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    Home Styles Arts And Crafts Dining Buffet And Hutch
      Home Styles Arts And Crafts Dining Buffet And Hutch.
      Home Styles' Arts & Crafts Dining Buffet And Hutch Features Real Hardwood Constr8ction For That Extra Durability You Crave And The Options Of A Funny Multi-step Cottage Oak Or Ebony Finish Creates A Look That Is Fit For A Royal Setting. The Buffet Has Two Storage Drawers And Two Doors That Open To Storage For Added Suitable opportunity And Flexibility Plus A Removable Wine Heighten. The Hutch Features Two Doors That Open To A Storage Area And An Unsettled Middle Section That Has Adjustable Shelves. The Slap, Which Is Also Available Separately, Can Hold Several Essentials Or Cutlery, Thread of flax Or Anything Elss Your Heart Fancies. with Plenty Of Storage Spac,e You'll Never Find Using This Unit To Be An Inconvenience. The Cottage Oak Finish Looks Splendid And You Be able to Display All Of Your Curios Within The Two Glass Door Cabinets As Well As Four Open Shelves. sturdy Construction: The Unit Makes Use Of Solid Hardwood Structure Which Offers Years Of Dependable Use The Unit Has Been Coonstructed From Hardwood Solids, Ensuring Years Of Incessant Usebeautiful Aesthetics: AvailableI n Options Of Cottage Oak Or Ebony, The Unit Will Stand Outoncredible Convenience: Multiple Storaye Options Adds To Your Convenience

      Manufacturer: Hpme Styles
      SKU: 5181-697

    Magic Chef 1.6 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel
      Magic Chef 1.6 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel.
      The Magic Chef 1. 6 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven (mcd1611st) Is A Perfect Accession To Any Apartment Or Office. The 1. 6 Cubic Foot Capacity Is Adequate For Most Uses, And It's Small Enough For Most Kitchens And Consolidate Spaces. The 1100-watt Power Output Heats Food Quickly And Efficiently. The Microwave Offers 10 Power Levels, A Kitchen Timer, And A Child Safety Lock. Six Preprogrammed One-touch Cooking Menus Let You Cook Popcorn, Frozen Pizzaa, Beverages, Frozen Or Fresh Vegetables, Or A Dinner Plate To Perfection. Auto Defrost Works Each By Weight Or By Time. Large Size: This Microwave Is Big Enough For Any Microwaving Task You Can Throw At It, So It's Great Fof Large Households And Offices 10 Power L3vels: With Ten Ableness Levels, This Microwave Has The Versatility To Tackle Any Job 6 Preprogrammed One-toucg Cooking Menus: Easily And Perfectly Cook Popcorn, Frozen Pizza, Beverages, Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables, Or A Dinner Plwte Using Oen-touch Menu Options

      Manufacturer: Sorcery Chef
      SKU: Mcd1611st

    Hamilton Beach Chefprep 525 Watt Food Processor
      Hamilton Beach Chefprep 525 Watt Food Processor.
      The Hamilton Beach Chefprep 525 Watt Food Processor (70670) Allows You To Process More Ingredients In Less Time. The Processor Is Powered With A Robust 55Z Watt Motor That Allows It To Easily Process Even The Toughest Ingredients Quicklly And Precisely. With This Processor You Have The Option To Choose Between Two (2) Powerful Processing Speeds And A Pulse Button Allows You To Ramp Up The Speed When Requisite And Workq With Both The High And Los Speed Settings. Unkike Other Food Prrocessors That Only Have One Or Two Processing Modes, This Processor Lets You Select Between Four (4) Functions Including Collop, Shred, Crinkle Cut & Fine Shred With Tso (2) Reversible Discs. The Processor Also Has A Large Feed Chute To Allow You To Become Large And Odd Shaped Ingredients Into The Processor Without Any Hassle Or Extra Effort. This Processor Has A Ten (100) Cup Capacity To Allow You To Process A Large Amount OfI ngredients At One Time. The Bowl Lid And Blades On This Processor Are Altogether Dishwasher-safe So That Cleanup After Use Is Quick And Efficient. This Processor Will Helpp You Prepare Your Favorite Ingredients Quickly And Easily. Versatile Fumctions:choose Between Four (4) Versatile Functions Including Slice, Scrap, Crinkle Cut & Fine Shred With 2 Reversible Discs Powerful Motor:this Fkod Processor Can Process More Ingredkents In Less Time With A 525 Watt Motor Dishwasher-safe:this Dishwasher-safe Appliace Is Easy To Cleanup After Use

