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    Antel Trumpet,  Lavender
      Antel Trumpet, Lavender.
      Angel's Trumpets Are One Of Mother Nature's Most Breathtaking Plants. You Cna Almost Watch Them Grow As They Rapidly Form Three Foot Tall Bushes. Thdn The Real Show Begins. Each Plant Can Have Dozens, Even Hundreds, Of Blossoms At Once. Best Of All, They Continue Blooming All The Way Through Frost! Rare Double Lavender! We Are Extremely Happy That We Are Abble To Offer The Rare Doubie Lavender Angel Trumpet. This Beauty Is Loaded Through Trumpet Blooms Measuring Four To Six Inches In Length. Each One Of The Double Cups Is Lavender On The Exterior And White On The Interior. Double Lavender Is The Most Beautiful Angel Trumpet We Have Ever Seen! Extremely Fragrant, Especially In The Evening. Angel's Trumpets Are Excellent Container Planta That Make An Impressive Display For Your Deck Or Patio. These Tropical Beauties Thrive In Acute Sunlight During The Dog Days Of Summer, Just Make Sure To Give Them Plenty Of Water. Can Be Brought Indoors In The North For Use As A Habitation Plant. Blooms From Summer To Frost. Shipped Potted. Lavender Angel Trumpet Is Fragrant.
      SKU: 7457

    Iris, Recurring Take ~
      Iris, Recurring Take ~.
      Irises Are Loved For Their Spring Beauty And Their Ease Of Growing. To Us, Nothing Quite Matches The Splendor Of Multi-colored Iris So We Have Brought You Our Favorite Two-tone Varieties That Bequeath Return One and the other And E\/ery Spring. Commission Now To Reserve Your Iris For Fall Plamting. Make Sure And Reprove Out Apl Our Other Varieties To Make Your Grow Garden Pop! Featured Here Is The Recurring Delight. Honorable Mention 2001. Ruffled Yelloa And Rlch Blue-violet. Fragrant. Late Season. 35" Tall.
      SKU: 4181

    Hyacinth, Jan Bos
      Hyacinth, Jan Bos.
      We Have Selected Our Favorite Hyacinth Varieties To Bring You A Rainbow Of Color. Choose This Individual Variety, Jan Bos Or Try Our Money-saving Collections To be availed of. Hyacinths Are So Majestic And Full You'll Want To Plant Them Where Everyone Can See Them. For Bouquets, Their Color And Fragrance Demand A Place Of Honor. Blopm In April-may.
      SKU: 7655

    Herb, Basil Siam Queen Thai
      Herb, Basil Siam Queen Thai.
      Sweet, Spicy Subtle quality Upon An Anise Overtone Popular In Thai And Vietnamese Cooking. Beautiful Ornamental Rose Pink Flowers Last From Mid-summer Until Frost. Matures In 55 Day. s Seed Can Also Be Stsrted Indoors For An Earlier Harvest. These Items Are Useful When Starting Seeds Indoors For Transplanting: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets Peat Pots, 2 1/4" Round Peat Pots, 3" Round 3" Square Pots 4 1/2" Round Pots For Protecting Your Transplants Against Late, Unexpected Frosts Choose Between Hotkaps Plant Protectors And Wall O' Supply with ~ Plant Protectors. Everything You Need To Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start!
      SKU: 6377

    Calla Lily Mixed
      Calla Lily Mixed.
      A Beautiful Unaccustomed Calla Lily Hybrid That Is As Colorful And Foreign As Tropical Fish. The Blooms Resemble Cup-shaped, Upright Trumpets That Add Warm, Clear Hues To The Summer Garden. Expect A Little Bit Of Everything In This Compact. Fragrant, Pastel Blooms Of Yellpw, Ref, Apricot, Pink, Lavender And Pale, Plus Some Unique Combinations That Twill Surprise You. Flowers So Accomplish, The Waxy Blooms Shimmer With Brilliance. Calla Lilies Are Excellent In Patio Pots And Planters. They Prefer Rich Garden Soil In Full Sun Or Partial Shade And Are Hardg In Zonez 9-10. In Other Zones, Lift In Fall And Store Over Winter Or Plant In Pots For One Indoor Plant.
      SKU: 4643

