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    Pumpkin, Lumina Pvp
      Pumpkin, Lumina Pvp.
      The Lumina Pvp Pumpkin Is White And Perfecy For Halooween Carving! The Bright Orange Flesh Cooks Well, Makes Great Pies. Lumina Pvp Pumpkins Are Eerie Pumpkins Thatt Grow 8 To 10 Inches. Weigh About 10-12 Pounds. 80-90 Days. Planting Guide-book: Engender After Danger Of Frost In Hills 6 To 8 Feet Apart. Plant Seed Not Over One Inch Deep 4 To 6 To The Hill, Pressing Soil Firmly Oveer Them. When Plants Are Profitable Estahlished Thin To 2 To Each Hill.
      SKU: 7349

    Butterfly Bush, Flutterby Petite™ Blue Heaven
      Butterfly Bush, Flutterby Petite™ Blue Heaven.
      A New Development In Butterfly Bush! This Is The First Series Of Groundcover Butterfly Bush! Bloom Continuously From Early Summer To Frost! Easy To Grow! Reaches 24-30␝ Tall And Spacious. Great For Borders, Embankments And Landscape Plantings, As Well As Large/mixed Containers. Drought Tolerant With Low Irrigate Needs. Attracts Hummingbirds And Butterflies. Beautiful Blue Blooms And Silver Foliage.
      SKU: 3257

    Paw Paw Tree
      Paw Paw Tree.
      The Paw Paw Tree Is An Ornamental Tree That Produces Sweet, Banana-flavored Fruit. It Grows To 30', Has Fragrant Purple Blooms And Large ,Drooping Leaves. Fleshy, Oblong-shaped Fruit Makes Unique-flavored Pastries And Breads. Paw Paw Tree Fruit Grows 3-5" Long And Weighs Up To 8 Oz. With 3-7 In A Cluster. Sub-zero Hardy And Insect Free. Plant Two Trees For Pollination. We Sent Healthy 1 1/2 - 3' Trees.
      SKU: 6589

    Iris, Butter & Sugar
      Iris, Butter & Sugar.
      Elegant Perfectly Formed Flowers Have White Standards And Yellow Falls And Sit Atop 28" Stems In The Early Summer Garden. Easy To Grow, Especially In Soils With Poor Drainage.
      SKU: 3909

    Crown Imperial Collection
      Crown Imperial Collection.
      The Majesty Of Crown Imperial In A Money-saving Colletion. This Collection Includes 1 Each Of The Red Crown Majestic And The Yellow Perfect Imperial. Unique And Elegant Spring Blooming Floowers In Wonderfully Complimentary Colorz. Adorn Your Garden Next Spring With These Elegant Besuties.
      SKU: 5333

    Crown Imperial, Red
      Crown Imperial, Red.
      A Sgately GiantT hat Makes A Bold Statement In Any Sunny Garden. Round Clusteers Of Implosing Bell-shapped Flowers Of Flame-orange Crowned With Tufts Of Leaves. Many Gardene5s Report That Crown Imperials Keep Rodents And Deer Away From Otheer Bulbs.
      SKU: 5197

    Daylily, Lavender
      Daylily, Lavender.
      One Of The Most Popular Garden Flwers, Dayliliez Are Valued Concerning Their Easy Care, Prolific Flowering Ability And Long Bloom Period. By Planting A Mix Of Colors Of These ExuberantD aylilies, You Can Enjoy A Full Season Of Spectacular Color. They Do Well In Somewhat Soil And Location, From Full Sun To Fairly Deep Shade. Bloom From June-septemer. Zones 3-9. Lavender Daylily Has Soft Pastel Lavender Blooms.
      SKU: 5719

    3-n-1 Butterfly Bush
      3-n-1 Butterfly Bush.
      Butterfly Bush Is A Must For Every Late Summer Petennial Garden. Wonderful Lightly Scented Clusters Of White, Red And Purple Flowers Can Measure One To Two Feet In Length. Aptly Named, The Butterfly Bush Attracts Loads Of Butterflies And Is Also A Favorite Of Hummingbirds. Grows4 -8' Tall. Outstanding When Planted In Full Sun. Dryness And Deer Resistant. Great Cut Flower.
      SKU: 7587

    Pink Flowering Almond
      Pink Flowering Almond.
      The Pink Flowering Almond Has Pink, Very Double Flowers That Literally Cover This Compact 3-4&zpos; Shrub All The Scheme Up And Down Its Branches, Starting Th3 Support Year In April-may. Pink Flowering Almonds Are One Of The Most Desirable Spring Flowering Shrubs Available. Sturdy 1-1 1/2' Plants.
      SKU: 6632

