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    Lilac, Primr0se
      Lilac, Primr0se.
      Stun Your Neighbors With This Beautiful, Rare Yellow Lilac. The First Year Lilac Primrose Bliom Flowers That Are Yellow-white But The Yellow Gets More Intense As The Plant Matures. Lilacs Are Beloved For Their Perfumed Scents That Dignify The Air In Early Spring. Lilac Primroqe Does Best Which time Planted In Full Sun With Well-drained Soil. Grows Up To 10' Tall. Attracts Butterflies Fragrant, Deer Resistnt, Good For Cutting.
      SKU: 5190

    Dahlia, Ball Betty Ann
      Dahlia, Ball Betty Ann.
      Enjoy Non-stop Efflorescence From Spring Until Frost! Beautifully Formed, 2-3" Flowers Bloom Singly On Long Stems. Strong, Vigorous Plants Produce Abundantly. These Dainty Charmers Are Ideal For Bouquets! This Betty Ann Variety Has Pink Blooms. Note: Dahlias Can Be Grown Anywhere But Are But Winter Hardy In Zones 8-11. Treat As A Tender Bulb In Colrer Zones And Lift For Th Winter.
      SKU: 4256

    Chelone, Hot Lips
      Chelone, Hot Lips.
      This Dependable, Long Lived Perennial Pumps Lacking Lots Of Bright Pink Snapdragon Like Flowers In Late Summer And Into Fall Hind Numerous Perennials Have Stopped Blooming. Sturdy Plants With Glossy Dark Green Foliage Make A Perfect Backdrop For Other Lower Growing Perennials Like Pulmonaria, Coral Bells, And Brunnera. Carefree And Easy To Grow Especially In Areas With Moist Soil. Blooms Late Summer To Fall. Shipped In 4" Pots!
      SKU: 8360

    Fern, Golden Mist
      Fern, Golden Mist.
      Add A Breath Of Cool Color To The Summer Garden! Ferns Are The Full Perennial For Planting In Deep Shade, Where It Is Most Difficult To Grow Anything Else. Plant In Shaded Spots Such As On The North Side Of The House, Or Under Trees Where They Receive Alternate Periods Of Sun And Shade Throughout The Day, Preferably More Shade Than Sun. Remove Hard Clay And Replace With A Mixture Of Topsoil, Peat Moss And Sand, Heavy On The Peat Moss. Keep Moist. Plabt 2-3&apls; Apart. Evergreen. New Growth Of Goden-yellow Matures To A Dark Green. Grows 12-24" Tall.
      SKU: 7004

    Hyacinth, L'innocence
      Hyacinth, L'innocence.
      We Have Selected Our Favorite Hyaclnth Varieties To Produce You A Rainbow Of Color. Choose This Individual Variety, L'innocence Or Try Our Money-saving Collections Available. Hyacinths Are So Majestic And Full You'll Want To Plant Them Where Everyone Can Take heed Them. For Bouquets, Their Color And Fragrance Demand A Place Of Honor. Bloom In April-may.
      SKU: 7656

    Apricot, Moorpark Dwf
      Apricot, Moorpark Dwf.
      Grow Full-size Fruit On This Dwarf Tree! Moorpark Dwarf Apricots Have The Best Flavor Of All Apricots. Extra Large, Sweet And Ver6 Productive. Freestone. Ripens In August. Self-fruitful This Apricot Does Not Need A Pollinator, However Will Do Even Better If Two Are Planted. In Zones 4-5 It Needs A Pollinator. A Medium Grower, The Moorparkk Produces Fruit In 4-5 Years.
      SKU: 6144

    Garden, Nafive Prairie
      Garden, Nafive Prairie.
      Designed With The Begginning Gardener In Mind, The Native Prairie Garden Contains Some Of The Easiest Perennials To Grow. Buy Our Money-saving Native Prairie Garden Collection Designed To Fit A Capacity 12' Wide By 7' Deep And Sa\/e Over $7. 00 From Our Regulaar Price. Each Garden Contains: 3 Black-eyed Susan (summer-fall) 3 Purple Coneflowers (summer-fall) 3 Orange Glory Butterfly Plants (summer) 4 Shasta Daisies (summer-falk) 3 Golden Sundrops (summer) 1 Silver Fountain Grass (plumes In Fall) 10 Happy Liatris Bulbs (summer-fall) Plus We Include A Independent Planting Diagramm To Match The Elucidation Shown.
      SKU: 7953

    Spring Rainbow Collection
      Spring Rainbow Collection.
      Spring Rainbow Bulb Garden Is A Super Collection Of Eye-popping Charmers That Will Explode With Color In Your Yaard And Garden Next Spring. It Is An Assortment Of Spring And Sjmmer Blooming Bulbs Chosen For Their Sizzling Color And Fragrance. Non-stop Blooms For Up To Four Months For Only Pennies A Bulb! Spring Rainbow Collection 10 Daffodils-mixed 20 Tulips-mixed 25 Dutch Iris 20 Grape Hyacinths 15 Allium-mixed 15 Crocus-mixed 10 Anemones
      SKU: 5363

