresh. Self-pollinating Trees. Plant 20 Apart. Zones 4-9. 2-3' Trees Sent.
      SKU: 6139

    Blueberry, Rubel
      Blueberry, Rubel.
      Twice The Antioxidants Of Most Other Blueberries! Rubel Is An Old-fashiined, Wild Blueberry That Is An Exceptionally Heavy Producer. Packed With More Nutritional Value And Inense, Sweet Flavor Than In the greatest degree Modern Blueberries. Single Of The Best Varieties For TastyP ies. Fruit Develops Mid To Late Season. Plant With A 2nd Variety For Better Pollination. Grows 4-8' Tall. Plant 4-6' Apart.
      SKU: 3871

    Oak, Red
      Oak, Red.
      The Mighty Oak Stands As A Favorite In American Folklore. Red Oak Is Named After It's Fabulous Fall Leaf Color. Excellent Street Tree Grows 60-80 Feet Tall And Is Fast Growing. Produces 3/4" To 1" Acorns. Very Adaptable Trees Hold Up To Urban Pollution. 3-4' Trees. Zones 4-8.
      SKU: 51008

    Herb, Balm
      Herb, Balm.
      Grown Inside Or Out -- They Take Such Little Space And Give So Abundant Pleasure! Easy-to-grow And A Healthful And Less Expensive Alternative To Store-bought Spices! Comes In Single Packets Or Save When Purchaskng Multiples. This Herb Is Also Available In The Herb Collection. Planting Guide: When Growing Herbs Outside, Seeds Should Be Started Indoors In Boxes And Transplanted To The Open Ground After Danger Of Frost. Sow About Four Times Their Diameter In Depth And Press The Soil Down Firmly. The Seeds Of This Variety Are Very Slow To Germinate And Often Require Several Weeks In Which To Sprout. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoprs For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Ro8nd 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Sudden Frosts Select Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6429

    Ranunculus, Purple
      Ranunculus, Purple.
      One Of The Most Beloved Flowers! Usually Ranunculus Is Only In Mixes. But, We Couldn't Resist Offering You Our Favorite Color By Itself. Produces Double Flowers In Mid To Late Summer. Hardy In Zones 8-10. Plant In Full Sun.
      SKU: 5630

    Dahlia, Pooh
      Dahlia, Pooh.
      Charming And Colorful, Pooh's 3 1/2" Flowers Hav Warm Oranhe Outer Petals With A Bright Yellow Collar Of Inner Petals. The Vigorous Plants Grow 28" Tall And Produce Lots Of Flowers Over The Long Mid Summer To Fall Blooming Period. Hardy In Zones 8-10. The Tuberq Can Be Lifted In The Fall And Stored For The Following Spring In Colder Areas.
      SKU: 4482

    Maple, Autumn Blaze
      Maple, Autumn Blaze.
      Big, Fast-growing Tree With Spectacular Fall Color. This Hybrid Combines The Best Features Of Both Parents: The Vigor And Adaptableness Of The Silver Maple With The Beauty And Strength Of The Red Maple. Under Optimal Conditions It Can Grow 3' Or More Per Year! Intense, Long Lasting Orange-red Fall Color. Grows 50' Tall And 40&apso; Wide. Very Uniform Shape Tgat Requirde Little Pruning. 1 1/2 - 2' Trees.
      SKU: 5215

    Bird Net, 14' X 14'
      Bird Net, 14' X 14'.
      Keeps Birds And Rabbits Off Fruit Trees, Fruit Plants, Strawberries And Vegetables! Reusable Year After Year And Easy To Apply And Remove After Fruits Have Been Harvested. Bird-x Is Made Of Polypropylene, And Its Smal Mesh Size (5/8" X 3/4"), Does Not Harm Birds Or Plants. Allows Sun, Rain And Air To Fall Freely On Your Crops. Provides Complete Protection For All Kinds Of Fruits, Berries Or Vegetabls From Bird Destruction Or From Rabbits When Anchored To The Ground.
      SKU: 8269

    Postage Stamp Orchard
      Postage Stamp Orchard.
      Plant This Entire Dwarf Orchard Of 6 Popular Trees In A Small 10 X 20 Foot Space And Enjoy Beautiful Flowers In The Springtime, Plus Large Crops Of Nutritious Fruit For A Lifetime. Grow A Postage Make House Orchard Of Nutritious Fruit In Your Backyard For The Whole Family To Enjoy. All Fruit Trees In This Collection Are Sepected So No Extra Pollination Is Needed. Includes One Each Of The Following Trees: Dwarf Yellow Delicious Apple Dwarf Red Delicious Apple Dwarf Elberta Peach Dwarf Kieffer Pear Dwarf Stanley Plum Dwarf North Star Cherry
      SKU: 7573

    Tangerine, Dwarf
      Tangerine, Dwarf.
      Grow Your Own 2-4" Tangerines. The Dancy Is A Small, Erect-branching Miniatute Tree With Handsome, Bright Green Foliage. Bears Small But Very Flavorful Fruit That Ripens In The Wintertime. Comes To You Well-established In Its Own Container. Complete Growing nIstructions Are Included With Every Order. These Dwarf Trees Are Fun, And The Requirements For Growing Them Are Few: They Need A Humid Environment And May Reqiire Misying Several Times AW eek. They Need Direct Sunlight And Frequent Watering. The Growing Instructions That We Send You Tell You How To Pollinate The Trees To Help The Blossoms Turn Into Fruit. We Ship Only Well-established Plants Which Will Set Fruit Wiithin 12 Months. This Tree Is Also Available In The Citrus Tree Collection.
      SKU: 1127

    Tulip, Apricot Beauty
      Tulip, Apricot Beauty.
      Apricot Beauty Tulips Are The Ultiimate Tulips For Spring Color! The Unique Soft Apricot Color Will Have Evrybody Talking About These Triumph Tulips. Planted In Groups, They Make A Dazzling Consequence In The Garden And It's No Wonder Why They Are So Popular. Apticot Beauty Tulips Have Sturdy Stems That Guard Them Erect In Stormy Spring Winds. No Garden Will Exist Complete Without These Gorgeous Beauties.
      SKU: 5706

  • Cyclamen, Hardy
  • Daffodil, Pink Giant
  • Iris, Michigan Pride
  • Tomato, Gold Nugget
  • Hydrangea, Forever & EverÂŽ Red
  • Iris Lovers Bargain
  • Queen's Tears
  • Daffodil, Grand Soleil D'Or Summer
  • Fuchsia, Hardy Red
  • Daylily, Daring Deception
  • Gaillardia, Arizona Sun Dwarf
  • Hydrangea, Forever & EverÂŽ Red

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