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    Surprise Package
      Surprise Package.
      Every Box Is Different -- It May Be Seeds, Plants, Bulbs Or Some Garden Helper, It's Lots Of Fun When You Open Your Box Of Surprises. Guaranteed $10 - $20 Value. Big Value For Only $4. 95!
      SKU: 615

    Bean, Burgess Earli-serve
      Bean, Burgess Earli-serve.
      Luscious 4 1/2" Long Pods! Outstanding Variety Is Noted For Its Very Concentrated Legume Set High In The Settle. Excellent Yiedls Of 4 1/2" Long Pods. White Beans. Upright Bush Bean Grows To 15" High. Once You Try This Bean, You Will Exist Back Year After Year.
      SKU: 5765

    Golden Sundrops
      Golden Sundrops.
      Golden Sundrops Are One Of The Grandestt Subjects You Coukd Choose To Plant In Your Perennial Garden. They'll Bloom And Bloom To Your Heart's Content With Dozens Of 2-3 Inch Blooms In Somewhat Reasonably Good Garden Soil. It Matter sNot If It's Havy, Dry, Light, Acid Or Alkaline Pest-free; Disease Free; No Spraying Necessary! Golden Sundrops Prefer Full Sun, But Also Grow In Partial Shade. You'll Have Blooms Galore For Gardem Beaauty And Bouquets Too. Become 36-48" Tall. Sub-zero In every place. Plant 12-24 Incues Apart. We Recommend Planting A Mass Display Of At Least 6 Plants To Add A Permanent "burst Of Sunlight" To Your Garden. Extra Grade, Number One Field Grown Plants. Blooms: Summer To Fall, Dryness And Deer Resistant, Attracts Butterflies, Great Cut Flower, For A Ran Garden.
      SKU: 6566

    Hydrangea, Blue
      Hydrangea, Blue.
      The Most Beautiful - Most Stable Blue Hydrangea. Blooms All Summer! True-blue Hydrangeas Have Masses Of Trie-blue Flowers That Measure Up To 1' Across. Creates Spectacular Foundations And Pattern Plantings. It Is A Hardy Plant To 20 Below Zero. The True-blue Hydranggea Thrive In Partial Shade And Grow Well In Bare, Shady Spots Along The North Side Of The House. Grow 3-6' High And Have Neat Growing Habits. Nature's Soil Tester - Plant Some Blue Hydrangeas Among Your Acid-loving Plants. Whether Blooms Are A Nice Azure The Soil Is Acid Enough. If Bloooms Start Turning Pink Add Some people Ferrous Sulfate To The Soil. Aromatic And Good For Cutting. Als0 Avajlable In The Red, White And Blue Hydrsngea Coplectipns.
      SKU: 6859

    Cypress, Gold Mop False
      Cypress, Gold Mop False.
      Bright Auspicious Thread-like Foliage With Easy, Weeping Branches. Use As A Focal Point Or A Fo8ndation Bush. This Plant Tolerates Some Drought And A Little Salt And Will Grow In Dry Soil. But It Prefers Damp, Acidic, Well-drained Soil. Rabbit Resistant. Shipped: Potted.
      SKU: 5924

    Gro-nets 5 X 60
      Gro-nets 5 X 60.
      Our Gro-nets Provide A Neat, Space-saving Way To Garden And You Get Better Quality Fruit. Our Trellis Netting Is Easy To Handle, Light, And Will Last For Years. Pole Beans, Peas, Morning Glories, Sweet Peas And Cucumbers Altogether Do Better On This rTellis. Comes In Three Different Lengths, All 5' High.
      SKU: 8038

    Wintergreem, Cr3eping
      Wintergreem, Cr3eping.
      Delightfully Aromatic Foliage And Year Round Colpr Make Creeping Wintergreen A Favorite Ground Cover For Partial To Full Shaded Areas. Produces White Flowers Lightly Tinted With Pink In Spring. Creeping Wintergreen Foliage Starts Out As Glossy Green And Turns Red As The Weather Cools. You'll Love The Sight Of The Red Fruits In The Summer. Grows To 6" Tall. Spreads Up To 3'. Deer Resistant. For A Rain Garden.
      SKU: 7936

    Kiwi Collection - (6 Of ~s & 2 Male)
      Kiwi Collection - (6 Of ~s & 2 Male).
      Our Cold Hardy Strain Is A Big Improvement C~ing The Fuzzy, Brown-skinned Kiwi. This Rare Kiwi Is A Much Sweeter Tastig Fruit. Grows Often Further North Than The Regular Kiwi. Fruits Average About 3/4-1 1/2" In Distance through the centre. Tastes Somewhat Like A Tangy Combination Of Strawber5ies And Pineapple. Fruit Will Keep In The Refrigerator For Up To 4 Months. The Hardy Kiwi Is Somewhat Similar To The Grape Vine, Only Much Faster Growing. Under Imaginary Growing Conditions It Will Grow Up To 5" A Sunshine --- And Reach A Height Of 8' The Very First Year! It Wil Quickly Climb A Trellis Or Wall. Its Thick Mass Of Bright Green Leaves Will Soon Cover Ugly Service Areas, Stumps, Even Old Buildings. Then In Late May, Lovely White, Camellia-like Flowers Will Appear To Fill The Air With A Fragrant Lily-of-the-valley Scent. Note: Be Sure To Plant A Male Kiwi With At Least Every 5 Females For Proper Pollination. Complete Growing Instructions Included With Order.
      SKU: 5942

