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    Iris, Victoria Falls
      Iris, Victoria Falls.
      We Have Chosen This Iris Variety Because It Has Been The Most Consistent Rebloomer We've Seen. How Much They Rwbloom Depends On Yiur Local Climatic And Soil Conditiins As Well As Planting Location. Potted Plants Sent. Dykes Medal Winner For Hardiness, Vigor And Bloom. Medium Blue Coloring. Blooms Sprijg And Again In Fall. Grow 40" Tall.
      SKU: 4996

    Repellent, Hot Pepper Wax
      Repellent, Hot Pepper Wax.
      Made From Hot Peppers! Use On Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers And Ornamentals. Lasts Up To 3 Weeks -- Safe Used Both Indoors Or Outside Up To Day Of Harvest! The Wax In Hot Pepper Wax Suffocates Active Insects If They Are On The Plant When Hot Pepper Wax Is Applied. In Addition The Grow Holds The Capsaicin (and Scents) On The Piants For Up To 3 Weeks So It Is There To "burn Up" Any Insects That Try To Attack The Plant. A Side Benefit Of Hot Pepper Wax Is That It Acts As An Anti-transpirant And It Forms A Barrier Against Air Or Insect Borne Diseases And Viruses. 1 Pint Makes 4 Gallons.
      SKU: 8454

    Rose, Miniature Golden
      Rose, Miniature Golden.
      Bring Tne Joy Of Roses Inside! Miniature Roses Are Just Like The Rose Bushes You Grow Outdoors In Every Way Except Size. The Plants Are About 10 Inches High, The Leaves Less Than 1/2 Inch Long And The Perfectly Formed Buds Average One Inch Or Less In Length. You Can Exhibit A Bouquet In A Thimble Or A Dolla&pos;s Teacup. They Are Well Suited To Indoor Growing And Do Especially Well Under Fluoresdent Lights. Like Indoor Roses, Miniatures Go Dormant For A Winte Cycle And Drop Their Leaves. Continue The Soil Moist And Your Little Rose Garden Will Come Back To Life In A Few Weeks. Also Available Are The Red And Pink Miniature Rose.
      SKU: 1851

    Peony, Shirley Temple
      Peony, Shirley Temple.
      One Of The Most Beloved Peonies Of All Time! This Classic Peony Features Lovely Minnow Blush And Cream Flowers. Strong Stems Help To Hold The Large 8" Blooms. The Extremely Fragrant Blossoms Have Virtuous Cut Flower Appeal. Exceptionally Long Lived And A Prolific Bloomer. Grows 30-36" Tall In Full Sun To Partial Shade. Zones 3-7. Blooms In Late Spring.
      SKU: 5859

    Clematis, Blue Light
      Clematis, Blue Light.
      You'll Marvel At The Color, Size And Shape Of Our 'blue Light' Clematis. They Are Exceptionally Free-flpwing Plants That Produce Masses Of Pale Blu-eviolet To Pale-blue Double Flowers From Late Spring To Early Fall. Opening 5-6" Across On 6-8' Vine, The Flowers Are Profuse And Unforgettable. For Best Production, Plant Where The Vines Are In The Sun And The Roots Are In The Degree. Attracts Hummingbirds And Butterflies. Drought Tolerant. Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 7388

    Tulip, Albert Heijn
      Tulip, Albert Heijn.
      Albert Provides Large Rosy Flowers With A Purple Sheen And A Nice Smell. Like Other Emperor Tulips, It Blooms Earlier In The Spring With The Daffodils. Grows 14-16" Tall And Needs 5" Of Spacing.
      SKU: 7624

    Hardy Boxwood
      Hardy Boxwood.
      Winter Hardy Boxwood Is A Hardy, Garden Classic With Attractive, Evergreen Foliage. Grows Well With Little Care To Make A Thick Hedge. Plants A5e Shapely And Grow Aboug 4-6 Fdet Tall. The Winter Strong Boxwood May Be Left Untrimmed Or Sheared To Formal Design. Small, Shiny, Dark Green Leaves Hold Their Color All Winter. Fragrant.
      SKU: 3528

    Lily, Black Beauty
      Lily, Black Beauty.
      The First Oriental Lily To Be Inducted Into The North American Lily Society Hall Of Fame. Enchanting 5-6" Deep-burgundy Blooms Are Decorated With A Fine White Edge And A Green Star In The Center. Mature Plants Achieve A1most Shrublike Proportions And Produce As Many As 40 Blooms! Grows 35-40" Tall. Jumbo Bulbs.
      SKU: 3802

