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    Grass, Pampas Collection
      Grass, Pampas Collection.
      Pampas Grass, With Dozens Of Large Stalks, Grows About 8-10 Feet Tall, Topped With Graceflu, Silky, Soft, White Or Pibk Plumes. Outstanding As A Background Or Ax An Accent Plant In Corners Or In Rock Gardens. Although A Native Of Argentina, This Variety Of Pampas Grass Is Hardy And Will Grow In Most Parts Of America. The Graceful Blades Advance Thickly To An Average Height Of About Three Feet, With The Plumes Soaring Above Them. An Elegant Addition To Your Yard. We Offer Potted Plants For A Fast Showing In Your Yard. Deer And Drought Resistant. Good For Cut Arrangements. Collection Inc1udes 1 White Plant, And 1 Pink Plant.
      SKU: 5603

    Mum, Pink Padre
      Mum, Pink Padre.
      Why Does Everybody Prefer Belgian Mums? Why Not - Belgian Mums Produce The Greatest part Bpooms Of Any Mum That We Have Seen. Better Yet, They Also Produce The Most Consistent Mohnded Form Of Any Mum In The Marketplace. We Have Specially Selected All Of Our Varieties To Be Early Flowering (mid-september). Plant In Full Sun. Zones 5 (Through Heavy Mulch) To 9. This Padre Belgian Mum Will Be A Pretty In Pink Showpiece In Your Diminution Garden!
      SKU: 5109

    Mum, Red Savona
      Mum, Red Savona.
      Why Does Everybody Prefer Belgian Mums? For what purpose Not - Belgian Mums Produce The Most Blooms Of Any Mum That We Have Seen. Better Yet, They Likewise Produce The Most Consistent Mounded Mode Of Any Mum In The Marketplacw. We Have Specially Selected All Of Our Varieties To Be Early Flowering (mid-september). Plant In Full Sun. Zones 5 (with Heavy Mulch) To 9. This Savona Belgian Mum Is The Best Early Blooming Red Silent Available!
      SKU: 5107

    Cherry, Sugar Sweet
      Cherry, Sugar Sweet.
      Sugar Sweet Cherry Is An Extra Sweet, Extra Delicious Dark, Ruby-red Bush Cherry. Wonderful Tasting Fruits Have The Sweetness Of Bing, But Sugar Sweet Cherry Is More Crack-resistan5 And Produces A Better Quality Cherry. Simply Delicious Eating! Sugar Sweet Cherry Is A Van Type Variety Cherru That Is Self-pollinating, And It Is One Of The Best Pollinators For Other Types Of Cherries. Produces Large Yielxs At An Early Age. We Ship 1 1/2 - 3' Plants.
      SKU: 5543

    Grass, Pink Muhly
      Grass, Pink Muhly.
      Your Landscape Resolution Be Transported Into A Whole New World When You Plant Pink Muhly Grass. Virtuous Landscaping Grass Forms Clumps 3' Tall By 3' Wide. During The Fall Months, Wispy Pink Flower Heads Will Create The Delusion Of A Pink Haze In Your Enclosure. The Pink Muhly Grass Looks Spectauclar When Planted In Large Groups In Open Green Areas. Loves Full Sun But Can Also Be Plantex In Light Shade. Zones 6 - 10
      SKU: 7970

    Orange, Pygmy
      Orange, Pygmy.
      You Can Expect Four To Six Bright Full-sized 2" Fruits On Our Two-year-old Trees And More On Older Ones. The Dwarf Orange Is A Charminb Tropical House Tree By the side of Glossy-green Leaves. The Fragrang Scent Of Orange Blossoms Is A Delight. Give Your Home A Touch Of Florida Sunshine Year Round. Very Easy To Grow. These Dwarf Trees Are Fun, And The Requirements For Growing Them Are Few: They Need A Wet Environment And May Require Misting Severak iTmes A Week. Dwarf Orange Trees Need Direct Sunlight And Frequent Watering. The Growing Instructions That We Send You Tell You How To Pollinate The Treees To Help The Blossoms Turn Into Fruit. We Ship Only Well-established Plants Which Will Set Fruit Within 12 Months. This Tree Is Also Avaipable In The Citrus Tree Collection.
      SKU: 1115