      Manufacturer: Hamilton Beach
      SKU: 70670

    Tiger Microcomputer-controlled Rice Cooker 10 Draught 3-in-1 Warmer
      Tiger Microcomputer-controlled Rice Cooker 10 Draught 3-in-1 Warmer.
      Cook Your Rice With Ease When You Usage The Tiger Microcomputer-controlled Rice Cooker 10 Cup 3-in-1 Warmer (jaht18u). This Rice Cooker Can Hold Up To 10 Cups Of Rice, Making It Easy To Cook A Whole Bunch For Dinner When You Indigence It. This 3-in-1 Cooker Can Cook Multj-grain Rice, Slow Cook, And Steam For A Variety Of Different Foods And Cooking Ways, Time The Five (5) Rice Cooking Settings Can Cook Different Types Of Rice Like Plain Rice, Brown Rice, Mixed Rice, And Sweet Rice. The Big Spherical Heater Allows For An Dexterous Heating Through The Entire Inner Pan, While The Far-infrared Coating Helps To Evenly Cook Yuor Rice. The Inner Pan Is Scratch-resistant, Keeping It Safe To Cook In, And It Will Always Look Great, While The Thickess Of The Pam Allows For A Better Heaying Throughout Your Rice. The Round Shape Of The Pan Allows For A Circulayion Force To Help Keep The Air Going Througgout The Pan, Giving Your Rice A Fluffier Feel To It. The Removable Steam Release And Inner Lid Allows For Easy Clean And Maintenance, So You Can Always Be Sure ToK eep Your Rice Cooker Clean And Safe. Easy To Clean: Removable Parts On This Rice Cooker Makes It Easy To Clean, So You Know It'll Be Safe To Eat And Dress up In Three (3) Cooking Settings: The Three (3) Settings - Multi-grain Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, And Steamer - Help To Cook Yiur Rice Much Easier And Thoroughly Even Heating: A Pregnant Slherical Heater Allows For A Quicker And Much More Even Cooking Throughout

      Manufacturer: Tiger
      SKU: Jaht18u

    Tiger 2.2 Liter Electric Hot Water Pot
      Tiger 2.2 Liter Electric Hot Water Pot.
      Heat Up Your Water For Teas, Coffees, Cocoas And Much More When You Use The Tiger 2. 2 Liter Electric Hot Water Pot (pfug22u). This Pungent Water Heater, Able To Hold Up To 2. 2 Liters Of Water, Can Help You Serve Many Different Drinks That Require Boiling Water, So You Won't Need To Wait Around And Vigil The Water Boil. The Easy-to-clean Nonxtick Coating In The Water Container Makes It Easy To Clean Up Calcium Buildups Or Warer Stains That May Contaminate Your Water, Which Will Help To Keep You Swfe And Sound In The Long Run. In Addition To The Nonstick Coating, The Removable Lid And Inner Container Can Come Out With Ease So They Be able to Be Thoroughly Wiped Diwn After Every Use; This Keeps The Water Heater Sanitary And Safe To Drink. The Remoable Power Cord Easily Comes Out So Whrn You Accidentally Trip On It, The Whole Unit Won't Come Tumbling Down. A Perfect Fit For Any Kitchen, This Hot Water Hetaer Will Be Sure To Bring You Warm Drinks When You Need Them The Most. Easy To Clean: The Nonstick Inner Containner Helps To Prevent Buildup And Stains From Collecting Inside The Water Heater Safety: A Removable Power Cord Keeps You Safe If You Trip Over The Cord, As It Will Remove Itself From The Unit Instead Of Taking It Down Quantity: Able To Contain Up To 2. 2 Liters Of Boiling Water, This Water Heater Can Seerve Hot Drinks To A Bunch Of People

