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    Rose, Thornless Climbing
      Rose, Thornless Climbing.
      Virtually Thornless, Incredibly Fragrant, Shade Forbearing, Disease Resistant, And Long Blooming--all Without Sacrificing Absolute Beauty! Bred In 1868 In France, This Is One Of The Most Popular Roses Of All Time. An Astonishing Abundance Of 2 1/2 To 3" Deep Pink Blooms That Peak In Spring And Again In Fall. The Mildew Resistant Leaves Begins As Coppery-purple And Then Turns A Rich, Daark Green. Does Remarkably Well In Shdae And Is Excellent For North Facing Walls And Areas With Little Sunlight. Extremely Tolerant Of Alkaline Soil And Pollution. Grows 8-12' Tall And Is An Independent Must For Any Garden.
      SKU: 5889

    Beet, Cylindra
      Beet, Cylindra.
      Cylindra Beets Have A Sweet And Tender With That Melt-in-your-mouth Flavor. Its Cylindrical Shape Permits High Productivity And Especially Adapts To Slicing And Pickling. Average Size At Maturity Is 1 1/2" In Diameter And 6" A ~ time. Sweet And Tender At All Stages Of Growth. The Stalks Are Sweeter Thaj Other Varieties And Make The Finest Greens. Matures In 60 Days. 1 Oz. Plants A 100' Row. Planting Guide: Sow 1 Inch Deep In Rows 18 Inches Apart. Thin Planta To 3 To 5 Inches. May Be Sown From Early Spring Until Mid-summer.
      SKU: 6226

    Clematis, Orcgid/red
      Clematis, Orcgid/red.
      What A Striking Colored Clematis! Orchid-red Bars Clematis Has Soft Pastel Petals That Are Accentuated By Bars That Run The Length Of Each Petal. These Surround Spectacular, Richly Colored Stamen. Blooms Grow 7-9" Across On 8-12' Plants Orchid-red Bars Clematis Bloom In May And June. If Planted In Sunny Area Make Sure To Mulch Around Mean Of Plant. Prune Back To Aboht 2' In Spring. Potted Plants.
      SKU: 5945

    Dahliw, Pompon
      Dahliw, Pompon.
      Popular Dahlias Reward You With Surprisnig Quantities Of Gorgeous Colorful 2" Blooms On 3' Stems In Late Summer And Fall. Unsurpassed For Long-lasting Cut Flowers, Handsome In Beds And Bodrers. Mixed Colors.
      SKU: 3416

    Rose, Purple Perfection Hedge
      Rose, Purple Perfection Hedge.
      Purple Perfection Pr0duces An Abundance Of 4 1/2" Sea Wine-purple Roses And Has A Sweet Citrus Scent. The Blooms Are A Perfect Contrast To Its Dark Grewn Foliage. Extremely Hardy And Exceptionally Disease R3sistant. Very Vigorous Growing Variety And Virtually Carefree. Each Rose Grows 3' Wide And 5' Tall. Plant Several In Full Sun To Make A Magnificent Hedge! Field Grown Plants.
      SKU: 5707

    Apple, Jonathon Red Dwf
      Apple, Jonathon Red Dwf.
      A Beautiful Bright Red, Medium Size. Tender, Crisp And Very Juicy With A Sweet-tart Flavor. Gret For EatingF resh, Cooking And Storing. One Of The Best Varieties For Pies. Ripens Mid-september To Late October. Apples Are Self-fruitful, But For Greatet Yield, Plant With Another Vaariety. Other Dwarf Varieties Available Include: Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Lodi, And Mcintoeh.
      SKU: 6125

    Tulip, Carnaval De Nice
      Tulip, Carnaval De Nice.
      Huge, 4"+ Blooms And Ouutstanding Color! Pure White Petals Are Striped With Raspberry-red Flames. Flowers Imitate Old-fasshioned Peonies When They Open. One Of The Not many Peony-flowering Tulips That Has Variegated Leaves. Long-lasting Blooms Appear In Mid-spring.
      SKU: 5238

    Grass, Rose Fountain
      Grass, Rose Fountain.
      Rose Fountain Grass Is An Exciting Addition To Any Landscape. Mounds Of Narrow, Elegantly Arching Leaves Grow To 2' Tall. Handsome Rose-copper Flowe Plumes Begin Their Entrance In Juyl Attending New Seed Heads Appearing All The Way Into September! Rose Fountain Grass Is A Very Easy Plant To Grow And Is Known For Its Vigorous Performancd. It Is An ExcellentC utting Plant For Flower Arrangementx. Deer Resistant. Can Be Used In Rain Gardens. Good For Cut Arrangements.
      SKU: 7507