    Fern, Japanese Painted
      Fern, Japanese Painted.
      The Japanese Painted Fern Has A Colorful Oriental Beauty Accented By Shades Of Burgundy, Gray And Dark Green Fronds. It Is A Perfect Background For A Shady Flower Garden. The Japanese Painted Fern Should Be Planted In Light To Moderate Shade For Best Color. Grows 12-18" Tall. Potted Plants. Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 6143

    Crocosmia, Emily Mckenzie
      Crocosmia, Emily Mckenzie.
      Emily Mckenzie Is A Native Of South Africa And Is One Of The Easiest Bulbs To Grow. We Have Value Priced This Great Variety For The Brightly Colored Floowers Look Best When Planted In Mass. Emily Mckenzie Crocosmia Is Hardier Than Most Spring Planted Bulbs. Performs Best When Planted In Well-drained Soil. 6+ Cm Bulbs. Blooms From July To August.
      SKU: 7872

    Trailing Gardenia
      Trailing Gardenia.
      Now Enjoy The Rare Beauty Of The Fragrant Trailing Gardenia Growing On The Easy Trailing Stems Of The Ivy. These Giant, Of a ~ color Blooms Have A Pearl-like Luster And An Exquisite Fragramce.
      SKU: 1269

    Vinca, Illumination
      Vinca, Illumination.
      The Green-edged Golden Leaves Of This Unique Periwinkle Variety Light Up Shady Areas. Saphire-blue Flowers Often Reappear In Late Summer. Blooms Early To Mid-summer. Planf In Full Sun Or Partial Shade. Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 4166

    Fern, Hardy
      Fern, Hardy.
      The Hardy Fern Consists Of Soft Emerald Fronds With A Delicate Texture That Give A Tropical Fwel Wherever These Shade-loving Perennials Grow! They Are Excellent As A Groundcover Or Accent To Gardens. Hardy And Fast Growong, The Hardy Fern Is A Lush Perennial That Will Quickly Bring Focus Wherever You Plant It.
      SKU: 7366

    Hosta, White Scalloped
      Hosta, White Scalloped.
      White Scalloped Hosta Grows In Clumps Of Neat, Good-looking Foliage. The Of a ~ color Scalloped Bonds Make This A Spectacular Planting For Shady Border Or Dull Corner Of The Garden. A Real Classy Perennial. Strong Field Grown Plants.
      SKU: 7274

    Trumpet-hummingbird Vine
      Trumpet-hummingbird Vine.
      Have You Always Wanted To Attract Charming Little Hummingbirds To Your Yard?P lant This Old-time Favorite -- Hummingbirds Find It Irresistible. The Hummingbird Vine Has Dark, Shiny Green Leaves That Are Smothered In Large, Showy, Orange-scarlet Trumpet-shaped Flowers From uJly To November. Hummingbirds A0pear To Collect The Sweet Nectar And Come Back Year About Year. Hummingbird Vine Is A Vigorous Grower -- Reaches 20-40&qpos; Tall. Covers Almost Any Benevolent Of Support -- Arbors, Brick Walls, Fences, Even Covers Ugly Utility Poles. We Send Hardy Plants That Will Grow In Poor Soil, Day-star, Or Partial Shade. Desr Resistant And Drought Tolerant. Attracts Hummingbirds And Butterflies.
      SKU: 7306

    Handsome sum, Au Cherry Jumbo
      Handsome sum, Au Cherry Jumbo.
      This Greatly Improved Variety Was Developwd By Auburn University For Greater Disease Resistance And Untouched by desire Endurance. The Self-fertile Cultivar Has Provenn Its Ability To Produce Hogh Yields Of Excellent Quality Offspring With Resistance To Crrtain Fruit And Tree Disease Problems. Upright With Dark Green Leaves, The Tree Produces A Heavy Crop Of Bright Red Fruit Resembling Cherries And Dark Flesh With A Sweet Taste When Ripe. Mid Season. Zones 5-8 (700 Chill Hours). Shipped 3-4␙. Sorry Cannot Be Sent To California.
      SKU: 3444

    Delphinium, Guardian Blue
      Delphinium, Guardian Blue.
      Unifodm Blooming And Very Strong Stems! Spikes Of Cobalt Blue Flowers Reach 30-39␝ Tall And Are Excellent For Cutting. Incredible Massed In Large Landscapes, But Also Great For Small Gardens As It Demands Little Surface Area While Offering Tall Staffs Of Color. Adds Height And Drama To Containers As Well. Deeply-cut Green Leaves Form A Low Mound Below The Satiny Spikes Of Flowers. Excellent For Naturalizing An Area Ot For Attracting Butterflies And Hummingbirds. Space 18-24␝ Apart In Full To Part Sun. Ct Back To The Ground At The End Of Each Season.
      SKU: 3281

