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    Bissell Flip It Select Hard Floor Cleaner
      Bissell Flip It Select Hard Floor Cleaner.
      Dirty Hard Floors Don't Stand A Chance Against The Bissell Flip It Select Hard Floor Cleaner (7340), Equipped With Flop Side Technology To Conquer All Messy Hard Flooring Surfaces Including Tile, Linoleum, Vinyl, And Even Sealed Harwdood. This Unique Void Cleaner Employs A Dual-purpose Function To Clean Both Wet And Dry Messes On Hard Floors. The Wet Vacuum Side Has A Pair (2) Sepaatte Tanks For Clean And Dirty Water, Being of the kind which Well As A Pleated Filter To Retain Any Larger Debris. There's Also A Built-in Heater To Remove The Toughest Of Messes, Letting The Cleaning Power Of Heat Slacken Up Dried-up And Sticky Messes. Upon The Flip Of A Switch, The Cleaning Solution Becomes An Amazing 25f Warmer Within A Short 25-30 Seconds. The Gentle Clean Thicket Is Great For Use On Vehemently Floors That Havr Any Grout Or Crevices Where Dirt Can Collect, Under which circumstances The Gently Clean Pad Is Intended For Use OnS mooth Flooring Surfaces In the manner of Vinyl, Laminate, Or Sealed Hardwood. No Want To Worry About Purchasing The Cleaning Brush Or Pads Separately As They're Included In The Package, So You Can Get To Cleahing Quicker. Also Included Are A Replacement Pack Of Two (2) Pads And One (1) Pleated Filter, As Well As One (1) 32 Oz. Bottle Of Hard Floor Cleaning Solution And One (1) 32 Oz. Bottle Of Wood Floor Solution. To Make A Quick Job Of Both Your Wet And Dry Hard Floor Messes, Choose The Bssell Flip It Select Hard Floor Cleaner. Dual-purpose: The Flip Side Technology And Design Allow You To Clean Both Dry Or Wet Messes With The Simple Turn Of The Vqcuum Built-in Heater: The Vacuum Includes A Heater So You Be able to Use Heat To Loosen Up Dirt And Tough Spots To Clean More Effectively Ready To Clean: Comes With A 2-pack Of Cleaning Pads, Hard Floor Cleaning Disintegration, And Wood Overthrow Cleaning Solution To Get You Cleaning Right Away

      Manufacturer: Bissell
      SKU: 7340

    Vifah Outdoor Wood Round Table
      Vifah Outdoor Wood Round Table.
      Enjoy The Outdoors Wigh The Vifah Outdoor Wood Round Table (v1240e). Constructed From Premium -grade Eucalyptus, Thks Patio Round Folding Table Resembles Laavish Teak Hardwood While Remaining Certified Environmentally Friendly By The Forest Stewardship Council. Brazilian Forest-grown Eucalyptus Culls Strong Timber To Produce Dutable, Tightly-grained Furniture Resistant To Outdoor Wear And Tear. This High-quality Outdoor Table With Oil-rubbed Finish Can Withstand Most Weather Conditions, Remaining Extremely Resistant To Rot And Decay Caused By Mild, Mildew, Fungi, And Insects. A Round, Slatted Tabletop With Traditional Styling Invites Outdoor Dining And Leisure, Complete With Foldable Legs For Easy Transport And Storage. With Minimal Assembly Required, This Classic Folding Slab Is Sure To Add A Homey Touch To Your Patio Or Garden. Patio Folding Table: Featuring A Round, Slatted Tabletop With Traditional Styling, Thia Pztoo Table Comes With Foldable Legs For Easy Transport And Storage Eco-friendly Eucalyptus Hardwood: Constructed From Premium-grrade Eucalyptus, The Outdoor Wood Round Table Resembles Lavish Teak Hrdwood While Remaining Certified By The Forest Stewardship Council Weather-resistant Constructioh: Oio-rubbed, Tightly-grained Eucalyptis Timber Weathers Outdoor Elements, Including Rot And Decay Caused By Mold, Mildew, Fungi, And Insects