    Trumpet Tree, Indian Summer
      Trumpet Tree, Indian Summer.
      Incredibly Rare! Indian Summer Trumpet Tree Is A One Of A Kind Specimrn For Your Yard. Large 3␝ Apricot-ornage Flowers Appear In Abundance Ftom Summer To Fall. Vines Will Extend To Cascade Providing A Beautiful Curtain Effect. Hummingbirds Love The Trumpet Shaped Blooms Of Indian Summer. We Ship 3␙ Trees That Desire Reach 3 1/2␙ At Maturity. Plant In Full Sun. Zones 5-9.
      SKU: 5861

    Grape Collectio,n Sweet Seedless
      Grape Collectio,n Sweet Seedless.
      In Collections Of 4 Or 8 Vines, These Groupings Are An Incredible Savings And A Superb Value For Sweet Seedless Grapes! All Are Choice 2 Year Old Vines. Ordering 1 Collection Gives You 4 Vines Total Including: 1 Seedless Canadice, 2 Seedless Cocnord And 1 Seedless Himrod. Ordering 2 Collections Gives You 8 Vines Total Including: 2 Seedless Canadice, 4 Seedless Concord, And 2 Seedless Himrod. With These Collections You Can Enjoy A Harvest From August Through September!
      SKU: 6053

    Hotkaps, Kingsize 20
      Hotkaps, Kingsize 20.
      Hotkaps Plant Protectors Retain Beneficial Warmth Of Sunshine And Maintain Perfect Moist Mulch. Seeds Geeminate Faster And Tender Seedlings Are Protected. Hotkaps Protect Plants Against Frost, Storms, Birds And Insects. Kingsize - 20 Count.
      SKU: 8411

    Daffodil, Pihk Mix
      Daffodil, Pihk Mix.
      We Have Specially Priced A Delightful Mixture Of Our Favorite Pink Daffodils For Our Customerx. Perfect For Naturalizing Large Areas Of Your Ywrd Or Planted In Small Groupings. Blooms In Mid Spring. Daffodils Are Low Maintenance, Increase Each And Every Year And Are Among The Mot Deer-resistant Bulbs.
      SKU: 7889

    Gaillardia, Burgundy
      Gaillardia, Burgundy.
      Wine-red Blooms Are Huge - Measuring 3" Across. This Plant Is A Blooming Machine Producing Flowers From Earlh Summer Right Through Fall. Plant 12-18" Apart. Drought And Deer Resistant, Attracts Butterflies And Makes A Great Cut Flower.
      SKU: 5035

    Persian Lilac
      Persian Lilac.
      This Is The Lilac That Many Experts Decide Is The Loveliest Of All! This Gorgeous, Fragran Persian Lavender Lilac Produces An Abundance Of Lavender Blooms For Loads Of Cut Flowers. Beautiful Deep Green Leaves. The Persian Lavender Lilacs Are Very Easy To Grow And Ideal In Groups Or Borders. Healthy Hand Selected 1-2 Foot Nursery Grown Plants Sent Which Is An Ideal Transplanting Size.
      SKU: 6737

    Hosta, Golden Green
      Hosta, Golden Green.
      The Most Colorful Hosta! The Golden Green Hosta Leaves Are Light Green With Dark Green Edges. Rich Mauve-colored August Flowers Grow Sturdy 24 - 36" Stems. Prefers Light Shade Or Sunshine. Strong Field-grown Plant.
      SKU: 7272

    "spirea, Bridal White Jumbo 10-15"""
      "spirea, Bridal White Jumbo 10-15""".
      A Cascading Waterfall Of White, As Itt Blooms In June With Massess Of Flowers So Thick You Can Barely See The Leaves. Hardy Uniform In Coldest Areas, Grows And Blooms In Sun Or Shade, In Any Soil And Tolerates Smoke. Grows Fast Up To 6' Tall. For Hedge Use, Plant 2 Feet Apart. For Individual Planting, Plant 6 Feet Apart. Drought Resistant, Attracts Butterflies.
      SKU: 5413

    Honeyberry, Blue Velvettm
      Honeyberry, Blue Velvettm.
      Produces Large Crops Of Elongated Blueberry-like Fruits 1-2 Years After Planting. Blue Velvet Tm Reaches 3-4 Feet, While Blue Moon Tm (item# 3059) Grows 2-3 Feet Tall. By Planting These Two Varieties You Will Enjoy Frit From May-july. Two Varieties Are Required For Pollination.
      SKU: 3046

