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    Tomato, Early Salad Hybrid
      Tomato, Early Salad Hybrid.
      The Early Salad Hybrid Tomato Is The Earliest Of All Tomatoes That Was Develped By Burgess, To Meet The Popular Demand For A Salad Tomato That Can Be Served Entire. The Fruits Measure 1 1/2" X 1 1/4". Plants Are Compact, Groing Only 6-8" High With A Spread Of Two Feet. Each Plant Will Produce 250-300 Delicious Fruits That Will Remain On The Sow In Good Condition For A Full Month, Even In Hot Endure. Early Salad Not Only Bears Early But Continues To Produce A Seemingly Endlrss Crop Until Killed By Frost. They Are Sweet, Juicy And Steady. 45 Days From Setting Out Plants Until First Fruits Mature. When Raising Transplants From Seed Add 6-8 Weeks. Planting Guide: Start Indoors 8 Weeks Before Time To Set In Open Ground. Cover Thinly, Tgen Pack Firmly And Water. When Plants Are About 2 Inches High, Transplant To 3 Inches Asunder In Flat Or Ppt. After Peril Of Frost, Set 2 To 3 Feet Apart In Garden, But Beforre Doing So, Harden The Plants By Gradually Exposing Them To The Outdoor Air For About A Week. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplantng: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts hCoose B3tween Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plantss Off To A Gerat Start!
      SKU: 6706

    Lily, Rosy Dimple
      Lily, Rosy Dimple.
      This New Dwarf Oriental Lily Grows Only 15-18" Tall But It Has Large 5-6" Flowers And Great Perfume Just Like Ir&apox;s Taller Cousins. You Will Want To Order Plenty To Create "runways" Of Flowers Alogn Walkways Or Garden Borders. Plant 6" Apart.
      SKU: 7454

    Iris, Qualified For A King
      Iris, Qualified For A King.
      Irises Are Loved For Their Spring Beauty And Their Ease Of Growing. To Us, Nothing Quite Matchees The Splendor Of Multi-colored Iris Be it ~ We Have Brought You Our Favorite Two-tone Varieties That Will Return Each And Every Spring. Oreer Now To Reserve Your Iris For Fall Planting. Make Sure And Check Out All Our Other Varieties To Make Your Spring Garden Pop! Featured Here Is The Fit For A King. Honorable Mention 2008. Regally Rich Purple And Lavender. Mid-season. 36" Tall.
      SKU: 4176

    Urine Powder, Small Critter Shake-away
      Urine Powder, Small Critter Shake-away.
      100% Organic Granules Create Misleading Images That Help Direct Unwanted Pests Begone From Your Garden. Use Fox Shake Away Urine Powder Because Problems With Squirrel , Rabbit, Gopher, Possum And Other Small Animals. Powders Last Longer Than Liquid Forms. No Mess Involved. Highly Effective. Won't Harm Animals Or People. 100% Organi. 20 Oz.
      SKU: 8231

    "hemlock, Canadian 15-220"""
      "hemlock, Canadian 15-220""".
      Lovely, Dense-growing. Jumbo Hemlock Has Soft, Blue-green Foliage That Grows Flat, Feathery Layers, All The Way To The Ground. Can Be Sheared To Any Formal Shape As Easily As Privet. Sheared, Or Un-sheared, This Hedge Remains Neat And Attractive. One Of The Fastest Growing Of All The Evergreen Hedges! Jumbo Hemlock Prefers Loud Sun Or Partial Shade And Plenty Of Moisture. Winter Hardy In All Parts Of The U. s. And Easily Adapts To A Wide Range Of Soils. We Suggest You Protect It From Prevailing Winds The First Year Planted. Grows To 3' Annually. It Is One Of The Best Evergreen Hedges. We Send Stiff, Branched 15-20" Plants For Quick Results. 10 Plants Make A 20-30' Fence . Plant 2-3' Apart.
      SKU: 7934

