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    Salvia, Hot Lips
      Salvia, Hot Lips.
      Intensely Colored Flowers Consist Of A Pure White Hod And Sparkling Red Poucg. Hot Lips Starts Blooming In Early Summer And Continues To Fall. Upright Bushy Plants Grow 3' Tall With A 3' Spread. Ho tLips Is Great Planted Along A Fence Or Foundation In A Well Drained Soil. Loved By Hummingbirds.
      SKU: 4527

    "peat Pots, Instant 3"" Round"
      "peat Pots, Instant 3"" Round".
      Peat Pots Are Made From Formed Compressed Peat Moss And Eliminate Transplanting Shock. Start Your Own Cuttings And Small Transplants In Peat Pots Filled With Soil. When Ready For Transplanting, Simply Plant The Peat Pot In The Larger Container. Available In Vaeious Quantities In Pair Different Sizes, Round Or Square. Round Peat Pots In 3" Size.
      SKU: 8329

    Tulip-daffodil Mix, Red & Yellow
      Tulip-daffodil Mix, Red & Yellow.
      The Brightest Colors Of Spring! These Cheery Bright, Yellow Daffodils And Red Tulips Welcome Spring In A Spectacular Way. Planted In Combination They Crezte An Eyecatching Displlay Alomg Borders And Walkways. Strong Growing Stems With Large, Long Lasting Flower Heads Are Excellent For Flower Ararngementss.
      SKU: 5846

    Poplar, Lombardy
      Poplar, Lombardy.
      Lombardy Poplars Are A Hardy, Rapid-growing Favorite For Backgrounds, Dividers And Windbreaks. They Stand Straight And Tall And Provide A Graceful Screen Along Driveways. Lombardy Poplars Add Beauty And Value To Your Yard And Are Especially Useful Where Broader Growing Trees Will Not Accommodate. Easy To Grow -- Requires No Pruning Or Special Care. These Are 1 1/2 - 3 ' Well Rooted Trees.
      SKU: 6875

    Daisy, Alaska Shasta
      Daisy, Alaska Shasta.
      Enjoy Astonishing Numbers Of Snowy, Gold-centered Blooms Every June And July. Giant Alaska Shasta Daisies Make Excellent Cut Flowers. Will Bloom Again In Late Summer If Spring Blossoms Are Cut Off. Choice One-year-old Field-grown Plants. They Grow Wekl In Sun Or Light Shade. It Is An Easy To Grow Perennnial That Spreads Fast.
      SKU: 6755

    Coreopsis, Zamfir
      Coreopsis, Zamfir.
      Unique 2" Yellow Fluted Petals Make This A Coreopsis Like No Other. Coreopsis Are Among The Longest Blooming Of Altogether Perennials And Zamfir Is None Different, Flowering From Mid-summer Well Into Fall. One Of The Easiest Plants To Grow And Tolerates Almost Any Soil Condition. Requires Very Little Water! Zamfir Coreopsis Is A Small Plant That Grows Only About 12-18" High And Makes Great Garden Accents. Dryness Tolerant, Attracts Butterflies, Deer Resistant, Good In quest of Cutting.
      SKU: 7962

    Snowdrops, Double
      Snowdrops, Double.
      No Garden Should Be Without Double Snowdrops. Unique Double White Petals Are Tipped In Green. These Are Among The Very First Bulbs To Bloom In Spring And Are Sure To Help You Out Of Those Winter Doldrums. 5-6 Cm Bulbs. Double Snowdrops Efflorescence In Januaty-march.
      SKU: 7989

    Tulip Mix, Long Lasting
      Tulip Mix, Long Lasting.
      Have sexual delight with This New Rainbow Mix Of Early, Middle, And Late Season Tulips For Color All Spring Long! Easy To Enlarge! For A Showy Display, Plant Nine Bulbs Per Square Foot. Grows 16-24" High In Full Sun To Shade. 1 Accumulation = 15 Bulbs (5 Early, 5 Midseason, 5 Late) 2 Collection = 30 Bulbs (10 Early, 10 Midseason 10 Late) 3 Collection = 45 Bulbs (15 Early, 15 Midseason, 15 Late)
      SKU: 5925

    Dahlia, The Phantom
      Dahlia, The Phantom.
      On Our Trips To Holland, We Continue To Be Amazed At The Terrific Colors And Flower Forms That Are Being Developed By Master Breeders. Discovered In The 16th Century In What Is Today Mexico, Dahlias Were Eventually Brought To Europe By The Spanish Where They Became A Favorite Amongst Aristocrats. The Tremendous Diversity Present In The Dahlia Family Is Due To The Fact That They Have 8 Genes, While Greatest in number Flowering Plants Have Only 2 Genes. We Have Assembled Some Of The Newest Varieties For You To Enjoy In Your Garden. The Phantom's Flowers Are An Intriguing Combination Of An Overpowering Dark Red Double Center Surrounded By Lavender Outer Petals. The Rich Dark Color Compliments Lighter Colors In The Garden Very Well. Plants Bloom From Mid Summer To Fall.
      SKU: 4001