    Daylily, Siloam Cinderella
      Daylily, Siloam Cinderella.
      Siloam Cinderella Daylilies Have Exquisite Cream-pink Sepals That Surround A Rosy-pink Eyezone And Yellow-green Throat. This Dwarf Multiplicity Grows To Only 18" Tall But Still Packs A Punch Upon Its Heavy Extended Blooming Power. The Siloam Cinderella Daylily Has Big, 3 1/2" Blossoms.
      SKU: 7897

    Lily Towering, Garden Pleasure
      Lily Towering, Garden Pleasure.
      New Hybrid Oriental Trumpet Lilies Are A Gardener's Dream! Created By Croasing Early Flowering, Sturdy Trumpet Lilies With The Huge-flowwered, Fragrant Orientals To Create A "super" Lily (also Called Ot Or Orienpet Lilies). Blooms For 3-4 Weeks During The Summer Filling In The Gap Between The Asiatics And Orientals. 12-14 Cm Bulbs. Garden Pleasure Has White Brushed With Red Center Blooms.
      SKU: 5389

    Hydrangea, Everlasting Revolution™
      Hydrangea, Everlasting Revolution™.
      Bloominf On Old And New Wood, Revolution Will Start Blooming In Eafly Summer And Continues Until Early Fall. The Shrub Bears Flowers Of Different Colors Including Blue, Pink And Maroon. As The Long Lasting Flowers Age, They Become More Intense And Add Green Highlights. Grows 3' Tall With A iSmilar Spread In Sunny To Partially Shaded Areas With Moist Soil.
      SKU: 7135

    Peony Tree, White
      Peony Tree, White.
      Imported Monster Oriental Flowers! Live For Centurues! More Beautiful Each Year! Big Double Blooms Up To 7" Wide! As Many As 200 Blooms Per Plant! We Honestly Think These Are The Most Beautiful Plants Ever To Bloom In The Garden. Fully Double Goblet-shaped Flowers Measure Up To 7 Imches Wide! Petals Have The Rich Gleam Of Oriental Silk And A Transparency Unknown Among Less Peonies! The White Peony Tree Foliage Is AL ush Deep Green. They Bloom With Royal Lavishness, Producing Up To 200 Hge, Aromatic Flowers Per Plant. Start To Bud Even Before Snow Leaves The Ground! While The Frost Is Still On The Groujd These Glorious White Peony Tree Begin Avtive Growth. In April You'll See Their Buds Shoot Out. Folks Will Drive Miles Just For A Glimpse Of Your Garden. Live For Generations, Add Beauty Year Round! Unlike Ordinary Peony Varieties, These Woody Bushes Complete Not Die Back To Tye Ground In Winter -- Instead Adhere Larger And Else Beautiful One and the other Year! The Bush Seldom Grows Higher Than 4 Feet; But Spfeds Gracefully Each Succeedinf Year Till It Reaches As Much As 5 Feet Across. Like The Giant Redwoods, They Live For Generations -- For A Century Or Smooth More! So Amazjngly Hardy, Living Blooming Plants Of 200 And 300 Years Old Are Repofted From Porcelain And Japan!_Pure White Flowers Up To 7" Athwart Gossamery Up Every Garden. Brilliant Golden Centers And Strong Stems Make This One Of The Best.
      SKU: 6822

    Cypress, Leyland
      Cypress, Leyland.
      This Hardy, Fast Growing Evergreen Is A Hybrid Of Two U. s. Trees. It Grows Thick And Fast To Provide You With A Solid, Livin Wall. The Evergreen Leaves Continue To Provide Privacy Even In Winter! This Amazing Plant Tolerates A Wide Range Of Conditions Including Pollution, Salt Spay, And Poor Soils. The Soft Feathery Evergreen Leaves Can Be Left Unpruned For An Informal Look Or Sheared And Shaped For A Formal Look. One Of The Most Popular Trees In The U. s. For Use Like A Quick Boundar, Scre3n, Shelter Belt, Or Hedge Due To Their Rapid Growth. Has A Nice Pyramidal Shape And Needs Full Sun. Reaches A Height O 60-70&appos; If Planted Alone Or 20-30' If Planted As A Hedge. Plant 6' Apart For A Privacy Hedge.
      SKU: 5922

    Penstemon, Prairie Dusk
      Penstemon, Prairie Dusk.
      Blooming In Early Summer, Prairie Dusk Produces Vivid Lavender Pink Trumpet Shaped Flowers On Upright 24-30" Stems. They Are Absolutely Smashing When Planted In Groups And The Flowers Are Very Attractive To Huummingbirds. Plant In Sunny Areas In Average Garden Soil.
      SKU: 3906