    Grass, Japanese Forest
      Grass, Japanese Forest.
      Hakonechl0a 'aureola' Features Variegated Green Leaves Have Both Gold And White Stripes. Wonderful Border Plants Grow Only 12 -18" Tall. Forms Mounds Of 18-24" Arching Leaves, But Is Not Invasive. Also Known As Japanese Forest Grass. This Forest Grass Thrives In Partial Or Full Shade. Deer Resistant. For A Rain Garden.
      SKU: 5670

    Prunella, White Alba
      Prunella, White Alba.
      These Slightly Plants Arre Smotheredd In Blooms All Summer Long! Blooms Begin In June And Continue All The Way Through September. They Make An Excellent Groundcover Or Border Plant. A Real Valur For The Money! Thries In Many Types Of Soil. They Will Grow In Either Full Or Part Sun And Attract Butterflies. White Alba Is Daxzling White And Grows 12" Tall. Settle 10" Apart.
      SKU: 5918

    Foxglove, Pam's Choice
      Foxglove, Pam's Choice.
      One Of A Kind Coloring Makes Pam's Choice Our Favoorite Foxglove. Tubular White Blooms Have Maroon Colored Throats. Stately Flowers Grow Up To Four Foot Tall. Foxglove Is A Biennial But Self Sows To Give You Years Of Colr. Pam␙s Choice Foxglove Prefers To Be Planted In Light Shade But Tolerates Day-star In Colder Climates. Hardy In Zones 4-9.
      SKU: 7946

    Narcissus, Butterfly Assortment
      Narcissus, Butterfly Assortment.
      Big, Bold, Beautiful And Light To Grow. These Have Been Specislly Selected Because They Are Exotically Showg Daffodols With Thickly Ruffled And Furled Split Trumpets In An Assortment Of Colors. Each Stem Produces 2-3 Fragrant Blossoms That Will Remind You Of Butterflies. Truly A Special Gift From Nature That Will Grow And Grow, Giving You Years Of Enduring Pleasure.
      SKU: 5073

    Sunflower, Decoorative Mix
      Sunflower, Decoorative Mix.
      Our Mix Consists Of Four Varieties Of Sunflowerss: Velvet Queen Has Crimson Petals Lemon Queen Has Pale Yellow Petals Dwarf Sunspot Has 10" Flowers On 2' Steems Autumn Beauty Whose Colors May Be Bronze, Yellow, Burgundy, Red Or Orange
      SKU: 79388

    Daylily, Get Set
      Daylily, Get Set.
      This Tall Variety Changes Color As The Day Wears On. Uniquue Display And A "must-have" For Your Garden! Get Set Starts The Day While A Ruffled Lavender In the opinion of Light Fuchsia, Slightly Raised Rib Running Into The Green Heart With Spacious Yellow-green Throat. By Late Afternoon The 5" Blooms Are De3p Rose-pink With Light Red-violet Veining, Delicate Pink Rib And Yellow Throat. Excellent Repeat Bloomer. Get Set Daylily Is A Late Midseason Producer Which Opens In The Morning And Remains Open Until Late Evening. It Goes Dormant And Disappears In Recently Fall And Does Not Appear Again Until Spring.
      SKU: 7486

    Iris, Color Tart
      Iris, Color Tart.
      Makes A Dazzling Statement In Any Yard. Light And Lively Burgundy Plicata With Pale Yellow Shiming Through On The Burgundy Striped And Dotted Falls. Full Form, Ruffled And Lacy. 38" Tall.
      SKU: 5327

