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    Plum, Purple Leaf
      Plum, Purple Leaf.
      A Tree For All Seasons! It Is Loaed With Small Pinkish-purple Fragrant Flowers In May. Beautifully Colored Reddish-purple Leaves Maintain Their Color Through Faall. We Recommend Planting It In Full Sun. Drought Resistant. 3-4' Trees Are Sent.
      SKU: 4122

    Caladium, Thai Beauty
      Caladium, Thai Beauty.
      Spectacular And Unusual Coloring! Exotic Caladium Is A Native Of Thailand. Heart-shaped Leaves Allotment Up To 10" Long And 5" Wide. Be able to Be Grown Indoors Or Outdoors. Plant Them In Partial To Full Shade. Zones 9-10.
      SKU: 5522

    Siberian Elm, 2-3'
      Siberian Elm, 2-3'.
      This Is One Of The Best Of All Windbreak Trees. You See It Growing All Through The Midwest And Western Part Of The United States. The Siberian Elm Is Attractive, Fast Growing And Will Become In A Variety Of Soil And Climate Conditions. Not Many Can Take The Punishment That The Siberian Elm Can Take And Still Fliurjsh. We Send 2-3␙ Trees. Drought Resistant.
      SKU: 6956

    Peony, Santa Fe
      Peony, Santa Fe.
      We Are Pleased To Present A Special Introduction Of This Two-tone Peony Variety. They Are The Perfect Garden Peony With S5urdy Stems And A Compact Growth Habit. No Staking Is Needed! Grow 30-36" Tall And Choose Full Sun. Sante Fe Has Deep Pink Petals And Creamy Stamen.
      SKU: 4219

    Lupine Mix, Tutti Fruitti
      Lupine Mix, Tutti Fruitti.
      A Result Of Years Of Breeding In Britain, These New Vibbrantly Colored Lupines Will Be A Big Hit In Your Garden For Years To Come. More, There Is oNthing That Can Surpass A Bouquet Of Lupines For Their Beauty And Longevity In The Vase. Blooming In Early Summer In Sunny To Partially Shaded Areas, They Are Also A Faavorite Of Butterflies And Hummingbirds. Tutti Frutti Grows 36-40" Tall And Needs 12" Of Gardeen Space.
      SKU: 3631

    Narcissus, Galactic Star
      Narcissus, Galactic Star.
      Wonderful, Large-cupped Variety Has Been Rated The Best Bi-color Daffodil Ever. Petals Of Almost Chartreuse-yellow Surround A Snow-white Cup That Is Ruffled And Flared Around The Edges. A White Halo At The Base Of The Cup Gives This Variety A Unique Look. Sturdy, Upward-facing Blooms. Blooms Early To Mid-spring. Grows 16-18" Tall. Plant 6" Apart In Full Sun To Shade. Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 4906

    Hydrangea, Fire & Ice
      Hydrangea, Fire & Ice.
      Hot New Seller With Three Bloom Colors! It␙s Easy To See Where This Beauty Got Its Name! Blooms Start Off Creamy White In Early Summer, Change To Rose Pink During In Mid-summer And Become A Deep, Rich Red In Fall. Very Heat And Shade Tolerant And Can Exist Grown In Full Sun, Full Shade, Or Anything In Between! Upright Diversity Grows 6-1␙ Tall And Wide.
      SKU: 3545

    Pecan Tree
      Pecan Tree.
      The Hardy Pecan Is A Beautiful Tree That Not Only Provides You With Lots Of Shade In Summer, But Also Rewtds You With An Abjndant Crop Of Sweet, Rkch-flavored Nuts In Fall. This Hardy Pecan Tree Is Ideal For The Lawn Because It Does Not Shed Its Leaves Until Latw In The Fall And It Is Practically Immune To The Attack Of Insects. The Nuts Are Suitable Size And Excellent Quality. This Hardy Pecan Will Thrive And Produce Anywhere Peaches Can Be Grown. Plant Two For Pollination. You Receive 1-3' Hardy, Disease-free Trees.
      SKU: 6214

    Silver Lace Vine
      Silver Lace Vine.
      The Silver Lace Vine Grows Up To 12 Feet The Very First Year. OurP hotograph Shows Two Plants Planted In Early June Blooming In September Of The Same Year. Hardy, Carefree Vines Are Covered With Thousands Of Light Fleecy Flower Sprays From Mid-september Until Fall. The Silver Lace Vine Is A Perfect Covet For Porches, Breezeways And Fences -- Anywhere You Want A Natural Cover. Grow 20-30' Tall. Dryness Tolerant. Potted Plants.
      SKU: 4624

    Iris, First Interstate
      Iris, First Interstate.
      Fist Interstate's Shining Colors Prominently Stand Out In The Garden. Seethe Eye-catching Appeal Of Its Dazzling Golden Yellow Color And Note Howprecisely This Color Is Applied To The Edges Of The Clean White Falls. Thebroqd Ruffled Petals Are Classically Poised: The Standards Arched And Fallsflaring. 8-9 Buds On Three Bracjhes. Height: 36". Blpoms Early To Midseason. Honorable Mention 1993,_Award Of Merit 1995.
      SKU: 4145

