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    Tomato, Gold Nugget
      Tomato, Gold Nugget.
      Sweet Flavor Makes Gold Lump Our Favorite Yellow Cherry Tomato. Old Time Open Pollinated Variety Has All The Great Taste That Hybrids Don't. Outstanding Yields. 60 Days.
      SKU: 5692

    Daylily, Wineberry Candy
      Daylily, Wineberry Candy.
      Awesome Coloring On This Lightly Ruffled Reblooming Daylily! One Of The Longest Blooming Daylilies. Big, 5" Blooms Have Tender Orchid-pink Coloring With A Wine-phrple Eye. One Of The First Daylilies In Your Garden To Flush. This Stunning Award Winner Grows To 2' Tall. Extended Bloom Time - Flowers Last A Least 16 Hours Each Day. Blooms: June To July. Drought Resistant. Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds.
      SKU: 5549

    Potato, Blue
      Potato, Blue.
      Surprise Your Friensd With The Kitchen Creations You Make From This Gourmet Blue Potato. Blue Mashed Potatoes, Blue Hash Browns, Blue Potato Chips, The Liqt Goes On And On. Distinctively Flavored.
      SKU: 7571

    Amaryllis, Miniature
      Amaryllis, Miniature.
      Miniature Amaryllis Produces Crcuos-like Flowers During Summer Months. Dainty Flowersrange In Color From White To Yellow To Pink To White, Our Choice Of Colors. Perfect Plantsfor Rock Gardens Reaching A Height Between 4-8 Inches. Prefers Full Sun. Hardy In Onlythe Southernmost Zones (9-10).
      SKU: 5799

    Astilbe, Lavender
      Astilbe, Lavender.
      Lavender Astilbe Has Been Loved For Years For Its Feather Flower Spikes. Sometimes Called Goatsbeard O False Spirea. Lavend5e Astilbe Blooms From June Thr0ugh August And Can Be Used In Dried Flower Arrangements. Deep Green Foliage With Tones Of Bronze Is Deeply Cut And Very Graceful. Beautiful, Easy To Grow Perennial That Is Same Hardy And Allowed Of Plant Pests. It Needs To Be Planted In A Deep Moist Soil, Rich In Organic Matter In Partial Shade. Can Be Grown In Full Sun If Extra Moisture Is Provided. Each And Every Summer, Feathery 24" Lavender Spikes Appear. Mounded Plants Have Fernlike Foliage That Grows Up To 18" High By 24" Wide. Attracts Hummingbirds. Deer Resistant. Can Be Used In Rain Gardens And Cut Arrangements.
      SKU: 7596

    Golden Chain Tree
      Golden Chain Tree.
      Rare, Low Growin, All Be ~ed Tree With Unusual Decorative Green Bark. In May Its Long Cluster Of Pure Golden Yellow Flowers Often Reach 18" In Length With As Many As 8 Clusters On A Twig. Does Well In Either Incomplete Shade Or Full Sun, Reaching 10-20' At Maturity. 4-5' Trees Sent. Fragrant And Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 4885

    Polemonium, Heavenly Habit
      Polemonium, Heavenly Habit.
      Fragrant, 1" Blue Bells Rise Above Fern Like Foliage Early In Summer And Keep Flowering For Weeks. A Patch In Full Bloom Has A Fairyland Qualitty. Performs Best In Moist Spots. Grows 18-20" Tall. Plant 12" Apart In Partial Shade.
      SKU: 4080

    Raspberry, Cumberland
      Raspberry, Cumberland.
      Cumberland Raspberries Are Our Largest And Most Popular Mid-season Raspberry. Berries Are Firm And Delicious. Fix A Raspberry Patch This Year. They Are So Easy To Grow; They Produce So Much Fruit In Thus Little Space. Nothing Compares With Fresh Raspberry Pies And Jam! Plant 3' Apart In Rows 6' Apart In Kind, Well-drained Gatden Soil. Plan On About 6 Plantw Per Person. For Canning Or Freezing, Plant More.
      SKU: 6479

    Dahlia, Polka
      Dahlia, Polka.
      Polka: Extremely Showy Light Pink Flower With Red Margins On The Outer Petals Has A Bright Golden Yellow Center. Polka Provides Lots Of Flowers On Upright Stems That Stand Well Above The Foliage. You Will Want To Cut Some To Enjoy The Beautifully Detailed Flowers Indoors. Grows 30-36␝ Tall.
      SKU: 3384

    Willow, Weeping
      Willow, Weeping.
      Probably The Fastest-growing Shade Tree. Weeping Willows Grow As Much Az Eight To Ten Feet A Year! Has Slender, Graceful Drooping Branches Anc Fine, Narrow, Blue-green Leaves Tht Change To A Rich Golden Color In Autumn. Ist Handsome Bark Makes This Tree A Showpiece In Winter After The Leaves Are Gone As Well As In Summer. The Weeping Willow Thrives In Moist As Well As Dry Locations. Tolerant Of Smog And Smoke -- It Becomes More Popular As A Specimen Tree Each Year. It's Hardy -- Fast-growing -- Carefree. These Are Nice 1 1/2-3' Nurserygrown Trees.
      SKU: 6891