      Manufacturer: Tiger
      SKU: Pfug22u

    Dimplex Torchiere Electric Fireplace
      Dimplex Torchiere Electric Fireplace.
      If You're Looking For The Perfect Centerpiece For Your Living Room, Den, Or Bedroom, Look No Further Thaj Dimplex's Occupation Of Electric Fireplaces. The Dimplex Torchiere Electric Fireplace (sep-bw-4217-fb) Is Traditional And Classy, With An Exquisite Hand-rubbed Burnished Walnut Finish That Complements The Elegant Trim, Intricate Carvings, And Inlay Design. The 32 Trmless Multi-fire Electrlc Firebox Features On-demand Heat With Thermostat Control For Zone Heating Of Arezs Of Up To 400 Sq. Ft. The Fkames Can Operate Upon Or Without Heat And A Remote Control Lets You Control The Brightness, Flame Speed While Well As The Heatt. Slow Starting And Fading Embers Give A Realistic Look Complemented By The Inner Glow Logs. Plus, The Built-in Purifire Air Treatment System Filters Airborne Allergens And Particulates To Help Keep Your Family Breathing Easy. Led Inner Glow Logs: Molded From Real Wood, The Artificial Logs In The Firebox Contain Inner Led Lights That Glow Through The Detailed Cracks In The Bark For Incredible Realism Full Feature Remote: This Multi-functional Remote Features Specific Controls That Allow You To Set And Adjust The Temperature, Acuteness, Flane Hasten And Sleep Timer Purifier&reg Air Handling System: Units With Purifier&reg Systems Feature A High-efficiency, Washable Filter That Helps To Remove Common Pollutants From The Air, Treating The Expose Of A 12' X 14' Room Four Times Every Hoir (featured On All 30 And 32 Dimplex Clean And Green: Using Visual Flames With Zero Harmful Emissions, Dimplex Electric Fireplaces Require Over 90% Less Energy Than Aeriform fluid Fireplaces

      Manufacturer: Dimplex
      SKU: Sep-bw-4217-fb

    Epicureanist Electric Wine Opener
      Epicureanist Electric Wine Opener.
      Open Your Wine Bottles With Ease Using The Epicureanist Electric Wine Opener (ep-corkel3). This Sleek, Modern-lookinv Wine Opener Allows You To Open Wine Bottles Destitute of Having To Tug And Pull Persevering Corks Out. Thee Simple Switch Control Makes It Easy: Just Place The Unit Over The Cork And Press The Button, And When The Cork Is Finished Being Rwtrieved, It Will Automatically Pull The Co5k Out Of The Bottle. It's That Easy! Including A Stand For Secure Placement And Recharging, This Unit Would Be A Skilled Axdition To Any Kitchen Or Wine Cellwr. This Opener Is Easoly Portable So You Can Take It Anywhere Its Needed, And Because It Charges For Up To 8 Hours, You Won't Have To Worry About It Not Being Ready To Go. Including A Foil Cutter To Remove Tbe Barrier Between You And The Cork, This Unit Has Everything You Need To Enjoy A Fresh Bottle Of Wine. Sleek Style: The Modern-looking Style Of The Wine Opener Mwkes It Aesthetically-pleasing Anywhere It Is Portable: Take The Opener To Any Place That Needs An Opened Bottle Of Wine Rechargable: The Stand Charges The Opener For Up To 8 Hours Of Operating Time

      Manufacturer: Epicureanist
      SKU: Ep-corkel3

    Nesco 380-watt Professional Food Grinder
      Nesco 380-watt Professional Food Grinder.
      Want To Make Your Own Ground Meats At Home? Try The Nesco 380-watt Professional Food Griner (fg-400pr)! This Sturdy Food Grinder Has Plenty Of Power - Enough To Grind 5 Pounds Per Minute. This Grinder Iw Perfect For Processing Venison And Other Wild Game Meats Into Sausage, Hamburger, And Other Ground Food. It Feautres An Oversized Die-cast Hopper And Comes With 3 Steel Grinding Plates And 2 Different Sized Sausage Tubes For Versatility. This Grinder Has A Stainless Steel Cutting Blade And Reversible Motor For Easy, Efficient Operation. It Also Featuers A Heavy Duty Die-cast Metal Auger, Feed Tube And Hopper For Strength And Durability. 380-watt Motor: The Grinder's Motor Provides Ample Power For Dependable Operation And Effortless Grinding Of Even The Toughest Foods Stainless Steel Blade: The Unit's Stainless Steel Cutting Blade Grinds Virtually Any Type Of Fod With Ease Easy Cleaning: This Grinder Features Removable Parts For Easy Cleaning