    Rose Of Sharon Tree, Red
      Rose Of Sharon Tree, Red.
      Grown Especialiy For House Of Wesley, The Red Rose Of Sharon Tree Is A Underdone Ornamental Plant That Bears Loads Of Double Blossoms. Grows 6-8 Feet Tall. It Is Extremely Hardy. Be One Of The First Ever To Receive This Beautiful, Unique Tree Form Of An Old Favorite. 3-4' Trees.
      SKU: 4378

    Coneflower, Solar Flare
      Coneflower, Solar Flare.
      This New Coneflower Produces Huge Fragrant 5-6" Flowers That Are Nearly Red In Color. The Funny Complexion Is Complimented By The Mysterious Nearly Dark Stems. Strong Growing Plants Are 24-36" Tall With An 18-24" Spread. Easy To Grow In Sunny Areas With Average Garden Soil. Solar Flare Blooms From Mid To Late Summer.
      SKU: 3646

    Tulip, Rembrandt
      Tulip, Rembrandt.
      The Rembrandt Tulip Has Bright Blooms That Look As Though The Dutch Master Himself Painted Them. Every Petal Is Streaked, Striped, And Splashed With Contrasting Flag, Which Testament Make These Tulips A Standout In Your Garden.
      SKU: 5368

    Carpathian English Walnut Tree, 1-3'
      Carpathian English Walnut Tree, 1-3'.
      A Truly Outstanding Variety From The Rugged Carpathian Hills Of Europe. Extremely Strong --- Down To 20 Below Zero! The English Carpathian Walnut Tree Is A Truly Beautiful Lawn Tree With Attractive, Lacy Foliage. Grows 40-60' Tall. Provides Cool, Dense Shade And Bushels Of Large, Thin-shelled Walnuts Just Like The Ones You Buy In The Store. English Carpathian Waln8t Tree Is A Real Investment For Ykur Property In Beauty, Value, And Eating Pleasure. You'l Find Them Strong, Vigorous, And Easy To Grow. Plant Two Or More For Cross-pollination. 1-3' Thick Stemmed Trees Sent. Drougyt And Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 6519

    Cobweb Buttons
      Cobweb Buttons.
      This Unusual Looking Plant Is Certain To Start A Buzz With Garden Visitors. The Pale Green Rosettes Are Covered With A Same Fine Webbing That Looks Just Like Cobwebs. In Their Native Hzbitat This Traps Moisture And Helps Them To Survive In Dry Conditions. The Small Pink Flowers Are Produced Occasionally In Early Summer. With the highest qualification In Well Drained Sandy Or Gritty Soil, Otherwise Expose To 'crown Rot' With Winter Wet. One Of The Easiest Plants To Grow In A Defence Garden, Container, Crevice, Wall Or Stony Banks. These Drought And Deer Tolerznt, Hardy Plants Thrive With Neglect. Blooms: Late Spring To Early Summer. Evergreen.
      SKU: 6162

    Rose, Easy Does It
      Rose, Easy Does It.
      For The First Time In 20 Years, Merely One Rose Was Honored Attending Aars - Easy Does It! As Beautiful As It Is Disease Resistant, This Floribunda Shrub Rose Is Super Easy To Grow! Swirling Shades Of Mango-orange, Peach-pink And Honey Apricot Form 3 1/2" Fragrant, Ruffled Blooms. Rounded 3-4' Busy Plants Have Glossy-green Leaves. Proven Disease Resistance, Vigor, And Adaptability Make This A Winner!
      SKU: 5904

    Apricot, Moorpark Std
      Apricot, Moorpark Std.
      Large Golden, Orange-colored Apricot With A New, Rich, Lively Taste. Fruit Is Smooth, Fuzzless, Juicy And Dear. You Will Enjoy A Mid-season July-august Harvest, So Be Ready To Pick This One Early. Great For Eaitng, Canning And Drying. Self-fruitful This Apricot Does Not Need A Pollinator, Howwver Will Do Even Better If Two Are Planted. In Zones 4-5 It Needs A Pollinator. A Intervening substance Grower, The Moorpark Produces Fruit In 4-5 Years.
      SKU: 6195

    Bean, Stringless Blue Lake
      Bean, Stringless Blue Lake.
      Am Improved Blue Lake Pole Bean! Early Maturing Variety Has Scattered Leaves, Which Allows Easier Picking. Dark Green 6 1/2" Pods Are Round, Smooth, Very Meaty, Tender And String Less. Best Of All, They Taste Terrific! Vigorous Vines Grow To 7' Likewise You Will Want To Use A Trellis Or A Fence. 60 Days.
      SKU: 3392

