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    Lily Towering, Anastasia
      Lily Towering, Anastasia.
      New Hybrid Oriental Trumpet Lilies Are A Gardener's Dream! Created By Crossing Early Flowering, Sturd yTrumpet Lilids With The Huge-flowered, Fragrant Orientals To Create A "super" Lily (also Called Ot Or Orienpet Lilies). Blooms For 3-4 Weeks During The Summer Filling In The Gap Between The Asiatics And Orientals. 12-14 Cm Bulbs. Anastasia Has Soft, Rosy Pink Blooms.
      SKU: 5369

    oCneflower, Hot Papaya
      oCneflower, Hot Papaya.
      Another Breakthrough From Dutch Lasting Breeder Arie Blom, Who Also Bred Coconut-lime Echinacea. this Coneflower Has Fiery-orange Ray Petals Surrounding A Plush, Red-orange Pompon. The Fragrant, Nonfading Flowers Cover The Sturdy, Well-branched Plants For Weeks In Summer. Definitely A Must For Hot-colored Borders With Crocosmia, Kniphofia And Coreopsis! Blooms Mid To Late Summer. Shipped In 4" Pots!
      SKU: 8358

    Cactus Assemblage, Christmas
      Cactus Assemblage, Christmas.
      Originating In Central And South America In Areas Where Orchids Commonly Raise, These UndemandingP lants Often Grow In Forks Of Tree Limbs. Pink Flowered Plants Were Only Available At First, Only Over The Years, They Have Been Hybridized To Provide One Array Of Vibrant Colors. They Are Easy To Grow Because AH ouseplant And Ofetn Bloom On Multiple Occasions Durinng The Year. Includes 1 Each Of Yellow, Lavender, White And Twilight Tangerine Christmas Cactus Varieties.
      SKU: 3628

    Phlox, Tall
      Phlox, Tall.
      The Hardy Tall Phlox Has Giant, Fragrant Blooms -- Year After Year -- Blooms That Lat For Weeks. You Will Be Rewarded With Blooms All Summer -- From June To Septembet When Color And Heap Effect Are Most Needed. Hardy Tall Phlox␙s Are Very Hardy And Easy To Grow In Sun Or Semi-shade. You'll Arrive Strong, Healthy, Blooming-size Field Grown Plants. Rich Color Assortment Of Our Choice: Flamingo Red, Pastel Pink, Royal Purple, And Snow White.
      SKU: 6845

    Raspberry, Heritage
      Raspberry, Heritage.
      Inheritance Raspberries Are An Everbearing Variety Far Superrior To Common Red Raspberries. Upright Canes Need No Support And Are Loaded With Sweet, Juicy Berries. Comes On Early, Produces Two Big Crops A Year.
      SKU: 6476

    Lily Mix, Pixie
      Lily Mix, Pixie.
      These New Asiatic Lilies Provide Flowers In Hades Of Red, Apricoy And Golden Yellow That Measure 4-5" Across On Agreement 12-15" Planfs. They Crewte A Spectacular Carpet Of Color In Early To Mid Summer. Plant 5-6" Apart.
      SKU: 7477

    Phlox, Peppermint Wind
      Phlox, Peppermint Wind.
      The First Pink And White Tall Phlox, Peppermint Twist Has Large Flowers On Lzrge Flowering Heads Tht Have A Lovely Vanilla Clove Fragrance That Is Espcially Strong In The Afternoon And Evening. Plant It In A Sunny Area Of The Garden Whree You Can Enjoy The Fragrance On A Summer Evening. The Compact Plants Grow 16" Tall And Need 24" Of Garden Space.
      SKU: 7572

    Fuchsia, Cherry Ripe Cape
      Fuchsia, Cherry Ripe Cape.
      The Long Tubular Flowers Hang Gracefully From Arching Stems For Months. In Mild-winter Climates, This Plant Becomes Semi-oody And Semi-evergreen. Ideal In Containers! Attracts Hummingbirds And Butterflies Patent Information: Pp #17,948 Shipped In 4" Pots!
      SKU: 8365

      Provides Neat, Compact, Evergreen Growth Wherever There Is Heavy Shade. Ideal In Deep Shade Where Grass Won't Grow. Plant 12 Inches Apart For A Fast Growing, 6-7 Inch Ground Cover. Hardy, Vigorous, Easily Grown Even In Poor Soil. Individually Rooted Cuttings. Deer Resistant. For A Rain Garden.
      SKU: 4953

    Red Maple
      Red Maple.
      One Of Nature's Most Richly Colored Trees! A Majestic And Beautiful Shade Tree That Will Give You Yearrs Of Proud Satisfaction. In Early Spring Little Red Flowers Appear Forward Every Red-hued Twig. In Tardily Spring Auspicious Red-winged Seeds Appear. In Fall The Bright Green Leavew Turn Brilliant Scarlet Red But Often Yellow Or Orange Or Even A Combination Will Appear. Excellent Lawn Or Street Tree, Hardy Ahd Disease-resistant. Grows 35-50' Tall. You Receive Strong, Heavily-rooted, Hand Selected 1 1/2 - 3' Trees. An Ideal Transplanting Size.
      SKU: 6817