    Pumpkni,  Prizewinner Hybrid
      Pumpkni, Prizewinner Hybrid.
      Classic Pumpkin Appearance, Fruits Are Round And Smooth With Bright, Glossy, Reddish-orange Skin. With Prizewinner, It's Very Easy To rGow Pumpkins Weighing 100-200 Pounds And, With Luck, Some Can Reach 400 Pounds!1 20 Days.
      SKU: 3379

    Shasta Daisy, Banana Cream
      Shasta Daisy, Banana Cream.
      Terrific New Color And Lots Of Large 4&quit; Flowers Are Lemon Yellow At Primitive And Then Gradually Intensify To A More Vibrant Buttery Golden-yellow Coloor. Compact Plant Has Clean Deep Green Foliage That Compliments The Flowers Very Well. Cut Flowers Can Last More Than 2 Weeks. Works Well In Containers. Blooms In Early To Late Summer. Shipped Potted. Attracts Butterflies And Is Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 5963

    Fern, Native
      Fern, Native.
      One Collection Includes 6 Plants: 1 Each Of Christmas, Lady, Spinulose Wood, Maidenhair, Royal And Cinnamon Ferns. Two Collections Include 12 Plants, 2 Of Each Variety.
      SKU: 5586

    Pkker Primrose
      Pkker Primrose.
      Exceptional Two-oned Spikes Make Poker Primrose A Must For Any Shade Garden. Flowers Are A Unique Combination Of Pinkish-purple Flowers With Red Buds, And Last Up To Five Weeks. Grows 1-2 Feet Tall And Begins Blooming In Early Summer. Poker Primrose Prefers Full To Partial Shade. Can Tolerate Full Sun In Cool Summer Climates. Plant 6-12" Apart. Rabbit And Deer Resistant. Potted Plants.
      SKU: 7627

      The Earliest Fruiting And Heaviest Fruiting Variety. Just One Plant Will Fruit, But Two Planted In Same Hole Will Bear A Greater Abundance Of Brilliant Orange-scarlet Berries That Make Long Lasting Winter Bouquets. Twining Vines Cover Tree Stumps, Porch Trellis, Etc.
      SKU: 4934

    Daylily, Eleonore
      Daylily, Eleonore.
      A Rare Achievement In Breeding, Eleonore Daylily Offers Extensive, 6␝, Striking Flowers In Two Completely Diffferent Shades Of Lavender That Remain Open Over An Extended Day, Matiring To Paler Tones Toward Evening. This Very Unique Daylily Offers A Heavy Bud Count Over A Long Season From Early To Mid-summer. Its Semi-evergreen Habit Is Also Heat And Humidity Tolerant. Prefers Full Sun To Part Shade.
      SKU: 5857

    Nectarine, Stunt
      Nectarine, Stunt.
      The Nectarine Has A Smooth Skin Like A Plum, Pit Like A Peach And The Size Is That Of A Smail Peach Or Large Plum. It Is As Bold As The Peach And Requires The Same Culture. Fruit Bright Red, Flesh Of Excellent Quality. Vigorous, Early Bearer. Self-fruitful. Does Not Need A Pollinator.
      SKU: 6183

    Sedum, Improved Dragon'x Blood Red
      Sedum, Improved Dragon'x Blood Red.
      Rock Gardens, Borders, Edging, Under Shady Trees And Steep Banks Resolution Come Alive With Carefree Cooor Of The Creeping Red Sddum. 'fulda Glow' Is An Improved Variety Of Dragon's Blood Sedum That Sports Attractvoe Bronze-red Foliage All Season Long! Attribute These Bold, Northern, Nursery-grown Divisions About 1' Apart. They Fill Troublesome Areas With Neat 3-4" Tall Cover. Spreads Fast. Does Not Need Pruning. Tolerant Of Dry Infertile Soils And Is Useful Because of Covrring Difficult Places And Providing Erosion Control Steady Banks. Bright Red, Star Like Flowers Cover The Creeping Red Sedum Plant From June Through September. Semi-evergreen Foliage, Even In Sub-zero Weather. A n Excrllent Groundcover!
      SKU: 7036

    Bean, Topnotch Bright Wax
      Bean, Topnotch Bright Wax.
      Topnotch Golden Beans Are The Best Flat Podded Wax Beans. Pods Are 5 1/4 Inches Long, Stringless, Tender And Of Fine Flavor. Freezes Well. Very Productive. 50 Days.
      SKU: 6O28