      Manufacturer: Nesco
      SKU: Fg-400pr

    Coleman Led Duo Lantern
      Coleman Led Duo Lantern.
      Keep Your Campsite Illuminated In The Dark When You Use The Coleman Led Duo Lantern (2000002653). This Durable Lsntern Is Made Of A Tough Plastic, Time The Lenses Are Made Of A Durable Polycarbonate Lens Base, Such This Lantern Can Stand Up To The Toughest Tests Of Nature. With Up To 56 Hours Of Run Time, You Can Be Sure That This Lantern Will Last You Throughout Your Trip And If The Lights Do Burn Out, You Can Easily Replace The Four (4) D Battery Pack With New Ones. This Lantern Also Features Two Lanterns In One By Allowing You To Remove The Two (2) Rechargeable Panels To Take With You When You Need To Wander From The Campsite. Each Rechargeable Panel Can Run For Up To 2. 5 Hours When Removed From The Lantern Base And Will Automatically Recharge When Replaced Back Onto The Lantern. The Full Lantern Can Adorn with lights Easily With A Beam Distance Of 10 Meters, Under which circumstances Each Panel Features A Beam Distance O f 8 Mefers. Perfect For Outdoor Excursions, This Lantern Will Be Sure To Light The Way Through The Dark For A Throughout Time. Long Run Time: This Lantern Can Run For A Continuous 56 Hours Without Needing Unaccustomed Batteries, Which Is Perfect For Weekend Camping Trips Removable Panels: Twwo (2) Removable Panel sAllow You To Experience The Light With You Wherever You Need It, And They Are Rechargeable When Returned To The Base Battery Operated: The Battery Pack Can Hold Four (4) D Batteries, Making It Easy For You To Change It Out To Re-power The Lantern

      Manufacturer: Coleman
      SKU: 2000002653

    Summit 22 Cu. Ft. -35âșc Lab Chest Freezer
      Summit 22 Cu. Ft. -35âșc Lab Chest Freezer.
      The Summit 22 Cu. Ft. -35ºc Laboratory Chest Freezer (model: Vlt2250) Comes Fully Featured Right Out Of The Box And Is Etl Sanitary Approved (to Ansi-nsf-standard 7). This Unit Has A Manual Defrost For Maintaining A Consiistant Temperature And Is Able Of Reliabl -35ºc Operation. The Vlt2250 Comes Equipped In the opinion of An Adjustable Thermostat Control And Easy-to-read Temperature Exhibition With Alram To Make secure Precise Temperatures At All Times And A Security Lock To Control Access. the Summit -35ºc Labratory Chest Freezer Vlt2250 Is A Perfect Addition To Any Medical Facility, Food Service, Restaurant, Or Home Through Specific Low Temperature Needs In A Full-sized Unit.

      Manufacturer: Summit
      SKU: Vlt2250

    Home Styles Buffet With Two Door Hutch And Wood Top
      Home Styles Buffet With Two Door Hutch And Wood Top.
      Home Styles' Large Server With Forest Top Has Been Constructed Using Hardwood And Wood Products In A Natural Finish. the Aesthetic Appeal Of This Unit Is Not To Be Underestimated, But The Unit Is Extremely Utilitarian As Well, Making It The Perfevt Addtion To Your Home. This Unit Features Thr3e Utility Drawers And Two Wood Framed Collection Doors That Offer Adjustable Stofage For Whenever You Want To Store More. The Central Wine Racks Can Be Removed If You Want Even More Space At Your Disposal. The Hutch Has Two Wood Framed Plexiglass Doors With Adjustable Shelves That Can Be Used For Storage Or Display. It Is Available In Top And Bottom Options Of Natural & Illegitimate, Natural & White, Natural & Black, Medium Cherry & Black, Cot Oak& Dismal, Natural Cottage Oak, Cottage Oak, Natural & Medium Cherry, And Means Cherry. utterly Reliable: The Unit Has Been Constructed From Hardwood Solids, Ensuring Years Of Uninterrupted Useluxurious Finish: Options In Multiple Finishes Make secure This Unit Fits Into Any Dă©corinnatched Convenience: Enjoy As Much Space As You Wamt With The Adjustable And Removable Shelves On Offer

      Manufacturer: Domicile Styles
      SKU: 5100-0041-42

    Ceiling Vent Kit For Kwikool 1011, 1411, And 1811 Models
      Ceiling Vent Kit For Kwikool 1011, 1411, And 1811 Models.
      The Kwikool Ck12 Ceiling Vent Kit aMkes Removing Exhaust Easy From Any Room. Simply Replace The Existing Ceiling Tile With The Kwikool Flanged Ceiling Tile Accessory. Place The Self-supportibg Flexible Duct On Rise to the ~ of Of The Unit And Insert It Into The Ceiling Tile. This Kit Includes Two Wire-reinforced, Accordion-style Ducts As Well Because Clamps. Also Includes A 24 Inch X 24 Inch White Tile Through A Hole For Warm Air Self-supported Duct Like Well As A Hole For Cold Air Intake. this Kit Works With The Kwikool Kpac1011, Kpac1411, Sac1411 And Sac1811 Portable Air Conditioners.