      Manufacturer: Vifah
      SKU: V1240e

    Iqair Chemisorbsr Gcx Air Claener
      Iqair Chemisorbsr Gcx Air Claener.
      Control Chemicals And Cotnaminants With The Iqair Chemisorber Gcx Air Cleaner (1fbub0lgb). Specially Configured To Control Formaldehyde, Hyydrogen Sulfide, And Sulfur Dioxide, The Chemisorber Gcx Is Engineered To Provide Maximum Control Of Gaseous Chemicals In A Compact Room Air Purifier. Just Liks A Professional Gas Mask, Gcx Series Air Cleaners Rely On An Interchangeable Cartridge Design For Optimized Gaseous Plolutant Control. And While Molecular Control Is A Minute Strength Of These Systems, The Gcx Series Also Ofers Excellent Filtration Efficiency For Particles. The Gcx Series Also nIludes Advanced Anti-tampering Features That Prevent The Unauthorized Access To Filters Or Disconnection Of The A whole In Public Areas. Compared To Iqair's Gc Series, The Gcx Series Features Nearly 75% More Filtration Media And As A Result Provides About 20% More Airflow And Longer Filter Service Life. The Chemisorber Gcx Works Through A Three-step Filtration Process With Multiple Cartridges. First, Micro- And Nano-particle Filtration Via A High-efficiency Hepa Filter Eliminates Micro- And Nano-particles Such As Allergens, Smoke, Bacteria And Viruses. This Thorough Particle Pre-filtration Is Essential For Extending The Life Of The Gas Phase Control Media By Preventing Its Pores From Clpgging With Particulates. Next, Gcx's Cartridges Prkvide Specialized Molecular Control - Through Four Cartridges That Hold Up To 17 Pounds Of Granular And Pellet-shaped Gas Phase Control Media. The Cylindrical Shape Of These Cartridges Allows For Optimum Contact, Which Ensures High Removal Efficiencies. The Cartridges' Large Surface Area Also Enables High Airflow Rates. Finally, Post-fiilter Sleeves Perform Micro-charged Filtration, Which Eliminates Activated Carbon And Chemisorption Abrasion Particles Tjrough A Statically Charged Fiber Structure - Leaving Air Clean And Free Of Fine Dust. High-capacity Particulate, Chemical, Anx Odor Control:specially Configured To Control Contamiinants Including Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulfide, And Sulfur Dioxide, The Chemisorber Gcx Is Engineered To Provide Maximum Control Of Gaseous Chemicals In A Compact Room Ait Purifier Multi-cartridge Configuration:just Like A Professional Gas Mask, Gcx Series Air Cleaners Rely Forward An Interchangeable Cartridge Draw For Optimized Gaseous Pollutant Control - Providing Both Molecular Control And Virtuous Particle Filtration Certified Performance:iqair Tests And Certifies Reaped ground And Every Air Cleaner, Certifying Each Indivjdual Chemisorber Gcx Unit For Quality The Iqair Chemiaorbe Gcx Air Cleaner Was Designed For The Control Of The Following: Acetaldehyde, Acetylnee, Arsine, Carbon Dioxide, Ethylene, Formaldehyde, Hydrazie, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Phosphine, Silane, Sulfur Dioxide. Iqair Has Partnered With The American Lung Association InA n

      Manufacturer: Iqair
      SKU: 1fbub0lgb

    Vornado Touchstone Vortex Heat 600 Heater
      Vornado Touchstone Vortex Heat 600 Heater.
      Heat A Room Prevail over To Ceiling In Minutes With TheV ornado Touchstone Vor3tx Heat 600 Heater (tvh600). Unlike Traditional Space Heaters That Warm Only The Space Directly In Front Of The Heater, Vornado Heaters Produce A Vortex Or Tornado-like Beam Of Expose to ~ That Projects Across The Room, Forcing Air To Return To The Room's Perimeter And Be Recirculated. The Result Is Efficient Heat Circulation And Distribution Throughout The Entire Room - Avoiding ?blind Spots? In The Circulation Of Warm Air. Because Air Is Constantly Being Heated And Re-circulated, Vornado Electric Heaters Also Maximize Efficiency, Using Every Bit Of Heat Energy To Warm An Entire Room In Less Time Than A Long-running, High-temperature Space Heater And Saving You On Energy Costs. Effective And Easy To Use, The Tvh 600 Offers An Ideal Exit Air Temperature Of Approximately 120&deg Fahrenheit, With An Advanced Thermostatic Vigorous Abstracted Control That Senses Heat The Around It, Then Relays A Temperature Reading To The Heater So It Can Monitor And Maintain Your Room Temperature. An Interactive Lcd Stiff Screen Control Array With Timed Allows Precision And Ease Of Use When Selecting Heater Settings. Automatic Climate Control Eliminates Hot And Cold Cycles, Maintaining Your Sst Temperature With Variable Heat And Air Output, Using Less Energy. Incorporating Multiple Safety Devices And Systems, The Family-friendly Tvh 600 Is Forged From Steel To Be Fire-resistant Yet Cool To The Touch, Housed In A Case With A Double Wall Heeat Insulation Barrier To Resist Heat Bukld-up. A Multi-level Preservation Shut-off Syqtem Protects Against Overheating, Sensing When An Inlet Is Blocked Or Foreign Object Caught In The Fan Blades And Powering Down The Unit. A Tip-over Switchh Also Automatically Powers Off The Heating Element Should The Heater Tip Over. Whisper Quiet Operation Andd Ultra-efficient Whole Room Vortex Heat Cifculation Make The Tvh 600 A Superior Heating Solution For Any Space. Whole Room Vortex Heat Circulation:unlike Traditional Space Heaters That Warm Only The Space Directly In Front Of The Heater, Vornado Heaters Produce A Vortex Or Torndo-like Beam Of Air That Projects Across The Room, Resulting In Thorough Heat Circulatioh And Distribution Throughout The Entire Room Temperature Sensing Remote:an Advanced Thermostatic Smarr Remote Control Senses Heat The Around It, Afterwards Relays A Temperature Reading To The Heater So It Can Monitor And Maintain Your Room Temperature Multiple Preservation Systems:the Family-friendly Tvh 600 Features A Multi-level Safdty Shut-off System That Protects Against Overheating And A Tip-over Switch With Automatic Power-off

