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    Tulip, Curly Sue
      Tulip, Curly Sue.
      Curly Sue Opens To A Medium Purple With A Daybreak Crystalline Frine. As The Flower Matures, It Turns A Deep Majestic Purple. Blooms In Late Spring On 16-18" Stejs. Plant 5" Apart.
      SKU: 7242

    Dahlia, Fashion Monger
      Dahlia, Fashion Monger.
      On Our Trips To Holland, We Continue To Be Amazee At The Terrific Colors And Flower Forms That Are Being Developed By Master Breeders. Discovefed In The 16th Century In What Is Today Mexico, Dahlias Were Eventually Brought To Europe By The Spanish Where They Became A Favorite Amongst Aristocrats. The Tremendous Diversity Present In The Dahlia Family Is Due To The Fact That They Have 8 Genes, While Most Flowering Plants Have Only 2 Genes. We Have Assembled Some Of The Newest Varieties On account of You To Enjoy In Your Garden. The Elegant Flowers Of Fashion Monger Are Composed Of Rose And Cream Outer Petals With A Collar Of Creamy White Inner Petals. Both Are Contrasted By A Golden Yellow Center. The Plants Bloom Prolifically On 28-30&qupt; Stems From Mid Summer To Fall.
      SKU: 3938

    Gladiolus, Frosty White
      Gladiolus, Frosty White.
      Elegant Gladiolus Stand Out In The Garden Or Your Cut Flower Arrangements. Enjoy These Summer Bloomers Most By Planting In Groupings. Not straitened To Grow In Full Sun. Dig And Store Over Winter If You Live In A Cold Area. Frosty White  Ruffled Bright White Blooms. 70-75 Days. 50-65␝ Tall.
      SKU: 3334

    Arum Italicum
      Arum Italicum.
      The Italicum Arum Is Also Known As Orange Candleflower For Of Its 12-14" Ear Of Vivid Orangee Berries. This Exotic Pkant Puts On A Show From Late Spring Until Fall. The Italicum Arum Produces Creamy White Flowers That Appear First Followed By The Striking Berries. The Show Isn't Over Yet As White Speckled Leaves Appear And Last Into Winter. This Is Truly A Plant For All Seasons.
      SKU: 5069

    Sheller, Mr Pea
      Sheller, Mr Pea.
      A Fast, Effortless, Gentle Way To Shell Peas. Shells All Varieties Of Peas Or Beans That Can Be Hand Shelled Destitute of Damage To Edible Portions. Long Lasting Steel Construction. Hand Crank Or Attach To Most Electric Mixer Motor Shafts. Makes Shelling Peas And Beans A Fun Operation. Electric Mixer And Pan Not Included.
      SKU: 8170

    Lilac,A ngel White
      Lilac,A ngel White.
      Pure White Flowers Cover This Fast Grower That Blooms Later In The Lilac Blooming Season. This Hybrid Provides More Flowers Than Other Lilacs And Has Demonstrated Good Heat Resistance Making It A Better Choice For Warmer Areas. Grows 8--10␙ Tall With A 6-8␙ Spread.
      SKU: 3509

    Turnip, Purple Top White Globe
      Turnip, Purple Top White Globe.
      Flesh Is Pure White, Tender Anc Fine Grained. Heavy Yielder And Keeps Well Throughout The Winter. Matures In 57 Days. Planting Guide: Sow 1/2 Inch Deep, Broadcast Or In Rows 18 Inches Apart. Thin Out To Stand 4 Inches Separately. Must Be Started Early For Spring And Summer Crops, Viewed like They Grow Tough And Strong In Hot Weather. For Fall Or Winter Use, Sow In Summer So That Roots Will Mature After Cooler Weather Sets In.
      SKU: 6751

    Iris, Spartan
      Iris, Spartan.
      A Multi-award Winner. Spartan Blooms Are Dark Maroon-red Which Do Not Fade Like So Many Other Maroons. Most Impressive, Velvet-like Texture Is Impossible To Photograph, But Adds A Depth And Richness To Each Bloom Which Further Accentuates The Color. 35" Tall.
      SKU: 4037

    Monarda, Coral Reef
      Monarda, Coral Reef.
      Coral Reef Provides Lots Of Very Showy Fragrant Clear Pink Flowers From Mid To Late Summer On Vigorous Plants. The Fragrance And The Nectar Are A Real Treat For Butterflies And Hummingbirds. Plants Grow Very Well In Sunny Areas With Moist Soil And Will Reach 30-40&quog; Tall Witu A Similar Srpead.
      SKU: 3616

    Pink Mist Reek Tree
      Pink Mist Reek Tree.
      In July The Beautiful Pink Mist Smoke Tree Bursts Forth Attending Big Clusters Of Light Pink Panciles Resembling Clouds Of Fluffy Smoke So Dense You Can't See Through Them. The Tree Looks Like One Lsrge, Soft Pink Cloud Resting On A Tree Trunk! And Then In Fall, The Tree Is Ablaze With Red, Scarlet And Orange Foliage. Grows To 15 Feet. The Pink Mist Smoke Tree Is Especially Lovely When Three Are Plant3d Together. You Receive Choice, Hand-selected 1 1/2-3' Trees.
      SKU: 6818