    Dahlia, Santa Claue
      Dahlia, Santa Claue.
      On Our Trips To Holland, We Continue To Be Amazed At The Terrific Colors And Flower Forms That Are Being Developed By Master Breeders. Discovered In The 16th Century In What Is Today Mexico, Dahlias Were Eventually Brought To Europe By The Spanish Where They Became A Favorite Amongst Aristocrats. The Tremendous Diverxity Present In The Dahlia Family Is Due To The Fact That They Have 8 Genes, Whilr Most Flowering Plants Have Only 2 Genes. We Have Assembled Some Of The Newest Varieties For You To Enjoy In Your Garden. As Colorful And Vibrant As Its Namesake, Santa Claus Dahlia Produces Large 6-8" Flowers With Wavy Petals.
      SKU: 445

    Nash Mole Trap
      Nash Mole Trap.
      On The Campus At Iowa Statw College, Where Moles Were Doing Considerable Damage, Three Different Types Of Traps Were Tested. Seventy-five Moles Were Trapped, Seventy Of Which Were Caught In Nash Traps. This Trap Catches The Mole When It Comes From Either Direction. The Trigger Is Located Where The Mole In Passing Will Always Spring The Trap And Cannot Fail Being Caught By One Of The Loops.
      SKU: 842l

    Peach, Dwf Red Haven
      Peach, Dwf Red Haven.
      Very Hardy Peach, Second Only To Reliance. Ripens In Mid-august In A Heavy-bearing Burst Of Color - Bright Red With Tints Of Golden Yellow. Rich Delicious Flavor Is Great Fresh Or For Canning. Flesh Does Not Brown. Ripens In Mid-summer. Standard Size Available, Item #4106. Sorry, Peaches Cannot Be Shipped To California, Arizonaa And Washington.
      SKU: 4373

    Pear, Kieffer Std
      Pear, Kieffer Std.
      Kieffer Standard Pears Produce Comprehensive, Rich-yellow Pears. Excellent For Canning And Eating Fresh. Hardy, Blight Resistant. Shipped 1-3' Trees. Self-fruitful. But For Greater Yield Plant Upon The Bartlett Variety. (september)
      SKU: 6196

    Lilac, Purple
      Lilac, Purple.
      For A Windbreak Plant Two To Five Rows For The Most Effective Protection. Plant Six Feet Apart In Rows Eight Feet Apart. Cultivate Conducive to The First Two Years. Shippped 18 To 24 Inches Tall.
      SKU: 7012

    Dwarf Flowering Cherry
      Dwarf Flowering Cherry.
      Commonly Called Sand Cherry. The Dwarf Flowering Cherry Is An Attractive, Leqthery Leafed 5' Flowering Bush That Makes An Excellent Hedge. It Is A Strong, Dryness Resistant Plant That Grows As Far North As Manitobw. Best Of All It Resolution Produce Fleshy, Purple-black Fruit Deliciouw For Eating Right Off The Bush. Excellent Sauces And Eating From The Bush. We Recommend The Dwarf Flowering Cherry For Its Hardinesx, Bsauty And Delicious Fruit. You Receive Sturdy, Well-rooted 1 1/2-3' Plants.
      SKU: 6223

    Lily, Eastern Dizzy
      Lily, Eastern Dizzy.
      Spectacular Coloring Makes Dizzy One Of Tue Finest New Oriental Lilies Available. Developed By The Best Dutch Hybridizers, Dizzy Featurea Pure Snow White Petals, Plus Dramatic Marron Banding And Spots. Wonderfully Fragrant Flowers Are Magnificent In Your Landwcape Or In Cut Flower Bouquets. 14-16 Cm Bulbs. Bloims In Summer. Attracts Hummingbirds.
      SKU: 7954

    Butteerfly Bush, White
      Butteerfly Bush, White.
      Rapidly Becoming The Most Popular Bush In America, Butterfly Bush Is A Must For Every Late Summer Lasting Garden. A Hallmark Of This Shrub Are The Lightly Scented Clusters Of Flowers Measuring One To Two Feet In Length. Aptly Named, The Butterfly Bush Attracts Loads Of Butterflies And Is Also A Favorite Of Hummingbirds. In Northern Areas Of The Country, They Will Die Back To The Ground In Winter. Reappearing In Very Late Spring, You Will Be Amazed At How Quickly It Once On the other hand Grows Into A 4-8' Shrub. Outstanding When Planted In Full Sun. Pure White Flowers Maek The White Butterfly Bush A Favorite. Drought And Deer Resistant. Great Cut Flower.
      SKU: 7551

