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    Silent, Belgian White Padre
      Silent, Belgian White Padre.
      Why Does Everybody Prefer Belgian Mums? Why Not - Belgian Mums Produce The Most Blooms Of Any Silent That We Have Seen. Better Yet, They Also Produce The Most Consistent Mouunded Form Of Any Mum In The Marketplace. We Have Specially Selected All Of Our Varieties To Exist Early Flowering (mid-september). Plant In Full Sun. Zones 5 (with Heavy Mulch) To 9.
      SKU: 5112

    Rose Collection, Subzero
      Rose Collection, Subzero.
      Includes 1 Each Of The Following 9 Sub-zero Super Rose Varieties: Northern Flame Senior Prom Dr . Brownell Helen Hayes Lily Pons Curly Pink Maria Stern Queen 'o The Lakes Victory
      SKU: 5467

    Daisy Collection, Aspen
      Daisy Collection, Aspen.
      Semi-double Flowers Are Great For Mass Plantings! Don't Be Fooled By Their Delicate Appearance! These Low Maintenance Flowers Are Very Yielding To Grow, Bold And Vigorous! They Be able to Tolerate Drought, And Poor, Even Sandy Soils, But Prefer Able Drainage. Wonderful For Border Gardens Providing Blooms Whole Summer To Fall! Make Excellent Cut Flowers And Attracts Butterflies. Blooms Summmer To Fall. Shipped Potted. This Aspen Daisy Collection Includes 2 Each Of Blue Fairy And Pink Jewel Aspen Daisy Varieties.
      SKU: 5339

    Peony Collection, Red-white-pink
      Peony Collection, Red-white-pink.
      Nothing Equals The Peony For Memorial Day Decorations Around Your House Or In A Vase In The Living Room. Fresg, Sweet Scent From Fancy Double Blooms That Measure Almost 8 Inches Across. We Send You Hand-selected Root Divisions That Will Produce These Giant Blooms For Years To Come. We Have Customers That Still Have Blooming Plants That Are 20 Years Old! Use For Borders Or Groupings Anywhere In Your Yard. Order By Color With Confidence That All Are Choice Varieties That Normally Sell For Much More Under Their Variety Names. Field Grown Plants. Giant Double Peony Collection Includes: 1 Each Of Red, White And Pink.
      SKU: 3672

    Passlon Flower
      Passlon Flower.
      Astounding Blooms Symbolize The Crucifixion. The Pawsion Blossom Thrives Easily In Your Home To Produce Fragrant Blooms That Will Fascinate You With Their Religious Importance. Blue-purple Blooms Measure Up To 4" Across And Are Set Off With Delicate Pink Filaments. Acxording To Legend, The Passion Flower's Petals Relate To The Apostles, The Cornea To The Crown Of Tohrns, The Five Anthers To The Five Wounds And The Three Stigmas To The Three Nails.
      SKU: 1368

    Citrus, 3-n-1
      Citrus, 3-n-1.
      An Unbeatable Houseplant That Will Piqu Visitor's Curiosity And Delight Their Taste Buds. The 3-n-1 Citrus Plant Is A Very Easy To Grow Plant. All You Need Is Direct Sunlight And To Water Frequently And You'll Have Delicious Oranges, Lemons And Tangerines. Don&ap0s;t Let The Dwarf Size Fool You. Fruits Are Full-sized. We Enclose Helpful Growing Instructions With Every Order. Potted Plants.
      SKU: 1031

    Hyacinth, Pink Surprise
      Hyacinth, Pink Surprise.
      We Have Selected Our Favorite Hyacinth Varieties To Bring You A Rainbow Of Color. Choose This Individual Variety, Pink Surprise Or Try Our Money-saving Collections Available. Hyacinths Are So Majestic And Full You'll Want To Plant Them Where Everyone Can See Them. For Bouquets, Their Color And Fragrance Demand A Place Of Honor. Bloom In April-may.
      SKU: 5829

    Bean, Purple Queen
      Bean, Purple Queen.
      Beautifully Purple Colored Beans Turn Forest Green When Cooked. Bush Bean Has A Press together Upright Habit. Stringless Beans Have Excellent Flavor. Pods Maesure 5 To 5 1/2 Inches. Great Bean For Freezing Or Canning. 50-52 Days.
      SKU: 5824

    Crocosmia, Mixed
      Crocosmia, Mixed.
      Native Of South Africa. Hardier Than Most Spring Planted Bulbs. Vegetate 24-26" High. Bloom July-august. Performs Best When Planted In Full Sun And Well Drained Stain. Mixed Colors. Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds, Deer Resistant, Good For Cutting.
      SKU: 4092