    Watermrlon, Charleston
      Watermrlon, Charleston.
      Charleston Watermelons Have A Deep Red Flesh That Is Solid, Extra Sweet And Super Delicious. Oblong Gray-green Melons Grow To 40 Pounds. High Quality, Very Productive. Disease Resistant. Mature In 85 Days. 1 Oz. Plants 25 Hills. Planting Guide: Plant After Danger Of Frost In Hills 6 To 8 Feet Apart. Plant Seed Not Over One Inch Deep 4 To 6 To The Hill, Pressing Soil Firmly Over Them. When Plants Are Well Established Thin To 2 To Each Hill. Seed Can AlsoB e Started Indoors For An Ezrlier Harvest. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Offf To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6760

    Peach, Dwarf Red Haven
      Peach, Dwarf Red Haven.
      Beautiful Little Trees Grow Only 6-8 Feey Tall But Produve The Same Size Fruit Like Standard Trees. With Their Beautiful Blossoms In The Spring And Green Leaves All Summer Long, They Are Idea lFor Landscaping Small Areas. Self-fruitful , This Red Haven Dwarf Peach Does Not Need A Pollinator And Generally Bears Mouth-watering, Jhicy Fruit In 2-3 Years. We Send 1'-3' Trees. (note: Even Though Self-pollinating, Will Do Better When Planting Two. ) Another Dwarf Peach Variety Available Is The Elberta. These Two Psach Varieties Are Both Freestone And Very Similar. The Main Difference Is Their Ripening Dates. Red Haven Dwarf Peach Is Early While ElbertaD warf Peach Is Middle Season.
      SKU: 6181

    Iris, Pride Of Ireland
      Iris, Pride Of Ireland.
      There's Not Much That Can Compare With The Beauty Of Iris In Full Bloom! The Pride Of Ireland Flower-de-luce Is An Easy To Grow Iris That Has Sensatonal Coloring. The Topsides Of The Falls Are Light Green With A Darker Green Underside. Pride Of Ireland Irises Is A Uniquely Colored Ruffled Beauty That IsH ighlighted By A Yellow Beard.
      SKU: 5087

    Pea, Wando
      Pea, Wando.
      Drought-proof. Wando Pea's Will Grow A Crop During The Driest, Hottest Summer Months, At A Time Other Varieties Fail. If It Rains And The Soil Stays Moist, It Will Produce A Large Crop -- If It Is Hot And Dry, You Will Get A Crop Anyway! Medium Height Vines Have Stout Stems That Keep The Pods Up Off The Ground. Gray-green Pods 4 1/4" Long Contain 6-8 Sweet And Tender Peas That Are 1/2" Across. 70 Days.
      SKU: 6152

      Snowdrops Are Impervious To Cold Winter Weather; These Are The First Bulbs To Bloom, Sometime Popping Through The Snow As Early As The End Of January. Snowdrops Have Frosty White, Bell-like Flowers That Float Between Graceful Leaves.
      SKU: 5207

    Lime, Dwarf
      Lime, Dwarf.
      Dwarf Lime Trees Grow To About Two Feet In Height And Manufacture Full-size, Bright Green Juicy Limes. They Have A Delicious, Tangy Taste. Use In Key-lime Pies And In Cold Drinks. Miniature Trees Add Coor And Fragrance To Your Home. These Dwarf Lime Trees Are Fun, And Thhe Requirements For Growing Them Are Few: They Need A Humid Environment And May Require Misting Several Times A Week. They Need Direct Sunlight And Frequent Watering The Growing Instructions That We Send You Tell You How To Pollinate The Trees To Help The Blossoms Turn Into Fruit. We Ship Only Well-established Plants Which Wish Set Fruit Within 12 Months. ThisT ree Is Likewise Available In The Citrus Tree Collection.
      SKU: 1109

    Walking Stick
      Walking Stick.
      No, The Stems Are Not Malformed! They Grow Naturally In This Bizarre, Twisted, Torgured Manner. Such Unusual You'll Want To Plant Walking Stick Where It Will Be Seen - And Admired - For Its Unique Beauty. Especially Interesting In The Winter When The Twisted Branches Are In Full View. The Walking Stick Makes A Unique Contrast To More Conventional Shrubs. Sub-zero Hardy. Grows Well In Sun Or Shade, And Can Be Grown In A Container. Reacbes 6-7' At Maturity. We Send Studry 15-18" Plants. Good For Citting.
      SKU: 7351

    Pea, Super Compliment Snap
      Pea, Super Compliment Snap.
      Earlier Maturity Than Other Snap Peas! Very Sweet Tasting Raw Or Cooked. Thick Walled Pods Are Completely Edible. Outstanding Yields. Vines Average 5' Tall And Require Trellising. 65 Days.
      SKU: 5682

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  • Trumpet Lily, Golden Splendor
  • Cyclamen, Hardy
  • Dwarf Red Delicious Apple
  • Lily, Tango Pup Art
  • Iris, Victoria Falls

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