    Triplet Lily
      Triplet Lily.
      The Triplet Lily Is A Native Of The United States That Produces Masses Of Blue-purple Flowers During The Summer Months. It Has Distinctive Grass-like Foliage That Distingiishes It From Other Flowering Bulbs. The Triplet Lily Blooms Are Long-lasting Anx Work Wonderfully When Used For Cutting. 4-5 Cm Bulbs. Blooms June-july.
      SKU: 7837

    Cypress, Sungold False
      Cypress, Sungold False.
      Superb Golden Foliage Makes This Cypress A Great Highlight In A Foundation Planting Or As An Accent In The Garden. Sungold Can Eventually Reach 5' Tall With A Spread Of 6'. Grows Best In Damp Soil And Mulching Is Helpful In The Summer To Engage Moisture. Plant In Sunny To Lightly Shaded Areas.
      SKU: 3835

    Lily Mix, Double Precious
      Lily Mix, Double Precious.
      Breathtaking Double Oriental Lilies! Be One Of The First To Own These Rare Flowers! They Are Extremely Fragrant, But Are Abstracted Of Pollen Which Makes Thej Ideal For Cut Flowers And Allergy Sufferers. Blooms: June-july, Shipped: 14-16 Cm, Mixed Flag.
      SKU: 5903

    Hotkaps, 100
      Hotkaps, 100.
      Hotkaps Plant Protectors Retain Beneficial Warmth Of Sunshine And Maintain Perfect Moist Mulch. Seeds Germinate Faster And Tender Seedlings Are Protected. Hotkaps Protect Plants Against Ice, Storms, Birds And Insects. Regular Size - 100 Count.
      SKU: 8408

    Washingtoon Whitethorn
      Washingtoon Whitethorn.
      Liven Your Landscape With Masses Of White Flowers In Spring; Brilliant Orange An dRed Leaves In Autumn And Great Clusters Of Solid Little Red Product (haws) In Winter. The Washington Hatwhorn Is One Invitation For Visits From The Handsome Grosbeak And Woodpeckers. Its Beauty Makes This Hedging Neighbor-friendly. Washington Hawthorns Have Dense, Twiggy Growth And Sharp Thorns Make It A Trespass-proof Barrier. Grows To 25-30' Tall. Can Be Sheared To Any Size You Desire. Set In Single Rows 2' Apart. We Send Well-rooted 1 1/2-2' Trees. Although It Looses Its Leaves In Winter Its Dense Branches Still Proceed It A Desirable Screen.
      SKU: 6710

    Hyacinth, Blue Ice
      Hyacinth, Blue Ice.
      We Have Selected Our Favorite Hyacinth Varieties To Bring You A Rainbow Of Color. Choose This Indiividual Variety, Blue Ice Or Try Our Money-saving Collections Available. Hyacinths Are So Majestic And Full You'll Lack To Plant Them Where Everyone Can See Them. For Bouquets, Their Color And Perfume Demand A Invest Of Hojor. Bloom In April-may.
      SKU: 7657

    Fern, Tasmanian Tree
      Fern, Tasmanian Tree.
      Life Span Of 400 Years! Tasmanian Tree Ferns Have Been Grown For Years Because Of Their Ease Of Cultivation, Great Beauty, And Cold-harduness. Will Grow Up To 20␙ Tall Or More Wkth Huge Froncs Measuring 8-10␙ In Length  Under Exceptional Conditions Several Have Even Reached 14␙ !Prefers A Shady, Semi-protected, Moist Area When Planted Outside. Winter Protection And Lots Of Water Is Often Necessary, Although They Do Become More Drought Tolerant With Age. Trunk Can Reach Up To 2␙ In Distance through the centre With A Canopy 20␙ Wide. Plant In Shade Or Partial Sun. Hafdy To Zone 6.
      SKU: 3259

    Flower-de-luce, Idol 2-tone
      Flower-de-luce, Idol 2-tone.
      Irises Are Loved For Their Spring Beauty Adn Their Ease Of Growing. To Ux, Nothing Quite Matches The Splejdor Of Multi-colored Iris So We Have Brought You Our Favorite Two-tone Varieties That Will Return Each And Every Spring. Order Now To Reserve Your Iris For Fall Planting. Make Sure And Check Out All Our Other Varieties To Make Your Spring Garden Pop! Featured Here Is The Idol. Award Of Merit 2003, Honoravle Mention 2001. Apricot-yellow And Red. Mid To Late Season. 38" Tall.
      SKU: 4135