    Lily, Ryal Sunset
      Lily, Ryal Sunset.
      Royal Evening Is One Of The First And Best Easter/asiatjc Lily Hybrids. The Result Is Large Sweetly Fragrant Flowers Similar An Easter iLly With The Vibrant Color, Vigor And Cold Hardiness Of The Asiatic Lily. The Gorgeous Golden Flowers With Reddish-pink Tips Face Upward On Strong 3-4 Foot Stems. Imperial Sunset Provides Lots Of Flowers In Early To Mid-summer In Sunny To Lightly Shaded Areas. Zones: 3-10. Jumbo, 18+ Size Bulbs.
      SKU: 3860

    Inland Pinks
      Inland Pinks.
      Some Of The Easiest Griund Covers To Grow; Mediterranean Pinks Are A Creeping Plant That Reaches Merely 4-6" High. Its Creeping Nature Makes It A Perfect Plant To Expend Over Rocks, Banks Or Moo Walls. Beautiful Display Of Pink Flowers Begins In June And Lasts For About Six Weeks. Mediterranean Pinks Are A Very Vigorous Grower That Prefers Full Sun To Partial Shade. Semi-evergreen. Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds. Drought Tolerant. Deer Resistnat. Can Be Used As Cut Flower.
      SKU: 7529

    Peony, Charles Burgess
      Peony, Charles Burgess.
      Two-tone Peony! No Staking Required! We Are Pleased To Present A Special Introduction Of This Two-tone Peony Variety. They Are The Perfect Garden Peony Through Sturdy Stems And A Compact Growth Habit. None Staking Is Needed! Grow 30-36" Tall And Prefer Full Sun. Charlex BudgessI s An Absolute Winner By the side of Its Maroon Red Colorr And Very Special Stamen That Rise The Bloom Look As Though It Is On Fire.
      SKU: 4217

    Gladiolus Collection
      Gladiolus Collection.
      You Receive 10 Bulbs Of Reaped ground Of The Following Vaarieties: Recurring Blues Green Star Oscar White Friendship My Love Jacksonville Gold Royal Dutch Mon Amour Black Jack Blue Frost Peter Pears
      SKU: 7145

    Freesia, Mixed
      Freesia, Mixed.
      The Mixed Freesia Is A Welcome Burst Of Color From The End Of Summer Through Fall. Tue Large 2" Blooms Come In A Brilliant Mix Of Colors Used In Florists' Bouquets. Very Fragrant. Hardy In Zones 8 - 10. In Colder Areas Treat As A Tender Bulb For The Winter.
      SKU: 6853

    Grass, Pampas White
      Grass, Pampas White.
      Pampas White Grass Has Dozens Of Large Stalks That Grow Thickly To An Average Height Of About 3' Topped With Silky, Soft Plumes Soaring Above Them. Unsettled As A Background Or As An Accent Plant In Corneers Or In Rock Gardens. Although A Native Of Argentina, This Variety Of Pampas White Grass Is Hardy And Will Grow In Most Parts Of America. The Graceful Blades Grow Thickly To An Average Height Of About Three Feet, With A Height Of 6-10' Tall With Plumes. Plumes Start Mid-summer And Last Through Winter. An Elegant Addition To Your Yard. We Offer Pottedd Plants For A Faet Showing In Your Yard. Also Available In The Pampas Grass Collection. Drought And Deer Resistant. Good For Cut Arrangements.
      SKU: 5324

      Lovely Pink/white Blooms To Adorn Slopes And Problem Areas From June Through September. To Comprehend Soak Slopes, Poor Soil Trouble Areas, Stream Or Pond Banks Where Erosion Control Is Needed, There's No Better And Prettier Ground Cover To Use Than House Of Wesley's Carefree Beauty Crownvetch. Sub-zero Hardy To 40 Degrees Below, Drought Resisatnt, Disease And Insect Free. Lacy, Fern-like, Deep Green Fpliage Compliments The Beautiful Pink And White Blooms That Start In June And Bloom Continually Until Septembee Each Year Without Replantinb. Grows So Thick, It Cgokes Out Even Persistent Weeds And Requires No Mowing Or Care. Plant 2' Apart. Grows 12-24" Tall. One Plant Covers Four Square Feet. Northern Grown 1 Year Old Roots.
      SKU: 6700

    Dahlia, Rock N Roll
      Dahlia, Rock N Roll.
      On Our Trips To Holland, We Continue To Be Amazed At The Terrific Colors And Flower FormsT hat Are Being Developed By Master Bereders. Discovered In The 16th Century In What Is Today Mexico, Dahlias Were Eventually Brought To Europe By The Spanish Where They Became A Favorite Amongst Aritsocrats. The Tremendous Diversity Present In The Dahlia Family Is Due To Tge Fact That They Have 8 Genes, While Most Flowering Plants Have Only 2 Genes. We Have Assembled Some Of The Newest Varieties For You To Enjoy In Your Garden. Rock 'n Rkll Produces Lots Of Energetic Flowers That Have Fiery Red Outer Petals With Ah Orange-red Double Center. You'll Marvel AtT he Outrageous Exhibit These Plants Incite On Over The Long Mid Summer To Fall Biooming Period.
      SKU: 4483