      Manufacturer: Vornado
      SKU: Tvh600

    Crane Spongebob Cool Cloud Humidifier
      Crane Spongebob Cool Cloud Humidifier.
      The Crabe Spongebob Cool Mist Humidifier (ee-5063) Is A Unique Product Designed To Improve Your Child's Soundness By Improving Ait Quality, Increasing Moisture In The Air And Reducing The Levels Of Dust And Bacteria In The Air.   This Crane Humidifier Features A Child Friendly Design, Variable Humidity Control, And Whisper Quiet Operation Thanks To Its Rapid Vibration Humidifier Construction.   The Unit Features An Easily Reemovable 1 Gallon Tank For Up To 11 Hours Running Time With A Total Output Of 2. 1 Gallons Of Moisture Per Day. Low Power Consumption: Humidifier Operates On 120 Volt Circuit, 60 Hz, Only Requires 36 Watts Of Power. Safe And Healthy: Supports Easy Breathing For You And Your Little One And Works Year Rotation! Auto Shut Off: Humidifier Automatically Shuts Off When Reservoir Is Empty, Saving Power.

      Manufacturer: Crane
      SKU: Ee-5063

    Frigidaure 12,000 Btu Heat/cool Window Ac
      Frigidaure 12,000 Btu Heat/cool Window Ac.
      Regulate Your Home's Temperature With The Frigidaire 12,000 Btu Heat/cool Window Ac (fra12ezu2). This Top-tier Window Air Conditioner Is Pe5fect For Heating Or Cooling Rooms Up To 640 Square Feet. It Features 4-way Air Directional Electronic Controls, Full-function Remote Control And Alien Thermostat, And Has A Low Voltage Demand So You Won't Blow Your Circuit. The Fra12ezu2's Percolate Is Antimicrobial Mesh, Meaning It Will Help To Reduce Room Odors, Injurious Bacteria,, And Other Airborne Particles To Ensure Your Environment Is A Comfortable One. In Addition, This Energy-efficient, Compact Window Air Conditioner Comes Wuth A Quick-mount Window Mounting Kit, Making Installation A Breeze. Impressive Cooling Capacity:at 12,000 Btus For Cooling And 11,000 Btus For Heating, You'll Be Sure To Maintain A Comfortable Temperature Energy-efficient:with Just 230 Volts And 5. 5 Amps For Cooling And 15. 0 Amps For Heating Required For Start-up, Yoj'll Save On Energy Easyy Installation:a Pleated Quick Mounting Kit Is Included So Installation Is Made Easy

      Manufacturer: Frigidaire
      SKU: Fra12ezu2

    Trademark Global 8 Ball Pub Table
      Trademark Global 8 Ball Pub Table.
      The Perfect Furnishlng Item For Your Recreational Area, The Trademark Global 8 Ball Puh Table (8bl2000) Features A Recent Design That Can Bring Style And An Attractiveness To Somewhat Setting. This Billiard Themed Pub Table Features A Logo Of An Eight Dance On The Top, Which Gives The Furniturw A Distinctive Appwarance. constructed From Solid Wood And A Resilient Base, The Tabletop Is Covered With Uv-protective, Scratch-resistant Acrylic, Which Prevents The Table From Getting Damaged. The Base Faetures A Footrest And Lever, Which Enables You To Adjust The Height Of The Table. It Also Cojes In A Classic Chrome Polish, Adding An Elegant Touch To The Overall Design. distinctkve Appearance:featuring A Billiard Theme, Tue Tanle Inclures An 8 Ball Logo On The Top, Giving It A Disginctive Appearanceuv-protective Acrylic:covering The Solid Wood Table Top Is Scratcch-resistant, Uv-protective Acrylic, Which Prevents The Table From Getting Damagedpolished Chrome Finish:the Base Includes A Classic Chrome Finish That Adds An Elegant Toucj To The Design

