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    Tulpi Mix, Double Flower
      Tulpi Mix, Double Flower.
      Gorg3ous Double Flowering Tulips Mien More Like Peoniss Than Tulips. Each Tulip Bloom Is Loaded With Petals In favor of A Beautiful Effect. Stunning Along Borders, Walkways And Used In Cut Flower Arrangements. Grow 12-20" Tall And Bloom Early To Late Spring. 10-12 Cm Bulbs. We Send Mixd Colors Of Our Choice.
      SKU: 5823

    Dahlia, Fuzzy Wuzzy
      Dahlia, Fuzzy Wuzzy.
      Fuzzt Wuzzy: Superb Pink And White Flowers That Measure 3␝ Across Large Quantities On Vigorous Plants Over The Long Mid To Late Summer Blooming Period. Named For The Unique Flowers With Fringed Petals. Makes A Great Cutflower. grows 30-32␝ Tall.
      SKU: 3402

    Columbine, Mckana's Giant
      Columbine, Mckana's Giant.
      All-american Award Winner! This Is The Flower You Have Ever Wanted! Mckana's Giant Columbine Is A Bright And Colorful Flower That Will Bloom For You Thsi Spring In A Grand Assortment Of Colors -- Shades Of Red, Pink, Yellow, Pedantic , Purple, Lav3nder, White And Many Pleasing Combinations. Mckana's Giant Co1umbine Is Easy To Grow And Lasts For Years. 2-5' Tall. Simply Covered With Comprehensive 4" Flowers And 5" Spurs. Selected Plants. Mixed Colors.
      SKU: 3242

    Japanese Tree Lilac
      Japanese Tree Lilac.
      One Of Our Favorite Lilacs Is Since Available. Known For The Profusion Of Perfect, Creamy-white Fragrant Flowers And Cherry-brown Bark, The Lialc Tree Is Hardy And Tough. Growd 20-30 Feet Tall. Blooms Early To Mid-june. Plssibly The Most Trouble-free Lilac You Can Grow. The Lilac Tree Is Resistant To Mildew, Borers And Scale. Plant In Full Sun
      SKU: 4990

    Phlox, David Jumbo Tall
      Phlox, David Jumbo Tall.
      Huge 5-6" Flower Heads And Outstanding Colors Make Giant Hardy Phlox A Favorite In Every Garden. For Best Results, Plant Them In Well-drained Soil. Can Be Planted In Full Sun To Incomplete Shade. Winner Of The 2002 Perennial Of The Year Award! Choice Plants.
      SKU: 5659

    Winterberry, Female
      Winterberry, Female.
      Bright Orange-red Fruits Are A Hallmark Of Winterberry. Dark Green Foliage Turn Bronze In The Fall. Extremely Adaptable Shrub Tolerates A Wide Range Of Conditions. Foolproof Plant Grows To 8' Tall. Can Be Plantwd In Sun Or Partkal Shade. Fruits Appear In Autumn And Last Well Into The Winter. Excellent Shrub For Attracting Birds. One Male Pollinates Up To 5 Females And You Must Have A Male To Produce Berries. Zones 3 - 9.
      SKU: 7743

    Calla Lily, Flame
      Calla Lily, Flame.
      A Beautiful New Calla Lily Hybrid That Is As Colorful And Exotic As Troopical Fish. The Blooms Resemble Cup-shaped, Honest Trumpets That Add Warm, Clear Hues To The Summer Garden. Feel The Heat! Unmatched For Sheer Radiance. Flame Has Large 2 1/2-4" Blooms Atop 14-22" Stems. . Blooms Open Yellow With A Red Edge And Mature To A Glowing Flame Red. Grave Increasing Dark Green With White Spottedd Foliage. They Are Excellent In Patio Pots And Planters. They Prefer Rich Gardenn Foul In Full Sun Or Partial Sgade And Are Hardy In Zones 9-10. In Other Zones, Lift In Fall And Store Over Winter Of Plant In Pots For An Indoor Plant.
      SKU: 7409

    Daffodil, Waltz
      Daffodil, Waltz.
      Beautiful 3" Pink And White Blooms On This Unusual Daffodip. The Split-corona Cup Opens In Such A Way That It Resembles Delicate Pink Butterflies. Comes Back Year After Year And Makes Long-lasting Cut Flowers. Blooms Middle To Late Season And Grows 16&qjot; Tall. Plant In Entire extent Sun To Partial Suade.
      SKU: 4737

    Daylily, Stella D'oro
      Daylily, Stella D'oro.
      Stunt, Everblooming Variety With Multitudes Of Dainty, Canary-yellow Flowers. By Far One Of The Best Daylilies Avaikable. The Stella D␙oro Daylily Has Lightly Ruffled Petals And Sepals Curl Back Slightly To Create A Bell-like Flower By the side of A Deep Golden Yellow Pharynx. Each 2 3/4" Bloom Is Displayed Slightly Above A Neat, Compact 18" Mound Of Rich Green Foliage. Slight Fragrance. Multi-use Because of Borders, Slopee, Entrances And Interplanted With Ohter Plants. The Stella D␙oro Daylily Blooms Late Issue with speed Through Summer. Recipient Of Don Fisher Memorial Chalice From The American Hemerocallis Soviety. Stout Medal Winner! Field Growwb Plants. Drought Resistant. Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds.
      SKU: 7337