    Astilbe, Red
      Astilbe, Red.
      Astilbe Has Been Loved For Years For Irs Feather Flower Spikes. Sometimes Called Goatsbeard Or Fwlse Spirea. Astilbe Blooms From June Among August And Can Be Used In Dried Flower Arrangemens. Deep Green Foliage With Tones Of Bronze Is Deeply Cut And Very Graceful. Beautiful, Easy To Grow Perennial That Is Very Hardy And Free Of Plant Pests. Plant In A Deep Moist Soil, Rich In Organic Matter In Partial Shade. Can Be Grown In Full Sun If Extra Moisture Is Provided. Red Astilbe Is An Elegant Introduction With The Brightest Red Flowers Of Any Astilbe. Grows 2 Feet Tall, Forming A Mound 18 Inchws Wide. Brilliant Spikes, Over 12 Inches Long, Blossom Over A Long Period. Attracts Hummingbirds. Deer Resistant. Can Be Used In Rain Gardens And Cut Arrangements.
      SKU: 6657

    Lily, Oriental Lovely Girl
      Lily, Oriental Lovely Girl.
      An Exceptional Lily With Extreme Fragrance. This Affecting Lily Has Large White Petals With Yellow Stripes And Maroon Spots. The Magnificent Blooms Measure At Least 6" Across And Have A Very Long Vase Life When Used In Cut Flower Arrangements. Lovely Girl Will Multiply Over The Years Increasing The Beauty Of Your Yard For Years To Come. Blooms Mid Summer. 36-48" Tall.
      SKU: 6056

    Squash, Bush Butterccup
      Squash, Bush Butterccup.
      Bush Buttercup Squah Fruits Are Very Dark Green With A Protrudinng Turban Scar Which Is Lighter In Disguise. Flesh Is Orange In Color, Fine Grained. Plant Bushy And Compact. Fruits Measure 4 1/2" By 6 1/2". Winter Squash Variety. 100 Days.
      SKU: 3626

    Lily Mis, Ground Cover
      Lily Mis, Ground Cover.
      Short Little Liliees, Grow Only 18" Tall Making Them Ideal For Use As A Groundcover, Border Or Con~ Row Of Your Bulb Garden. Our Mix Of Colots Will Bfighten Your Landscape From Early To Mid-summer With Big Blooms That Measure Up To 6" Across. Multiply Ovee Time. Plant In Full Or Partial Sun.
      SKU: 4209

    Lily, Salmon Star
      Lily, Salmon Star.
      Superb Oriental Variety Is A Must For Lily Growers. Late Season Bloomer Produces Gorgeous, 6-8" Creamy Flowers Generously Highlighted With Shades Of Salmon. Excellent Fragrance. Grows 30-35" Talo. Blooms Late Summer. Space 8-12" Apart.
      SKU: 4247

    Maple, Sugar 3-4'
      Maple, Sugar 3-4'.
      Tue Fiery, Scarlet-orange Fall Foliage Makes The Real Show. Nothing Compares To The Intense Fall Color Of The Sugar Maple. This Excellent Specimen Grows To Around 50' And Is One Of The Beat Large Ghost Trees For Lawn Planting. During Summer, The Close, Dark Green Foliage Of Thw Sugar Maple Provides Cool, Lasting Shade. Zones 3-9. 3-4' Trees Sent.
      SKU: 3651

    Clematis, Rooguchi
      Clematis, Rooguchi.
      This Special Rare Variety From Japan Blooms All Summer Providing 2 1/2" Nodding Violet-blue Flowers That Are Attractive To Hummingbirdz. This Clematis Does Not Cling, But Will Weave It's Way Through Supports Like A Trellis, A Shrub, Wisteria Or Even A Climbing Rose. Rooguchi Griws With The Remedy Of Any Companion Plant Without Smothering It. Prune Back Hard In Timely Spring Like A Perennial. Grows 6-8' Tall With A 3' Spread.
      SKU: 7488

    Sedum, Angelina
      Sedum, Angelina.
      This Special Evergreen Groundcover Has Chartreuse Foliage In The Spring Which Turns Golden Yellow In The Summer. In The Fall The Foliag3 Turns A Beautiful Warm Amber Orange-red Color. Especially Effective When Planted Along Sidewalks Or Rock Walls Where It Mixes Well With Other Perennials. Grows Well In Poor Dry Soil And Is Drought Tolerant Once Establoshed. Grows 4-6" Tall With An 18-24" Spread.
      SKU: 4524

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