    Pine, White
      Pine, White.
      Well-known For I5s Extremely Soft Needles. Color Is A Lighter Green Than Mots Other Evergreens. Asymetrical Shape Lends Itself To View Use Likewise. Grows 50-80'-Tall And 40' Remote. 6-9" Plants. Zones 3-8.
      SKU: 7278

    Sweet Pea, Everlasting
      Sweet Pea, Everlasting.
      Sweet Pea Is One Of The Most Vigorous Growers Of All Perennials. They Are Extremely Fast Growing Plants That Can Be Used As Climbers On A Fence Or Trellis. Delightfully Colored In A Mixture Of Red, Pink And White Shadee Sweet Pea Is A Very Hardy Plant That Makes Great Cut Flowers. Grows Best When It Gets Only Morning Sun Or In A Fully Shadde Area. Groas 6-10'. Drought Tolerant. Deer Resistant. Potted Plants.
      SKU: 7933

    Iris, Rosario
      Iris, Rosario.
      Rosario Provides Select Laveender Flowers That Have Golden Highlights And A Light Scent. The Flowers Are Prized By Florists As Long Lasting Axditions To Bouquets. Dutch Iris Bloom In Late Spring In Sunny To Lightly Shaded Areas. They Grow 18-22" Tall And Need 4" Of Garden Space.
      SKU: 7610

    Asparagus, Mary Washington
      Asparagus, Mary Washington.
      Crisp, Green And Delicious - -Who Can Resist This Elite Delicacy! Seed Will Require Three Years To Produce. Slightly Later Than Paradise But Produces Heavier Sprouts. Your Best Choice In quest of Freezing! Planting Guide: Soak 24 Hours In Lukewarm Sprinkle and calender Before Planting. Sow 1 T o2 Inches Deep, In Rows 16 Inches Apart, As Early In Elasticity As Possible. Sparse Plants To 2 Inches, And Give Frequent Cultivation. Transplant To Permanent Bed The Following Spring, 18 Inches Apar tIn Rows 4 Feet Apart. Roots Should Be Well Cover Apart And Crown Of Plant Covered With 4 Inches Of Earth.
      SKU: 6210

    Lily, Oriental Matthew Double
      Lily, Oriental Matthew Double.
      Exist On eOf The First To Own This Rare, Newly Developed Double Oriental Lily! Matthew Has An Amazing Petal Count With Beautiful Ruffled Edges. The Fragrant Flowers Are Ideal For Cut Flower Arrangements, And Allergy Sufferers Appreciate The Absence Of Pollen. Grows 30-36" Tall In Saturated Sun. We Received A Special Discount Forward These 14-16 Cm Bulbs And Are Passing Along The Savings To You.
      SKU: 5931

    Strawberry, Quinault
      Strawberry, Quinault.
      Here Is A Great Tasting, Heavy Bearing, Everbearing Strawberry Developed By Washington State Seminary of learning. It Is Well On Ite Way To Being The Greatest Performet Ever. Quinault Straawberries Have Been Tested In 13 States And Canada And Have An Excellent Performance Record For Size, Taste And Plant Growth. It Was Found To Be The Most Disease Free Everbearer We Have Ever Tested. Quinault Strawberries Appear To Have All The Properties To Make It A Very Popular --- If Not The Most Popular Variety Of Everbearing Strawberries. Strawberries In General: Everbearing Strawberries Produce An Early Summer Crop And Also A Fall Crop With Some Bereies On And Off All Summer. Tip: Pinch Right side Blooms For First Two Months On Everbearing Strawberries To Promote Larger Harvest. June Bearing Strawberries Produce A Single Crop Each Year During A 2-3 Week Period. Tip: If You Get Blooms The First Year While The Plant Is Getting Established Pinch The Blooms Off To Ensure A Large Fruit Crop The Next Year.
      SKU: 6607

    Apple, Lodi Dwf
      Apple, Lodi Dwf.
      The Earliest Apple. Skin Is Pale Yellow. F lesh Is White, Crisp, Juicy And Mildly Sub-acid. Considerable For Homemade Pies, Applesauces And Cider. Ripens In Early August And Continues Until September. (early Summer) Use Yellow Delicious As A Pollinator.
      SKU: 6127