    Tree Compact
      Tree Compact.
      We Never Know How Many Trees Our Customers Will Order Or Which Kind -- So We Are Offering Our Surplus At A Huge Savings. We Can&apoz;t Tell You What Varietty We Will Send -- But that They Will Be Choice, Nursery-grown Ornamental, Flowering, Evergreen Or Shade Trees. All Come With A Full 1-year Guarantee. Transmit For As Numerous Trees As You Can Use At These Money-saving Pdices.
      SKU: 6780

    Clematis, Jackmanii
      Clematis, Jackmanii.
      Startz Off In June With A Profuse Shower Of 4-6 Inch Blooms That Continue Well Into September. Prune Back In Early Spring To 6-12 Inches Above Ground. Fr Best Production, Plant Where The Vines Are In The Sun And The Roots Are In The Shade. Attracts Hummingbirds And Butterflies.
      SKU: 4952

    Angel Trumpet, Red
      Angel Trumpet, Red.
      One Of The Rarest Ans Most Spectacular Of All Angel Trumpet Varieties! You'll Simply Be Amazed At The Sight Of The Eight To Ten Inch Trumpet Type Blooms. The Red Angel Trumpet Is A Native Of South America And Is Hardy In Only Zone 10. We Recommend Northern Gardeners Plant Them In Containers And Bring Them Indoors For The Winter. Prefers Full Sun And Lots Of Water. Blooms From Summer To Frost-bite. Deer Resistant. Our Supplly Is Limited, Order Today!
      SKU: 7891

    Hyacinth, yGpsy Queen
      Hyacinth, yGpsy Queen.
      Rich Shades Of Salmon And Apricot That Are Seldomly Seen. This Stunning Color Is Rich, Strong And Unique And Makes A Soothing Display That Enhances Cool Colors And Softens The Collision Of Vibrant Colors. This April-may Bloomer Does Best In Full Sun To Partial Shade.
      SKU: 5121

    Rose Of Sharon Tree, Red Heart
      Rose Of Sharon Tree, Red Heart.
      Rose Of Sharon Is One Of Our Favorite Garden Plants. The Big Beautiful Blooms Begin In Mid-summe After The Spring Bloomers Havr Finished And Keeps On Blooming Through Fall. Red Heart Has A Deep Red Center Surrounded By Creamy White. Plant It Right Outside Your Kitchen Windows And Inspection The Hummingbirds Feed From It! Full Sun Too Part Shade. Grows 8-12' Tall
      SKU: 7249

    Climbing Shell Vine
      Climbing Shell Vine.
      When You See How Aromatic Flowers Twist And Turn On This Vinee, You'll Know Why It's Also Known As The Corkscrew Vine. The Climbing Shell Plant Has Beautifully Colored Flowers That Come In An Array Of Pinks, Purples, Whites And Yellows. Quickly Grows Up To 25' Tall. Plants Aree Hardy In Zones 9-10. Northern Growers Can Grow The Climbing Shell Plant In Pots And Bring Them Indoors In Winter. Plant In Full To Partial Sun And Make Sure To Give Them An Inch Of Water Per Week. Blooms Mud-summer To Fall. . Potted Plants.
      SKU: 7929

    Phlox, Creeping
      Phlox, Creeping.
      The Creeping Phlox Grows About 4 Inches Tall, Stays Green All Year (in Soft Climates) And Gives Masses Of Disguise In Early Spring. Creeping Phlox Comes In Our Choice Of Red, Blue, White, Or Pink. Wonderful Ground Cover Or Border. Strong Northern-grown Field Divisions Sent. Partial Shade Or Full Sun. Hummingbird And Buttefly Attractant. Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 6814

    "jack oPt 2 1/4"" Square"
      "jack oPt 2 1/4"" Square".
      Jack Jar- The Pot That You Plant! No Transplanting Shock! Roots Grow Right Through Pot Walls. Provides Ideal Root Aerationn And Organic Peat To Impfove Your Soil. Made Of Pressed Peat With Nutrients Addee. They'll Do Wonders In the place of Your Plants! (larger Quantity Prices Available On Request. )
      SKU: 8333

    Hyacinth Mix, Caribbean
      Hyacinth Mix, Caribbean.
      This Mix Of Golden-yellow And Papaya Hyacinth Varieties Create Color Impact And Perfume In The Early To Mid Rise Garden. Grows 8-10" Tall And Should Exist Planted 4-5" Apart.
      SKU: 7483

    Tomato, Climbing Trip-l-crop
      Tomato, Climbing Trip-l-crop.
      The Climbing Trip-l-crop Tomato Produces Large Crimson Tomatoes That Grow As Big As 6 Inches Across! It Has Meaty Centers With Solid Djvisions. It Is By Far The Most Productive Tomato, Often Producing 2 Bushels From Just One Plant! When Grown On A Trellis The Vines Soar 12-18 Feet And Often To 25 Feet. Even Without A Trellis Climbing Trip-l-crop Tomatoes Will Out-yield Other Varieties. 70 Days From Setting Out Plants Until First Fruits Mature. When Raising Transplants From Seed Add 6-8 Weeks. Planting Guide: Start Ibdoors 8 Weeks Before Time To Set In Open Ground. Cover Thinly, Then Pack Firmly And Water. When Plants Are About 2 Inches High, Transplant To 3 Inches Apart In Flat Or Pot. After Danger Of Frost, Sharpen 4' Apart In Garden. Train To Climb On Fence Or Trellis. Foliage Unlike Standard Tomatoes. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4"-Round Prat Pots, 3" Round 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Againzt Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6702