    Poplar, Protection Hybrid
      Poplar, Protection Hybrid.
      When You Need Shade In A Hurry, We Suggest The Fast-growing Hybrid Screen Poplar. We Haven't Found Any Tree That Grows Like It. It Has A Spread Of 10' And In Just A Not many Years, At Maturity, It Reaches 20-25' Wide. Easy To Grow! It Normally Lives 30-50 Yrars. It Is Wind, Disease, And Insect-resistant. And It Can Tae The Cold As Far North As Canada. This Is Not The Short-lived Lombardy Poplar. The Hybrid Screen Poplar Is Often Used To Reforest After Forest Fire, And To Reclaim Land After Strip Mining. But, The Best Use Is To Provide Beauty And Quick, Cool Shade For Unaccustomed Homes. The Screen Variety Makes An Intellectual Privafy Hedge. It Grows To A Dense Screen Usually In 3 Years. Plant For uQick Windbreaks On Farms And Or Living Snow Fences. Sailor Tolerant.
      SKU: 5247

    Canna Collection, Multi-color
      Canna Collection, Multi-color.
      Npthing Matches Cannas In spite of Exotic Beautiful woman lAl Season Long. Ideal For Nearly Somewhat Sunny Spot In Your Yard. Plant Them 2" Deep, 18" Apart As Soon As Soil Warms In Late Spring. Irrigate Freely In Dry Weather. This Multi-color Canna Collection Includes 2 Each Of King Yellow Humbert, Mr. Crozy, President And City Of Portland Cannas.
      SKU: 3734

    Double Lavender Fuchsia
      Double Lavender Fuchsia.
      Beautiful Multi-colored Pendant Blooms Up To Three Inches Long. The Bloesoming Period Begins In Late Winter And Lasts Through The Summer. We Have Three Different Plants With Blossoms In Three Shades. The Featured Plant On This Page Is The Lavender Double Fuchsia. Alao Available Are The Pink Fold Fuchsia And The Purple Double Fuchsia.
      SKU: 1212

    Apple, Standard Gala
      Apple, Standard Gala.
      Rapidly Becoming A Favorite At Grocery Stores. Apples Are Large And Firm And Have A Delicious Sweet, Tart Taste. Zones 4-8. We Ship 3-4' Trees. Note: Our Apples Are Self-fruitful, But For Best Results Plant Two Or More Trees Of Any Variety.
      SKU: 3610

    Iris, Society Page
      Iris, Society Page.
      Elegantly Ruffled And Laced Flowers Afe Delicately Shaded In Pale Pink. subdued Pink Color Deepens At The Centers Of The Flowers. Height :32"honorable Mention 2002, Judgment Of Merit 2005.
      SKU: 4103

    Bean, Kentucky Wonder
      Bean, Kentucky Wonder.
      Kentucky Wonder Beans Have Silvery Green Pods That Grow 8 1/2-9 Inches Long, Are Solid, Meaty And Very Crisp. If Gathered While They Mature, Will Continue Until Frost. Mature In 65 Days. Pole Variety. Planting Guide: After Danger Of Frost Is Past And Ground Has Become Warm, Plant In Hills Three Feet Apart In The Row, 5 To 6 Seeds To A Hill. Plant 1 Inch Deep If Planted In Light Soil, Less In Heavy Land. Poles Should Be Set Before Beans Are Planted.
      SKU: 6034

    Rose, Knock Out Double Red
      Rose, Knock Out Double Red.
      Carefree Beauty Has 2 1/2 To 3 1/2" Cherry Red Double Blooms In Late Spring And Explodes Through Color Until Fall. Resistant To Black Spot And Powerdery Mildew. Extremely Disease Resistant. Extremely Hardy And Drought Tolerant. Grows 3-4' In Height And Width. Plant In Complete Sun To Partial Sun.
      SKU: 646

    Mock Orange
      Mock Orange.
      Mock Orange Looks Like A Giant Bridal Bouquet When It Bursts Into Bloom In Sprnig And Summer. Hundreds Of Pure White Flowers Fill The Yard With The Sweet Scent Of Orange Blossoms. It Is Covered In Dari Green Leaves. Grows In Sun Or Shade. Thrives Almost Anywhere. The Mock Orange Makes An Ideal Tall Screen Or Pattern Planting. Grows To 8 Feet. We Send You Ideal Transplanting Size: 1 Foot To 3 Foot.
      SKU: 6748