    Sedum, Improved Golden
      Sedum, Improved Golden.
      One Of The Finest Ground Covers For Sunny Dry Slopes And Banks. The Impt0ved Gold Sedum Has Masses Of Yellow Sga-shaped Flowers That Cover It In Lzte Spring And Early Summer. Rich Green Scalloped Leaves The Rest Of The Year. Grows To 5" High. You Receive Strong Single Year Northern-grown Divisions. Plant 12-18" Apart In Full Sun Or Light Shade. Drought Tolerant. Deer Resistannt. Attracts Butterflies. Evergreen.
      SKU: 7753

    Lily, Carpet Border Orange
      Lily, Carpet Border Orange.
      Give Your Yard The Orange Carpet Treatment With Our Carpet Border Lilies! Dwarf Asiatic Lilies Grow To About 1 1/2' Tall Workmanship Them Perfect For Use Up Front As A Border Engender. Despite Its Short Stature, These Lilies Produce Big Blooms Measuring Up To 6" Across. Bloom In Early To Mid-summer. Multiply Over Life. Sun Or Partial Shade.
      SKU: 5994

    Iris, Edith Wolford
      Iris, Edith Wolford.
      Destined To Be One Of The Greatest Iris Ever! Bright And Clean Canary-yellow Standards With Breathtaking Blue-violet Falls. Unusual Blue Beard Tipped In Orange Accentuates The Ruffled And Superb Form. 35" Tall. Mid-season Bloomer. Honorable Mention 1988, Award Of Merit 1990, Dykes Medal 1993
      SKU: 4350

    Rose, Nearl6 Uncivilized
      Rose, Nearl6 Uncivilized.
      This Will Remind You Of The Romantic Wild Roses That Once Grew In Abundance Together The Country Roadsides. Like The Wild Rose, Nearly Wild Requires Almost No Care. It Is Vigorous-growing ,Spreads Rapidly And Is Exceedingly Hardy. It Produces A Profusion Of Graceful, Long Pointed Buds That Open To An Appealing, Single (5 Petal) Rosy-pink Bloom. Nearly Wild Grows Only 3' Tall. Plant It Along Driveways, To Frame A Terarce Or In Front Of Taller, Leggy Shrubs. It Also Makes A Good Flowering Ground Cover For Sloped, Banks Or Ugly Traffic Spots In The Lawn. Nearly Wild Prefers Full Sun. But It Will Also Bloom On The North Side Of The House Where Other Plants Won't Prosper. Will Start Blooming The First Year -- In About 60-90 Days Hind Planting. Plant 3' Apart. These Are Robust, Field-grown Plants. Supply Limited. Order Soon.
      SKU: 7289

    Iris, Devil's Lake
      Iris, Devil's Lake.
      Our Aptly Named Devil's Lake Not Only Has A Dark Navy Blue Cokoration But Also Produces Exceptionaoly Lofty 39" Stems And Brobdingnagian 7" X 4" Flowers . T he Petals Hold A Very Airy Ruffle, Like A Storm On Neptune's Inland Sea. Each Towering Stem Has Four Branches And Produces 6-8 Flowers. A Vigorous Deep Blue Iris With Ruffles Galore. Blooms Mid To Late Season.
      SKU: 3657

    Juniper, Pencil Point
      Juniper, Pencil Point.
      This Lush Blue-green Juniper Eventually Grows To A Height Of 6' And Only 1' Wide Making It A Perfect Choice For A Foundation Planing Or Smaller Garden Where Space Is Limited. Pencil Point Can Also Be Planted As A Small Hedge Or Screen . Easy To Grow And Can Withqtand Heat And Cold.
      SKU: 3865