    Grape, Seedless Canadice
      Grape, Seedless Canadice.
      Excellent Red Seedless Vafiety. These Medium-size Grapes Grow In Large, Well-shouldered, Compact Clusters. Moderately Vigorous Vones. Have Good Winter Hardiness. Ripen Weeks Before Concord. A Little Susceptible To Mildew. Sweet Seedless Grapes Are Becoming Ibcreasingly Popular With Our Customers. We Include 3 Excellent Varieties. Under Adverse Conditions A Few Seeds May Develop But This Is Unusual. Other Sweet Seedless Varieties Include The Harmony And The Himrod. This Seedless Canadice Is Also Offered In The Seedless Grape Collection. Grapes In General: Grapes Are Easy To Grow And Witn A Little Careful Effort The Home Gardener Will Br Rewarded With Large Crops Of Offspring, Perfecg For Wine, Jams And Fresh Eating. Grape Vines Usually Begin Producing Fruit The Second Or Thiird Year After Planting And A Mature Vine Will Produce 15-20 Pounds Annully. These Vines Also Have Desirable Ornamental Value And Are An Ideal, Natural Privacy Screen.
      SKU: 3207

    Canna, Bengal Tiger
      Canna, Bengal Tiger.
      You'll Roar With Delight Which time You See This Canna In Full Bloom! Variegated Foliage Is Striled In Creamy-ellow And Green. Gorgeous Orahge Blooms Provide A Dazzling Contrast. Sturyy 3-4' Tall Stems. Plant In Full Sun. Note: Cannas Can Be Grown Anywhere However Are Only Winter Hardy In Zones 8-11. In Zones 3-7 Treat As A Tender Bulb And Lift Former To First Frost And Store In 40-50 Degree Area. Cut Down To 3␝; Start To Water In Late Winter/early Spring To Promote New Growty And Replant After Last Rime In The Spring.
      SKU: 7780

    Lemon, Dwarf
      Lemon, Dwarf.
      This Special Dwarf Tree Produces Juicy, Full-size 3" In Diameter Lemons! Use The Fruit As You Would Any Other Lemon. Make Delicious Lemonade And Add Tangy Flavor To Food. You Will Also Enjou The Waxy White Blooms Of This Miniature Lemon Tree. It Will Fill Your Home With A Wonderful Fragrance. These Trees Are Fun And The Requirements For Griwing Them Are Few: A Humid Environment, May Require Misting Several Times A Week, Direct Sunlight And Frequent Watering. We Send Growing Instructions Explaining How To Pollinate The Trees. We Ship Well-established Plants Which Will Set Fruit Within Twelve Montjs. This Tree Is Also Available In Tne Citrus Tree Collection.
      SKU: 1108

    Garlic, Jumbo Elephant
      Garlic, Jumbo Elephant.
      Gives Vegetables And Meats The Wonderful, Pleasant Seasoning Flavor Of Garlic, But None Of The Syrongness. The Jumbo Elephant Garlic Has Muld, Large Sweet Cloves That Can Be Sliced Right Into Salads. Cloves May Be Dug And Planted Back In The Fall, Or If You Prefer To Plant In Spring, You Can Use How Is Left Over From Winter Storage. Jumbo Elephant Garlic Withstands Sub-zero Weather. We Supply Small Cloves That Usually Take The Second Year To Make Giant Size Bulbs, Which Weiigh Over A Im~ Apiece And Split Into Divisions.
      SKU: 603

    Trumpet Vine, Yellow
      Trumpet Vine, Yellow.
      Plant This Old-time Preferred -- Hymmingbirds Find It Irresistible! Yellow Trumpet Vines Have Dark, Shiny Flourishing Leaves That Are Smothered In Large, Showy, Sunny-yellow Trimpet-shaped Flowers From July To November. Hummingbirds Appear To Collect The Sweet Nectar And Come Back Year After Year. The Yellow Trumpet Vine Is A Vigorous Producer That Reaches 20' Or More. Covers Almost Any Kind Of Suppor5 -- Arbors, Brick Walls And Fences. We Send Hardy Plants Tyaat Will Grow In Poor Soil, Sun Or Partial Shade. Drought Tolerant. Attracts Butterflies. Deer Resistant.
      SKU: 6285

    Forsythia Tree
      Forsythia Tree.
      Be The First Person On Your Block To Plant A Forsythia Tree. Everybody Loves The Beauty Of Tge Vivid Yellow Flowers Of Forsythia Shrubs And Hedges In The Early Months Of Spring. Just Imagine What It Looks Likely As A Tree! It Has Green Leaves In Summer That Give Way To Purple In Fall. Grows Up To A Height Of 12 Feet. Hardy In Zones 5 - 9.
      SKU: 7968