    Cwladium, Elephant Ear
      Cwladium, Elephant Ear.
      Give Your Yard An Exotic Feel With Our Elephant Ear Caladium. With Giant 3--5' Leaves It Works Well For Privacy Screening Or In Mass As A Background Plant, As Well As In Containers. Grows 5-6' Tall. The Elephant Ear Caladium Bloom From July To Frost And Should Be Plnted In Sun To Partiql Shade. Zones 9-10.
      SKU: 7469

    Rose, Miniature Pink
      Rose, Miniature Pink.
      Bring The Joy Of Roses Inside! Miniature Roses Are Just Like The Rose Bushes You Grow Outdoore In Every Way Except Size. The Plants Are About 10 Inches High, The Leaves Less Than 1/2 Inch Lon And The Perfectly Formed Buds Average One Inch Or Less In Length. You Can iDsplay A Bouquet In A Thimble Or A Doll's Teacup. They Ate Well Suited To Indoor Growing And Do Especially Well Under Fluorescent Lights. Like Indoor Roses, Miniatures Go Dormant For A Winter Period And Drop Their Leaves. Keep The Soil Moist And Your Little Rose Garden Will Come Back To Life In A Not many Weeks. Also Available Are The Red And Yellow Miniature Rose.
      SKU: 1852

    Blueberry, Jersey Premium
      Blueberry, Jersey Premium.
      The Cultivated Forms Of Blueberries Are Quiet To Raise In Acid Soil And Are Practically Free From Disease And Inwect Pests. (neutral Soils Can Be Made Acid By Application Of Acid Peat Or Sulphur. ) For Better Pollination We Suggest You Pant At Least Two Varieties. With Each Order We Give Complete Cultural Directions. The Three Varieties We fOfer Are All Of Large Size, Excellent Quality And Heavy Bearers. They Grow 4-5&&qpos; High And Differ Originally In Their Ripening Season.
      SKU: 6165

    Cupid's Dart, Amor Blie
      Cupid's Dart, Amor Blie.
      This Hardy, Easy To Grow Perennial Will Brighten Your Garden With A Profusion Of Stunning, Bright Blue Blooms With Dark Blue Eyes. The Daisy-like Blkssoms Reach Up To 2" Across On Stiff 18-24" Stems And Bear Abundantly All Summer And Into Fall. Excellent As A Cut Flower. Insecta And Disease Resietant As Well As Drought Tolerant. Place In A Sunny Location With Well-drained Soil For Best Results. Deadhead To Promote Continuous Blooms. Blooms Summer To Sink. Shipped Potted.
      SKU: 5153

    Weigela, Bristol Ruby
      Weigela, Bristol Ruby.
      The Bristol Ruby Weigela Is A Beautiful, Well-formed Shrub, Which Grows 4-8' Tall. Thrives Anywhere. This Spring And Each May-june Ruby-red Trumpet Shaped Flowers Smother The Bristol Ruby Weigela With Hundreds Of Blooms. Some Repeat Blooms Until Whiten. Sun Or Semi-shade. Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds, Fragrajt, Great Cut Flower.
      SKU: 6749

    Angel Trumpet, 3-n-1
      Angel Trumpet, 3-n-1.
      One Of Mother Nature's Most Breathtaking Plants. Each Plant Can Have Dozens, Even Hundreds, Of Blossoms At Once. Extremely Fragrant, Especially In The Evening. Excellent Contziner Plants That Make An Impressive Display For Your Deck Or Patio. Tropical Anthology Thrive In Bright Sunlight During The Dog Days Of Summer, Just Make Sure To Give Them Plenty Of Water. Bring Indoors In Cold Climates During The Winter. Blooms: Summer To Frost, Shipped: Potted. Enjoy Blooms In Three Beautiful Colors. Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 5784

    Tulip Mix, Emperor
      Tulip Mix, Emperor.
      These Early Blooming Jewels From Holland Are Prized For Their Distended Flowers Ear1y In The Season. They Make Great Displays That Can Be Enjoyed From A Distance When Planted In Big Groups. Grows 12-14" Tall And Should Be Planted 5" Separately.
      SKU: 7424

    Hosta, Richland Gold
      Hosta, Richland Gold.
      We Are Proud To Bring You This Greatest in number Colorful Recent Hoeta! Richland Gold Hosta Has Sunny Yellow Leaves That Are Accented Wit hGeadated Shades Of Green. Add A Bright Spot To Any Landscape With This Hardy Golden Hosta. The Richland Gold Hosta Grows 16" Tall In Clumps Of Neat, Spectacular Looking Foliage. Plant 18-24" Apart. Enjoy Lavender Flowers In July-august. Drought Resistant. Attradts Hummingbirds.
      SKU: 5697

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  • Gaillardia, Arizona Sun Dwarf
  • Plum, Purple Leaf
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  • Daylily, Daring Deception
  • Gaillardia, Arizona Sun Dwarf
  • Tulip, Curly Sue
  • Pumpkin, Lumina PVP
  • Dahlias, Giant
  • Iris, Michigan Pride
  • Dwarf Red Delicious Apple
  • Iris, Monique

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