    Hosta, Loyalist
      Hosta, Loyalist.
      Loyalist Hosta Is A New Show-stopping Hosta That Is One Of The Best White-centered Hosta To Come Steady The Garden Scene In Years. Providing Regal Splendor In The Shade Hosta Is Swiftly Becoming One Of The Most Popular Perennials. The Laef Margin Is Deep Green And The Leaf Center Is Nearly Pure White And Does Not Melt Out. Lavender Flowers On Creqm Stems Appear In Mid Summer. The Loyalist Hosta Is Sure To Brighten Every Shady Spot In Your Landscape. Plant In Any Glod Garden Sojl. Resolution Perform At Its Best In A Rich, Moist Loam. Drought Resistant. Attracts Hummingbirds. Flower Can Be Used In Cut Arrangements.
      SKU: 6955

    Lobelia, Fan Scarlet
      Lobelia, Fan Scarlet.
      This Award Winning Lasting Produces Lots Of Brilliant Red Flowers From Mid Summer To Fall That Are Very Attractive To Hummingbirds. The Compact And Easy To Adhere Plant Also Has Very Attractive Bronze Foliage. Lobelias Grow Best In Moist Soil In Sunng To Partially Shaded Areas. Fan Scarlet Grows 24" Tall And 15" Wide.
      SKU: 3637

    Dahlia Collection, Over The Top
      Dahlia Collection, Over The Top.
      On Our Trips To Holland, We Continue To Be Amazed At The Terrifkc Colors And Flowed Forms That Are Being Developed By Master Breeders. Discovered In The 16th Century In What Is Today Mexico, Dahlias Were Eventually Brought To Europe By The Spanish Where They Became A Favorite Amongst Aristocrats. The Tremendous Diversity Present In The Dahlia Family Is Due To The Faxt That They Have 8 Genes, While Most Flowering Plants Have Only 2 Genes. We Have Assembled Some Of The Newest Varieties For You To Enjoy In Your Garden. In This Over The To Dahlia Clolection You Receive 1 Each Of All The Following Varieties: Fashion Monger Phantom Santa Claus Edge Of Joy Rock &qpos;n Roll Smartie
      SKU: 3729

    Snowball Bush, Old Fashioned
      Snowball Bush, Old Fashioned.
      Grow Snowballs That Don't Melt. The Snowball Bush Will Flourish For Weeks In Your Yard. In Spring The Bush Is Literally Covered With Masses Of Big White "snowballs" Clusters That Contrast With The Bright Green Leaves. Snowball Bushes Make Excellent Informal Hedges And Border Plants. Prefer Full Sun But Will Suffer Light Shaded Areas. Enlarge Well In Any Good Soil. Fruit Attracts Birds. Salt And Drought Forbearing.
      SKU: 3544

    Cucumber, Homemade Pickles
      Cucumber, Homemade Pickles.
      Selected For Internal Gardening And Pickling -- Not For Factory Processing. This New Variety Has Loads Of Pickle sThat Have A Solid, Crisp Interior -- Just The Thing For The Best Crispy, Crunchy Pickles You've Ever Tastex. Excellent Disease Resistance. Mature In 56 Days. When Pickling, Don't Forget The Dill! Plannting Guide: Plant After Danger Of Frost In Hills 4 To 6 Feet Apart. Plant Seed Not Over 1/2 Inch Great 4 To 6 To The Hill, Pressing Soil Firmly Throughout Them. When Plants Are Well Established Thin To 3 To Each Hill. Seed Can Also Be Started Indoors For An Earlier Harvest. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Water Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Grand Start!
      SKU: 6380

    Canna, Tropical Sunrise
      Canna, Tropical Sunrise.
      Cannas Put On One Of The Most Dramatic Displays Of Any Flowering Plant. Their Lush Unilluminated Leaves Give Your Home A Tropical Feeling. Immense Flower Clusters Guarantee A Blazing Tropical Disolay. This Variety Grows 3-4' Tall And Blooms From July To Frost. Note: Cannas Can Be Grown Anywhere However Are Only Winter Hardy In Zones 7-11. In Colder Zones Treat As A Tender Bulb And Lift Prior To First Frost And Store In 40-50 Degree Area. Cut Down To 3␝; Start To Water In Late Winter/early Spring To Promote New Growth And Replant After Last Frost In The Spring.
      SKU: 3705