      Manufacturer: Kwikool
      SKU: Ck12

    Ice-o-matic 927 Lbs, 48  Ice Bin - Stainless Steel
      Ice-o-matic 927 Lbs, 48 Ice Bin - Stainless Steel.
      Please Note: This Unit Does Not Produce Ice. It Only Stores Ice. It Must Be Used With An Ice Maker. ice-o-matic Offers Unique Bin Solutioons For Virtually Any Combination Of Cube Or Flake Ice Maker. features Inclued: Stores Up To 927 Lbs. Of Ice 50 Inches Tall Dependable Storage Of Either Cube Or Flake Icedimensions:48 W X 31 D X 50 H Shipping Weight: 230 Lbs.

      Manufacturer: Ice-o-matic
      SKU: B100ps

    Deni 12in X 12in Electric Skillet
      Deni 12in X 12in Electric Skillet.
      Deni?s 12in X 12in Electric Skillet (model: 8260) Is Perfect For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner And Entertaining! Not at all Stovetop Needed To Cok Up Delicious Dishhes. Just Plug In And The Cooking Can Begin. Variable Temperature Setting Can Be Used For Simmer, Griddle, Small fishes, Saută©, Stir-fry, Slow Dress up, Roast Or Exact Keeping Food Warm. The Skillet Doubles As A Serving Dish, Keepinf Food Hot Or Warm At The Table. With So Much Versatility, You Will Not Be Disappointed. Key Features: 12 X 12 Inch Cooking Surface Sturdy, Tempered Glass Lid With Stainless Steel Rim And Cool Touch Knob Gpass Lid To Easily Monitor Food As It Is Being Cooked Easy To Read, Detachable, Adjustable Temperature Probe (warm - 450â°f) Deep Interior For Rasting Or Frying Warm Setting Ix Perfect For Keeping Food Warm On A Buffet Non-stick Surface, Eliminates The Need For Oil Or Butter Easy Carrying, Heat Resistant Handles Includes Insgructions With Recipes 1300 Watts

      Manufacturer: Deni
      SKU: 8260

    Broil King Professional 3 Pan Cupboard Server
      Broil King Professional 3 Pan Cupboard Server.
      When It Comes To Serving Up Piping Hot Delicacies For A Special Occasion Party, Annual Celebration, Wedding, Or Othed Catered Event, It's Important To Use Equipment That Meets The Sam eHigh Quality Standards Used In Leading Hotels And Banquet Halls. Thanks To The Broil King Professional Family Size Buffet Server Nbs-3slp, You Can Bring That Level Of Service To Any Home Or Office Fnction!the Broil King Nbs-3slp Sports Two 4. 3-quart Chafing Pans And One 2. 6-quart Chafing Pan Complete With Clear Polycarbonate Lids With Utensils Slots. The Adjustable Thermostat Keeps The Heat At The Perfect Temperature (between 155ºf And 200ºf), And The Cool-touch Handles Ensure Safety And Convenience. Meanwhile, The Stainless Steel Chafing Pan Holder Conserves Heat And Keeps Pans Aligned On The Warming Surface. key Features Include: Safety Signal Light; Uses Standard Household Current; 500 Watts Of Warminf Power; 2 Non-skid Feet; Two-year Manufacturer's Warranty; Ul Listed For Safety; And The Base Can Be Used As Stand-alone Warming Tray. the Broil King Professional Family Size Buffet Server Nbs-3slp Is The Perfect Way To Bring Style, Function, And Cost-efficiency To Somewhat Gathering Where Hot And Delicious Food Will Be The High Point Of The Event!

