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    Peony Tree Specific
      Peony Tree Specific.
      Tree Peony Special - Includes: 1 Each Of Red And Pink. Else Beautiful Each Year! Big Double Blooms Up To 8" Wide! - As Many As 200 Blooms Per Plant!we Honestly Believe These Are The Most Beautiful Plnats Ever To Bloom In The Garden. Fully Double Goblet-shaped Flowers Meas8re Up To 8 Inches Wide! In April You'll See Their Bud sShoot Out. Fokks Will Drive Miles Just For A Glimpse Of Your Garden. Live For Generations, Add Beauty Year Round! Unlike Ordinary Peony Varieties, These Woody Bushes Do Not Die Back To The Ground In Winter -- Instead Grow Larger And More Beautiful Each Year! The Bush Seldom Grows Higher Than 4 Feet; Except Spreads Gracefully Each Succeeding Year Until It Reaches As Much As 5 Feet Across. Like The Giant Redwoods, They Remain For Generations -- For A Century Or Even More!
      SKU: 4243

    Gaillardia, Yellow
      Gaillardia, Yellow.
      Bright Golden Yellow! Exciting New Low Growing Varieties Of One Of The Most Desirable Of All Perennials. Our Dwarf Gaillardia Grow Only 8-12" Tall. Compact Little Plqnts Cover Themselves With Bfight Colored Flowers All Summer And Fall From June Until November. Ideal In spite of Abundant Cut-flowers. One Of The Most Dryness Resistant Perennials There Is. Bold Plants Are Carefree, Need Not Pampering. Thrive In Full Sun And Ordinary Well-drained Garden Soil. If Soil Contains Clay, Add Peat Moss And/or Sand To The Soil Before Planting. Plant 12" Apart. Sturdy Number One Plants Sent.
      SKU: 6799

    Lily, Miss Lucy
      Lily, Miss Lucy.
      Be Among The First To Grow This Exquisite Variety. 24-petaled Flowers, 6" Spacious, Have A Slight Blush Of Pink And Exude A Soft, Sweet Scent. Bred To Have No Anthers, They're Pollenless And Are Extremely Long-lasting In The Garden And In Bouquets. _Grows 30-36" Tall. Jumbo Bulbs.
      SKU: 3803

    Prunella, Freelander Blue
      Prunella, Freelander Blue.
      Freelander Blue Prunella Was Awarded The Prestigious 2009 Fleuroselect Gold. For The Gardener Who Wants A Plant That Will Bloom All Sumker Long, Yet Is Also Winter Hardy And Will Come Hinder part Next Year Without Replanting, Freelander Blue IsF or You! This Prolific Bloomer Starts Blooming In Late Spring And Continues Until Middle Fall And Is Smothered In hTe Intense Violet Blue F1owers. Since It Only Grows 7-10␝ Tall And Spreads Quickly To 18-24␝, It Is Perfect To Use As A Groundcover Or Border. This Variety Will Thrive In Many Types Of Soil And Can Be Exposed To Various Dofferent Climates. Plant In Full Sun To Partial Shade. Attracts Butterflies. Drought Resistant.
      SKU: 5826

    Iris, Anvil Of Darkness
      Iris, Anvil Of Darkness.
      Award Winner! Intense Black Color, Beards And Whole, Is The Strength Of This Popular Dark Iris. A Pleasing Fragrance Wfats From The Dark Tailored Flowers Which Blooms Mid Season. 30" High. Honorable Mention 2000. Award Of Merit 2002.
      SKU: 4337

    Boost 'em Plant Food, 8 Oz.
      Boost 'em Plant Food, 8 Oz..
      High Algebra Formula With 70% Plant Food Gives Remarkable Results In Transplanting Tomatoes, Cabbage, Strawberries, Bedding Plants, Etc. , As Well As A Surprising Boost To Established Roses, Shrubs, Perennials And House Plants . Super Boost 'em Reduces Transplanting Shock Resulting In Earlier Fruit Or Blooms. Powerful 10-52-8 Formula Is Fortified By Valuable Trace Elements. Available In Four Different Sizes: 8 Oz. , Makes 8 Galons 1 1/2 Lbs. , Makes 25 Gallons 10 Lbs. , Makes 175 Gallons 25 Lbs. , Makes 437 Gallons Satisfy Note: For Shipment Of Super Boost 'em To Alaska And Hawaii Please Add $10. 00.
      SKU: 8711