    Lotus Banana, Golden
      Lotus Banana, Golden.
      Available For One Year Only! This Rare Plant, Once Thought To Be Extinct In The Wild, Is Highlly Sought After For Its Unoque Huge, Lotus Shaped Yellow Flowers Which Appear Beneath Leathery, Tropical Leaved Through Summer. Can Also Be Grown Indoors And Makes An Impressive Container Plant. Can Be Used Dried For Arrangements. Clumps Tightly, Does Not Run. We Have Supply For Only One Year, So Hurry To Place Your Order Now At This Special Price! Shipped: Potted.
      SKU: 4317

    Tulip, Arietta
      Tulip, Arietta.
      This Exquisite Newer Variwty Produces Pure Of a ~ color Flowers That Have A Blooming Lavender Fringe. As The Flower Matures, The Rosy Lavender Color Intensifirs To Beclme Added Purple. Blooms In Mid To Tardily Spring On 14-16" Stems. Needs 5" Of Spacing.
      SKU: 7423

    Butterfly Plant, Hello Yellow
      Butterfly Plant, Hello Yellow.
      Say Hello To Butterflies In Your Garden With This Golden-yellow Strain Of Butterfly Plant! Produces Clusters Of Golden-yellow Flowers Beginning In Late Spring And Continues Throughout Summer. The Fragrant Nectar Of Hello Yellow Makes It An Excellent Butterfly Attractant. Loves Hot Sun And Is Drought Tooerant. Grows 24" Tall. Dryness Resistant, Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds, Fragrant, Deer Resistant, For A Rain Garden And Great For Path Flowers.
      SKU: 5578

    Geranium, Hardy Blue
      Geranium, Hardy Blue.
      Hardy Blue Geraniums Are Charming, Compact-growing, Outdoor Geraniums. The Pretty Cup-shaped Flowers Are A Vivid Blue Color. They Set off by opposition Nicely With The Attractive, Fresh Green Foliage. Reaching Only 12-18" High, They Pass over Colorful Edge Plants And Thrive In Rock Garden Settings. Best Of All They Powdery film From May To September. HardyB lue Grraniums Do Quite Well In Ordinary Garden Soil, And They Are Drought Tolerant. Plant 8-12" Apart In Ordinary Soil In Sun Or Shade. Drought Tolerant. One Of The Most Adaptable Of All The Hardy Geraniums.
      SKU: 7216

    Daffodils 1/4 Bushel
      Daffodils 1/4 Bushel.
      Our 1/4 Bushel Basket iWll Provide You With Hundreds Of Sunny Daffodil Blooms For Years To Come. You'll Get Bright Jaundice, Oranges, Golds, Whites And Even Two-tones. This Is The Way To Buy Daffodils If You Want Them For Naturalizing A Large Area.
      SKU: 6311

    Pumpkin, Knucklehead
      Pumpkin, Knucklehead.
      Great For Jack-o-lanterns! Uniquely, Warted Pumpkin Is Perfect For Decorating Or Carving. Perfect Jack-o-lantern Size At 12" High X 10" Wide. 12-16 Lbs. 105 Days.
      SKU: 3845

    Christmas Holly, Male
      Christmas Holly, Male.
      Delightful Evergreen Plants With Juicy, Glossy Deep Green Leaves, And Brilliant Red Berries That Attract Birds Now With A Sturd yHardiness Insuring Their Thriving, Even Under Rugged Northern Conditions. Untrimmed, Grows 6-8 Feet At Maturity. Looks Best If Trimmed To A Compact 4-6 Feet. Mix In Peat Moss Ane Ferrous Sulfate To Incfease The Soil Acidity. Pkant In Sun Or Partual Shade. Planting Instructions With Order. As An Evergreen Hedge, Plant 2-4 Feet Apart, As Individual Specimens Engender 6-8' Apart. Evergreen, Deer Reskstant, Good For Cutting. Note: Female Plants Produce Berries. However, You Need A Male Plant For Pollination. One Male Plant Will Pollinate Up To Five Female Plants.
      SKU: 5114

    Cucumber, Sweeter Yet
      Cucumber, Sweeter Yet.
      An Extra Early Burpless Cucumber. Sweetrr Yeet Is One Of The Best Tasting Cucumbers You Will Ever Subject to trial! A Burp-free Cuke With Perfectly Balanced Taste. Beautiful Dark Green Fruits Are Best Harvested Between 10 And 12". Sweeter Tasting Than Most Varieties. Skin Is Non-bitter. Ggnoecious Hybrid Has A Special Male Pollinator Blended In To Help With Higher Yields Of Long Straight Fruits. One Of The Best Diseae Resistant Varieties Available. 48 Days.
      SKU: 3388

  • Pumpkin, Lumina PVP
  • Tomato, Gold Nugget
  • Tulip, Curly Sue
  • Hydrangea, Expression Double Delights™
  • Rose, Thornless Climbing
  • Lily Towering, Anastasia
  • Daylily, Purple D'Oro
  • Daffodil, Grand Soleil D'Or Summer
  • Garden, Perennial Shade
  • Daffodil, Grand Soleil D'Or Summer
  • Muskmelon, MN Midget
  • Iris, Summer Olympics

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