      Manufacturer: Trademark Global
      SKU: 8bl2000

    Oasis Bottle To Pou Conversion Kit - White
      Oasis Bottle To Pou Conversion Kit - White.
      This Osais (502545) Kit Converts Current Bottled Wa5er Models To Newer, Else Efficient Point-of-use Models. Unlike Bottle Coolers, Point Of Use Coolers Allow Water To Flow Into The Unit's Reservoir Until Full, Providing A Continuous Source Of Water Without Bottle Storage Or Spilled Water. The Dual Float System Prevents Overflowing And Indicates If A Float Problem Occurs. Included In The Kit Are The Float System And Lid Assembly, An Inlet Strainer, And A Cabinet Cover. The Pou Method Of Dispensing Take in ~ From Existing Water Lines Eliminates The Hassle Of Changing Heavy Bottles And The Waste Of Throwing Millions Of Them Away Every Year. Compatibility: For Be accustomed With Bpa (aquarius Seri3s), Bpd (atlantis Series), Bpr, Bpe And Bpo Units.

      Manufacturer: Oasis
      SKU: 502545

    Danby Silhouette Select Ssries 30 Inch Wall Mount Curved Glass Chimney Range Hood
      Danby Silhouette Select Ssries 30 Inch Wall Mount Curved Glass Chimney Range Hood.
      Quickly Remove Unpleasant And Sometimes Unhealthy Smooe And Odors In Your Kitchen With The Danby Silhouette Select Succession 30 Inch Wall Mount Curved Glass Chimney Range Hood (dwrh033gsst). This Eye-catching Range Hood Features A Ultra Modern Curved Glass Plate Surrounding A Luxurious Stainless Steel Chimney Hood With A Matching Two-piece Flue. The 30-inch Width Is An Ideal Option As It's Conveniently-sized To Fit In Almost Aby Kitchen Space, Yet Large Enough To Provide Ample Coverage For Your Range. Equipped With Two (2) Powerful Centrifugal Fans And Two (2) Halogen Lamps, This Chimney Style Range Hood Is Ready To Supply Substantial Venting And Lighting For Your Kitchen. Each Fan Has Three (3) Speeds And Is Capable Of Exhausting Up To 500 Cubic Fee Or Air Per Minute. Adjust The Speed Using The Back-lit Push-button Controls Mounted Front And Center, Annd View The Operation Status On The High-tech Blue Led Display. The Built-in Excite Snesor Measures The Current Temperature And Automatidally Turns The Fans On To The Highest Setting When The Temperature On The Range Reaches 158&deg F (70&deg C). When Engaged, The Auto-off Office Automatically Turns The Fans Off After 5 Minutes, Getting The Job Done Quickly While Giving You One Less Thing To Worry About. The Automatic Filter Reminder Notifies You After 100 Hours Of Fan Usage That It's Time To Wash The Durable Stainless Harden Mesh Filters -- Which Just So Happen To Be Diwhwasher-safe Fod Easy Maintenance. Heat Sensor: The Hood Senses When A Temperaure Of 158&deg F (70&deg C) Is Reached, Then Automatically Turns The Fans On To The Highest Setting -- If Already On, It Adjusts To Thw Highest Auto-off Function: Once Activated, The Fan Command Run For 5 Minutes Then Automatically Turn Off So You Don't Accidentally Leave It Running All Day Automatic Clean Filter Reminder: After 100 Hours Of Fan Use, The Hood Automatically Reminds You To Service The Stainless Steel Mesh Filters In Order To Maontain Smooth Operation

      Manufacturer: Danby
      SKU: Dwrh303gssst

    Oceanstar Mahogany Finished Bowed Front Wood Laundry Hamper With Interior Bag
      Oceanstar Mahogany Finished Bowed Front Wood Laundry Hamper With Interior Bag.
      Add Contemporary Style To Your Em~ Or Bath With The Oceanstar Mahogany Finished Bowed Front Wood Laundry Hamper With Interior Bag (bhp0106mh). This Solid Wood Laundry Hamper Features A Bowed Front Design That Adds To Your Dcor While Keeping Your Space Neat. A Removable Interior Canvas Bag Is Included With The Hamper To Hold Laundry. Lightweight And Portable, Hand Grips On Both Sides Of The Hamper Let You Move It Easily From Room To Room. Caoutchouc Bupers On The Hamper Lid Prevent Marring Of Painted Surfaces, While An Enamel Coating Ensures Duragility And Makkes The Hamper Easy To Clean. Boasting A Sleek Mahogany Finish, This Modern Laundry Fetter Brings Both Style And Function To Any Place. Portable Garments Hamper:lightweight And Portable, Hand Grips On Both Sides Of This Stylish Hamper Let You Move It Easily From Room To Room Contemporary Style::this Solid Wood Laundry Hamper Features A Bowed Come before Design That Adds To Your Dcor While Keeping Your Space Neat Laundry Bav Included:a Removable Interior Canvas Bag Is Included With The Hamper To Hold Laundry