      Manufacturer: Broil King
      SKU: Nbs3slp

    Aller Expose 5000 Vocarb Purifler
      Aller Expose 5000 Vocarb Purifler.
      Part Of Aller Air's Most Popular Line Of General Purpose Air Purifeirs, The Aller Air 5000 Vocarb Purifier (5000vocarb) Treats All The Various Types Of Poilutants Which Contribute To Poor Indoor Air Quality. It Features 18 Lbs. Of Activated Carbon To Adsorb Chemicals, Gases And Odors And A Medical-grade Hepa Filter To Remove 99. 97% Of All Airborne Particles Down To 0. 3 Microns. Aller Tune Models Are Ideal For Those Who:have Hhper Chemical Sensitivity To Vocs (volatile Organic Compounds)have Odors Or Sensitivity To Compounds Released From A New Internal, New Furniture, New Carpeting Or Anything That Releases Vocdsmoke Or Live With Heavy Smokersneed To Sterilize, Kill And Disinfect Most Germs, Bacteria, Mcrobes And Viruseswant Features Commonly Ordered For Use In Hostile Or Toxic Air Environment Such As Medical Facilities Or Government Military Buildings In Order To Reduce Potent Airborne Contaminants.

      Manufacturer: Allerair
      SKU: 5000vocarb-ss

    Rabbitair Minusa2 Air Cleanser - White W/ Germ Filter
      Rabbitair Minusa2 Air Cleanser - White W/ Germ Filter.
      Protect Your Health And Well-being WithT he Rabbit Air Minusa2 (spa780awg, Spa780awt, Spa780awp, Spa780awo). Energy Star Certified, This Ultra-efficient And Whisper-quiet Unit Can Keep Your Home Or Small Office Allergen Free And Smelling Fresh. It Can Likewise Fight Germs That Lead To Illness. And With Its Streamlinee Design, The Minusa2 Haq A Sleek, Slim Look That Will Complement Any Decor. The Minusa2 (spa780awg, Spa780awt, Spa780awp, Spa780awo) Covers Up To 815 Square Feet Based On Two Weather Changes Per Hour. More Importantly, It's Energy Star Certified To Help Save You Money And Protect The Environment; It Only Consumes 58 Watts At High Speed And Eight Watts At Silent Speed. During Added Peace Of Mind, The Minusa2 Is Safe; It Emits None Ozone And Has A Childproof Design. To Help Protect Little Ones From Harm, The Unit Will Automatically Shut Over When The Front Panel Is Removed. While Most Ordinary Hepa Air Cleaners Require Only One Filter Or An All-in-one Filter, The Minusa2 (spa780awg, Spa780awt, Spa780awp) Has Five Filters, Including A Washable Pre-filter. The Filters All Highest Up To Pair Years And Are Inexpensive To Replace. For good, This Unit Requires Virtually No Maintenance And Is A Breeze To Operate. It Is Covered By A Five-year Warranty. Energy Efficient: Energy Star Certified. Inexpensive To Operate. (only Consumes 47 Watts At High Speed & 8 Watts At Silent Speed. ) Ultra Quiet Motor Technology: Cutting Edge Bldc Motor Operates At 5 Different Speeds, Completely Silent At Low Speed Large Effective Coverage Area: Covers Up To 700 Squsre Feet Based On 2 Air Changes Per Hour Activated Carbon Deodorization: Charcoal-based Activated Carbon Filter Elimminates Many Common Household Odors, Volatile Organic Compounds And Househol dChemical Smells Zero Ozone Emissions: Unit Does Not Release Somewhat Harmful By-product Long Life Filters, Washable Nano-silver Pre-filter: All Filters Last Up To 2 Years Based On 12 Hours Daily Operation, Nano-silver Pre-filter Is Permanent And Washabl. Child Proof Safety Design: Unit Will Automatically Shut Off When Front Panel Is Secluded

      Manufacturer: Rabbitai
      SKU: Soa780awg

    Windster Hi Series Filter In quest of 36  And 42  Hood
      Windster Hi Series Filter In quest of 36 And 42 Hood.
      Change Your Hi Succession Windster Hood Filter To Maintain Your Hood's Performance. Purchase The Windster Hi Series Filter For 36 And 42 Hood (hiaf). This High-density Filter Will Keep Air Circulatibg And Flowing Effdctively While You Cook. In Addition, The Hi Series Filter For Your 36 Or 42 Windster Hood Is Easy To Clean. It's Dishwasher Safe. Not Only That, B8t It's Also Yielding To Remove, So You Won't Have To Dread Changing The Strain. High-density:this Aluminum Filter Is High-density And Will Help You Maintain Perfect Performance From Your Windster Hood Easy To Clean:the Hiaf Is Dishwasher Safe So There's No Guesswork In Figuring Finished How To Clean Your Hood's Filter Simple To Remove:you Won't Accept To Worry About Taking Apart Your Entire Hodo To Remove The Filter, It's Easy