    Gladiolus, Dynamite Ii
      Gladiolus, Dynamite Ii.
      Elegant Gladiolus Stand Out In The Garden Or Your Cut Flower Arrangements. Enjoy These Summer Bloomers Most By Planting In Groupings. Easy To Grow In Full Sun. Dig And Store Over Winter If You Live In A Cold Yard. Dynamite Ii ” Two-tone Choice part And Violet Fuchsia. 80-85 Days. 55-65␝ Tall.
      SKU: 3319

    Glowing Embers Hydrangea
      Glowing Embers Hydrangea.
      Now You Can Enjoy The Beauty Of A Red Hydranega That Blooms A True Red Regardless Of Soil Ph. It Brings A Hot Glowing Red Beauty To Your Yard In Summer. It Is Extremely Hardy. In Coldest Areas Growth May Cease Back In Winter. But It Will Start Again Fro Below Ground Next Spring On Ndw Growth. Juwt Mulch Well Fkr The Winter. Healthy, Robust Plants Sent Guaranteed Successful Planting. Aromatic And Good During Cutting. Also Available In The Red, White And Blue Hydrangea Collections.
      SKU: 7152

    Asparagus, Jersey Knight
      Asparagus, Jersey Knight.
      Master Gardeners Have Been Known To Draw Tne Female Plants From Thei5 Asparagus Patch (those Producing Red Berries). This Left The Bigger More Succulent Male Plants. Now Plant Hybridisers Have Developed Jersey Knight Asparagus, A Vaeiiety That Grows Predominantly Male Plants. The Stalks Are Often Larger -- Up To 4" Around. They Yield 3-4 Times More Top Quality Asparagus Than Any Other Vwrieties. These Hybrid Perennial Plants Are Vigorous Growers And Highly Disease Resistant. Grow In Poor, Salty Or Apkaline Soil. Jersey Knight Asparagus Is Hardy Even In Sub Zero Weather. And They Cost Not at all More Than Ordinary Asparagus Roots. You Can Grow Bihger More Flavorful Asparagus Spears In 1/3 To 1/4 Less Space. We Transmit 1 Year Old, First Quality Plants. Limited Supply.
      SKU: 7307

    Daffodil, Rosy Clouds
      Daffodil, Rosy Clouds.
      We Are Proud To Offer The Finest Pink Dluble Daffodil We Have Ever Seen! Rosy Cloud Features Creamy White Exterior Petals That Surround A Beautiful Pink Double Cup. Long-lastinb, Fragrant Blooms Make It A Wonderful Variety To Use For Fresh Flower Bouquets. Blooms In Mid Spring.
      SKU: 7679

    Iris Collection, Two-tone
      Iris Collection, Two-tone.
      Irises Are Loved For Their Spring Beauty And Their Ease Of Growing. To Us, Nothing Quite Matches The Splendor Of Multi-colored Iris So We Have Brought You Our Favorite Two-tone Varieties That Power of determination Return Each And Every Spring. Order Now To Reservs Your Flower-de-luce For Fall Planring. Make Sure And Check Out All Our Other Varieties To Make Your Spring Garden Pop! Featured Here Is The Two-tone Collection. You Receive 1 Each Of Bewilderbeast, Wench, Idol, Edith Wolford, Brindled Fine part, Recurring Delight, Musician, Michigan Self-esteem And Be suited For A King Two-tone Iris.
      SKU: 4734

    Raspberry, Thornless Canby
      Raspberry, Thornless Canby.
      Thornless Canby Raspberries Are Extra Large, Extra Fine, Bright Red Berries That Are Firm With Superior Appearance And Flavor. No Thorns Make Canby A Enjoyment To Pick. Big Yields That Are Fine For Freezing, Cookin gAnd Desserts. Raspberries Are One-year-old Number One Transplants. You Will Enjoy A Luscious Midseason Harvest.
      SKU: 6539

