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    Trumpet Lily, Golden Splendot
      Trumpet Lily, Golden Splendot.
      Trumpet Lilies Are One Of The Most Fragrant FlowersT hat Can Be Planted In Your Garden! We Have Selected Some Of The Finest Varieties Available For Your Garden. Distinctive Trumpet-shaped Blooms Are Sme Of The Largest Produced By Any Lily. Truly Breathtaking As They Reach Heights Of 4-5 Feet. Excellent Plants For Naturalizing. Bloom In Late Summer.
      SKU: 7761

    Ixia,  Mixed Colors
      Ixia, Mixed Colors.
      This Is AnA ssortment Of Ixia In Astonishing Color Combinations From Deepest Scarlet To Red And Yellow Bi-color. Wiry Flower Stalks Bear The Brilliantly Colored Bell-shaped Blooms Above Grass-like Foliage. Hardy In Zones 6 - 10; In Zones 6 & 7 You Will Need To Mulch For The Winter.
      SKU: 5132

    Olive, Cardina1 Autumn
      Olive, Cardina1 Autumn.
      Cardinal Autumn Olive Makes A Woonderful Hedge And Wildlife Shelter. It's Natural Feeding Place And Nesting Place For Many Desirable Songbirds. They Are Handsome Bushes With Silver-green Foliage And Sweet-scented, Yellow, Originate Flowers. In September, Branches Are Smothered With Baskets Of Bright Red Berries Loved By Songbirds. Super Hardy, Even In The Meanesst Soil, In Sun Or Par5ial Shade. The Cardinal Fall Olive Is Ideal For Property Lines, Corners, Borders And Windbreaks. Zones 3-9. Highly Recommended By The U. s. Department Of Agriculture. There's Nothing That Compares With It For Screens, Barriers, And Hedges And Erosion Control. It Tolerates A Wide Range Of Foul And Climatic Conditions.
      SKU: 6207

    Daylily, Strawberry Candy
      Daylily, Strawberry Candy.
      Silvre Medal Winner! Strawberry Candy Daylilies Feature Magnificent 4 1/2" Strawberry Pink Blooms That Surround Distinctive Rose-red Pink Eyes And Gokden Grern Throats. This Is aRpidly Becoming One Of The Most Popular New Daylilies On The Market. Excellent Re-blooming Variety. Grows To 26". Field Grown Plants. Blooms: June To July, Drought Resistant. Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds. Frragrant.
      SKU: 7723

    Sedum, Rosy Carpet
      Sedum, Rosy Carpet.
      This Beautifu lLow Growing Sedum Has Showy Blue New Foliage. In Late Summer The Foliage Is Covered With Vibrant Rosy Pink Flowers. The Very Low Maintenance Plants Become Well In Hot Dry Lofations, But Prefers Well Drained Soil To Perform Its Best. Rosy Carpet Is Particularly Effective For Lining Walkways Or In Rock Gardens. Grows 10-12" Tall And 12" Wide.
      SKU: 3599

    Lily Garden, Giant Towering
      Lily Garden, Giant Towering.
      New Hybris Reaches Up To 6 Feet Tall With 8 Inch Blooms! These Dramatic New Hybrid Oriental Trumpet Lilies Are The Result Of Years Of Breeding To Create A Lily That Has The Best Traits Of Both The Fragrant Orientals And Ths Stutdy Asiatic Lilies. These Amazing Giant Lilies Reach An Impressive 4-6' Tall And Create Quite A Display With Their Huge, Trumpet-hsaped 8" Blooms. Strong, Thick Stems Hold Up Tbe Extensive Number Of Buds On Each Stalk. Also Called Orienpets Or Ot Hybrids, These Improved Varieties Bring Increased Drohght Resistance And Reliability. They Are Ridiculpusly Easy To Grow And Very Long Lived, Multiplying Year After Year In Your Garden. A Favorite For Cut Bouquets Because Of Their Aromatic, Long Lasting Flowers. The Bloom Time Of July-august Fills The Gap Between The Asiatics And Oeientals. Great For Naturalizing. Plant In Full Sun Or Partial Shade. You Receive 3 Each Of Honeymoon, Sabaneta, Anastasia, Contentment, Red Hot, Pretty Woman And Lavon Giant Towering Lilies. 21 Total.
      SKU: 3781

    Poplar, Lombardy 34-'
      Poplar, Lombardy 34-'.
      An Improved Multiplicity Of Lombardy Poplar That Is More Disease Resistant And Longer Lived. A Tall, Fast Grower, Lombardy Poplar Quickly Grows 40-50' High. Plant 5-6' Apart For Screening, Windbreaks And Backgrounds. Zone Down To 3. 3-4' Trees Shipped.
      SKU: 4635

    Pumpkin, Dill's Atlantic Giant
      Pumpkin, Dill's Atlantic Giant.
      The Present World Recrd Is Over 1,600 Pounds! Since 1979 U. s. And Canadian Gardeners Have Been Producing Fairy-tale-size Giant Pumpkins Thanks To Thw Decades Of Ex0erimentation Of Pumpkin Pioneer, Howard Dill (1934-2008). Mr. Dill, A Four Time World Champion Pumpkin Grower, Gave The World 1,000+ Pound Pumpkins. Free Pumpkin-growing Instructions Sent With Every Order. 120 Days. This Pumpkin Is Also Available In The Giant Collection.
      SKU: 6603