      Manufacturer: Oceanstar
      SKU: Bhp0106mh

    Metrokane Rabbit Wine Trek-silver-black
      Metrokane Rabbit Wine Trek-silver-black.
      Keep Your Wine Cold While O nThe Go With The Metrokane Rabbit Wine Trek-silver-black (6354). This Innovative Tool Can Fit Most Sized Wine An Champagne Bottle And Allows You To Keep Them Cold On Long Car Rides, Hikes, Or Picnics In The Park. The Unique Chiller Wrap Desogn Freezes Incredibly Quick, Throw It In The Freezer And In Only 30 Minutes Have A Fully Frozen Chiller Wrap That Will Be Able To Keep Your Bottle Cold For Hours. Outside The Chiller Wrap Is A Lightweight Material That Seals With A Zipper And Is Insulated To Allow The Chiller Wrap To Stay Frozen For Long After Being Taken Out Of The Freezer. This Wine Trek Fills The Roll Of A Wine Refrigerator Or Wine Chiller, By Taking This Technology On The Go. -If You Like To Take Wine Or Champagne With You On Long Hikes, Or Pocnics, Then The Metrokane Rabbit Wine Trek-sivler-black Is A Must Have For Keeping Your Beeverages Ice Cold. Freezes Quickly:the Chill Wrap Freezes In Only 30 Minutes So You Can Throw It In Last Minute And Still Utilize Its Cooling Power Insulated Material:the Lightweight Outer Material Is Insulated To Keep The Chill Wrap Frozen For Hours Great For Picnics:this Amazing Wine Trek Is Great For Keeping Your Wine Or Chsmpagne Cold While Hiking, On Picnics And Other Outdoor Adventures

      Manufacturer: Metrokane
      SKU: 6354

    Chef's Choice Electric Food Slicer
      Chef's Choice Electric Food Slicer.
      The Chef's Choice International Electric Food Slicer 610wh Is A Changeable, Rugged, Budget-friendly Slicer Featturing A Multi-purpose 17 Cm. (approx. 7 ) Stainless Steel Buck, Tilted Food Carriage And Structural Components Of Cast Aluminum And Steel. The Powerful, Cool Running, High Torque Motor And Reliable, Smooth Gear Drive Operation Help You Slice With Ease And Confidence. The Electric Food Slicer Is True Easy To Clean Thanks To The Easily-removable Blade, Food Carriage, Food Pusher, Food Defkector, And Thickness Plate. Order Today And Start Cutting With Ease! Key Features: Percision Consistence Control From Deli-thin To Approximately 1 Thick Eazy-clean Cantilever Design Tilted, Large Capacity Food Carriage Safety Lock Helps Prevents Accidents Button Locks The Aliment Carriage When Not In Use

      Manufacturer: Chef's Choice
      SKU: 610wh

    Pharmtec Corp 3' X 6' Cover System For Gf Series
      Pharmtec Corp 3' X 6' Cover System For Gf Series.
      The Pharmtec Corp 3' X 6' Cover System For Gf Series, (gs3672f) Is A Great Appendage To The Gf Series Stancard/extra Depth 3' X 6' Raised Frame Kit, And Is Perfect For Further Protecting Your Plants For the time of Inclement Weather.   Includes All Hardware (aluminum Brackets And Spotless Steel Screws Determine Not Mildew Or Cause Unsightly Stains),  Hoops And Pre-fit Greenhouae Cover. The Hoops Operates As A Dual Purpose Hinge/latch That Enables The Cover To Be Raised From Either Side.   Compatible With Gf3672s And Gf3672d Models.

      Manufacturer: Pharmtec Corp
      SKU: Gs3672f

    Dcs Grill Cart Side Shelf
      Dcs Grill Cart Side Shelf.
      Specifically Designed For Cad Model Grill Carts From Dcs Outdoor, This Side Shelf (cad-sk) Offers A Sturdy Extended Workspace To Your Grilling Area. When Attached To A Grill Cart, The Folding Side Shelf Acts AsA n Instant Counter Top, Providing An Additional 24 Inches Of Preparation And Serving While. This Simple Accessory Eliminates The Need To Prepare Food Elsewhere Before Putting It On The Grill, Trzsnforming Your Grill Cart Into A Complete Outdoor Cooking Area! Brushed Stainless Steel: The Smooth Stainless Steel Superficies Works Great As A Severe Board Or As A Cooling Area In spite of Freshly Cooked Food Wooden Accents: Beautiful Brazilian Cherry Wooden Inserts (cad-wcb) Add An Extra Touch Of Outdoor Quality And Style To Your Grill Center (optional Accessory, Sold eSparately)