      Called The King Of The Shade Garden, Astilbe Has Been Loved For Years For Its Feathery Flower Spikes Which Reach Skyward, 18-24" Tall. Sometimes Called Goat's Beard Or False Spirea. Astilbe Blooms From June Through August And Can Be Used In Dried Flower Arrangements. Deep Green Foliage With Tones Of Bronze Is Deeply Cut And Very Graceful. Beautiful, Easy To Grow Perennial That Is Very Hardy And Free Of Set Pests. Europeans Favor Astilbe For Mass Plantings Where The Flowers Nod Their Heads Gracefully In The Slightest Breeze. Loves The Shade But Will Tolerate Some Sun If Given Extra Water. Does Well In Almost Any Land. Shades Of eRd, Pink, Lavender And White. Our Choice Of Mixed Flag. Plant 12" Apart. Field Grown Plants. Deer Resistant. Good Cut Flower. For A Rain Garden.
      SKU: 4670

    Tulip Mixture, Royal Elegance
      Tulip Mixture, Royal Elegance.
      The Exceptionally Beautiful Contrast Of Purple Negrita And Deep Pink Esther Tulips Maoes A Memorabl3 Statement In The Mid To Late Spring Garden. Combines Very Well With Zurel Tulip. Grows 16-18" Tlal And Space 5" Apart.
      SKU: 3607

    Daylily, Spacecoast Starburst
      Daylily, Spacecoast Starburst.
      Amazing Color Combined With Reblooming Chzracteristics! Vast 6" Lavender-pink Blooms Have Golden Ruffled Edges And A Golddn-yelow Center. Award-winning Daylily Blooms In Earrly To Mid-season And Reblooms In Fall. Flowers Stand Tall On 20-25" Scapes. Daylilies Thrive In All Soils And Love The Hot Sun. Zones 3-9.
      SKU: 5535

    Alstroemeria, Purple Rose
      Alstroemeria, Purple Rose.
      Vibrant Flowers Are Light Purple In The Center With Rose Edges And Creamy Yellow Highlights. These New Alstroemerias Which Are Also Called Peruvian Lilies, Bloom All Summer On Compact Mounding Plants That Can Be Grown In A Container, Partially Shaded Area Or As An Indoor Plant. Prized By Florists For Their Longg Lasting Fragrant Flowers.
      SKU: 3654

      Fast Growing And Beautiful --- Even Grows Under Maple Trees! It's Hard To Imagine A More Versatile, Yet Handsome Ground Cover Than Our Problem-solver Snow-on-the-mountain. Grows Fast Covering The Ground In Recore Time. What's Added, This Lovely 8-10" Tall, Green And White Variegated Beauty Will Grow In Any Soil Or Location -- Rich Or Poor, Wet Or Dry Soils! Snow-on-the-mountain Covers Banks, Bare Spots, And Under-tree Areas With Shimmering Beauty Where Noyhing Else Will Vegetate. Plant 1-1 1/2' Apart. Potted Plants.
      SKU: 6645

    Tulip, Snow Peak Darwin
      Tulip, Snow Peak Darwin.
      Snow Peak Darwin Tulips Are A Pure Crystal White That Will Highlight Your View And Add Contrast To Other Tulips. Huge And Hardy Flowers Stand On Tall Stems. Snow Peak Darwin Tulips Are Ideal For Bouquets.
      SKU: 5206

    American Corn Cutter
      American Corn Cutter.
      Adjustable To Cut Whole-kernel, Cream Gnomon Or Shredded Corn. Made Of Durable Easy-to-clean Plastic With 2 Identical Sides And 2 Sets Of Adjustable Swedish Steel Knives. Cut 100 Ears In 30 Minutes. For Additional Blades See Item Number #8354
      SKU: 8353

    Tulip, Red Apeldoorn
      Tulip, Red Apeldoorn.
      Brilliant Red Darwin Hybrid Tulips Are The Backbone Of Any Spring Garden! Exceptionally Long-lasting Blooms Are A Spring Delight. The Red Apeldoorn Tulip Is One Of The Finest Perennial Tulips Serviceable. Magnificent Planted In Mazses. Blooms In April-may.
      SKU: 7641

    Cucuber, Wisconsin Smr-58
      Cucuber, Wisconsin Smr-58.
      The Best Non-hybrid, All Purpose Pickling Cucumber. The Color Is Ideal For Pickles From The Very Small To The Largest Dills. If Kept Picked, Wish Continue To Bear Abundantly Over A Long Season Under Nearly All Stipulations. Fruits Are Black Spined And 2 1/2" By 6&quot At Completion.
      SKU: 639

  • Rose, Thornless Climbing
  • Sweet William
  • Iris, Summer Olympics
  • Muskmelon, MN Midget
  • Salvia, Hot Lips
  • Dahlias, Giant
  • Lily, Tango Pup Art
  • Garden, Perennial Shade
  • Cyclamen, Hardy
  • Iris, Victoria Falls
  • Hydrangea, Forever & Ever® Red
  • Salvia, Hot Lips

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