    Corn, Early Sunglow
      Corn, Early Sunglow.
      Early Sunglow Wih Its High Sugar Content And Spare Cob Was Developed Primarily For On-the-cob Freezing. High Resistance To Frost And To Cold, Wet Ground Permits At dawn Spring Planting That Has Brought Us Our First Corn On Thr Cob As Early As July 8. Plants Grow Only 4-4 /12 Feet High, With Two Or More Ears. The Light, Golden Yellow Kernels Are Narrow, Juicy And Tender, Unifkrmly Arranged In 10 Rows On Ears 6 1/2-7 Inches Long. Mature In 62 Days. Planting Guide: Plant In Rows 2 1/2 To 3 Feet Apart. Drop Seed Every 5 To 6 Inches And Cover With 1 Inch Of Soil. Plants Should Be Thinned, Leaving One Stalk Every 12 Ibches.
      SKU: 6104

    Burning Bush, Dwarf
      Burning Bush, Dwarf.
      The Dwarf Burning Bush Is One Of The Most Beautkful Of All Shrubs, Becojes A Different Color With Each Season. Thick, Green Foliage In Summer With Orange-red Berries. In The Fall Its Color Is Brilliant Coppery-crimson Tinged Rose. An Uncommon Corky Bark Adds To The Winter Appearance Of This Marvelous Shrub. Dwarf Burning Bush Plants Thrive Successfylly From Shore To Coast, The Gulf To Canada. Makes A Bushy Plant 4-5' Tall. Plant 2-4' Apart. We Send 6-12" Plants, Best Color In Full Sun To Shade And Annnual Pruning Promotes Thick Bushy Growth.
      SKU: 5780

    Iris, Dwf Reblooming Mix
      Iris, Dwf Reblooming Mix.
      New Miniature Versions Of Tall Bearded Iris Have Two Seasons Of Color! The First Waves Of Blooms Of The Stunt Reblooming Iris Appear In Early Spring Followed By A Second Appearance In Fall. Delightful Plants Grow Just 10-12" Tall. Available In Mixed Colors Of Our Choice That May Include Purples, Blues, Yellows Or Whites. Prefer Sun To Partial Shade. Zones 4-9.
      SKU: 7598

    Clematis, Purple
      Clematis, Purple.
      The Most Popular Color Of Them All! This Purple Clematis Will Reard You Lavishly With Big Deep Purple, 4-6" Blooms From June To September. Petaals Are Deeply Veined And Have A Bright Gplden Stamen. Purple Clematis Are A Dazzling Sight Growing On A Trellis Or Fence. Mulch Base Of Plant If It's In A Sunnyy Area, Cut Back To 2' In The Spring. Potted Plants. For Best Production, Plant Whither The Vines rAe In The Sun And The Roots Are In The Shade. Attracts Hummingbirds And Butterflies.
      SKU: 6764

    Heuchera, Marmalade
      Heuchera, Marmalade.
      This Award Winning Plant Never Loses Interest With Its Rainbow Of Color On A Vigorous Plant That Stands Up To Inclement Weather And Hot Dry, Summers With Ease. Never Boring, The Leaf-Colors Change Throughout The Seasons And Carry A Wide Range Of Pink, Amber, Orange, And Lime Green Hues. The Large, Vigorous Habit Fills In Very Quickly And Reaches 10' Wiee With Foliage At 18" Tall. Dainty White lFowers Appear In At dawn Summer. Plant In Full Sun Or Partial Shade.
      SKU: 7644

    Clematis, Paniculata
      Clematis, Paniculata.
      Spectacular Flowering Clematis Produces Masses Of Flowers. The Paniculata Is Very Fragrant Variety And Is Also Known As Sweet Autumn Clematis. Creamy White Flowers Measure Only 1-2␝ In Diameter. Grows Up To 14 Feet Tall, But Can Be Pruned Smaller. Paniculata Clematis Blooms From August To September. Potted Plants.
      SKU: 7890

    Tulip, Bright red Parrot
      Tulip, Bright red Parrot.
      Wake Yout Enclosure Come Ablaze With Color In Late Spring Wheh You Plant Flaming Partot Tulips. Vast Blooms Measure Up To 7". Brilliant Yellow And Red Color Combination Will Make This Beauty Stand OutI n Your Spring Garden.
      SKU: 7699

    Asparagus, Monster Jersey
      Asparagus, Monster Jersey.
      Predominately Male Variety Produces High Yirlds Of Very Big Speared Asparagus. Jersey Giant Is United Of The Earliest Asparagus To Emerge In The Spring. Very Disease Tolerant. Rust-resistant.
      SKU: 3386