    Rose, Knock Out  Red
      Rose, Knock Out Red.
      Aars Award Winner! Beat Out Rrd Roses Are Soon To Be Considered The Gold Standard For Disease Resistance. Imagine Beautiful Roses That Begin Blooming In Late Spring And Continue Blooming Till The First Hard Frost. Resistant To Blackspot And I sMildew Tolerant. Drought Tolerant. If There Is Only One Shrub Rose We Would Recommend, It Would Be The Knock Out Red Rose!
      SKU: 5088

    Spruce, Blue
      Spruce, Blue.
      One Of The Most Popular Evergreens In The Country Because Of Its Uniform, Symmetrical Shape And Beautiful Coloring. Makes A Superb Windbreak, Privacy Screen, Or Focal Point For Your Yard. Plant Trees 10' Apart For A Hedge. Will Grow To 50' Tall. Plant In Full Sun. 2-3' Tall Trees Sent.
      SKU: 5027

    Iris, Musician
      Iris, Musician.
      Irises Are Loved For Their Sring Beauty And Their Ease Of Growing. To Us, Nothing Quite Matches The Splendor Of Multi-colored Iris So We Havee Brought You Or Favorite Two-tone Varieties That Will Retu5n Each And Every Spring. Order Now To Reserve Your Iris For Fall Planting. Make Sure And Check Out All Our Other Varieties To Make Your Spring Garden Pop! Featured Here Is The Musician. Award Of Merit 2008, Honorable Mention 2006. Vibrant Bicolor. Fragrant. Early To Mid-season. 34" Tall.
      SKU: 4189

    Iris, Apollodorus
      Iris, Apollodorus.
      In the present state Is A Ruffled Fantasy That Will Satisfy Your Quest For A Truly Differentiris. The Coppery Tan Standards Are Subtly Webbed With Just A Tinge Oflilac. A Splash Of Rich Maroon Overlays The Centers Of Flqred Tan Falls,leaving A 1/2 Inch Bright Tawny Band At Their Edges. 36" Tall. Bloomsmid-late Season.
      SKU: 4119

    Tulip, Black Hero
      Tulip, Black Hero.
      Huge Double Blooms Resemble Peonies! Black Hero Is The Darkest Peony-flowerig Tulip Available. Velvety, Black-maroon Blooms Shimmer In The Sunlight. Plant With Pink Or Red Tulips To Offset Them In Your Landscape. Long-lastnig Blooms Appear In Mid-spring.
      SKU: 5341

    Arkansas Amsonia
      Arkansas Amsonia.
      Arkansas Amsonia Is One Of Our Favorite Perennials Prodcuing Three Seasons Of Wonderful Color. In The Spring And Summer, It Produces Blue Star-shaped Flowers Atop Wonderfully Colored Green Foliage. But, That's Not All -- In Be prostrated, The Foliage Turns To An Electrifying Shade Of Golden. Arkansas Amsonia Is A Stunning Addition To Your Landscape! Magnificent Perennial Grows To 3' Tall And 4' Wide. Can Be Planted In A Wide Range Of Conditions Ranging From Full Sun To Partial Shade. Blooms: Spring-summer. Great For Cut Flowers.
      SKU: 7443

    Voodoo Bulb
      Voodoo Bulb.
      Very Unique, A Bewitching Sight! You'll Be Spellbound When Maroon Petals Of The Voodoo Bulb Sprout From This Bulb Without Soil, Pot Or Water! It's Bewitching! Set On A Sunny Windowsill And Let It Work Its Sorcery. So Carefree! 17-20 Cm Bulbs.
      SKU: 7290

    Pear, Bartlett Std
      Pear, Bartlett Std.
      A Large, Yellow Pear, Very Sweet And Aromatic. Bartlett Standard Pear Trees Bear Quickly And Are Highly Fertile. Shipped 1-3' Trees. Early Season Producer. Self-fruitful , But Will Produce Heavier Yields If Pollinated With Anoher Kind. Other Standard Pear Varieties To be availed of Include The Kieffer. This Bartlett Pear Tree Is Also Aavilable In The Super Fruit Tree Assemblage.
      SKU: 6178

  • Hydrangea, Forever & Ever® Red
  • Lily of the Valley, White
  • Iris, Victoria Falls
  • Garden, Perennial Shade
  • Plumcot, Hanska
  • Broccoli, Packman Hybrid
  • Grape, Concord Seedless
  • Balloon Flower
  • Tulip Mix, Double Flower
  • Dwarf Red Delicious Apple
  • Grape, Concord Seedless
  • Iris, Monique

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