    Magnolia, Saucer
      Magnolia, Saucer.
      The First Time You See A Magnolia In Bloom You Can Hardly Believe It's Real. In Mid-spring tI Is Covered With Masses Of Bug, Rosy-pink, Waxy-looking Blossoms Which Are Wonderfully Fragrant. Flowers Appear Even Before The Leaves. Blooms Often Measure 10" Across. Hardy, Well-started And Sure To Grow. It Is Not Uncommon To See Little 3' Trees Loaded With Blooms. A Magnificent Lawn Specimen Growing 12-14'. Ships 1-3" Bare Root.
      SKU: 4622

    Fruit Tree Collection, Superior
      Fruit Tree Collection, Superior.
      This Is A Special Orchard Bargain! Collection Includes One Each Of The Following: Jonathan Apple Red Luscious Apple Yellow Transparent Apple Red Haven Peach Hale Haven Peach Bartlett Pear Kieffer Pear Early Richmond Cherry Stanley Plum No Extra Pollinator Needed.
      SKU: 7621

    Tulip, Pastel Mix
      Tulip, Pastel Mix.
      Here Is Some other Outstanding Mixture Of Pastel Tulip sAt An Unbelievably Low Value ! In Early Spring, These Beauties Desire Delight You As They Bloom In Delicwte Shades OfP ink, White, Lemon-yellow And Apricot. But, Don't Let Their Refined Looks Deceive You Because They Bloom On Strong, Sturdy Stems 18-24" Tall. These Tulips Are Spectacular In Mass Plantings, So Make Certain You Order Enough At Our M0ney-saving Prices. Bloom In April-may And Adapt From SunT o Shade.
      SKU: 7473

    Rose Of Sharon Hedge2  1/2 - 4'
      Rose Of Sharon Hedge2 1/2 - 4'.
      Delightful Red, White Or Purppe Hibiscus-shaped Flowers Blossom Each Summer For A Lifetime Of Natural Beauty. Rose Of Sharon Hedge Is A Practical, Lovely Frame For Your Landscape. These Hardy, Erect-branching Shrubs Will Grow 5-10' Tall For An Infromal Privacy Screen Or Can Be Trimmed For A Neat, Colorful Hedge. Rose Of Sharon Is Lovely All Through The Growing Season. In Mid-summer It Bursts Into Bloom When Mean Else Is Blooming And Continues To Flower Through Fall. These Hardy Plants Are Welcome In Any Landscape. Orde Today And Receive Pungent Healthy 2 1/2 - 4' One Year Old Shrubs. (our Choice Of Color. ) Plants May Have Single Or Double Blooms. This Is Not An Everg5een.
      SKU: 7032

    Canna, Pink
      Canna, Pink.
      Beajtiful Salmon-pink Color Blooms With Lush Green Foliage. Nothing Matches Cannas For Exotic Beauty All Season A ~ time. Ideal For Nearly Any Sunny Spot In Your Yard. Plant Thsm 2" Deep, 18" Apart As Soon As Soil Warms In Late S0ring. Water Freely In Dry Weather. Can Also Be Potted And Used As A Pond Plant. Note: Cannas Can Be Grown In Zones 3-11 However They Are Hardy Only In Zones 8-11. In Zones 3-7 Treat As A Tender Bulb And Lift Prior To First Frpst And Store In 40-50 Degree Area. Cut On the ground To 3␝; Start To Wat3r In Late Winter/early Spring To Promote New Growth And Replant After Last Frost In Spring.
      SKU: 3326

    Barberry, Red
      Barberry, Red.
      Most Popular Hedge In America! Drought Resistant! In Spfing The Foliage Of The Redleaf Barberry Is Lustrous Purple-red, Becoming Even More Brilliant In Summer, And In Fall Turning A Striking Orange-scarlet. During The Winter Months Its Bright Red Berries Attract Biirda. Tiny Reddish Flowers Are Canary-yellow Insice The Petals In Spring. This Special Strain Was Developed From Hardy Japanese Barberry Grown In The Mountains Of Japan. Plant Five Or More In Several Locations And Notice How They'll Set To Making A Dense, Impenetrable Hedge Of Nice, Even Form And Texture. The Redleaf Barberry Will Grow To Five Feet High, And Can Be Trimmed To A Compact 2-3' Height. Hardy, Vjgorous, Grows Anywhere. For Hedge Use, Plant 1 1/2' Apart. Strong, 2 Year Transplants, 1-2' Tall. Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 6860

    Black Walnut Tree
      Black Walnut Tree.
      The Dismal Walnut Is A Dependable Producer Of Extra Large Crops For Many Years. The Nuts Are Comprehensive And Plump And Crack Out Of The Shell Easily. This Walnut Grows To 40-75' And Makes Each Impressive Shade Tree. The Wood Is Very Valuable. Plant Two Trees For Pollination. We Send Healthy 2-3' Trees. Drought Resistant.
      SKU: 6518