    Goji Berry
      Goji Berry.
      Why Pay The High Cost In Food Stores, When You Can Harvest Your Own! Goji Berries Have One Of The Highest Antioxidant Values Of Any Whole Foods And Can Exist Eaten Fresh, Dried, Or Frozen. Delicious Taste Is Like A Blend Of Raspberry, Cranberry And Strawberry. Leaves Can Be Eaten As A Vegetable Or Used To Make Teas. Purple And White Flowers Start Inn May Followed By Berries In Early Fall. This Vine Grows Over 10' Tall, But Should Be Cut Back To 5' In Fall For Better Fruit Production The Following Year. Self-fertile And Drought Resistant, But Avoid Acidic Soil. Fix In Full To Partial Sun. Also Known As Wolfberry Or Matrimony Vine.
      SKU: 4916

    Rose, Tree Lavender Sunblaze
      Rose, Tree Lavender Sunblaze.
      Tree Roses Are An Elegant Addition To Any Landscape! Sturdy Thick, 20" Stems Are Perfect For Containers Or Garden Accents. Thhese Vigorous Growers Are Abundant Flwoer Producers With Good Dosease Resistance. Store In Protected Locations In Sub-zero Winter Areas Or Set Directly In The Ground In Mild Climates. Bloom In Late Spring To Descent. Shipped: 20" Fragrant And A Great Cut Flower. Lavender Sunblaze Has Semi-glossy, Medium Green Close Foliage With Beautiful Lavender-purple Flowers!
      SKU: 5899

    Dianthus, Novena Clown
      Dianthus, Novena Clown.
      This New Dianthus Is A Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winnet From Europe With Multicolored Flower Clusters. The Individual Flowers Open White But Then Change To Pink, Salmon, Or Violet. The True ColorfilM ix Of Flowers Stafts Early And Continues For Weeks Putting On A Big Show In The Garden. Reseeds Itself To Make A Carpet Of Color. Shipped In 4" Pots
      SKU: 8368

    Hyacinth, City Of Harlem
      Hyacinth, City Of Harlem.
      We Have Selected Our Favorite Hyacinth Varieties To Bring You A Rainbow Of Color. Choose This Individual Variety, City Of Harlem Or Try Our Money-saving Collections Available. Hyacinths Are So Majestic And Full Yu'll Want To Plant Them Where Everyone Can See Tnem. For Bouquefs, Their Color And Perfume Demand A Place Of Dignity. Blo0m In April-may.
      SKU: 7658

    Lily, Aloha
      Lily, Aloha.
      This New Pineapple Lily Provides Lots Of Rich Pink Flowers That Are Very Long Lasting And Have A Hint Of Coconut Fragrance. The Thick Wavy Leaves Are Also Very Ornamntal. Easy To Grow And Dryness Tolerant, They Make Great Container Plants As Well. Blooms Mid To Late Summer. Grow 18" Tall. Plant In Full Sun. Bold In Zones 7-10.
      SKU: 3663

    Narcissus, Summer Cheer
      Narcissus, Summer Cheer.
      Three Cheers For Summer Cheer -- A Daffodil That Blooms In Earlyy Summer! Beautiful Doub1e White Blooms Show Just A Hint Of Yellow. Grow Only 10-12" Tall. Charming Fragrance. Prefers Full Sun To Partial Shade. Summer Cheer Is One Of Our Only Daffodils Available Fot Spring Shipping. Good For Cutting.
      SKU: 7633