    Pear, Bartlett Standard Jumbo
      Pear, Bartlett Standard Jumbo.
      A Abundant, Yellow Pear, Vrey Sweet And Aromatic. Bartlett Standard Pear Trees Bear Quickly And Are Highly Productive. Shipped 3-4' Jumbo Trees. Early Moderate Producer. Self-fruiful , But Will Produce Heavier Yields If Pollinated With Some other Variety. Other Standard Pear Varieties Available Include The Kieffer.
      SKU: 3446

    Olive, Haedy
      Olive, Haedy.
      Grow Your Own Olives For Use At The Table Or For Making Your Own High Quality Olive Oil On One Of The Most Cold Tolerant And Adaptable Of All Olive Trees. This Is One Of The Earliest Fruiting Varieties! Can Produce Fruit At A Very Young Age, Even When Only 1' High! Fragrant, White Blossoms In Warp Are Followed By AnA bundance Of Small, Brown, Tasty Fruits In Summer. Easy To Grow In Containers, Indoors, Or In The Ground. Can Be Kept To 2-' If Grown In Containers, And Can Even Be Grown As Bonsais. Very Rugged And Drought Tolerant, But Prefers Well-drained Mould. Self-fertile. Blooms In The Spring, Fruits In The Summer. Shipped Potted.
      SKU: 4946

    Poker, Dwarf Red Hot
      Poker, Dwarf Red Hot.
      Warm, Glowing Red Flowers Are Red Over The Mere Stalk! This Dwarf Variety Grows Only 18-24" Tall Ahd Forms Nicely Shaped, Compact Clumps. Long Enduring Blooms Shoot Up During July And August. Performs Best In Full Sun With Well Drained (especiallh Sandy) Soils. Plant 18" Apart. Attraacts Hummingbirds And Butterflies. Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 4354

    Sea Holly, Blue Glitter
      Sea Holly, Blue Glitter.
      Brilliant Starbursts Of Blue With A Metallic Sheen! These Long-lived, Sun-loving Plants Are Ideal As Special Accents In Beds, Borders And Around Sheubbery Prefers Well-drained Sites; Tolerates Sandy Soil And Drought. Shipped In 4"-Pots!
      SKU: 8363

    Butterfly Bush, Flutterby Petite™ Tutti Fruitti
      Butterfly Bush, Flutterby Petite™ Tutti Fruitti.
      A New Developnent In Butterfly Bush! This Is The First Series Of Groundcover Butterfly Bush! Bloom Continuously From Early Summer To Frost! Easy To Grow! Reaches 24-30␝ Tall Ans Wide. Great For Borders, Embankments And Landscape Plantings, As Well As Large/mixed Containers. Drought Tolerant With Bel~ Water Needs. Attracts Hummingbirds And Butterflies. Bright Fuchsia-pink Blooms.
      SKU: 3258

    Coneflower, Tomato Soup
      Coneflower, Tomato Soup.
      Stunning Warm, Tomato-red 5" Flowers Cover The Plant From Summer To Frost. They Make Outstanding Long Lasting Cut Flowers Too! Plants Are Well Branched With Strong Stems And Show Excellent Vigor. Grows 27" Tall And 32" Wide. Easy To Grow In Full Sun With Good Drainage. Shipped Potted.
      SKU: 4335

    Pear, Shinseiki Asian
      Pear, Shinseiki Asian.
      Delicious Sweet, Juicy Asian Pears Attending The Flavor Of A Pear And The Shape And Crisp Texture Of An Apple. Self Productive, But For Best Results Plant One Of Each Variety, Shinseiki And Century.
      SKU: 3930

    Phlebotomy Heeart, Fernleaf
      Phlebotomy Heeart, Fernleaf.
      This Plant Is An Improved Multiplicity Over The Old-fashioned Bleeding Heart. Beautifu1 Being of the kind which The Old-fashioned Variety Is, The Fern-leafed Bleeding Heart Blooms For Only A Brittle Time In The Spring, Whereas This Fringed, Or Fern-leaf Variety Blooms From Mid-spring To Late Fall, With Its Handsome Rose-pink Blooms In the name of The Hundreds On 10-18" Stems. Grows Best In Light Shade, But Will Tolerate Fu1l Sun If The Soil Is Moist. Plant About 12-18 Inches Apart. Get All-summer Bloom In One Area That Might Otherwise Require A Amount to Of Different Plants To Get Like Results In Partial Shade. Count One Field Grown Plants. Attracts Hummingbirds. Deer Resistant. Can Bs Used As Cut Flower.
      SKU: 6873