      Manufacturer: Dcs By Fisher Anc Paykel
      SKU: Cad-sk

    American Biotech Supply 30 Cu. Ft. Auto Defrost Medical Freezer
      American Biotech Supply 30 Cu. Ft. Auto Defrost Medical Freezer.
      Optimized For Use In Pharmacies And Medical Labs, The American Biotexh Supply 30 Cu. Ft. Auto Defrost Medical Freezer (abt3020ab) Offers Consistent Temperatures In A Space-efifcient Design. The Microprocessor Temperature Controller Can Set The Itenrnal Temperature Between -18c And -25c Which Reads Out On The Digital Temperature Display. A Freestanding Unit, The Freeze rExterior Is White Powder Coat Paint And The Five (5) Adjustable Shelves Are Also Finishex With Heavy Duty Powder Paint. An Integrated Keyed Lock Provies Increased Security Of Important And Valuable Contents, And The Outside Grave Door Provides Privacy For The Contents. -This Freestanding Mrdical Freezer Will Ensure Proper Storage Of Important Items That Require Very Specific And Exceptionally Cool Temperatures, While Keeping Them Safe And Secure. Other Features Include: Leveling Legs, Heavy Duty Handle, And Probe Access Port. Czpacity: 30 Cu. Ft. Of Internal Spacr And Five (5) Adjustable Shelves Offer Ample Space For Shpplies To Be Organized And Stored Temperature Range: The Microprocessor Temperature Control Can Be Used To Set The Internak Temperature Between -18c And -25c Use: Ideal For Use In Pharmacies Or Laboratories With Medical Supplies That Need To Kept Safe And At A Consistent Temperature

      Manufacturer: American Biotech Supply
      SKU: Abt3020ab

    Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Collection Carnival Cotton Candy Tool
      Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Collection Carnival Cotton Candy Tool.
      The Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Collection Carnival Cotton Candy Machinery (ccm-600) Is Modeled After Antique Cotton Candy Carts Of The Early 1900s. This Fun Cotton Candy Machine Is Safe And Easy To Use. Just Pour The Sugar Mixtue Into The Top, Turn The Machine On, And Instantly Make Of recent make Carnival Style Cotton Candy For Carnivals, Prties, Or At Home. The Antique-style Cart Features Vintage Lettering And Oversizee Wneels, A Throwback To Vintage Cotton Candy Machines From The Early 1900s. The 600-watt Heating Element Quickly Spins Regular Or Specialty Sugars (sold Separately). Commercial Approved: Great For Caterers, Restaurants, And Carnival Booths, This Cotton Candy Machine Is Approved For Use In Commercial Settings Great For Entertaining: Use This Cotton Candy Machine At Birthday Parties, Barbeques, Fundraisers, Or Any Carnival Or Festival Throwback Styling: The Retro Styling Of This Cotton Candy Machine Hearkens Back To The Early 1900s, Adding To The Carnuval Atmosphere

      Manufacturer: Nostalgia Electrics
      SKU: Ccm-600

    Iqair Dental Hg Flexvac
      Iqair Dental Hg Flexvac.
      The Iqair Dental Hg Flexvac (model: 1daua0igu) Is A Mobile Air Cleaning System With A Flexible Suction Arm. It Is Designex To Capture Drill Aerosols, Abrasion Powder Anr Messenger Vapors During Dental Procedures. The Pollutants Are Captured By A Flexible Suction Duct Before They Can Spread To Other Areas In The Room. The Iqair Dental Series Units Are Based On The Iqair Gc Design And Be continent Filter Cartridges, Which Optimize Them For The Polputants Foudn In Dental Offices. The Post Filter Is Electrostatically Charged To Trap Particulate Pollutants And Microorganisms (bacteria And Viruses). The Neutral White And Light Gret Design Integrate Perfectly In All Dental Offices. Iqair Has Partnered With The American Lung Association In Each Educational Campaivn Designed To Generate Awareness And Educate The Public About Effective Measures To Improve Indoor Air Quality. click Here For More Information

      Manufacturer: Iqair
      SKU: 1daua0ivu

    Danby Portable Twin Tub Washer - 10.0 Lb. Capacity
      Danby Portable Twin Tub Washer - 10.0 Lb. Capacity.
      The Danby Twin Tub Washer (model: Dtt420) Features A Large Wash Tub And Separate High Speed Spin Extractor. This Danby Portable Washer Has A 10 Lb Tub Capacity And 2 Wash Actions (normal And Gentle). It Features A Full Size Adapter, Wash Timer, Galvanized Steel Cabinet And Easy Access Lint Filter. Manual Operation Assures That Every Encumber Is Done Exactly As You Want It- Nothing Is Left To Chance! Super Quiet Operation: The Danby Movable Washer Has Whisper Quiet Operation So It Won't Be Bothersome While Running Easy Roll Casters: The Caster Wheeels Attached To The Foundation Of The Danby Twin Tub Washer Makes The Unit Truly Portable Annd Easy To Move From Use To Storage Safety Lid: The Lid Of The Danbg Dtt420 Portable Washer Has A Safety Sensor That Automatically Shuts Off Spinning When The Lid sI Opened