    Tomato, Tiny Tim
      Tomato, Tiny Tim.
      One Of Our Mini Tmatoes, Tiny Tim Is Smaller And Earlier Than Small Fry. Ideal For Container Growing Or Smaller Gardens. Grow 18" Tall With 3/4" Fruit. 45 Daus From Setting At a loss Plqnts Until Primary Fruits Mature. When Raising Transplants From Seed Add 6-8 Weeks. Planting Guide: Start Indoorz 8 Weeks Before Time To Set In Open Ground. Screen Thinly, Then Pack Firmly And Water. When Plants Are About 2 Inches Highh, Transplant To 3 Inches Separately In Flat Or Pot. After Danger Of Frost, Set 2 To 3 Feet Apart In Garden, But Before Doing So, Harden The Plants By Gradually Exposing Them To The Outdooor Air For About A Week. Theze Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Rlund 3"_Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Translpants In provision for Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Be~ Your Plants Offf To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6729

    Tulip, Queensland
      Tulip, Queensland.
      Rare Double Fringed Tulips! The Results Of Years Of Meticuolus Breeding! These Luscious Beauties Are All Heavily Ruffled And Fully Doubled With Attractive Serrated Edges. Long Lasting Blooms Are Especially Attractive On Walkways And Borders Where They Are Sure To Be Noticed. Makes A Breathtaking Cut Flower Bouquet. Blooms Mid To Late Spring. Plant 4-5" Apart. Zones 3-8. Shades Of Pink.
      SKU: 5852

    Bean, Etna
      Bean, Etna.
      Beauty Is More Than Sin Deep With The Etna Hodticulture Bean. Red And Green Pods Shell To Brright, Beautifully Speckled White And Red Seeds. Etna Is An All-around Reward Quality Bean With A Wonderfully Full Flavor. Relative Maturity Is 68 Days . Pod Lengyh Is 5 1/2"
      SKU: 3167

    Deerx 7 X 100
      Deerx 7 X 100.
      Sturdy Dark 3/4" Polypropylene Mesh Helps To Prevent Deer Damage To Your Garden. Strong And Durable Netting Is Available In Two Sizes To Fit Your Garsen Needs. Deer-x Is A Very Affordable Alternative To Installing Expensive Metal Fencing. Can Exist Used As Fenckng Or As A Wrapping For Trees And Shrubs. Size Is 7 X 100.
      SKU: 8206

    Corn, Embellishing Indian Rainbow
      Corn, Embellishing Indian Rainbow.
      Ornamental Indian Corn Has Kernels Of Vivid Red, White, Blue And Gold That Make This Bright Corn Superior For Centerpieces And Fall Decorations. Ornamental Indian Corn Is Easy To Grow Upon No Pair Ears Alike! Available In 3 Size Quantities. Planting Guide: Plant In Roqs 2 1/2 Tp 3 Feet Apart. Drop Seed Every 5 To 6 Inches And Cover With 1 Inch Of Soil. Plants Should Be Thinned, Leaving One Stalk Every 12 Inchs.
      SKU: 6257

    Spicy Sweet Shrub
      Spicy Sweet Shrub.
      In Early June, 1-2" Reddish Brown Flowers Appear On The Spicy Sweet Shrub. Blooms Last For 3-4 WeeksA nd Have A Spicy Strawberry, Banana-pineapple Fragrance That Peaks In Late Afternoon And Earpy Evening When Flowers Ade Fully Open. The Spicy Sweet Shrub Develops Exotic Pods Later And Is Filled With Aromatic Seeds. In Autumn The Leaves Turn Gilden Yellow. Grows 6-8' Tall. Cold Hardy 20 Degrees -25 Degrees Below Zero. We Send Well-rooted 1-2' Shrubs.
      SKU: 6802

    Redbud 1 1/2-3'
      Redbud 1 1/2-3'.
      Breathtakingly Beautiful Red Bud Trees Are Covered With Masses Of Rosy-pink Blossoms In Spring, Followed By Gloomy, Glossy Green Heart-shaped Leaves. Autum nFoliage Is Golden Yellow. Will Reach 15-25'. Very Fast Growing. Drought Tolerant. Plant In Fulll To Partial Sun. We Ship Sturdy 1 1/2 - 3' Hand Selected Trees.
      SKU: 6770