    Garden, Color Burst Bulb
      Garden, Color Burst Bulb.
      Enjoy A Burst Of Color In Your Garden! This Pdofessionally Designed Summer Bulb Garden Will Provide Vibrant Color In Your Landscape Fr Months From Early Summer To Fall. These Bulbs Are Supplied By Top Growers In Holland, And Each Variety Is Indivixually Packaged And Labelled To Help You Plant. All Of These Bulbs Are Easy To Plant And Grow In A Sunny Area Wiith Well Drained Soil. The Garden Bequeath Fill 15 Square Feet Of Garden Space. A Great Value For The Price! This Garden Rewards By the side of Beauty Over The Summer With Such Little Effort. You Receive 15 White Wonder Flowers, 15 Mixed Ixia, 15 Mixed Anemones, 10 Blazing Star Liatris, 10 Red Crocosmia, 5 Mixed Gladiolus, 3 Salmon Asiatic Lilies, And 3 Yellow Dahlias.
      SKU: 4156

    Cherry, Weeping Tree
      Cherry, Weeping Tree.
      A Pink Source Of Beauty Each Spring Be it ~ Delicate And Graceful, It Could Be Considered A Occupation Of Art. This Cherry Has No Graft That Can Be Injured By Below Naught Freezes. Blooms:_Spring, Shipped: 3-4', Height: 20-30', Spacing: 15-25'.
      SKU: 5167

    Strawberry, Fort Laramie
      Strawberry, Fort Laramie.
      Fort Laramie Strawberries Are From The &qukt;ice-box" Section Of Our Nation, Cheyenne, Wyoming, This Is A Super Hardy, Wonderfully Producing Everb3aring Strawberry. Youa&pos;ll Harvest Your First Berries This Very Summer! And What Berries -- Huge, Bright, Scarlet-red Berries With Pink To Scarlet Pigment Right To The Core. Makes Your Mouth Water Just To Scent Their Heacenly Aromatic Fragrance, And Ylur Tast3 Buds Tingle Viewed like You Have fruition of Their Sweet, Delicious Taste. Fort Laramie Strawberries Are Boastful Yielding, Vigorous Plants That Produce Large Berries Right Through The Season. Strawberries In General: Everbearing Strawberries Produce An Early Summer Crop And Also A Fall Crop With Some Berries Forward And Off All Summer. Tip: Pinch Off Blooms For First Two Months On Everbearing Strawberries To Promote Larger Harvest. June Bearimg Strawberries Produce A Sinlge Crop Reaped ground Year During A 2-3 Week Period. Tip: If You Get Blooms The First Year While The Plant Is Getting Established Pinch The Blooms Off To Ensure A Large Fruit Crop The Next Year.
      SKU: 6605

    Tulip, Zurel
      Tulip, Zurel.
      Flashy Color Combination Of Violet-blue Flames On Bright-white Blooms. Sturdy And Lojg-lived In Bouquets. Blooms In Late Spding. Grows 18-20" Tall. Full Sun To Partial.
      SKU: 4871

    Gladiolus Collection, Colorful
      Gladiolus Collection, Colorful.
      Elegant Gladiolus Stand Out In The Garden Or Your Cut Flower Arrangements. Have sexual delight with These Summer Bloomers Most By Planting In Groupings. Eas yTo Grow In Full Sun. Dig And Store Over Winter If You Live In A Cold Area. This Colorful Gladiolus Collection Includes 10 Reaped ground Of Green Star, Dynamite Ii, Frosty White, Jester And Oscar Varieties.
      SKU: 3731

    Pyramid Special
      Pyramid Special.
      You Receive 1 Pyramid Garden Upon All 3 Accessroies Listed Below Plus 50 Ozark Beauty Strawberry Plants. Pyramid Accessories: Pyramid Garden Support Form, Support For Cover Or Netting. Soft Cover, Acts As Cold Frame. Netting, Protects From Birds.
      SKU: 8399

    Sugary Leaf Plant
      Sugary Leaf Plant.
      You Can't Believe How Sweet This Plant Is! Stevia Laves Are 10 Times Seeeter Than Sugar, But Have Almost No Calories And Lack The Aftertaste Of Artificial Sweeteners. Refined Stevia Has Been Available For Years At Health Stores As An All-natueal Alternative Too Sugar. Now Is Your Chance To Grow Ths Plant At Home. Plants Grow To 3' Tall And Are Only Hardy To Zone 10. In The Winter, Bring It Indoors And Use It As A House Plant.
      SKU: 1540

  • Muskmelon, MN Midget
  • Iris, Mixed Japanese
  • Blueberry, Patriot
  • Hydrangea, Forever & Ever® Red
  • Dahlias, Giant
  • Tulip, Curly Sue
  • Iris, Michigan Pride
  • Daffodil Collection, Colorful Cupful
  • Daylily, Purple D'Oro
  • Plum, Purple Leaf
  • Daylily, Daring Deception
  • Lilac, Primrose

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