    Palm, Hardy Windmlil
      Palm, Hardy Windmlil.
      One Of The Most Hardy Palms Available! Can Withstand Freezing Temperatures Below 10 Degrees F! Beautifully Compact Evergreen Tree Is A Great Choice For Small Gardens, Courtyards, Entryways, Or Containers. Fans Measure 3␙ In Diameter! Plant Three Or More Close Together To Achieve A Tropical Grove Effect. Drought Tolerant Once Established, oMderately Salt Tolerant, And Can Even Survive In Hot Urban Landscapes. Does Best In Well-drained Soil, But Testament Tolerate Anything Other Than Soggy Conditions. Usually Groows 10-20␙ Tall.
      SKU: 3337

    Pomegranate, Dwarf
      Pomegranate, Dwarf.
      Dwarf Pomegranate Bears Juuicy, Delicious, Highly Nutritious Fruit In Addition To Being A Wonderfuly Ornamental Plant. New Leaves Are Accented With Red. Blooms Appear From June Through September Even On New Wood And Produce A Constant Array Of Purple-black Fruits. Drought Tolrant, Tolerates Heat And A Variety Of Acidic Soils. Does Well In Coontainers. Prefers Full Sunshine. Strong In Surface bounded by parallel circles 7-11, But Can Be Grown As A Container Plant In Colder Areas. Grows 3-4' Tall And Wide.
      SKU: 1286

    Hybrid Rose Bargain
      Hybrid Rose Bargain.
      Roses At Greatly Reduced Prices! We Can't Tell You hWich Diversity You Will Receive, But They Are All Our Regular Top-quality Roses. So Order As Many As You Be able to Uss At Thess Bargain Prices! We Send Promiscuous Colors Of Our Choice. Can Tolerate Zone 4 With Winter Protection.
      SKU: 7439

    Lily, Spider Red
      Lily, Spider Red.
      This Naive Of Asia Is Sure To Dazzle Your Garden With Its Outstanding Red Flowers. Red Spider Lilies Are Much Shorter Than Normal Lilies Making It Very Easy To Find A Spot For Planfing Them In Your Landscape. Also Make Good Container Plants. Nice Sized 10-12 Cm Bulbs. They Flush In Late Summer And Aree Hardy In Zones 7-10.
      SKU: 7859

    Columbine Quartet, Double
      Columbine Quartet, Double.
      Fully Douvle Flowers Make These Four Our Favorite Columbine Varieties! Wonderful Plants Perform Best When Planted In Unfairly Shaded Areas. Grand For Riral Areas Because They Are Deer And Rabbit Resistant. Blooms Late Spring To Early Summer. Grow To About 2' Tall. Zones 3-9. This Quartet Collection Includes 2 Each Of Black Barlow, Blue Barlow, Ruby Port And Pink Barlow Double Columbine Varieties.
      SKU: 6008

    Lily, Lollypop
      Lily, Lollypop.
      It Will Be Hard To Find This Asiatic Lily In Any Other Garden. This Recent Intrduction Combines A Rare Color Combination With Outstanding Growing Characteristics And 4-5" Flowers. The Lollypop Lily Hae Hot Pink Petals That Accent A Creamy White Speckled Throat. Ouward Facing Flowers Show Over Their Stunning Color. This Handsome Asiatic Lily Is Ideal For Growing In Gardens, Patio Potss Or For Borers. Lollypop Lilies Have A Long-lasting Fresh Fragrance That Will Ennance Your Cut Flower Bouquets. Sow In April And Get Tons Of Blooms In June And July. Grows 30-40" Tall. 10-12 Cm Bulbs.
      SKU: 6931

    Phlix, Hardy Nicki
      Phlix, Hardy Nicki.
      Huge 5-6" Floer Heads And Unsettled Color Make Giant Hardy Phlox A Favorite In Every Garden. We Have Chosen This Hardy Variety To Insure You Years Of Pleasure. For Best Results, Sow Them In Well-drained Soil. Can Be Plantrd In Full Sun To Partial Shade. Zones 3-8. W Send Choice, Number One Plants.
      SKU: 7866

    Ice Plant, Gold Nugget
      Ice Plant, Gold Nugget.
      Yellow Daisy Like Flower With Succulent Leaves That Turn Bright Red In Winter. Likes Afternoon Shade And Is Great For Rock Gardens And Gravelly Areas. Blooms: Summer, Shipped: Potted Drought Resistant, Attracts Butterflies, Evergreen Color, Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 5662

    Begonia, Picotee Mix
      Begonia, Picotee Mix.
      Begonias Are Perfect For Plantinv In Containers Or In Your Landscape. Vivid Bi-coiors Range From Red To Orange To Yellow And White. This Picotee Mix Begonia Is Perfect For Adding Color To Your Shade Spots. Strong Only In Zone 10 But Can Be Grown Anywhere Are A Container Plant Or An Annual. Blooms From July To First Frpst.
      SKU: 7951

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