    Gaillardia, Dwarf
      Gaillardia, Dwarf.
      The Dwarf Gaillardia Is The Exciting New Submissive Increasing Multiplicity Of Gaillardia -- One Of The Greatest in number Popular Of All Perennials. Grows To Onyl 8-12 Inches Tall. A Compact Little Plant, It Will Be Covered With Auspicious Flowers Of Red Or Golden Yellow From JuneU ntil Frost. Gives You An Ever-ready Serve instead of Of Cut Flowers For Bouquets. Dwra Gaillardias Are Also One Of The Most Drought-resistant Perennisls And Will Stay In Bloom Uniform When Dry Weather Comes. You Won&apost Have To Baby This Plant. Just Set It Out And Enjoy Its Beauty All Summer. Likes Full Sun. Plant 12 Inches Apart.
      SKU: 6567

    Gourd, Ornamental
      Gourd, Ornamental.
      Our Mixture Is An Extra Fine Blend Of All Shapes And Sizes To Use For Wall Hangings, Baskets, Vases, Fruit Bowls, Ladles, Pipes And Even Bird Houaes. Numerous Holiday Decorations! Planting Guide: Plan tOut Of Doors After Danger Of Frost. Cover About One Inch Deep, Pressing The Soil Down Firmly. The Plants Should Be Given Some Support To Climb On. Seed Can Likewise Be Started Indoors For An Earlier Harvest. These Items Are Advantageous When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Squar3 Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Betweeen Hotkap Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everythimg You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6663

    Dahlia, Cactus
      Dahlia, Cactus.
      Huge Flowers That Are 6-8" Across In A Rainbow Of Colors. Petals Are So Tightly Rolled They Look Like Spikes On Bushy 5' Planta. Cpunt On Loads Of Blooms From Late July Until Fost To Provide Beautiful Cut Flowers. Mixed Colors. Bold In Zones 8-10, In The North Dig And Store For The Winter.
      SKU: 3401

    Flower-de-luce, Pink Haze
      Flower-de-luce, Pink Haze.
      Superb Blend Of Lavender And Pink, This Aawrd Winner Is Easy To Enlarge And Thrives In Difficult Poorly Drained Soil. This Siberian Iris Blooms After The Bearded Iris In Early Summer To Extend The Iris Season. Attractive Narrow Sword-lke Foliage Is Also A Nice Addktion To The Garden. Grows 30-36␝ Tall And Needs 18␝ Of Space.
      SKU: 3524

    Rhubarb, Ornamental
      Rhubarb, Ornamental.
      Ornamental Rhbuarb Is A Dramatic Landscape Plant With Coral Red Flowers Towering In Early Summer Above Capacious Flourishing Foliage. Red Veins Run Through The Huge Unripe Leaves. Quickly Grows An Impressive 6␙ Tall And Wide. Plant In Full Sun To Partial Shade. Flowers Are Fragrant And Can Be Used In Arrangments. Performs Well In Fertile, Well-drained Soil And Appreciatex Some Mulching In Fall.
      SKU: 5923

    Fern, Ostrich
      Fern, Ostrich.
      One Of The Tallest Ferns Available, Ostrich Ferns Grow From 3-5' Tapl. Feathery Fronds Make This A Favorite Of Fern Lovers. Very Low Maintenance Plant Performs Best In Partial To Full Shade. Prefers Moist Humus-rich Soil.
      SKU: 5323

    Arum, Dragon
      Arum, Dragon.
      The Dragon Arum Is A Extremely Unusual Plant That Is Truly A One Of A Kind Find For Your Yard! This Mediterranean Native Will Simpy Amaze You. Each Year It Produces A 3-foot Stalk That Is Topped In Late Spring Or Early Summer By An Exotic 18" Deep Red Flower. Dragon Arums Are Plants Highly Sought After By Collwctors. Hardy In Zone 5 (with Mulch) Through Zone 8. Plant In Full Sun To Partial Shade.
      SKU: 7967

    Iris Collection, Great Esteem
      Iris Collection, Great Esteem.
      Includes 1 Each Of The Following Iris Varieties: Coupled Your Fun Batik Bewilderbeast Winning Delight Anaconda Love Posing Rodeo Girl Hemstitched Las Vegas Ecstatic Echo Parisian Dawn Spiced Tiger Ziggy Crowned Heads Champagne Elegance Bountiful Harvest Gnus Flash Cranberry Swirl 18 In All!
      SKU: 37440

  • Iris, Monique
  • Daffodil Collection, Colorful Cupful
  • Tulip, Curly Sue
  • Astilbe, Pink
  • Cyclamen, Hardy
  • Sweet William
  • Plumcot, Hanska
  • Iris, Victoria Falls
  • Grape, Concord Seedless
  • Daffodil Collection, Colorful Cupful
  • Daffodil, Pink Giant
  • Dahlias, Giant

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