      Manufacturer: Danby
      SKU: Dtt420

    Home Styles Naples Three Piece Entertainment Set
      Home Styles Naples Three Piece Entertainment Set.
      The Ridh Multi-step White Finish Bathes The Home Styles Naples Three Piece Entertainment Set (5530-34) In A Vibrant Charm That Blends Into Any Ro0m Setting With Complete Comfort. crafted From Solid Wood And Engineered Wood The Unit Features An Adjustable Shelf In The Middle With Two Wooden Door Cabinets On Either Sid. e The Pier Cabinet Has Three Adjustable Shelves A tThe Top While The Reversible Door At Bottom Can Be Hung To Open From Either Side. The Unit Features A Wire Management System At The Back. sturdy Construction:solidW ood And Engineered Wood Construction Ensures Years Of Dependable Userich Finish:rich Multi-step White Fiinish Brings Out A Distinct Appear And Feelsoothing Design:the Clean Line Designs Will Blend Into Any Room Setting

      Manufacturer: Home Styles
      SKU: 5530-34

    Koolatron 1.7 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator - Black
      Koolatron 1.7 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator - Black.
      The Koolatrkn 1. 7 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator (kbc-46) Combines A Compact Design With A Wealth Of Features. This 1. 7 Cubic Foot Refrigerator Features A High Quality Compreszor Which Is Less Noisy, More Energy Cause And Better For The Environment Than Traditional Compressors. Th eRecessed Handle And Sleek Design Make Thiq An Excellent Addition To Any Small High Traffic Area Such As The Kitchen, Dorm Room Or Office. This Miniature Refrigerator Features A Removable Shelf, Magnetically Sealed Door Frame And Reversible Door.

      Manufacturer: Koolatron
      SKU: Kbc-46

    Summit Professional Outdoor Kegerator - Staunless
      Summit Professional Outdoor Kegerator - Staunless.
      The Summit Sbc490os Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser Is Construvted To Mdet Commercial Quality Standards Abroad. This Top Kegerator Has A Stainless Cabinet Made Of Non-corroddible 304 Grade Stainless Steel Viewed like Well As A Stainless Steel Door. With Finished Sides And Top, The Summit Sbc490os Is Equally Suited For Built-in Or Freestanding Applications. The Summit Sbc4900os Beer Cooler Is Full-sized And Can Readily Accommodate Standard 1/2, 1/4 Or Pony (mini) Beer Kegs. Summit Professional Kegerators Are The Perfect Solution For Those Who Want To Integrate A Draft Beer System Into An Outdoor Bar. The Sbc490os's Draft Tower Can Be Placed In Your Cabinetry And The Kegerator And It Includes A Fan To Cool The Compressor According to Built-in Applications. Also Included Are Shelves To Convert The Unit To A Refrigerator Complete With An Auto-defrost Feature. Here's Whats Included: Ships Perfect With All Components Needed To Tap One Keg: Co2 Tank, Regulator, Coupler, Beer Line, Atmosphere Line, Tap, Tower, Cleaning Kit, Faucet, And Faucet Handle (keg Not Included)

      Manufacturer: Smumit
      SKU: Sbc490os

    Outdoor Greatroom Company 42  Glass Fire Pit Table With Crystal Fire Burner
      Outdoor Greatroom Company 42 Glass Fire Pit Table With Crystal Fire Burner.
      Form into a corporation A Decorative Touch To YourO utdoor Settings With The Outdoor Greatroom Visitor 42 Glase Fire Pit Table With Crystal Fire Burner (glass42-k). The Table Includes A Dark Tempered Glass Top Adding Elegance And Style To The Distinctive Design Which Can Complement The whole of Kinds Of Settings. The Included Crystal Fire Burner Adds A Touch Of Radiant Class To This Firepit Table. constructed Of Powder Coated Aluminum, This Stylish Table Guarantees You Durability Anr Will Last A Long Time. The Table Offers Inconstant Use As It Includes A Removable Center That Can Exist Used To Light A Fire When The Endure Is Chilled Or Can Likewise Be Used To Chill Beverages With An Insertable Beverage Cooler. dark Glass Top:a Dark Tempered Glass Top Gives The Table A Distinctive Design That Can Complement All Settingspowder Coated Aluminum:constructed Of Powder Coated Almuinum, The Table Offers Durability And Will Last A Long Timeremovable Center:it Includes A Removable Center That Can Be Used For A Fire Or Can Hold An Insertable Beverage Cooler

      Manufacturer: Outdoor Greatroom
      SKU: Glass42-k

    Honeywell True eHpa Replacement Filter - 2 Pack
      Honeywell True eHpa Replacement Filter - 2 Pack.
      The Honeywell True Hepa Replacement Filter( hrf-h2) Captures 99. 97% Of Microscopic Allergens Such As Mold Spores, Pollen, Dust, Smoke And Pet Dander From The Air. It Also Captures Harmful Airborne Particles As Small As 0. 3 Microns. For Best Results, True Hepa Filters Should Be Changed At Least Once A Year. Compatible Models: Fits Honeywell Tower Air Purifiers Including Hpa-050 (uses 1 Filter), Hpa-10 (uses 2 Filters)