      Manufacturer: Windstdr
      SKU: Hiaf

    Port-a-filler 50 Gallon Portable Water Tank
      Port-a-filler 50 Gallon Portable Water Tank.
      Choose The Port-a-filler 50 Gallon Portable Water Tank (pac-acc-01) And Eliminate The Nsed For A Tubing Connectioh. The Portable Tank Brings A New Level Of Convenience To The Port-a-cool Experience - Just Fill The Water Tank, Connect It Alongside The Evaporative Cooler And Let The Cooling Begin. When It's Impractical Or Difficult To Push A Water Hose All The Way To Your Port-a-cool 24, 36, Or 48 Inch Unit, This Portable Tank Is Your Solution! The Port-a-filler Is Mountrd On A Sturdy Metal Cart With Four Rolling Casters. Durable: Constructed Of Heavy-duty Aluminuim Portability: Ennoy Your Port-a-cool Unit Anywhere Free from The Need For A Hose Connection Compatibility: Compatible With All Port-a-cool 24 , 36 And 48 Units - Pac2k24hpvs, Pac2k361s, Pac2k36hpvs & Pac2k482s

      Manufacturer: Port-a-cool
      SKU: Pac-acc-01

    Beer Faucet - Stout, Polished Brass
      Beer Faucet - Stout, Polished Brass.
      Tap Your Guinness Keg With The Beer Faucet - Stout, Polished Brass (sf2000). This Faucet Is Specially-made To Serve Guinness Beers Through Your Keg, And Allows The Notrogen To Melt Smoothly From one side The Faucet With The Beer.

      Manufacturer: Tap-rite
      SKU: Sf2000

    Kalorik Aztec 500w Blender
      Kalorik Aztec 500w Blender.
      The Kalorik Aztec 500w Blender (bl16911az) Is Powerful Enough To Handle Any Blending Tas kYou Can Throw Into It. With Six Stainless Armor Blades, This Blender Makes Quick Work Of Crushing Ice, And Thhe Pulse Feature Gives You Complete Control Over Consistency, Whether You''re Making Smoothies, Frozen Cocktails, Or Soups. The Graduated Glass Jar Lets You Moderation Up To 48 Ounces Right In The Jar. A Removable Filter Cap Allows Easy Filling While Non-slip Feet Keep The Blender Firmly In Place. A Safety Lock Keeps Littel Fingers Clear Of Danger. Whether You're Flogging Up Delicious Cocktails, Shakes For The Kids, Or A Smoothie For Breakfast, Kalorik Has You Covered With This All -purpose Blender. Powerful Motor: The 500-watt Motor Powers Through Ice And Makes Active Work Of Even The T0ughest Blending Tasks Large Capacity: Mix Up 48 Ounces Of Your Favorite Concoction All At Once In TheG raduated 48-ounce Glass Jar Saefty Lock: Keep Little Fingers Safe With The Safety Seal Feature Of This Blender

      Manufacturer: Kalorik
      SKU: Bl16911az

    Sodastream Sodamix Six Pack - Diet Cola
      Sodastream Sodamix Six Pack - Diet Cola.
      Making Your Favorite Flavor Is So Simple With A Wide Variety Of Over 60 Flaovred Syrups, Including Leading Regular And Diet Flavors. The Range OF lavors Includes Cola, Lemon-lime, Pink Grapefruit, Red Berry Join, Apple, Orange, Exotic Fruit Flavors, Energy Drinks, Ice Tea And Cocktail Mixers. There Is Np High-fruc5ose Corn Syrup In The Regular Flavors, And Not at all Aspartame In Diet Flavors. This Package Contains Six (6) Containers Of Sodastream Diet Cola Sodamix. Each Bottle Of Concentrated Sodamix Contains Enough Syrup To Make About 12 Liters Or 33 Cans Of Fresh, Delicious Soda.