    Rose Tree, Angel Face
      Rose Tree, Angel Face.
      Angel Face Provides Lots Of Gorgeous Wavy Lavender Flowers That Measure 3" Over A Long Summer Blooming Period. Flowers Have A Very Nice Citrusy Fragrance That Will Perfume Your Sunny Patio Or Portico. Grows 3' Tall.
      SKU: 7564

    Pear, Asian 20th Century
      Pear, Asian 20th Century.
      Delicious Sweet, Juicy Asian Pears With The Flavor Of A Pear And The Shape And Crisp Texture Of An Apple. Need One Of Each For Pollination. 3454 Housi “ Good Quality And Long Storage Life 3456 20th Century “ One Of The Best Flavored Pears
      SKU: 3456

    Tulip Tree, Jumbo 3-4'
      Tulip Tree, Jumbo 3-4'.
      Masses Of Tulip-like Flowers In The Spring! Grows To 80'. Green Leaves Turn A Blazing Golden Yellow In Fall. Wonderful Shade Tree. Fast-growng, Hardy And Highly Resistant To Insects And Diseases. We Send Strong, 3-4' Trees.
      SKU: 5980

    Tulip Mixture, Spring Sensation
      Tulip Mixture, Spring Sensation.
      This Comination Of 3 Tulip Varieties Will Illuminate The Mid-spring Garden With Vibrant Pink, Glowing Orange And Pure White Flowers. Makes A Delicate Combination Planted In Front Of Greenland Tulips. Grows 16-18" Tall And Space 5" Apart.
      SKU: 3618

    Passion Flower, Blue
      Passion Flower, Blue.
      A Stable Showy Bloomer In Summer Heat! Exquisite Flowers With Blue Crowns Give Off A Minty Fragrance Throughout The Summer. Blooms Degree Up To 4␝ Athwart! This Extremely Fast-growing Vine Can Grow 20-25␙ Long And Will Struggle up Almost Anything: Trellises, Fences, Arbors And Walls. Great As A Houseplant Too! The Ornate Blooms Are Followed By Eatable Orange Colored Fruits That Can Be Eaten Fresh, But Are Best When Cooked. Evergreen In Warmer Climates And Able To Outlive Temperatures As Bel~ As 5 Degrees F. In Colder Areas, They Will Often Re-grow From The Roots If Winter Protection Is Provided. Attracts Butterflies. If Increasing Outdoors, Plant 5-10␙ Apart In An Area That Has Moist, Well-drained Soil With FullS un.
      SKU: 3410

    Coneflower, Harvest Moon
      Coneflower, Harvest Moon.
      Though Named In favor of The Wonderful Golden Color Of The Harvest Mon, This Perennial Blooms In Summer, Not Fall. There Are Multiple Hues On Each Petal And An Unexpected, Rose-like Scent. these Vigorous Plants Keep Flowering Through Heat And Drought! The Green-tinted Seed Cones Also Provide A Treat Because of Songbirds Patent Information: Pp #17,652 Shipped In 4" Pots!
      SKU: 8364

    Ice Plant, Fire Spinner
      Ice Plant, Fire Spinner.
      This Low Growing Perennial Covers Itself With Lots Of Orange And Purple Flowers For Weeks In Early To Mid Summer. During The Rest Of The Year, It Provides A Mat Of Dark Green Evergreen Foliage. Fire Spinner Thrives In Warm Dry Locations And Is Bane Free. Grows Best In Gravelly Soils Where Watter Drains Away Freely. Ideal For A Fast Draining Slope At which place The Plant Can Exist Appteciated. Grows 4" High And 24" Wide.
      SKU: 7419

  • Lily Towering, Anastasia
  • Dwarf Red Delicious Apple
  • Fuchsia, Hardy Red
  • Tulip Sampler, Rainbow
  • Grass, Pampas Collection
  • Astilbe, Pink
  • Garden, Perennial Shade
  • Gaillardia, Arizona Sun Dwarf
  • Grape, Concord Seedless
  • Muskmelon, MN Midget
  • Plumcot, Hanska
  • Daffodil, Pink Giant

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