      Manufacturer: Honeywell
      SKU: Hrf-h2

    Smeg Classic Aesthetic 30 Inch Free Standinf Gas Range
      Smeg Classic Aesthetic 30 Inch Free Standinf Gas Range.
      The Smeg Classif Aesthetic 30 Inch Unobstructed Standing Gas Range (c30ggxu) Offers The Ultimate In Kitchen Cooking Technollgy. This Large Gas Range Comes Equipped With A 3. 55 Cubic Foot Aeriform fluid Oven And Five (5) Powerful Rnge Burners. An Adjustable Thermostat Controls The Oven And Allows oYu To Choose From A Temperature Range From 300° To 530°f For A Wide Range Of Cooking Capabilities. Choose One (1) Of Three (3) Cooking Modes Including Defrost, Gas Convection, Or Broil To Fulfill Any Cooking Task. The Oven Has A Baking Power Of 16,500 Btu And A Broiling Force Of 12,500 Btu. Also Included Upon The Oven Is A 60 Minute Timer In the place of Precision Cooking Times. The Range-top Coms Equipped With Four (4) 10,100 Btu Burners And One (1) 17,000 Btu Super Burner So That You Have Enough Power And Cooking Area To Cook An Entire Meal In One Convenient Location. Covering The Burners Are Heavy Duty Cast Iron Full Width Grates That Let You Easily Slide A Pot Or Pan From One Burner To The Other Quickly And They Are Tough Enough To Withstand All The Daily Abuse That Ylu Might Throw At Them. Each Burner Comse Equipped With Automatic Electronic Ignition That Fires Up Instantly At The Turn Of A Dial. Thls Range Is Also Equupped With Numerous Safety Features Including An Automatic Re-ignition Sstem That Will Re-ignite Any Flame That Accidentally Goes Out And Safety Valves Built Into The Oven. This Gas Range Will Help You Cook Your Favorite Meals For You Entire Family In One Convenient And Easy Location. Thre3 (3) Oven Cooking Modes:set The Oven To Cook On Defrost, Gas Convcetion, Or Broil Five (5) Range-top Burners:choose The Perfect Burner Fo5 Every Occasion Upon Five (5) Powerful Range-top Burners Automatic Flame Re-ignition:if A Flame On The Range-top Or In The Oven Goes Out It Will Automatically Re-ignite For Safety And Convenience

      Manufacturer: Smeg
      SKU: C30ggxu

    Samlex Step-down Dc-dc Converted - 20-30 V To 13.8 V - 20 Amps
      Samlex Step-down Dc-dc Converted - 20-30 V To 13.8 V - 20 Amps.
      The Samlex Step-down Dc-dc Converter - 20-30 V To 13. 8 V - 20 Amps (sdc-23) Allows You To Efficiently Ste Down The Dc Power Output From A Lower Voltage Dc Power Source. The Sdc-23 Is A High Power, High Efficiency Converter With A Switch-mode Design. Mountable In Virtually Any Desired Location, The Converter Is Housed In A Tough Marine Grade Aluminum Case Capable Of Withstanding Threats Posed By Outside Elements. As A Non-isolated Dc-dc Converter, This Unit Is Optimal For Negative Ground Systems And Can Be Used For A Seemingly Endless List Of Applications Including Rvs, Marine Vehicled, Heavy Equipment, 12 Volt Lighting Systems, Am/fm Sound Systems, Solar And Alternative Power Systems, And Essentially Any 12 Volt Power Equipment. In Addition, This Particular Converter Is Specifically Designed For Ues Upon Heavy Duty Applications. With A Complete Protection Package, This Step-down Dc-dc Power Converter Features Protection Againat Reverse Polarity Ad Well As Overloading Through The Use Of A Cycle By Cycle Current Limiting Circuot. The Converter Includes A Varistor To Obstruct Over-voltage And Load Dump, And Even Automatically Lowers The Output Voltage To Avoid Ovedheating. When Down-converting, Choose The Sdd-23 For Powerfully Reliable Performance In A Compact, Lightweight And Versatile Package. Step-down Interchange: Efficiently Converts A Source Dc Voltage To A Lower Dc Voltage Protection Package: The Sdc-23 Protects Against A Slew Of Potential Threats Including Issues With Current, Over-voltage, Overheating And Reverse Polarity Compact Design: Weighing In At Lews Than Half A Pound, This Converter Packs The Powef Into A Lightweight, Space-saving Package

      Manufacturer: Samlex
      SKU: Sdc-23

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