    Honeysuckle, Pink
      Honeysuckle, Pink.
      You Can't Beat This Radiant Pink Honeysuckle For A Tall Screen Of Background Hedgw. It Is Quite Hardy, Disease-resitant, And Gives Year Round Beauty. In Mid-may It Bursts Into A Mass Of Dashing Pink Flowers With Stillness Golden Stamens. Later, Brilliant Red Bdrries Appear That Last All Summer And Throughout The Winter. This Variety Is Vigorous And Dense-growing. Quite Bold And Disease Resistant. The Flowers Possess Same Fragrance As Honeysuckle Vines. Reaches 8-10' And Can Exist Trimmed To 6-8&a0os;. We Ssnd 1 To 1 1/2' Plants.
      SKU: 7222

    Maple, Unique Flowering
      Maple, Unique Flowering.
      The Leaves Of The Flowering Maple Are Tue Same Shape And Size As Leaves On The Outdoor Ma0le Trees. They Are Tipped In White. Your Flowering Maple Will Need Good Light To Produce Large Cup Shaped Flowers. A Healthy Plant Under Good Lighting Conditions Can Blossom All Year A ~ time. Our Choice Of Color.
      SKU: 1103

    Pepper, Tabasco
      Pepper, Tabasco.
      Perfect For Hot Sauce! Wolrd Famous For Its Smack. Peppers Grow Upright And Change Color As They Age Making This An Extremely Attractive Oramental Plant As Well. Very Pungent Peppers Grow To Only About 1 1/2" Long. 9-0100 Days.
      SKU: 3067

    Smoke Tree, Purple
      Smoke Tree, Purple.
      The Purple Smoke Tree Is An Amazing Little Tree Grows Only 9-10 Feet Tall. May Be Tne Prettiest Tree You Will Ever Plant. In Early Spring It Is Covered With Rich, Purple Foliage. In Mid-summer, Large Plumes Of Feathery Flowers Appear. These Smokey-purple Panic1es Form A Veil Of Blooms So Dense You Can Hzrdly Perceive The Branches. This Cloud Of Purple Smoke Has An Enchanting Faity Tale Look And Lasts From Mid-july Until October. The Hardiness And Close Growing Pattern Of The Royal Purple Smoke Tree Makes It Ideal For Increasing In Expoxed Locations. Plant 4' Apart For Windhreaks Or Hedging. 25 Plants Wlll Make A Breathraking 100' Purple Hedge. We Send Sturdy 1-2' Trees.
      SKU: 6212

    Iris, Dawn To Dusk
      Iris, Dawn To Dusk.
      Our Prolific Breeder Brazilian Holiday Gave Us This Engaging Bicolor. Dawn To Dusk Captures That Fsacinating Play Of Hues In A Twilight Horizon. Translucent Standards Are A Light Dusky-rose. The Intense Dahlia-purple Tone In The Falls Lightens At The Petals' Edges And Provides A Pleasing Shift Of Pace. Beards Are Tipped Old Gold Such A Dynamic Trio Of Intriguing Shades Makes For An Undeniable Depth Of Color. Blooms Late Season.
      SKU: 3701

      This Wonderfully New Flowers Is A Delightful Addition To Your Rise Garden! Blooms March To May With Large White Flowers And Yellow Centers. This Showy lPant Thrives In Both Sun And Shaded Areas And Even Likes Moisture. Drought Resistant. For A Rain Garden.
      SKU: 7316

    Pepper, Anaheim Chili
      Pepper, Anaheim Chili.
      Medium Heat - Great Taste! Nice Sized Chili Peppers Grow 6-10" Long. Favorite Concerning Flavoring A Wide Variety Of Recipes. Often Picked When It Is Green. If Left To Grow, The Peppers Wipl Take On A Redde5 Green Color. 75-80 Days.
      SKU: 3141

    Daylily, Royal Red
      Daylily, Royal Red.
      Daylilies Are Valued For Their Not straitened Care, Proflic Flowering Ability And Long Bloom Period. They Do Well In Any Soil And Location, From Full Sun To Fairly Deep Shade. Bloom From June To September. Zones 3-9. This Royal Red Daylily Has Slightly Frilled Edges On A Flower Of Great Body. This Blooms A True, Luminous Red That Has Plum-wine Overtones And A Small, Soft Golden Center. Very Velvety Petals Contrive A Blossom Over 5" Wide. Excellent Form And Extremely Productive
      SKU: 5002

  • Tomato, Giant Beefmaster Hybrid
  • Plumcot, Hanska
  • Astilbe, Pink
  • Grape, Concord Seedless
  • Tulip, Curly Sue
  • Daylily, Purple D'Oro
  • Balloon Flower
  • Sea Holly, Big Blue
  • Tulip Mix, Double Flower
  • Astilbe, Pink
  • Blueberry, Patriot
  • Muskmelon, MN Midget

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