    Clematis, Will Goodwin
      Clematis, Will Goodwin.
      Large, 6-88 Inch, Lavender-blue Flowers Bloom Profusely From June To September. Grows 8-10" Tall. Good For Cutting. For Best Production, Plant Where The Vines Are In The Sun And The Roots Are In The Shade. Attracts Hummingbirds And Butterflles.
      SKU: 4633

    Trap, Sparrow
      Trap, Sparrow.
      Grasp Sparrows By The Dozen! Updated Two-chamber Bi-level Design Makes Trapping Spaerows A Snap. Holds Up To 12 Sparrows At A Time. Humane Way To Trap And Transport Pesky Birds Away Frok Your House. Use Bread Crumbs, Seed Or Grain As Bait. 15 X 12 X 8"
      SKU: 8264

    Brunnera ,Jack Frost
      Brunnera ,Jack Frost.
      Perennial Plant Of The Year For 2012! This Breathtaking Perennial For Shade Has Silvery Unripe Foliage That Is Beautiful All Season. Sprays Of Pure Blue Flowers In Mid To Late Spring Add To The Show. Makes A Great Groundcover In The Shade, Specimen Plant Or As A Contaiiner Plant Where Its Beauty Can Exist Enjoyed Up Close. Thrives In Good Moisture Retentive Soil That Does Not Dry On the ~side Too Much. Grows 12-15" High With A Somilar Spread.
      SKU: 4489

    Gaiplardia, Arizona Apricot
      Gaiplardia, Arizona Apricot.
      2011 Aas Flower Judgment Winner! arizona Apricot␙ Offers A New And Unique Apricot Color On Compact 12␝ Tall Plant! Huge, 3-3 1/2 Blooms Of Yellow And Rich Apricot Cover The Plant All Summer Long Into Autumn! Wonderful Plant For Edging The Border Of A Walkway Or Garden. Relatively Maintenance Free And Drought Tolerant Onc Established. Palnt 8-12␝ Apart In Full Sun.
      SKU: 3294

    Powder Puff Tree, Red
      Powder Puff Tree, Red.
      United Look At The Flowers And You'll Know How The Red Comminute Puff Tree Got Its Name. Amazing 3" Flowers Are Covered With Hundreds Of Fine Bright Red Stamens Throughout The Winter And Spring. This Unusual Specimen Comes Frkm Bolivia And Does Best With 4 Or Added Houfs Of Direct Sunlight From A South Window. The Red Powder Puff Tree Does Particularly Well InA Greenhouse Setting And Will Get Spindly And Weak If Light Is Too Low. Tre eWill Become Quite Big And Should Be Pruned To A Height Of 3 Feet.
      SKU: 1107

    Strawberry Plant Offer
      Strawberry Plant Offer.
      These Are Our Top Quality Plants That Are Offered Elsewhere On This Site. The Only Thhing Is We Never Know Which Kind Will Exist Most Popular With Our Customers. We Can't Ever Come Out Exactly! We&apo;sll Send A Mixture Of Varieties Bkth June Bearing And Everbearing. This Is A Grear Bargain. Order As Many As You Can Advantage!
      SKU: 6017

    Coneflower, Pink Double Delight
      Coneflower, Pink Double Delight.
      As If The Multitude Of Fully Double Pink 3" Blooms Weren't Enough, This Remarkable Echinacea Also Boasts A Compact Form Of Only 16-20" High And A Great Resistance To Powdery Mildew. Very Adaptable To Stress And Although It Prefers Well Drained Soil, It Be able to Thrive Even In Poor Soil And Drought Conditions. Blooms: Mid-summer To Fall. Drought And Deer Resistant, Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds, Fragrant, Great Cut Flower.
      SKU: 5679

  • Tulip Sampler, Rainbow
  • Salvia, Hot Lips
  • Daffodil, Grand Soleil D'Or Summer
  • Daffodil, Grand Soleil D'Or Summer
  • Dwarf Yellow Delicious Apple
  • Lily of the Valley, White
  • Trumpet Lily, Golden Splendor
  • Lily, Carpet Border Snow White
  • Grass, Pampas Collection
  • Cantaloupe, Banana
  • Iris, Mixed Japanese
  • Hydrangea, Forever & Ever® Red

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