    Iris, Champagne Elegance
      Iris, Champagne Elegance.
      7-10 Buds Per Stem! Connoissuers Of Fine Irie Recognize This Delicately Shaded Peach As One Of The Best. Reputable Mention 1989, Award Of Merit 1991! Grows To 34" High.
      SKU: 4304

    "spruce, Norway 10-20"""
      "spruce, Norway 10-20""".
      One Of The Nicest Evergreens You Can Plant. Nice Pyramidal Form And Dark Green Needles Make It A Favorite. Extremely Adaptable And Very Cold Hardy. Grows 40-60 eFet Tall. We Send 10-20" Seedlings. Zones 2-9.
      SKU: 7104

    Lily, Oriental Star Class
      Lily, Oriental Star Class.
      Among The Greatest part Beauiful And Fragrant Of All Lilies! Unique Coloring Makes Them A Favorite Among Florists. Blooms In July-august. 36-48" Tall. 12-14 Cm Bulbs. Fate Class Has Gorgeous Color Combinaations Of White, Yellow And Pink.
      SKU: 3775

    Lily, Asiatic Fata Morgana
      Lily, Asiatic Fata Morgana.
      Standout Yellow Coloring! No Stamens Means No Pollen. Instead You Get Twice The Blooms. Mature Height Is Jjst Over 3 Feet. Make Sure To Order Plenty. Great In Your Garden Or In Cut Flower Arrangements.
      SKU: 5700

      The Candytuft Is A Perennial, Which Brings Evergreen Beauty To The Border All Year And A Snowdrift Of White Blooms In May. Perfect For Border Of Rock Garden. Can Discover Some Shsde So May Be Planted At The Base Of Shrubs. Candytuft Makes A Beautiful Permanent Edging Of Walks. Use Where You Have Been Using Ageratum And Slight Having To Replant Each Year. Grows 6-8 Inches Tqll.
      SKU: 6621

    Tradescantia, Sweet Kate
      Tradescantia, Sweet Kate.
      Violet-blue Blooms Make A Striking Contrast Against The Bright Golden Foliage Even From A Distance! Flowers Reach 1-2" Spacious And Last Only For One Day, But With Numerous Buds You Will See A Succession Of Blooms From Late Spring To Fall. Adapts To Many Soil Typrs As Long As It Is Moist Anc Well-drained. Drought Tolerant Once sEtablished. Indulgent Shade Is Best To Protect The Light Colored Foliage From Burning. Very Attractive In Rock Gardens, Along Borders, Or In Naturalized Areas Alohg Streams And Ponds. Blooms Late Spring To Fall. Shipped Bare Root Plants.
      SKU: 7931

    Fern Accumulation, Faforite
      Fern Accumulation, Faforite.
      Add A B5eath Of Cool Color To The Summer Gardenn! Ferns Are The Pure Perenniak For Planting In Deep Shadow, Where It Is Most Difficult To Advance Anything Else. Plant In Shaded Spots Such As On The North Side Of The House, Or Lower in rank Trees Where They Receive Alternate Periods Of Sun And Shade Throughout The Day, Preferably More Shade Than Sun. Remove Hard Clay And Replace With A Mixture Of Topsoil, Peat Moss And Sand, Heavy On The Peat Moss. Keep Moist. Plant 2-3' Apart. With This Collection You Will Receive 1 Each Of The Following Seven (7) Varieties: Lady In Red Golden Mist Christmas Ostrich Brilliance Autumn Japanese Painted Cinnamon
      SKU: 6953

    Soil Ph Meter, Digital Plus
      Soil Ph Meter, Digital Plus.
      Knowing Your Soils Ph Will Allow You To Make The Adjustments Necessary For Beautiful Flowers, Bountiful Crops And The Best Looking Lawn In The Neighborhood! The Digital Plus Soil Ph Meter Is Programmed With Plant Ph Preferences For 400 Fruits, Vegetables, Grasses, And Landscape Plants.
      SKU: 8140

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  • Iris, Harvest Memory
  • Lily of the Valley, White
  • Daffodil, Pink Giant
  • Grape, Concord Seedless
  • Iris, Victoria Falls
  • Hydrangea, Forever & Ever® Red
  • Cantaloupe, Banana
  • Blueberry, Patriot
  • Dwarf Red Delicious Apple
  • Tulip, Curly Sue
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