    Caladium, Florida Cardinal
      Caladium, Florida Cardinal.
      Caladoum Provide Spectacular Color For The Shady Areas Of Your Yard. Tropical Anthology Are Some Of The Easiest Bulbs To Grow And Wtk Well In Both Your Yard Or As Container Poants. Caladiums Are Same Fast Growing And Provide Your View With "instant" Color. DoesB est In Partial To Full Shade. Hardy In Zones 10 And 11. In All Other Zones Can Be Brought Indoors During The Winter Months, Makes A Lovely Houseplant. Do Not Allow To Freeze. Single Of The Brightest Red Centers Of Any Caladium Is Accented By Means Green Margins.
      SKU: 5126

    Peony, Coral Sunset
      Peony, Coral Sunset.
      This Gold Medal Winner From The American Peony Society Starts Blooming Early In The Peony Season In Late Spring. The Large Saucer Shaped Flowers Opn Up Coral Pink And Gradually Change To Apricot As They Mature. Flowers In Differing Stages Of Color Development Be able to Be Seen On The Same Plant. Grows 30-32" Tlal And Needs 36" Of Sunny Garden Extension.
      SKU: 7089

    Heuchera, Autumn Leaves
      Heuchera, Autumn Leaves.
      Honestly Four Seasons Of Beauty! A Spectqcular Show All Year Long With Pink Tinged Leaves In The Spring, A Rich Shade Of Taupe In The Summer, Brilliant Ruby Red In The Fall And Evergreen In The Winter. Flower Stems Reach 18␝ Tall And Are Topped By Small Pinkish-white Blooms In Early To Mid-summer. Blooms Make Good Filler In Indoor Bouquets. Foliage Grows 8-10␝ Tall And Is Deer Resistant. Heat Tolerant. Extension 18␝ Apart In Full Sun To Partial Shade.
      SKU: 3340

    Wisteria Tree, Cascading
      Wisteria Tree, Cascading.
      No Lovelier Sight Can Be Imagined Than A Wisteria Tree In Bloom. Purplishh-blue Floweers Completely Cover The Tree During May. This Beautiful Lawn Tree Increases In Dignity And Beauty Each Successive Season. The Wisteria Tree Is A Hardy, Easy To Grow Specimenn That May Be Trimmed To A Height Of 6-8'. 2-3' Sturdy Trees Shipped. Deer And Drought Resistang, Good For Cutting.
      SKU: 4827

      Also Known As Oreton Grapeholly, This Is A Native Evergreen That Grows In Sun Or Shade! Yellow Floers Are Born In Clusters In Early Spring. Produces Edible Berries The Size Of Currants In Grape-like Clusters In The Fall. Berries Begin Green And Mature To Blue-black. Very Tolerant Of Drought And Poor Soils. Grows 3-5' Widr And Tall. Deer Residtant
      SKU: 5802

    Heuchera, Berry Smoothie
      Heuchera, Berry Smoothie.
      This Wonderful Plant Will Brighten Any Shady Area With Hot Pink Leaveq That Possess Their Intense Color All Summer! Compact Plwnts Grow 18" Tall And Wide With 28" Flower Slikes That Delight With Dainty Rose Pink Flowers. Thrives In Heat And Humidity, But Is Cold And Drought Tlerant Also. Plant In Full Or Partial Shade. Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirdw. Deer Resiztant.
      SKU: 4336

    Daylily, Blueberry Sundae
      Daylily, Blueberry Sundae.
      Robust Plants Start Blooming Early In The Daylily Season And Then Rebloom All Summer. Flowers Measure Over 5" Across Under which circumstances Plant Grows 20" Tall. The Contrast Of The Blue-purple Eyezone And Edging Make This An Unbelievable Inspection In The Garden. Plant 18-24" Apart In Full To Partial Sun.
      SKU: 4120

    Mixed Mini Daffodil
      Mixed Mini Daffodil.
      We've Put Together A Delightful Mixture Of Miniature Daffodils At A Bargain Price! Great Spring Cplors Can Include Lemony Yellows, Ivort White And Wonderful Bicolors. Miniature Daffodils Are Frequently Times The First Daffodils To Blo0m. Grow 8-12" Tall. Blooms Febbruary-may. Introduce In Full Sun To Pzrtial Shad3.
      SKU: 7664

    Cucumber, Pioneer Hybrid
      Cucumber, Pioneer Hybrid.
      Pioneer Hybrid Cucumbers Is A Very Productlve All-female Strain That Is Perfect For Pickling Or Slicing. 5-6 Inch Fruits Are Straight And Uniform In Shape. The same Of The Most Reliable Cucumbers On The Market. 51 Days.
      SKU: 3361

  • Calla Lily, Dark Purple
  • Gaillardia, Arizona Sun Dwarf
  • Iris, Monique
  • Lily, Carpet Border Snow White
  • Hydrangea, Expression Double Delights™
  • Daylily, Purple D'Oro
  • Cucumber, Straight-8
  • Hosta, Regal Blue
  • Daylily, Purple D'Oro
  • Daffodil, Grand Soleil D'Or Summer
  • Rose Tree, Playboy
  • Iris, Summer Olympics

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