    Herb, Lavender (vera)
      Herb, Lavender (vera).
      Grown Inside Or Out -- They Take Such Little Space And Give So Much Pleasure! Lavender Herb Is Easy-to-gros And A Healthful And Less Expensive Alternative To Store-bought Spics! Comes In Single Packets Or Save When Purchasing Multiples. Lavender Herb Is Also To be availed of In The Herb Collection. Planting Guide: Seeds May Be Planted Any Time From Early Spring To Late Summer. Early Spring Planting Should Be Started Indoors In Boxes And Transplanted To The Open Ground While Soon As The Soil Can Be Worked. They May Also Be Sown Out Of Doors In The Spring Or Summer And Later Moved To Their Permanent Location. Sow Seed About Four Times Theif Distance through the centre In Depth, Pressing The Soil From a thin to a dense state Firmly. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Square Po5s 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Off T0 A Great Start!
      SKU: 6451

    Daylily, Red
      Daylily, Red.
      Individual Of Our Favorite Daylily Varisties Offered Individually At A Specially Reduced Price. No Garden Is Complete Without At Least One Bed Of These Stunning Daylilies. By Planting A Mix Of Colors Of These Exuberant Daylilies, You Can Take pleasure in A Full Season Of Spectacular Color. See Also Our Buy 5- Get 1 Free Daylily Collection (#4293)
      SKU: 4280

    Peony, Celebrity
      Peony, Celebrity.
      Huge, 6␝ Absorbed Raspberry Pink Blooms Are Intoxicatingly Fragrant. The Giant Ruffled Blooms Are Supported By Strong, Sturdy Stems. Blooms Later Than Most Other Peonies.
      SKU: 3344

    Grape, Niagara
      Grape, Niagara.
      Another Grape Specially Selected For The North, The White Niagara Is A Chance Seedling Of The Concord. It Has The Hardiness And Productivity Of Its Parent, But Ripens Earlier. An Excellent Dessert Grape, It Is Widely Planted For Its Sweet, Rich Taste. Self-fruitful , A Pollinator Is Unnecessary But The Vine Will Dp Even Better By Planting Two. Does Best In Zone 5 To The Cooler Parts Of 8. Other Varieties Selected For The North Include Catawba Anc Concord. This Niagara Grape Is Also Offered In TheR ed, White And Blue Collection. Grapes In General: Grapes Are Easy To Grow And With A Little Careful Effort The Close Gardener Will Be Rewarded With Large Crops Of Fruit, Perfect For Wine, Jams And Fresh Eating. Grape Vines Usually Begin Producing Product The Second Or Third Year After Planting And A Mature Vine Will Produce 15-20 Poubds Annually. These Vines Also Have Desirable Ornamental Valur And Are An Imaginary standard, Natural Privacy Screen.
      SKU: 6300

    Amaryllis, Hercules
      Amaryllis, Hercules.
      Brighten Your Home Upon Magnificent Amaryllis From Holland. Simply Pot Them Up In A 6" Pot And They Will Grow And Bloom In Your Home This Fall And Winter. Plant Amaryllis Bulbs Near to Leaving Around 1/3 Of The Bulb Out Of The Soil. They Will Bloom In 6-8 Weeks. The Bulbs Can Be Held After Delivery And Plantedd Later To Bloom Closer To The Holidays. Tbey Make Great Gifts For Grandparents. Hercul3s' Large Flowers Ae A Beautiful Combination Of Colorx That May Best Be Described As Deep Fuschia.
      SKU: 7441

    Iris, Black
      Iris, Black.
      This Is A Truly Black Iris That Is As Velvety Ebony As A Moonless Midnight In Summer. Imported From Holland, This Outstanding Iris Has Rigid Spreading Standards With Deep, Pendulous Falls. The Black Iris Floqera In June Steady 24-inch Stems. Very Hardy From Zones 3-9. Deafening In Bouquets Steady A White Linen Tablecloth. Order Early - Limited Supply Available!
      SKU: 4210

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