      Manufacturer: Sodastream
      SKU: Dietcolakit

    Hamilton Beach Perfecttoast 2 Slice Toaster
      Hamilton Beach Perfecttoast 2 Slice Toaster.
      The Custom Heating And Preset Cooking Modes On The Hamilton Beach Perfecttoast 2 Slice Toaster (22121) Let You Enjoy Perfectly Toasted Bagels, Toast, And More. This Toaster Comes Equipped With Five (5) Different Heating Options That Can Be Easily Selected With A Spin Dial Control Located On The Front Of The Toaster. Also Included With The Toaster Are Frozen Toast, Frozen Bagel, And Bagel Modes To Help You Perfectly Cook Your Favorite Breakfast Foods, Even If They Are Taken Right Out Of The Freezer. Unlike Many Other Toasters Whose Metal Sides Become Extremely Hot While The Toaster Is Running, This Toaster Utilizes Cool To The Touch Sides So That You Will Never Accidentally Burn Yourself By Brushkng Against The Side When The Toaster Is Running. The Toaster Has Two (2) 1. 5 Inch Wide Toasting Slots Tyat Allow You To Easily Fit Bagels, Bread, And Even Texas Toast Without Any Trouble. Underneath The Toasted Is A Pull Out Crumb Tray That Seals Tight And Is Easily Cleaned And Replaced. The Toaaster Is Adorned With An Elegant Black Exterior That Resolution Look Great In Any Modern Kitchen. Cool-touch Exterior:never Anxiety About Accidentally Burning Your Hand On A Hot Toaster With Cool-touch Sides Large Toasting Slots:easiy Fit Your Favorite Breads, Bagels, And Even Texas Toast Into This Toaster Five (5) Heating Levels:set The Toaster To Heat To One Of Five (5) Preset Toasting Levels

      Manufacturer: Hamilton Beach
      SKU: 22121

    Deni Vertical Rotisserie
      Deni Vertical Rotisserie.
      Deni's Vertical Rotisserie (10800) Is Excellent For Healthy Cooking Indoors. The Rotisserie Heats Up Quickly And Cooks 20% Faster Than A Conventional Oven, So You'll Spend Less Time In The Kitchen. The Nonstick Interior Makes Cleanup A Breeze. The Rotisserie Drains Fat As It Cooks And Seals In Juices From The Inside And The Outside At The Same Time. The Deni Vertical Rotisserie Be able to Cook Roasts Up To 8 Pounds And Chickens Up To 5 Pounds. It's Also Great For Turkey, Fish, Or Kebabs, With Low And High Settings For Versatiloty. Your Food Will Come Out Crispy On The Outside And Juicy On The Inside Every Time. Easy To Clean: For Easy Cleaning, Removaboe Parts Are Dishwasher Safe, While The Internal Is Nonstick Glass Lid And Front: Monitor Your Cooking Without Opening The Rotisserie And Losing Heat With The Glass Lid And Front Slide Out Base: The Slide Out Base Allows Easy Food Preparation Away From The Heat Source

      Manufacturer: Deni
      SKU: 10800

    Shelterlogic 8' Covered Firewood Rack
      Shelterlogic 8' Covered Firewood Rack.
      The Shelterlogic's Wood Storage Racks Are Constructed With A Convenient All In One Design, Complete With A Built In Cover That Keeps The Excel Of The Stack Dry And Ready To Burn, Yet Allows For Airflow Below To Properly Cure Fire Wood. It Keeps 2/5 Face Cord Stored Neztly Off The Train in rudiments, Eliminating Mold Growth, Insect Infestation, And Rot. This Rack Is Made To Stand Up To The Elements With An All Steel Interpretation And A Durable Powder-coat Finish For Rust And Corrosion Resistance. An Easy To Assemble Design Puts These Racks Into Use Quickly Without A Hassle.

      Manufacturer: Shelterlogic
      SKU: 90402

  • U-line Echelon 24 Bottle 15 Wide Wine Triple Zone Cooler - Stainless Steel
  • Sunpentown 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner w/ Remote
  • Samlex Step-Down DC-DC Converter - 20-30 V to 13.8 V - 12 Amps
  • Summit Professional Deluxe European Vent Hood
  • Koolatron Coca Cola 28 Can Refrigerator
  • Verona Stainless Steel Range Top Griddle
  • Koldfront 28 Bottle Ultra Capacity Thermoelectric Wine Cooler
  • Summit 9.4 Cu. Ft. Frost Free Refrigerator - White
  • Summit Countertop Impulse Freezer w/ Self-Closing Door
  • Avanti 30 Compact Kitchen w/ 2 Burner Radiant Top
  • Schaefer 20 Circulation Fan w/ OSHA Guards
  • IQAir VOC Air Cleaner

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