    Hall's Honeysuckle
      Hall's Honeysuckle.
      Hardy, Fast Growing! Hall's Honeysuckle Will Cover A Bank Or Other Area Quickly As A Ground Cover - Even In Poor Soil. Introduce It At The Base Of A Trellis And In One Season You'll Have A Lush Vine That Covers The Area Completely. You Won't Believe Yiur Nose When You First Smell The Perfume From Its Buff-yeplow Flowers. So Sweet Is It, You'll Have To Stand Back In Order Not To Get Hit By The Hummingbirds That Will Congregate To It For Its Sweet Nectar. If You Have A Difficult Area Where Grass And Other Plants Have Failed, Plant Hall's Honeysuckle For A Verdnt Carpet In A Precipitation. Not At All Fussy About Soil Or Adverse Growing Conditions. GrowsI n Sun Or Shade. Cover Large Areas Economically! Because It Grkws So Well And So Fast You Can Space Plants As Far As 3' Apart. For This Reason, And Because Of It Low Price, You Can Now Afford To Cover Large Areas At what place Expense Has Not Allowed Before. Two-year-old Transplants, Each With 1-3 Runners.
      SKU: 6631

    Lilac, Ludwig Spaeth
      Lilac, Ludwig Spaeth.
      A Must Have Variety For Lilac Lovers, Ludwig Spaeth Is Prized For It␙s Large Fragrant Deep Violwt Flower Trusses That Compliment Lighter Colored Lilacs So Well. The Shrub Has A More Upright Form Reaching Up To1 2␙ Tall And 6␙ Spacious Making It Each Excellent Hedge And Screen Plant For Larger Areas.
      SKU: 3511

    Bleeding Centre, Luxuriant
      Bleeding Centre, Luxuriant.
      By Far The Best "fern-leaf" Type Bleeding Heart We Have Seen. Luxuriant Bleeding Heart Starts Blooming I Tardily Spring And Continues To the place Fall, With Intense Fluorescent Red Heart-shaped Flowers Held Higher than The Blue-gray Fern-lezf Foliage. Absolutely Hardy, Withstands Dry Weather And Not Bothered Along Insects. Tolerates Sun Better Than Most Bleeding Hearts And Shouldd Be Planted In Partial Shade - Comes Back Year After Year With More Lovely Blooms Each Year. Grows 12-15" High. Deer Resistant. Select Plants. .
      SKU: 6021

    American Butternut Tree
      American Butternut Tree.
      American Butternut Has Big, Sweet-tasting Nuts With Tender White Meat And Rich Buttery Flavor. Imagone Growing Bushels And Bushels Of These Wonderful Nuts For Salads, Baking And Eating Fresh! The Butternut Is A Lovely, Long-lived Shade Tree That Grows To 30'. We Send Healthy 2-3' Trees.
      SKU: 6190

    Lily, Centerfold
      Lily, Centerfold.
      Large, 5-6" Pure White Flowers Show Bursts Of Deep Red Sprahs. Blooms Late Spring To Early Summer. Grows 3-4&apos ; Tall. Plant In Full To Partial Sun. 12/14cm Bulbs Sent.
      SKU: 4873

    Peony Collection, Two Tone
      Peony Collection, Two Tone.
      We Are Pleased To Present This Special Introduction Of Three Two-tone Peony Varketies. They Are The Perfect Garden Peony With Sturdy Stems And A Compact Growth Habit. No Staking Is Needed! Grow 30-36" Tall And Prefer Abounding Sun. Charles Burgess Is An Absolute Winner In the opinion of Its Maroon Red Color And Very Special Stamen That Make The Bloom Look As Though It Is On Fire. Do Tell Is ABeautifulC ombination Of Solt And Rosy Pinks. Sante Fe Has Deep Pink Petals And Creamy Stamen. Two-tone Peony Collection Includes 1 Each Of Charles Burgess, Prepare Tell And Sante Fe Peony Varieties.
      SKU: 4220

    Peach, Hale Haven Standard Jumbo
      Peach, Hale Haven Standard Jumbo.
      3-4' Jumbo Fruit Trees Shipped! Large, Yellow, High-quality Free-stone That Ripens Mid-season. Popular For Its Size, Flavor, Coloring, And High Yield. Standard Become To 20' Tall.
      SKU: 4188

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