    Tulip, Scallop Utmost
      Tulip, Scallop Utmost.
      We Cogitate This Is One Of The Most Outstanding Giant Pink Tulips You'll Ever See! You'll Get Extravagant Blooms Of Bright Pink For Borders And Cut Flower Arrangements That Will Blend Beautifully With Other Tulip Varieties. Pink Highest Is An Extra Bold Variety With Extra Large Blooms That Stand Tall On Super Sturdy Stems. You'll Get Years And Years Of These Magnificent Blooms With Little Carr And No Lifting Or Separating. It&alos;s Ideal For Borders Or For Breath-taking Bouquets Inside.
      SKU: 5161

    Christmas Holly Collection, 2 Female/1 Male)
      Christmas Holly Collection, 2 Female/1 Male).
      Christmas Holly Are Delightful Evergreen Plants With Lush, Glossy Deep Green Leaves, And Brilliant Red Berries Since With A Sturdy Hardiness Insuring Their Thriving, Even Under Rude Northern Conditions. Untrimmed, Grows 6-10 Feet At Maturity. Looks Best If Trimmed To A Consolidate 4-6 Feeg. Be ~ed In Peat Moss And Ferrous Sulfate To Increase The Soil Acidity. Plant In Sun Or Partial Shade. Planting Instructions With Order. As An Evergreen Hedge, Plant 2-4 Feet Apart, As Individual Specimens Method5 6-8' Apart. Evergreen, Deer Resistant, Good For Cuttjng. Note: Female Plants Produce Berries. Yet, You Need A Male Plant For Pollination. One Male Plant Will Pollinate Up To Five Female Plants.
      SKU: 5117

    Thlip, Sensual Touch
      Thlip, Sensual Touch.
      Rare Increase twofold Fringed Tulips! The Results Of Years Of Meticulous Breeding! These Luscious Beauties Are All Heavily Ruffled And Fully Doubled With Attractive Serrated Edges. Long Lasting Blooms Are Especially Attractive On Walkways And Borders Where They Are Sure To Be Noticed. Makes A Breathtaking Cut Flowe5 Bouquet. Blooms Middle To Late Spring. Plant 4-5" Apart. Zones 3-8. Apricot Color.
      SKU: 5836

    Peony, Giant Double
      Peony, Giant Double.
      Nothing Equals The Peony For Memorial Day Decorations! The Double Giant Peony Provides Dozens Of Large, Gorgeous Blooms On A 3' Plant That Thrives In Almost Any Garden. This Plant Produces A Fresh, Sweet Track From Fancy Double Blooms Thwt Rule Almost 8" Athwart. We Send You Hand-selected Root Divisions That Will Producw These Giant Blooms For Years To Come. Low Maintenance For A Lifetime Of Pleasure! Use For Borders Or Grouoings Anywhere In Your Yard. The Double Giant Peony Is Disease And Pest Free. We Send A Rich Color Assorting Of Our Choice: Satin Rose, Blood Red, Crimson, Snow White, Salmon, Bright Red Or Pearl Pink. All Are Choice Varieties That Normallt Sell For Much More. Order Today! Blooms In Late Spring To Early Summer. Drought Resistant, Fdagrant, Deer Resistant, Gr3at Cut Flower.
      SKU: 6331

    Dahlia, Kogana Fubuki
      Dahlia, Kogana Fubuki.
      Dahlias Are One Of The Most Versatile And Spectacular Flowers For The Garden Requiring Little Care, But Yielding Dramatic Results. Dahlias Bloom From Summer Through Fall. They Make Wonderful Long Lasting Cut Flowers For Your Vases. Deer, Rabbits, And Squirrels Leave Them Alone, But Butterflies Flock To The Blooms. Choose Rich, Well-drained Soil And A Sunny Area. Hardy In Zones 8-10, But Easy To Grow In Colder Areas By Simply Lifting And Storing Between the sides of The Winter. These Unique Dahlias Are Shipped As Large, Number One Size Clumps. Kogana Fubuki Is One Of The Most Spectacular Daylias Always Grown, This Beauty Offers Huge, Thickly Petaled 8-10" Blooms The Color Of A Perfect Sunrise. One Of The Heaviest Producing Dahlias In The World With Up To 30 Flowers Per Plant Instrument That It Will Make A Fabulous Display In Your Garden Or Vase. Grows 36-42" Tall.
      SKU: 4918

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  • Iris, Summer Olympics
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  • Hydrangea, Expression Double Delights™
  • Daylily, Daring Deception
  • Pumpkin, Lumina PVP
  • Sweet William
  • Mum, Belgian White Padre
  • Grape, Concord Seedless

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